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  April 14, 2006

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Wi-fi user, AP Data distilled How to use all the net, even when you are offline  - BBC  A hi-tech start-up called Webaroo is aiming to shrink the web so that it can fit into a laptop. It has already signed a deal to put its snapshot of the net on laptops sold by PC maker Acer. Eventually it will offer a "web-to-go" package that crams the most useful parts of the web into a block of data 40GB in size. To start with, Webaroo has put together software that lets people download the bits of the web they find want. A lot of what we use the net for such as searching out facts on Wikipedia, looking for hotels or merely satisfying our curiosity, can be done offline.     
Pills Drug firms 'invent diseases'  - BBC   Pharmaceutical firms are inventing diseases to sell more drugs, researchers have warned. Disease-mongering promotes non-existent diseases and exaggerates mild problems to boost profits, the Public Library of Science Medicine reported. Researchers at Newcastle University in Australia said firms were putting healthy people at risk by medicalising conditions such as menopause. Report authors David Henry and Ray Moynihan criticised attempts to convince the public in the US that 43% of women live with sexual dysfunction. They also said that risk factors like high cholesterol and osteoporosis were being presented as diseases. 

Mouse healing (Heber-Katz)

Mighty mouse Laboratory mouse shows amazing ability to heal itself  - BBC  Left: Hole closure is seen in MRL mouse (right), but not in the control (left)  While skin and hair cells constantly renew themselves, unlike a newt, if a human loses a leg, there is no second chance. But the discovery of a strain of mouse, the Murphy Roths Large (MRL), with remarkable regenerative capabilities has opened up the possibility that those properties could be transferred to other mammals. Professor Ellen Heber-Katz was looking at the effects of a drug, and had marked the mice that had received the drug by punching a small hole in their ear to distinguish them from those who had not. "I went upstairs and I looked in the cage, but none of the mice were marked," she said. "I looked at them and thought: 'what's happened?' I thought the post doc hadn't done the experiment. When they looked closer they saw that there had been DNA synthesis, cell proliferation and both cartilage and new hair follicles had also grown. When the team used a cold probe to make a small injury to the heart of the MRL mice they found that the tissue regenerated and there was no scarring. When they examined what happened after spinal cord injury, again they found cell re-growth and little scarring. Further work has shown that two genes, mmp9 and mmp2, may be implicated. "If we can deplete the factor causing scarring, then we might be able to enhance the regenerative ability of mammals in general " "You never really know when you're going to find the answer - it could be very far off or very close."
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Alzheimer's Disease:

4/14/2006: Mighty mouse Laboratory mouse shows amazing ability to heal itself   - BBC
4/14/2006: California Issues Stem-Cell Cash
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4/14/2006: Why Bees Fly With Landing Gear Down - Live Science
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4/14/2006: First Flowers Triggered Boom in Ant Diversity - Live Science
4/14/2006: Visual Response Restored in Blind Mice - Live Science
4/14/2006: How Lazy Mole-Rats Serve Their Queen - Live Science
4/14/2006: Rattlesnakes Grow While Starving - Live Science
4/14/2006: Mating March of the Penguin Slows Down - Live Science
4/14/2006: Ocean 'Dead Zones' Trigger Sex Changes In Fish, Posing Extinction Threat - Science Daily
4/14/2006: The Hare And The Greyhound: A Race The Hare Can Win - Science Daily
4/14/2006: Wake Forest Physician Reports First Human Recipients Of Laboratory-grown Organs - Science Daily
4/14/2006: Evolutionary Scrap-heap Challenge: Antifreeze Fish Make Sense Out Of Junk DNA - Science Daily
4/14/2006: Chemistry Of Fossil Plankton Shells Precise Indicator Of Depth Habitat - Science Daily
4/14/2006: Paradise Lost- Leicester Biologist Sounds Alarm Bell Over Disappearance Of Site Of International Importance - Science Daily
4/14/2006: Why Males Produce Sperm And Females Produce Eggs - Science Daily
4/14/2006: Worm Procreation: 50 Ways To Be Your Lover - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
4/14/2006: Schwarzenegger wants market-based system to combat global warming ... - FirstScience
4/14/2006: Mercury emissions from China coal-fired plants reach US - report ... - FirstScience
4/14/2006: US EPA to try to tweak pollution rules this summer ... - FirstScience
4/14/2006: Satellite Maps Track Chesapeake Bay Urbanization- SpaceDaily
4/14/2006: Global Warming's Next Casualty: Igloos - Live Science
4/14/2006: Wild Tornado Season: Expect More - Live Science
4/14/2006: Pacific Ocean Grows More Acidic - Live Science
4/14/2006: Western Prairies Face Impending Water Crisis - Science Daily

