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  April 2, 2005

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Dropping Nano-Anchor - SpaceDaily  Touch the tines of a tuning fork and it goes silent. Scientists have faced a similar problem trying to harness the strength and conductivity of carbon nanotubes, regarded as material of choice for the next generation of everything from biosensors to pollution-trapping sponges. Leonard Fifield, a staff scientist at the Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Richland, Washington, and colleagues at PNNL and the University of Washington say they can now control the deposition of anchors on a carbon nanotube, 10,000 times smaller than a human hair, without muting the nanotube's promising physical properties.    
Water Shortages Are Potential Threat To China's Growth, Stability - SpaceDaily  Left:  Scientists say the water table under some of China's main wheat-growing regions has been dropping by one-and-a-half meters each year. The more the water table drops, the more expensive it becomes for farmers to obtain it, because they have to dig deeper wells.  "I think the worst case scenario is already transpiring in parts of China, where you're getting people who no longer can live in the villages and the towns where they grew up, but are being forced to migrate because of lack of water, or lack of arable land," she said. She says studies predict that, by 2020, there could be 30 million so-called environmental refugees in China 

Robots By Land, Sea, Air - SpaceDaily  Left:  The autonomous Antarctic meteor finder, Nomad, uses artificial intelligence to recognize and classify promising rocks. Credit: Carnegie Mellon.  iRobot produces Roomba, a disc-shaped robotic vacuum cleaner for home use, and PackBot, a small, tank-like battlefield robot that can climb stairs and right itself when it flips over. iRobot has also partnered with John Deere to develop r-Gator, an unmanned jeep that can shuttle supplies to and from combat zones. "In 20 years, we've gone from robots that can hardly maneuver around objects to ones that can navigate in unstructured environments," said Rodney Brooks, director of the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
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Alzheimer's Disease:

4/2/2005: Octopuses running like humans?  - C/Net
4/2/2005: The 10,000-Pound Parrot
  - NY Times
4/2/2005: Audio: Mlaika's Call  - NY Times
4/2/2005: Researchers Call For Expanding The Repertoire In Studying Birdsong - Science Daily
4/2/2005: Reappearance Of Missing Genetic Information Poses Exception To The Rule - Science Daily
4/2/2005: Protein Packages Found To Activate Genes; May Be What Regulates Development And Disease - Science Daily
4/2/2005: Successful Spawners Are Few And Far Between - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
4/2/2005: Powerful Quake Jolts the Seabed Near Indonesia  - NY Time
4/2/2005: Video
  - NY Times
4/2/2005: Photographs
4/2/2005: Experts' Fears Appear to Be Borne Out  - NY Times
4/2/2005: Preliminary Report  - NY Times
4/2/2005: Quake's Depth Helped Prevent Major Tsunami  - NY Times
4/2/2005: Expert: Hurricane Ivan Caused Sand Loss  - NY Times
4/2/2005: Study Finds High Toxins in Wash. Fish  - NY Times
4/2/2005: How Foxes in the Aleutian Henhouse Doomed Islands' Plant Life  - NY Times
4/2/2005: High Risk Of Major Tsunami In Northern Caribbean: Over 35 Million Could Be Affected - Science Daily
4/2/2005: U.S. Exports Nitrogen Pollution Elsewhere - Science Daily
4/2/2005: Twenty-five Years Later, Volcano Research Is Booming - Science Daily

4/2/2005: Mortal Combat for PlayStation Sony's legal battle over patent infringements could deal a death blow to the game console - Business Week
4/2/2005: Sony to challenge block on PS2 sales  - C/Net
4/2/2005: Review: 'Devil May Cry 3' is fast and furious  - CNN
4/2/2005: University Of Alberta Linguist Puts Words In Video-game Characters' Mouths - Science Daily
4/2/2005: Despite the hype, Sony PSP no sellout in debut - Seattle Times

