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  April 16, 2006

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fossil skull Creationism 'no place in schools'  - BBC  Leading scientists have warned against the teaching of creationism in schools, saying pupils must be clear that science backs the theory of evolution. The Royal Society statement comes after claims that some schools are promoting creationism alongside evolution. It added: "A belief that all species on Earth have always existed in their present form is not consistent with the wealth of evidence for evolution, such as the fossil record. "Similarly, a belief that the Earth was formed in 4004BC is not consistent with the evidence from geology, astronomy and physics that the solar system, including Earth, formed about 4,600 million years ago."    
Artist's impression of Swift (Nasa) Telescope looks to go to the edge  - BBC  The Swift telescope is about to break the boundaries of our cosmic vision, to see the most distant objects ever recorded, its chief scientist believes. The Nasa space observatory has already looked nearly 13 billion light-years across the Universe to record the light from a cataclysmic star explosion. But Dr Neil Gehrels expects Swift to see even more distant events. The spacecraft is set up to catch gamma-ray bursts - the intensely bright but fleeting flashes of very high-energy radiation that signal some of the Universe's most violent happenings.   

Moon in bloom: Could Europe's space scientists say it with flowers on the Moon?  - BBC-  America's astronauts may have been the first to plant a flag, drive a buggy and play golf on the Moon. Planting flowers, however, was not on the Apollo agenda. Could Europe beat the mighty US to that particular goal? One small seed for man, one giant branching-out for mankind? In fact, according to the European Space Agency's Bernard Foing, it is more likely to be a bulb than a seed - perhaps even that most European of plants, a Dutch tulip. "Also, we have looked at other types of plant like the mustard plant Arabidopsis; it's a very resistant plant, its genome has been fully sequenced.   
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Alzheimer's Disease:

4/16/2006: Water Found To Be Main Culprit In Argentine Ant Invasions - Science Daily
4/16/2006: Salmon Go Veggie To Save Wild Fish Stocks
 - Science Daily
4/16/2006: Towards The Mechanism Of Cell Respiration - Science Daily
4/16/2006: Nanopore Method Could Revolutionize Genome Sequencing - Science Daily
4/16/2006: Stem Cell Transplants Improve Recovery In Animal Models For Stroke, Cerebral Palsy - Science Daily
4/16/2006: Why A Spider Hanging From A Thread Does Not Rotate - Science Daily
4/16/2006: Undersea Microbes Active But Living On The Slow Side - Science Daily
4/16/2006: Blind Mice Recover Visual Responses Using Protein From Green Algae - Science Daily
4/16/2006: Yale Researchers Find Environmental Toxins Disruptive To Hearing In Mammals - Science Daily
4/16/2006: 'Dead Zone' Summer Killed Billions Of Ocean State Mussels - Science Daily
4/16/2006: Uncovering Sex-change Secrets Of Black Sea Bass - Science Daily
4/16/2006: Global Warming Capable Of Sparking Mass Species Extinctions - Science Daily
4/16/2006: Two New Species Discovered: Research Bolsters Case For Philippine Conservation - Science Daily
4/16/2006: Organic Nitrogen Gives New Clue To Biodiversity - Science Daily
4/16/2006: Rewind, Please- Nature Paper Shows That Cell Division Is Reversible - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
4/16/2006: Albatross Study Shows Regional Differences In Ocean Contamination - Science Daily
4/16/2006: Earth From Space: Iceberg Knocks The Block Off Drygalski Ice Tongue - Science Daily
4/16/2006: Satellite Instrument Helps Tackle Mysteries Of Ozone-eating Clouds - Science Daily
4/16/2006: Brown University Geologists Create 5-million-year Climate Record - Science Daily
4/16/2006: Roots To Shoots: University Of Georgia Researchers Discover Way To Transport Environmental Arsenic To Plant Leaves In New Environmental Clean-up Strategy - Science Daily
4/16/2006: Technology That Measures Sea Level, Helps Predict EL Nino Events, Improved By New Modeling - Science Daily
4/16/2006: US-Taiwan Constellation Of Satellites Will Track Hurricanes, Monitor Climate Change And Accelerate Space Weather Research - Science Daily
4/16/2006: Higher Carbon Dioxide, Lack Of Nitrogen Limit Plant Growth - Science Daily