4/14/2006: Hell Is Other People's Music  - Wired News
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4/14/2006: Who'll Win the First IPod Emmy? - Wired News
4/14/2006: The Glory of the Shooter  - Wired News
4/14/2006: Metroid: Almost a Great Notion  - Wired News

4/14/2006: Gadget Lab: All-In-One Phone
  - Wired News
4/14/2006: Why VOIP Needs Crypto
  - Wired News

4/14/2006: Device Only Atoms Across May Allow Infinitesimal But Powerful Computers - Science Daily


4/14/2006: Data distilled How to use all the net, even when you are offline   - BBC
4/14/2006: The MySpace Economy  - Wired News
4/14/2006: E-Mail Can Pop Your Car's Hood  - Wired News


4/14/2006: Windmill Hater Spins Around  - Wired News
4/14/2006: BLOG: That Burning Smell is Fred Flintstone’s Feet - Live Science
4/14/2006: Tipping Point: Half of America Wants a Hybrid Car - Live Science

3/17/2005:Lack Of Sleep Linked To Increased Risk Of High Blood Pressure - Science Daily
4/14/2006: Mayo Clinic Researchers Zero In On Diagnosing Sometimes Fatal Heart Rhythm Disorder - Science Daily

4/14/2006: Easy Way to Cut Cancer Deaths in Half - Live Science
4/14/2006: Pain Killer Fights Breast Cancer By Targeting Key Enzyme - Science Daily
4/14/2006: Equivalent Of 2-4 Drinks Daily Fuels Blood Vessel Growth, Encourages Cancer Tumors In Mice - Science Daily

4/14/2006: Antibiotic resistance evolution is studied ...  - Physics Org
4/14/2006: Virtual Pandemic: 90 Days to Infect Entire U.S. - Live Science
4/14/2006: Avian Flu Modeled On Supercomputer, Explores Vaccine And Isolation Options For Thwarting A Pandemic - Science Daily

4/14/2006: Anti-inflammatory Effects Of Omega 3 Fatty Acid In Fish Oil Linked To Lowering Of Prostaglandin - Science Daily

4/14/2006: Drug firms 'invent diseases'   - BBC
4/14/2006: Poll- Everybody Else is Fat - Live Science
4/14/2006: Genes Predict Body Shape and Fatness - Live Science
4/14/2006: Dying and Desperate: The Lure of Quack Medical Clinics - Live Science
4/14/2006: Armchair Scientists Can Work on Medical Breakthroughs - Live Science
4/14/2006: Abdominal Fat Linked To Higher Death Rate In Men, New Study Shows - Science Daily
4/14/2006: Pine Nut Oil Boosts Appetite Suppressors Up To 60 Percent For 4 Hours - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
4/14/2006: Getting Evolution Up to Speed  - Wired News
4/14/2006: Yeeowww! Prehistoric Dentists Used Stone Drills - Live Science
4/14/2006: Fishy Land Beast Bridges Evolutionary Gap - Live Science
4/14/2006: 1,500-year-old Pyramid Uncovered In Mexico - Live Science
4/14/2006: Jesus Could Have Walked on Ice, Scientist Says - Live Science
4/14/2006: Dino Looked Like 7-Foot Turkey - Live Science
4/14/2006: New Discoveries Point To 'Cave Of John The Baptist' As Important Site In The Time Of Isaiah
 - Science Daily

