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  April 17, 2005

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Scientists Discover Better Way To Generate Power From Thermal Sources - SpaceDaily  Your car's engine loses 70 percent of its energy as waste heat - but Australian and Oregon scientists may have figured out an efficient way not only to recover that lost energy, but to at long last capture the power-producing potential of geothermal heat. If all goes well, nanostructured thermoelectric devices with efficiencies close to 50 percent of the Carnot limit may be realized, Linke says. Such materials could make possible the generation of electricity from geothermal sources - or from the waste heat of engines in hybrid cars, he explains.    
Discovery Of Giant X-Ray Loop Hints At Cosmic Particle Accelerator - SpaceDaily   Left:  The XMM-Newton X-ray image of the loop-like structure, and Hubble Telescope image of the Arches Cluster, underneath.   Astronomers have found a vast loop-like structure, 20 light years across, adjacent to the most massive star-forming region known in our galaxy. The loop, which was observed in X-ray wavelengths, is 15 times the size of the Arches Cluster, a star-forming region close to the centre of the Milky Way. This is the first time that such a distinctive and huge loop structure has been observed. The most straightforward interpretation of the observations is that powerful particle-acceleration is occurring on-site, producing high energy particles with an energy of up to a thousand trillion electron volts.

High-tech war Allies invest billions into next generation of unmanned drones  - BBC  Unmanned robot planes which roam across the battlefield to hunt and kill the enemy are not the stuff of comic books. They are here, now, and proving so useful that the Pentagon is about to spend $13bn on a new generation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). The US and the British militaries are also looking at ways to make these drones invisible - to radar, the naked eye or even to infra-red sensors. Both governments are spending large amounts on radical ideas about war-fighting. They believe information will be the deciding factor on future battlefields.  
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Alzheimer's Disease:
4/17/2005: Chemical Decoy Shows Promise For Slowing Alzheimer's - Science Daily
4/17/2005: Oily fish 'hope' for Alzheimer's
  - BBC

4/17/2005: A Regulatory Network Analysis Of Phenotypic Plasticity In Yeast - Science Daily
4/17/2005: A New Role For A Protein Involved In Energy Metabolism
 - Science Daily
4/17/2005: Researcher Takes Stem Cell Research Another Step - Science Daily
4/17/2005: Biochemists Discover Structure Of Major Piece Of Telomerase, An Enzyme That Plays Key Role In Cancer - Science Daily
4/17/2005: Hardy Oats Stand The Cold - Science Daily
4/17/2005: Plant Doctors Target Sudden Oak Death - Science Daily
4/17/2005: Cloned Cows Yummy and Safe  - Wired News
4/17/2005: Swedish scientists make multi-disease gene breakthrough ... - FirstScience
4/17/2005: Remote Control Insects - SpaceDaily
4/17/2005: Satellite Maps Will Ease Plight Of Endangered Mountain Gorillas - SpaceDaily
4/17/2005: DNA project to trace human steps  - BBC
4/17/2005: Crop archive shows pollution link  - BBC
4/17/2005: Tracing Humanity's Genetic Roots - Business Week

Climate, Environment:
4/17/2005: Study Of Energy And Health In Africa Focuses Spotlight On Charcoal And Forest Management - Science Daily
4/17/2005: NASA Study Finds Earth's Auroras Are Not Mirror Images - Science Daily
4/17/2005: Drilling Through the Earth's Crust  - Wired News
4/17/2005: University to Research Global Warming ... - ABC
4/17/2005: China pollution rally deaths spark riot ... - FirstScience
4/17/2005: Villagers, Police Clash over Pollution Protest in Southern China ... - FirstScience
4/17/2005: In Latin America, a New Gold Rush Runs into Opposition over Strip Mines, Cyanide ... - FirstScience
4/17/2005: Sheep and Insects to Help Kill Exotic Weeds in Arizona Forests ... - FirstScience
4/17/2005: Alternatives to Ozone-Depleting Chemicals also Contributing to Climate Change, U.N. Says ... - FirstScience
4/17/2005: U.N. Meeting Tackles 'Silent Humanitarian Crisis' ... - FirstScience
4/17/2005: 10 States to Sue EPA Over Mercury Rules ... - FirstScience
4/17/2005: Businesses Fail To Meet Aluminium Recycling Targets ... - FirstScience
4/17/2005: Volcano on Indonesia's Sumatra Erupts ... - FirstScience
4/17/2005: Study Offers Alternative View On How Faults Form In The Ocean's Depths - SpaceDaily
4/17/2005: Experts to track carbon dioxide emissions in British homes, businesses - SpaceDaily
4/17/2005: UN panel calls for cuts in ozone-friendly chemicals amid pollution fears - SpaceDaily
4/17/2005: UN warns India over tigers  - BBC