4/16/2006: Run Windows and Your Mac Simultaneously




3/17/2005:Sustained Blood Pressure Treatment Lowers Dementia Risk In Elderly - Science Daily
4/16/2006: Free-radical Busting Antioxidants Might Not Promote Healthy Hearts - Science Daily
4/16/2006: Newer Form Of Cardiac Imaging Providing Better Look At Heart - Science Daily
4/16/2006: Researchers Explore New Technique To Treat High Blood Pressure, Kidney Damage - Science Daily
4/16/2006: Building A Hand-held Lab-on-a-chip To Simplify Blood Tests - Science Daily
4/16/2006: Protein's Role In Hemoglobin Gene Silencing Identified - Science Daily
4/16/2006: Bone And Cartilage Growth To Blame For Heart Valve Disease - Science Daily
4/16/2006: Blood Pressure Medication May Revolutionize Treatment Of Marfan Syndrome
 - Science Daily

4/16/2006: New Research May Explain Why Some Who Receive Growth Hormone Therapy Develop Colon Polyps - Science Daily
4/16/2006: Inflammation And Drugs To Control This Activity Studied In A Variety Of Tumors Sites - Science Daily
4/16/2006: Appetite-inducing Hormone Receptor Found Active In Breast Cancer - Science Daily
4/16/2006: Nano-particles Effective In Killing Cancer With One-two Punch Of Chemotherapeutics - Science Daily
4/16/2006: Novel Device Shows Potential In Better Detecting Oral Cancer - Science Daily
4/16/2006: Growth Factor-promoting Angiogenesis Expressed In Tumor Cells And Normal Neurons - Science Daily
4/16/2006: Legume Compounds May Help Cancer Treatment
 - Science Daily
4/16/2006: New Research Finds Direct Link Between High Cholesterol And Prostate Cancer - Science Daily
4/16/2006: New Model Of p53 Regulation Proposed That Suggests Novel Anticancer Strategy
 - Science Daily
4/16/2006: Study Shows More Than Half Of Esophageal Cancer Patients Now Survive
 - Science Daily
4/16/2006: Cell Surface Profiling Technique Could Yield Cancer Blood Test
 - Science Daily
4/16/2006: Advances In Chemotherapy Improve Outcomes In Select Breast Cancers
 - Science Daily

4/16/2006: Scientists Learn More About How Viruses Reproduce, Spread - Science Daily
4/16/2006: Shift In Feeding Behavior Of Mosquitoes Sheds Light On West Nile Virus Outbreaks - Science Daily
4/16/2006: Salmonella Bacteria Use RNA To Assess And Adjust Magnesium Levels - Science Daily
4/16/2006: Farm Study Raises Doubts About New Approach To Swine-disease Control - Science Daily
4/16/2006: Evolution Follows Few Of The Possible Paths To Antibiotic Resistance - Science Daily
4/16/2006: Disease-impact Models May Rely On Incorrect Assumptions - Science Daily
4/16/2006: Novel Virus Entry Mechanism Could Lead To New Drugs Against Poxviruses
 - Science Daily

4/16/2006: Shock Wave Therapy For Kidney Stones Linked To Increased Risk Of Diabetes, Hypertension - Science Daily
4/16/2006: Stronger Evidence Found Linking Epstein-Barr Virus And Risk Of Multiple Sclerosis - Science Daily
4/16/2006: Mount Sinai Launches Combination Therapy Trial To Treat Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis - Science Daily

