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  April 19, 2006

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Automakers put design in drive Automakers put design in drive  - C/Net  Left:  The ZAP (Brazilian) Obvio 828 three-seat  hybrid that runs on gasoline, electricity, and alcohol. There have already been major car shows in Detroit, Chicago and Geneva this year, but that doesn't mean there won't be a slew of new cars, concepts and hybrids at the New York International Auto Show. First, the old news. Volkswagen announced that will begin mass producing Rabbits this summer. Volkswagen sold 1.3 million Rabbits over its original 10-year life span but sales of its successor Golf, introduced in 1984, were disappointing. The Golf brand is being replaced by the Rabbit.      
Shopping centre (Image: BBC) Britain now 'eating the planet'  - BBC  The UK is about to run out of its own natural resources and become dependent on supplies from abroad, a report says. A study by the New Economics Foundation (Nef) and the Open University says 16 April is the day when the nation goes into "ecological debt" this year. It warns if annual global consumption levels matched the UK's, it would take 3.1 Earths to meet the demand. But bio-geography professor Philip Stott criticised the "doomsday report", arguing it would hit poorer nations. "What we tend to have - not just with this report but alternative reports on the other side - are two theological positions," said Prof Stott, of London University. "This one is the kind of Doomsday report - on the other hand the total free-traders are far too optimistic." He went on: "If we did follow this report for example the damage to the Third World would be very great indeed because of course trade is the main dynamo of growth." In 1961, the symbolic "ecological debt day" was 9 July; in 1981, it had shifted forward two months to 14 May. The authors of the UK Interdependence Report hope to highlight the need to curb rising consumption levels. In 1961, the Earth could have supported everyone having a UK lifestyle.

Flybot on the Wall?

 Tiny flyer navigates like real fly - Discover  An ultralight autonomous aircraft that mimics the navigational abilities of a fly could one day become a real fly on the wall. The 10-gram microflyer, being developed by a team of researchers lead by Dario Floreano at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, has a 36-centimeter (14-inch) wingspan. But it could one day be shrunk to insect size and used for search and rescue. For example, in order to zip around indoor obstacles — walls, corners, bookcases, furniture, ceilings, etc. — a flyer needs to see the objects and have the brain power to steer away. On a more conventional robot, this typically requires powerful computing resources, high-resolution cameras, or some kind of distance sensor such as a laser range finder system. 
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Alzheimer's Disease:

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Climate, Environment:
4/19/2006: Britain now 'eating the planet'   - BBC
4/19/2006: Have Your Say: What should be done about global warming and climate change?  - BBC
4/19/2006: The Green Room Are environmental debates losing sight of the bigger picture?  - BBC
4/19/2006: Vanishing lake Livelihoods at stake along Lake Chad's diminishing banks  - BBC
4/19/2006: Bright lights, big quake?  - C/Net
4/19/2006: Predicting quakes: Seconds count - MSNBC
4/19/2006: Can't predict Big One? Bring on the pets! - MSNBC
4/19/2006: Mystery tremors detected deep down - MSNBC
4/19/2006: Parts Of The Caribbean And Central America Are Likely To Have Less Summer Rain - Science Daily
4/19/2006: Walrus Calves Stranded By Melting Sea Ice - Science Daily

4/19/2006: Shoot to thrill: The challenge in bringing pixel vixen Lara Croft to life  - BBC
4/19/2006: A Lexmark PrinterThat Misses The Mark - Business Week
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4/19/2006: Microsoft Gets Social
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4/19/2006: Thai teens want parents' love--or a cell phone
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4/19/2006: NY Apple 'Mecca' rumored to be open 24-7  - C/Net
4/19/2006: The coming software shakeup- C/Net
4/19/2006: Russian students win programming contest  - CNN

4/19/2006: Google acts to organise your life  - BBC
4/19/2006: Google launches Chinese service  - BBC
4/19/2006: AOL e-mail bounce: 'Software glitch' or suppression?  - C/Net
4/19/2006: ISP snooping gaining support  - C/Net
4/19/2006: 87 comments  - C/Net
4/19/2006: Internet agency considers '.tel' domain name  - CNN
4/19/2006: Blogs: Just more white noise?
 - Science Daily

4/19/2006: Microsoft Gets Social - Business Week
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4/19/2006: Start-up plans first step toward solar homes- C/Net
4/19/2006: Intel invests in silver-zinc battery developer  - El. Engr. Times
4/19/2006: Coal-to-diesel Breakthrough Could Drastically Cut Oil Imports - Science Daily
4/19/2006: New Way to Make ‘Green Diesel’ from Coal - Live Science
4/19/2006: Japan to Test Fuel-Cell Powered Train
 - Live Science