4/17/2005: A New Reality in Video Games: Advertisements  - NY Times
4/17/2005: Microsoft Sets Date for Xbox 2 Debut  - Wired News
4/17/2005: Virtual snoops Players pay real money to spy on wayward characters  - BBC
4/17/2005: Microsoft Xbox 2 to have downloadable content  - C/Net
4/17/2005: Rumor Control: N-Gage 2 specs and the Xbox 360 (again) [Xbox]  - C/Net
4/17/2005: Xbox 2 will be the Xbox 360  - C/Net
4/17/2005: Xbox 360 Mockup
  - C/Net

4/17/2005: Santa Cruz To Lead Ambitious Multidisciplinary Research Project On Wireless Communication Networks
 - Science Daily
4/17/2005: 2010: A Mobile Odyssey for 560 Million Chinese
  - Wired News
4/17/2005: Texting treatment: Using mobile phones in South Africa in the fight against HIV/Aids
  - BBC
4/17/2005: Cell-phone hell at 35,000 feet
  - C/Net



4/17/2005: Dot-Com Ads Make a Comeback  - Wired News
4/17/2005: Google and the Coming Search Wars, Revisited  - Technology Review 
4/17/2005: Net security bug prompts warnings  - BBC

4/17/2005: Can ThisTiger EarnIts Stripes: The updated Mac operating system will impress techies and novices alike, but it may not do all that much to boost sales - Business Week
4/17/2005: RIAA cracks down on Internet2 file swapping  - C/Net

4/17/2005: Scientists Discover Better Way To Generate Power From Thermal Sources - SpaceDaily
4/17/2005: Head to head: Arguments over wind turbine towers blow hot and cold  - BBC

4/17/2005: Common Medication To Prevent Heart Attacks & Stroke Is Cost-Effective When Given Long-Term - Science Daily
4/17/2005: Aspirin-a-day call for over 50s  - BBC

4/17/2005: Mayo Clinic Researchers Scan Tumors Of The Prostate For More Effective, Targeted Radiotherapy Treatment - Science Daily
4/17/2005: Cryoablation Treatment Helps Diminish Pain Of Bone Cancer - Science Daily


4/17/2005: Onion Compound May Help Fight Osteoporosis - Science Daily
4/17/2005: Dietary Protein And Bone Health Revisited - Science Daily
4/17/2005: Study Shows Common Painkillers Combined With Acid-Reducing Drugs More Cost-Effective, Safer For Managing Arthritis In High-Risk Patients - Science Daily
4/17/2005: Novel Therapy Tested In Mice Could Chase Away Cat Allergies - Science Daily
4/17/2005: Insulin-sensitizing Drug Cut Diabetes Risk - Science Daily

4/17/2005: NICHD Launches Project To Treat Infant Asphyxia In Lower Income Countries - Science Daily
4/17/2005: Teen Tooth Trauma Prevalent In Ontario - Science Daily
4/17/2005: More Exhaust Inhaled By Kids Inside School Buses Than By Others In The Area, Says Study - Science Daily
4/17/2005: Gene Therapy For Retinal Diseases Advances With New Viral And Capsule Mechanisms To Place Genes Directly In Eye - Science Daily
4/17/2005: Breast Implants, Bextra and Fair Disclosure  - Wired News
4/17/2005: Smart lenses to halt short sight  - BBC
4/17/2005: Fat fighters: Why all-male meetings are helping a group of obese men  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
4/17/2005: Explosions In Space May Have Initiated Ancient Extinction On Earth - Science Daily