4/16/2006: A Virtual Healthcare Assistant For A Healthier Lifestyle - Science Daily
4/16/2006: Something To Chew On: Research Provides Clues To Obesity's Cause And Hints Of New Approach For Curbing Appetite - Science Daily
4/16/2006: Free-electron Laser Targets Fat - Science Daily
4/16/2006: A Jekyll And Hyde Of Cytokines: IL-25 Both Promotes And Limits Inflammatory Diseases - Science Daily
4/16/2006: Liver Transplants Provide Metabolic Cure For Rare Maple Syrup Urine Disease - Science Daily
4/16/2006: Periodontal Therapy May Help Diabetic Patients Improve Sugar Control - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
4/16/2006: Creationism 'no place in schools'   - BBC
4/16/2006: Investigating Canals Across Time, From Space- Ur Takes A Step Back To See Ancient Networks - Science Daily
4/16/2006: Findings Identify How Preservation Distorts History Of Life On Earth - Science Daily
4/16/2006: Evolutionary Proof That (eating) The Chicken Came Before The Egg - Science Daily
4/16/2006: Duke Study Examines Evolutionary Consequences Of Bluebird Aggression - Science Daily
4/16/2006: Hominid Fossils From Ethiopia Link Ape-men To More Distant Human Ancestors - Science Daily

4/16/2006: Heavy Horseriders -- They're A Pain In The Back! - Science Daily
4/16/2006: Computer Animations Used In Court Colored By Bias, Researchers Say - Science Daily
4/16/2006: There's More Than Meets The Eye To Catching A Fly Ball In The Outfield - Science Daily

4/16/2006: Explaining How The Brain Recognizes Faces - Science Daily
4/16/2006: Racial Diversity Improves Group Decision Making In Unexpected Ways, According To Tufts University Research - Science Daily
4/16/2006: Altering Genetic Blueprint Of Receptors In Brain Could Help Stroke Victims Avoid Brain Damage - Science Daily
4/16/2006: Older Children Not Smarter Than Their Younger Sibs, Study Finds - Science Daily
4/16/2006: Oops! Researchers Publish New Findings On The Brain's Response To Costly Mistakes - Science Daily
4/16/2006: Brain Scans Show Depressed Monkeys Have Same Central Nervous System Characteristics As People - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
4/16/2006: Telescope looks to go to the edge   - BBC 
4/16/2006: Cosmic Spider Is Good Mother
 - Science Daily
4/16/2006: Two Supermassive Black Holes Spiraling Toward Collision
 - Science Daily
4/16/2006: Looking To Understand Why Sun's Corona Shines Hotter Than The Sun Itself
 - Science Daily
4/16/2006: Scientists Precisely Measure Subtle Dance Between Matter And Antimatter
 - Science Daily
4/16/2006: Exploding Star Within A Star -- A Recurrent Nova
 - Science Daily

4/16/2006: Women Now Live Longer Than Men, Even In The Poorest Countries - Science Daily
4/16/2006: Males With Elevated Levels Of Testosterone Lead Shorter Lives But Have More Success Siring Offspring
 - Science Daily


4/16/2006: Moon in bloom: Could Europe's space scientists say it with flowers on the Moon?  - BBC
4/16/2006: Soggy Sands Of Mars?
 - Science Daily
4/16/2006: New Cassini Image Shows 'A' Ring Contains More Debris Than Once Thought
 - Science Daily
4/16/2006: Europe Scores New Planetary Success: Venus Express Enters Orbit Around The Hothouse Planet
 - Science Daily
4/16/2006: Lunar Rocks Suggest Meteorite Shower
 - Science Daily

4/16/2006: Hidden Structure Revealed In Characteristics Of Transistor Laser - Science Daily
4/16/2006: Scientists Fashion Semiconductors Into Flexible Membranes - Science Daily
4/16/2006: Carbon Monoxide Inhibitor Controls Traumatic Bleeding, Researchers Show - Science Daily
4/16/2006: Nature's Strongest Glue Could Be Used As A Medical Adhesive - Science Daily
4/16/2006: Rice Scientists Attach Motor To Single-molecule Car - Science Daily


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