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  April 18, 2004

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Astrobiology: Asking Big Questions to Learn Science - Space.com  The relatively new discipline of astrobiology asks great questions: How does life begin and evolve? Is there life elsewhere in the Universe? What is the future of life on Earth and beyond? Compare these with a commonly asked classroom science question: Does the length of the string change the performance of a pendulum? No, I’m not picking on physics here, but these sorts of investigations need to be in a larger context to motivate many students.
Milky Way Was More Turbulent Than Previously  - SpaceDaily  Left:
1500 x 1000   1024 x 768 
ESO PR Photo 10b/04 provides an artist's view of the observed group of stars orbiting the Milky Way together with the Sun, as seen by an imaginary observer outside the Galaxy. The orbit of the Sun is shown. For clarity, the stars surrounding the local volume have been removed here  More images at ESO  The Milky Way started out just after the Big Bang as one or more diffuse blobs of gas of almost pure hydrogen and helium. With time, it assembled into the flattened spiral galaxy which we inhabit today. Meanwhile, generation after generation of stars were formed, including our Sun some 4,700 million years ago.

Ice Melt May Dry Out US West Coast - SpaceDaily  By mid century cities and towns along the American west coast could be suffering serious water shortages in response to climate change. As Arctic sea-ice melts, annual rainfall is forecast to drop by as much as 30 per cent from Seattle to Los Angeles, and inland as far as the Rocky Mountains reports New Scientist.  Driving the change is the prediction that over the next 50 years annual Arctic sea ice could shrink by half in many areas of as much as 50 per cent in some areas during the summer. Water levels in reservoirs would probably drop, making water rationing a necessity. 

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Alzheimer's Disease:

4/18/2004: Astrobiology: Asking Big Questions to Learn Science - Space.com
4/18/2004: Wild boar cam an online hit
  - CNN
4/18/2004: Most valuable orchid is ugly and stinky
4/18/2004: Asian Scientists Review Gene Cloning  - NY Times
4/18/2004: Purdue Scientists Finding Ways To Outsmart Crop-damaging Bugs - Science Daily
4/18/2004: New Consortium Will Develop Computer Systems To Connect Genomic Data With Disease - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
4/18/2004: Ice Melt May Dry Out US West Coast - SpaceDaily
4/18/2004: Canada counts pelts from seal hunt - MSNBC
4/18/2004: Deformed beaks pose riddle  - Nature
4/18/2004: Model may give two-year warning of El Niño  - Nature
4/18/2004: Massive Canadian seal hunt draws protests - New Scientist
4/18/2004: EPA Wants Smog Reductions in 31 States  - NY Times
4/18/2004: San Andreas May Be on Cusp of More Quakes  - NY Times
4/18/2004: El Nino More Predictable Than Thought  - NY Times
4/18/2004: Nighttime Chemistry Affects Ozone Formation - Science Daily

4/18/2004: iPod fans report sound problems  - BBC

4/18/2004: Promise and peril of future mobiles  - BBC
4/18/2004: Mobile phone use now legal in-flight  - CNN
4/18/2004: Nextel debuts wireless broadband service  - C/Net
4/18/2004: EarthLink honeymoon ends for some  - C/Net

4/18/2004: Nvidia fires up new graphics chips  - C/Net
4/18/2004: Nvidia debuts new graphics processors made by IBM  - El. Engr. Times
4/18/2004: Intel launches secure mobile chips - New Scientist

4/18/2004: Dude, You're Getting a Printer - Business Week
4/18/2004: Don't Let Word Give Away Your Secrets - Business Week
4/18/2004: Take 2 for PC memory  - C/Net
4/18/2004: Attackers infiltrating supercomputer networks - New Scientist

4/18/2004: Scam watch: 'You are trustworthy, please help deal with Olympic funds'  - BBC
4/18/2004: Google's Gmail could be blocked  - BBC
4/18/2004: EarthLink fights data-stealing Web sites  - CNN
4/18/2004: Amazon unveils search tool  - C/Net
4/18/2004: Stiff spam penalties urged  - C/Net
4/18/2004: PGP software gains antivirus defense  - C/Net
4/18/2004: Adult links mar children's search engine  - C/Net
4/18/2004: Is Google the future?  - C/Net

4/18/2004: Flurry of 'critical' patches for Windows  - CNN
4/18/2004: No pain, no gain  - C/Net
4/18/2004: Briefly: State questions Microsoft search plans  - C/Net
4/18/2004: Microsoft extends life of its Java Virtual Machine  - C/Net
4/18/2004: Microsoft: Not enough XPerienced PCs  - C/Net
4/18/2004: Microsoft and the EU- Who's right and does it really matter?  - C/Net
4/18/2004: Bumper batch of bugs plagues Windows - New Scientist