4/14/2006: Boeing's China hand guides strategy to beat back Airbus - Seattle Times
4/14/2006: Criticism prompts Airbus to study options, CEO says - Seattle Times
4/14/2006: Poor results don't affect CEO riches, study finds - Seattle Times
4/14/2006: Gas prices expected to continue to rise - Seattle Times
4/14/2006: Former Enron CEO Skilling describes journey of pride, despair - Seattle Times
4/14/2006: Strange bedfellows balk at Wal-Mart's bank bid - Seattle Times
4/14/2006: Troops Learn to Not Offend  - Wired News
4/14/2006: The Gamines Love Gaiman  - Wired News
4/14/2006: Whistle-Blower Outs NSA Spy Room  - Wired News
4/14/2006: Science shunned for money ... - FirstScience
4/14/2006: Girls Gone Bad: Statistics Distort the Truth - Live Science
4/14/2006: Urban Teens Having Sex Before They Can Drive - Live Science
4/14/2006: Licensed to Kill: Some Doctors are Real Naturals - Live Science
4/14/2006: Research To Combat Biological Warfare - Science Daily

4/14/2006: Near-Death Experience: Find Out if You’re a Candidate - Live Science
4/14/2006: The Meaning of White Space - Live Science
4/14/2006: Few Clues to High IQs - Live Science
4/14/2006: Optimism Comes with Age - Live Science
4/14/2006: Conscious And Unconscious Memory Linked In Storing New Information - Science Daily
4/14/2006: Even At Rest, Men's And Women's Brains Behave Differently - Science Daily
4/14/2006: Epilepsy Surgery Successful For Alleviating Seizures Over The Long Term
 - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
4/14/2006: Skulls, Tornadoes and Insects - The Bizarre Sightings of Modern Astronomy - Space.com
4/14/2006: Black Holes Dance With Incredible Violence
- SpaceDaily
4/14/2006: Cluster And Double Star Witness A New Facet Of Earth's Magnetic Behaviour
 - Science Daily
4/14/2006: MINOS Experiment Sheds Light On Mystery Of Neutrino Disappearances
 - Science Daily

4/14/2006: Weekly Religious Attendance Nearly As Effective As Statins And Exercise In Extending Life - Science Daily

4/14/2006: Incredible New Military Robot - Live Science

4/14/2006: 10th Planet Slightly Larger Than Pluto ... - FirstScience
4/14/2006: Mars Rover Spirit Heads to Alternate Home ...
 - FirstScience
4/14/2006: NASA asks for moon, Mars exploration ideas ...
 - FirstScience
4/14/2006: Telescope to Search for ET Light Signals ...
 - FirstScience
4/14/2006: Second from the Sun: European Probe Enters Venus Orbit
 - Space.com
4/14/2006: Looking Ahead: NASA’s Push from STS-1 to CEV
 - Space.com
4/14/2006: NASA Adds Moon Crashing Probes to LRO Mission
 - Space.com
4/14/2006: ESA Spacecraft Prepares To Lift Venusian Veil
- SpaceDaily
4/14/2006: Bush Space Vision Facing Critical Juncture
- SpaceDaily
4/14/2006: Russian Aims For Moon And Mars By 2030
- SpaceDaily
4/14/2006: NASA Seeking Lunar Exploration Ideas
- SpaceDaily
4/14/2006: 108 Minutes That Changed The World
- SpaceDaily
4/14/2006: Venus probe returns first images
  - BBC
4/14/2006: On This Day 1997: Faulty fuel cell forces Nasa to call back Columbia
  - BBC


4/14/2006: Lying Through Their Teeth  - Wired News
4/14/2006: World’s Strongest Glue! Available Only From Nature! - Live Science
4/14/2006: The Future of Glasses: Electronic Bifocals - Live Science
4/14/2006: New Materials For High Efficiency Organic Solid State Lighting - Science Daily
4/14/2006: Magnetism Shepherds Microlenses To Excavate 'Nanocavities' - Science Daily
4/14/2006: Optical Scientists Develop Switchable Focus Eyeglass Lenses - Science Daily


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