4/17/2005: High-tech war Allies invest billions into next generation of unmanned drones   - BBC
4/17/2005: Bullying Among Sixth Graders A Daily Occurrence, UCLA Study Finds - Science Daily
4/17/2005: Latest Findings From NIST World Trade Center Investigation Released - Science Daily
4/17/2005: Fuel prices blunt airline recovery - Seattle Times
4/17/2005: Buffett quizzed in AIG inquiry - Seattle Times
4/17/2005: Copyright Reform to Free Orphans?  - Wired News
4/17/2005: Ridge Says RFID Boosts Security  - Wired News
4/17/2005: Data Thief's Prodigious Haul  - Wired News
4/17/2005: Pentagon: Back Off, Flyboy!  - Wired News
4/17/2005: A whiff of economic slowdown is on the spring breezes
4/17/2005: American Universities Fall Behind in Programming  - Wired News
4/17/2005: In basketball and science, she's top-notch ... - FirstScience
4/17/2005: Research in Development  - Technology Review 
4/17/2005: Sino-Indian Relations In New Gear - SpaceDaily
4/17/2005: "TV On Your Palm" To Become Reality - SpaceDaily
4/17/2005: Labs told to destroy deadly virus  - BBC
4/17/2005: Nanotech promise for global poor  - BBC
4/17/2005: Digital switchover firm launched  - BBC
4/17/2005: 3 key leaders in TV's future  - C/Net
4/17/2005: What's your take?
  - C/Net
4/17/2005: Surprises lurk in satellite snaps
  - C/Net

4/17/2005: Neuroscientists Locate 'Imaginary' Colors - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
4/17/2005: Discovery Of Giant X-Ray Loop Hints At Cosmic Particle Accelerator - SpaceDaily
4/17/2005: Engineers Present Plan to Service Hubble ...
 - Washington Post
4/17/2005: Scientists track collision of powerful stellar winds ...
 - FirstScience
4/17/2005: Growth Spurt: How Colliding Galaxies Built the Universe
4/17/2005: Observing Einstein's Gravitational Waves
 - SpaceDaily

4/17/2005: Hang in There: The 25-Year Wait for Immortality  - Wired News

4/17/2005: Pioneer In Artificial-Intelligence Software Devises New Theory Of Cognition - Science Daily

4/17/2005: Deep Impact Cruises Along To Cometary Collision - Science Daily
4/17/2005: Russians predict manned Mars trips by 2030 ...
 - FirstScience
4/17/2005: Nasa extends Mars rover lifespan ...
 - FirstScience
4/17/2005: Russian 2006-2015 space program may be endorsed by May ...
 - FirstScience
4/17/2005: Arianespace and Roscosmos Sign Soyuz Facility Deal
 - SpaceDaily
4/17/2005: Progress With Shenzhou
 - SpaceDaily
4/17/2005: Titan Mosaic - East Of Xanadu
 - SpaceDaily
China launches new commercial communications satellite - SpaceDaily
4/17/2005: France, Russia sign agreement to build spacecraft and launch site
 - SpaceDaily

4/17/2005: New System Allows Efficient, Earth-Friendly Use Of Hog Waste - Science Daily
4/17/2005: Creating New Foods And More From Agricultural Products - Science Daily
4/17/2005: Tech Job Cuts Hit Five-Quarter High  - CNN
4/17/2005: DualDisc: Double the Format, Double the Fun  - Wired News
4/17/2005: Science's small wonders could benefit third world ... - FirstScience
4/17/2005: Nano For Quantum Computers
4/17/2005: Nanobridges Show Way To Nano Mass Production
 - Spa - SpaceDailyceDaily
Lecture highlights need to share   - BBC


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