4/18/2004: There’s oil in that manure - MSNBC
4/18/2004: Pa. Lawmakers Debate Clean Energy Sources  - NY Times


4/18/2004: Lung cancer gender difference  - BBC
4/18/2004: Terahertz radiation targets skin cancer - PhysicsWeb

4/18/2004: Health fears halt vaccine trial  - Nature
4/18/2004: Researchers Identify Unifying Code Among Diverse Classes Of Natural Antibiotics - Science Daily

4/18/2004: The demon drink  - Nature

4/18/2004: European ban for jelly sweets  - BBC
4/18/2004: Obesity and diabetes link studied  - BBC
4/18/2004: Working outHow to fit an exercise regime into your hectic daily schedule  - BBC
4/18/2004: As tech spreads, Hippocrates dawdles - Washington Post
4/18/2004: Fat stem cells heal broken skulls - New Scientist
4/18/2004: Monitor detects awareness during surgery - New Scientist
4/18/2004: Vision Loss From Eye Diseases Will Increase As Americans Age - Science Daily
4/18/2004: Vanderbilt Children's Doctors Now Using Viagra To Treat Seriously Ill Babies - Science Daily
4/18/2004: Ultrasound Treatment For Hurt Muscles May Feel Good, But Doesn't Promote Healing, Study Suggests - Science Daily
4/18/2004: Statins And Aspirin May Protect Against Severe Vision Loss In Elderly - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
4/18/2004: The race to rescue Africa's Islamic texts - MSNBC
4/18/2004: Reversal of fortune for Turin Shroud - PhysicsWeb

4/18/2004: Online calculator to work out effect of asteroid strike  - BBC
4/18/2004: DIY travel guides: Web makes it easy for tourists to share tips. Can you trust them?  - BBC
4/18/2004: Good vibrationsWhat does a rave for deaf people actually sound like?  - BBC
4/18/2004: Dell's Hiring Binge -- Abroad - Business Week
4/18/2004: Sneak Peeks at Tomorrow's Office - Business Week
4/18/2004: A Voting Revolution in India? - Business Week
4/18/2004: Majority of Dell workers overseas  - CNN
4/18/2004: Fingerpointing at the FBI  - C/Net
4/18/2004: Increase in tech outsourcing seen  - C/Net
4/18/2004: What great American leaders teach us  - C/Net
4/18/2004: What's your creativity type?  - C/Net
4/18/2004: Public sector warned of open source myths  - C/Net
4/18/2004: Subsiding track could sink Shanghai's magnetic levitation train - New Scientist

4/18/2004: Luckiest people 'born in summer'  - BBC
4/18/2004: Have Your Say: Does the month you were born in make you feel luckier?  - BBC
4/18/2004: Brain-targeted drug offers impotence hope  - Nature
4/18/2004: Memory bottleneck limits intelligence  - Nature
4/18/2004: Girl chimps learn faster than boys  - Nature
4/18/2004: Young female chimps outlearn their brothers - New Scientist
4/18/2004: Study Finds Nerve Damage Can Affect Opposite Side Of Body
 - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
4/18/2004: Milky Way Was More Turbulent Than Previously  - SpaceDaily
4/18/2004: Spacecraft to measure Earth's drag on space-time
 - New Scientist
4/18/2004: Runaway stars may solve black hole riddle
 - New Scientist

4/18/2004: World's Oldest Mouse Reaches Milestone Birthday, Teaches Scientists About Human Aging - Science Daily

4/18/2004: Robots come to aid of human exploration  - CNN
4/18/2004: All-girl team stars in student robotics competition  - C/Net

4/18/2004: Better Communication Is NASA's Next Frontier  - NY Times
4/18/2004: Report: Assessment of NASA Culture
  - NY Times
4/18/2004: NASA's Aura Satellite Delivered To Launch Site - Science Daily
4/18/2004: Experiment Harnesses State-of-the-art Sequencing Technology To Detect Life On Mars - Science Daily

4/18/2004: Conductive plastic could aid electronics manufacturing  - El. Engr. Times
4/18/2004: Theory promises brighter plastic LEDs  - El. Engr. Times
4/18/2004: Argonne Researchers Demonstrate Streamlined Approach To Structure Determination - Science Daily
4/18/2004: Glowing Microspheres Improve Fluorescence Measurements - Science Daily
4/18/2004: New Molecule Heralds Breakthrough In Electronic Plastics - Science Daily


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