4/16/2005:Revolutionary heart op for girl  - BBC
4/19/2006: Patients With Severe Sleep-disordered Breathing Have High Odds Of Abnormal Heart Rhythms - Science Daily

4/19/2006: Lost molecule key to lung cancer  - BBC

4/19/2006: HIV type affects disease progress  - BBC
4/19/2006: Are prions the real cause of BSE and vCJD? - New Scientist
4/19/2006: Antiviral coating may help fight epidemics - New Scientist
4/19/2006: Editorial: UK bird flu tests too good to be true? - New Scientist
4/19/2006: Researchers Discover New Disease-causing Bacterium In Patients With Rare Immune Disorder - Science Daily

4/19/2006: Gangs turn cocaine into clear plastic products - New Scientist
4/19/2006: Curry Coloring And Fat Mix Could Help Diabetics - Science Daily
4/19/2006: Penn Study Suggests New Class Of Anti-inflammatory Drugs That Might Lessen Chance Of COX-2 Cardiovascular Problems - Science Daily

4/19/2006: Teething troubles: What can you do to make the process stress free?  - BBC
4/19/2006: Vasectomy check-ups 'skipped'  - BBC
4/19/2006: Cervical care 'pregnancy risks'  - BBC
4/19/2006: Interview: Psychedelic healing - New Scientist
4/19/2006: Editorial: Stop the disease mongering - New Scientist
4/19/2006: Liquid Ventilation For Babies - Science Daily
4/19/2006: Bile Acids, Receptor Key In Regenerating Livers - Science Daily
4/19/2006: Understanding Cell Death May Bring New Life To Kidney Treatment - Science Daily
4/19/2006: Bioactive Cement Scaffold May Improve Bone Grafts
 - Science Daily
4/19/2006: Pregnant Robot Teaches Medical Students About Childbirth
 - Live Science

History, Anthropology:
4/19/2006: Did the Sea of Galilee ice over 2,000 years ago?  - C/Net
4/19/2006: Scientists begin dig at Bosnian ‘pyramid’ - MSNBC
4/19/2006: Adventure tale surrounds ‘Gospel of Judas’ - MSNBC
4/19/2006: Lizard 'Third Eye' Sheds Light On Evolution Of Color Vision - Science Daily
4/19/2006: In Search of the Real Dracula - Live Science

4/19/2006: China president at Gates house, not White House  - C/Net
4/19/2006: Apple gets a big slice of product-placement pie - Washington Post
4/19/2006: Beware of tax refund 'phishing' scams  - CNN
4/19/2006: Motorola's mojo- C/Net
4/19/2006: Stolen military data for sale in Afghanistan- C/Net
4/19/2006: Beware of tax refund 'phishing' scams  - CNN
4/19/2006: Robotic 'Crusher' ready to roll into combat  - CNN
4/19/2006: British adventurer booted out of Russia - MSNBC
4/19/2006: Wal-Mart to remove guns from a third of its stores - Science Daily
4/19/2006: Calibrator colors HDTV beautiful - Science Daily

4/19/2006: Foetuses 'cannot experience pain'  - BBC
4/19/2006: Goth subculture may protect vulnerable children - New Scientist
4/19/2006: High-resolution Light Microscope Reveals The Fundamental Mechanisms Of Nerve Communication - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
4/19/2006: Putting equilibrium on hold - PhysicsWeb

4/19/2006: Robot birth simulator gaining popularity - Business Week


4/19/2006: Telescope bid to spot alien beams  - BBC
4/19/2006: First images of Venus’s south pole revealed
 - New Scientist
4/19/2006: Unexpected Detail In First-ever Venus South Pole Images - Science Daily

4/19/2006: Automakers put design in drive   - C/Net
4/19/2006: Tiny flyer navigates like real fly - Discover
4/19/2006: A theme park looks at electronically tagging and tracking visitors  - BBC
4/19/2006: • The Hottest Tech Outfit You Never Heard Of - Business Week
4/19/2006: Will that be cash, credit, or a cell phone?  - C/Net
4/19/2006: Sneaker tech hits the streets  - C/Net
4/19/2006: A high-tech way to defrost
  - C/Net
4/19/2006: Video: Controlling ice
  - C/Net
4/19/2006: Improve your hearing with a new pair of glasses
  - C/Net
4/19/2006: Cosmic Log: Yes or no on nano?
4/19/2006: Nano-car gets an engine
  - New Scientist
4/19/2006: Research Could Lead To Better Drugs And Whiter Whites
 - Science Daily


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