4/2/2005: Software lets people search VoIP chitchat
  - C/Net
4/2/2005: European firm aims to goose U.S. wireless data sales
  - C/Net
4/2/2005: Not Happy With Your Cell-Phone Service?
  - CNN
4/2/2005: Report: Wireless complaints on the rise
  - CNN

4/2/2005: Reducing Dynamic Power Consumption Through Voltage and Frequency Scaling  - El. Engr. Times
4/2/2005: Start-Up Beats Intel to First Optical Networking Chip  - Wired News

4/2/2005: What's next for Apple?  - C/Net
4/2/2005: PC innovation is alive, thanks to hackers  - C/Net
4/2/2005: Amateur IT support  - C/Net
4/2/2005: Home PCs Plagued With Problems  - Wired News
4/2/2005: How to smash a home computer  - BBC
4/2/2005: Professor- Word should go to grammar school  - C/Net
4/2/2005: IWork Offers Savvy New Word Processor
  - BBC
4/2/2005: Low-cost laptops shedding weight
  - C/Net
4/2/2005: Photo- Lighter laptops
  - C/Net

4/2/2005: Play Ball Online With the Washington Nationals  - C/Net
4/2/2005: After Melissa, lessons remain  - C/Net
4/2/2005: Tomorrow's cyberspace  - C/Net
4/2/2005: Google to buy Web analytics firm Urchin  - C/Net
4/2/2005: Groups predict more films, songs over Web  - CNN
4/2/2005: A Bold Venture- Creating an 'Electronic Town Square' with Blogs  - Technology Review 
4/2/2005: Either a Borrower or a Lender Be
  - Wired News
4/2/2005: VeriSign Appears Likely to Continue Running .net
  - Wired News
4/2/2005: Mytob E-Mail Worm Proliferating Quickly
  - Wired News
4/2/2005: 'Write a Mac Virus Competition' Halted for Legal Reasons
  - Wired News

4/2/2005: iTunes domain dispute heads to U.K. court  - C/Net
4/2/2005: Brazil: Free software's biggest and best friend  - C/Net
4/2/2005: Microsoft to implement EU's Windows changes  - C/Net
4/2/2005: HP sues firms that refill ink cartridges  - NY Times
4/2/2005: EU regulators nix suggestions, pick "Windows XP N" - Seattle Times
4/2/2005: Microsoft's Thoreau takes to woods to ponder future - Seattle Times
4/2/2005: Owner of Domain Appeals  - Wired News


4/2/2005: Key Enzyme Is Secreted By Heart Mast Cells -- Weill Cornell Discovery Opens Door To New Cardiovascular Therapies - Science Daily

4/2/2005: Bacteria Can Help Lower Cancer Risk, University Of Ulster Expert Says - Science Daily

4/2/2005: Infectious Diseases Still Major Public Health Threat, Fauci Says - Science Daily

4/2/2005: Vital Signs: Signals: For Men, a Belt Test for Diabetes  - NY Times
4/2/2005: 'Diabesity,' a Crisis in an Expanding Country  - NY Times
4/2/2005: Medicinal Marijuana on Trial  - NY Times
4/2/2005: Forum: Drug Policy  - NY Times
4/2/2005: Waist Size Linked To Diabetes Risk In Adult Men - Science Daily

4/2/2005: Join a Discussion on Bioethics  - NY Times
4/2/2005: Vital Signs: Risk and Remendies: A Lens Lesson  - NY Times
4/2/2005: Patterns: Sleeping Through the Danger  - NY Times
4/2/2005: The Claim: Melatonin Can Help You Conquer Jet Lag  - NY Times
4/2/2005: Q & A- Controlling the Urge  - NY Times
4/2/2005: For Chronic Fatigue, Placebos Fail the Test  - NY Times
4/2/2005: Pregnant Women Face Risk After Motor Vehicle Crashes Regardless Of The Presence Of Injuries - Science Daily
4/2/2005: Study Provides New Estimates Of The Causes Of Child Mortality Worldwide - Science Daily
4/2/2005: Low-Cost Measures Could Prevent 72 Percent Of Newborn Deaths Worldwide
 - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:

4/2/2005: Water Shortages Are Potential Threat To China's Growth, Stability - SpaceDaily
4/2/2005: Help Desk - Business Week
4/2/2005: In trust we Word  - C/Net
4/2/2005: Made in USA? Not your TV - Business Week
4/2/2005: Gadget Freak: My TV Is Following Me  - C/Net
4/2/2005: India surveys aftermath of new patent law - New Scientist
4/2/2005: Letters  - NY Times
4/2/2005: The Best Way to Keep Control Is to Leave Instructions  - NY Times
4/2/2005: Software Crafts Alternate Routes For Troubled Commuters, Predicts Best Time To Hit The Road - Science Daily
4/2/2005: Scrushy's lawyers grill ex-CFO - Seattle Times
4/2/2005: $83 million OK'd to settle InfoSpace lawsuits - Seattle Times
4/2/2005: IRS May Want Share of Money from eBay Sales  - Technology Review 
4/2/2005: Secure Flight Faces Uphill Battle  - Wired News
4/2/2005: RFID Cards Get Spin Treatment  - Wired News
4/2/2005: Camera Maker Becomes Life Saver  - Wired News
4/2/2005:Thief Swipes More Than a Laptop  - Wired News
4/2/2005: Gangsta Gear a Click Away  - Wired News
4/2/2005: Safety Cheat Sheet  - Wired News
4/2/2005: Google Initiative Promotes Research in India  - Wired News

4/2/2005: Vital Signs: Abilities: The Smart Side of Cholesterol  - NY Times
4/2/2005: Essay: Bread and Shelter, Yes. Psychiatrists, No.  - NY Times
4/2/2005: Commentary: When Sentiment and Fear Trump Reason and Reality  - NY Times
4/2/2005: Out of Nowhere, a Devastating Tangle in the Brain  - NY Times
4/2/2005: Brain Imaging Study May Hold Clues To Onset Of Schizophrenia In People At High Risk - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
4/2/2005: Observatory: Now, Can You Find Its Square Root?  - NY Times
4/2/2005: From Budapest to Los Alamos, a Life in Mathematics
  - NY Times
4/2/2005: Exotic Physics Finds Black Holes Could Be Most 'Perfect,' Low-viscosity Fluid
 - Science Daily
4/2/2005: Answer From 'Dusty Shelf' Aids Quest To See Matter As It Was Just After Big Bang
 - Science Daily
4/2/2005: The Numbers Behind The Kidney: Mathematicians Find A Useful Niche In Biological Sciences
 - Science Daily


4/2/2005: Robots on parade
4/2/2005: Robosurgeons May Sew Up Soldiers  - Wired News
4/2/2005: La Vida Robot  - Wired News

4/2/2005: Life on Mars? Could Be, but How Will They Tell?  - NY Times
4/2/2005: Baby Sputnik Flies the Coop
  - Wired News
4/2/2005: In pictures: Space shuttle Discovery is coupled with its fuel tanks
  - BBC
4/2/2005: Shuttle safety task group needs more time
 - New Scientist
4/2/2005: Bush Cancels Space Shuttle Program
 - Science Daily
4/2/2005: Virgin Says Space Flight Plan Complete, Airline Expansion Planned
 - Science Daily
4/2/2005: Cassini's T4 Flyby
 - Science Daily
4/2/2005: A Second Chance For Exolife-
 - Science Daily

4/2/2005: Dropping Nano-Anchor - SpaceDaily
4/2/2005: Baseball hunts for the 'right stuff'  - C/Net
4/2/2005: Afghans find profit in technology  - C/Net
4/2/2005: Airships: An idea whose time has come?  - C/Net
4/2/2005: TiVo tests pop-up-style ads  - C/Net
4/2/2005: UCLA Researchers First To Capture Elusive Lightning-Quick Waveforms - Science Daily
4/2/2005: Millimetric Wave Frequency Devices
 - Science Daily
4/2/2005: TR: The Week in Review
  - Technology Review 


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