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  April 14, 2005

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Habitable Planets: Disaster Zones and Safe Havens -  New computer simulations of known extrasolar planetary systems suggest about half of them could harbor an Earth-like world, mathematically speaking. Earth-sized planets, if any exist, can't be found with present technology. But several models by different groups have shown rocky planets about the size of Earth could exist in known systems where a giant planet orbits a Sun-like star.    
Flesh on bones of 'first ape-man'  - BBC  Left:  The reconstruction corrects distortions in Toumai's fossilized skull.  At six to seven million years old, Sahelanthropus tchadensis, (better known by its nickname Toumaï), dates to about the time where, according to genetic data, the ancestors of humans and the ancestors of chimpanzees went their separate evolutionary ways. The find had a puzzling combination of modern and primitive features, with an ape-like brain size and skull shape, combined with a more human-like face and teeth. It also sported a remarkably large brow-ridge, more similar to that of hominids.    

Hard drive: So what happened to the Segway transport revolution?  - BBC  It was supposed to revolutionise transportation as we know it, so why is the Segway Human Transporter nowhere to be seen on the streets of Britain?  Segway inventor Dean Kamen wanted it to become a fixture on traffic-clogged city streets, allowing commuters to "drive" to work at the civilised speed of 12mph. Great assumptions were made. Mr Kamen said it would "be to the car what the car was to the horse and buggy" No official sales figures are released by Segway but there are just 30 to 50 of the machines estimated to be in the country, according to its UK distributor - BAE Systems. The low sales can in part be put down to the legal nightmare the two-wheeled scooter finds itself in, as well as an average price tag of £2,800. Segways are designed for use on the pavement, but the only motorised vehicles allowed alongside pedestrians in the UK are electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters. It is a frustrating situation, especially when many other European countries have been pro-active in passing legislation to support the Segway. considering the US now holds an annual SegwayFest for devotees it is probably safe to say they outstrip the handful so far shifted in the UK.
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Alzheimer's Disease:

4/14/2005: Cells That Go Back in Time  - Wired News
4/14/2005: Australia's Most Unwelcome Guest
  - Wired News
4/14/2005: Exposed - Korea's plans for new whale meat factory ... - FirstScience
4/14/2005: Boeing asks government for permission to harass seals  - C/Net
4/14/2005: Looking into DNA's crystal ball  - C/Net
4/14/2005: Billions of butterflies begin migration - MSNBC
4/14/2005: Pandas at San Diego Zoo mate successfully - MSNBC
4/14/2005: Highly Adaptable Genome In Gut Bacterium Key To Intestinal Health - Science Daily
4/14/2005: Walnuts' Secret Defense Explored - Science Daily
4/14/2005: Presenting: Two New Southernpea Varieties - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
4/14/2005: IPCC Finalizes Report to Safeguard Ozone Layer, Global Climate ... - FirstScience
4/14/2005: Noise: pollution or prompter ... - FirstScience
4/14/2005: No emissions and no drama ... - FirstScience
4/14/2005: Science Panel Says Human Activity Key Trigger in Global Warming ... - FirstScience
4/14/2005: Farmers called on to have alternatives in ecological protection ... - FirstScience
4/14/2005: Reynolds: Green power! ... - FirstScience
4/14/2005: Firm says objectors delaying emissions licence ... - FirstScience
4/14/2005: Global warming won't save nuclear power ... - FirstScience
4/14/2005: 2 Sides Do Battle in Court on Whether E.P.A. Should Regulate Carbon Dioxide  - NY Times
4/14/2005: E.P.A. Halts Florida Test on Pesticides  - NY Times
4/14/2005: USDA Mobile Lab Helps Contain Exotic Pests - Science Daily

4/14/2005: Game-day payoff: Redemption or money  - C/Net

4/14/2005: Putting Flesh on Phones
  - Wired News
4/14/2005: Philadelphia to be nation's hotest 'hot spot'
  - CNN
4/14/2005: Talk on Your Mobile Without Uttering a Word
  - Wired News
4/14/2005: The Cellphone Creating Digital Relics
  - NY Times
4/14/2005: Talk on Your Mobile Without Uttering a Word
  - Wired News

4/14/2005: Transition to 65-nm designs expected to be rapid  - El. Engr. Times

4/14/2005: Unlocking PC secrets  - C/Net
4/14/2005: Gateway to unveil new PCs  - C/Net
4/14/2005: Photos: Gateway's new crop  - C/Net

4/14/2005: Web Browser Forensics  - Wired News
4/14/2005: Test Legal Bulk Download System  - Wired News
4/14/2005: Russian police: 'Our hackers are the best'  - C/Net
4/14/2005: News network to pay 'citizen journalists'  - C/Net
4/14/2005: Week in review: Go-go Google  - C/Net
4/14/2005: Judge: Prison time for spammer  - CNN
4/14/2005: U.S. Limits on Internet Gambling Are Backed
  - NY Times
4/14/2005: Will Sony Crack Down on PSP Hacks
  - Technology Review 

4/14/2005: Brazil: The Next Windows vs. Linux Battleground?  - NY Times
4/14/2005: Maine Man Gets 6 Years for EBay Scam  - Wired News
4/14/2005: Cybercriminals Nabbed by Police  - Wired News

4/14/2005: New Battery Parts Will Change Your Life  - NY Times
4/14/2005: Membraneless Fuel Cell Is Tiny, Versatile - Science Daily

4/14/2005: Treatment Of Cardiac Lesions Without Anaesthesic - Science Daily
4/14/2005: Marijuana Fights Heart Disease - Economist

4/14/2005: Multi-center Study Shows Direct Link Between Residential Radon Exposure And Lung Cancer - Science Daily
4/14/2005: Bevacizumab Combined With Chemotherapy Prolongs Survival For Some Patients With Advanced Lung Cancer - Science Daily

4/14/2005: Brass jugs polish off disease  - Nature
4/14/2005: Angola's neighbours put on Marburg alert - New Scientist
4/14/2005: How A Latent Virus Eludes Immune Defenses - Science Daily
4/14/2005: VUMC Researchers Find Drug-resistant Bacteria MRSA To Be A Growing Threat - Science Daily
4/14/2005: Desert Plant May Help Treat Insidious Tropical Diseases - Science Daily
4/14/2005: Protein Offers Way To Stop Microscopic Parasites In Their Tracks - Science Daily
4/14/2005: Molecular Component Of Innate Immunity Discovered
 - Science Daily
4/14/2005: To Control Germs, Scientists Deploy Tiny Agents Provocateurs
 - Science Daily

4/14/2005: Rasagiline Reduces Disability For Patients With Advanced Parkinson's Disease - Science Daily

4/14/2005: Highly Adaptable Genome In Gut Bacterium Key To Intestinal Health ... - Science Daily
4/14/2005: Stores Say Wild Salmon, but Tests Say Farm Bred  - NY Times
4/14/2005: Study Of Obese Diabetics Explains Why Low-carb Diets Produce Fast Results - Science Daily
4/14/2005: Birthing A New Model Of Aspirin Therapy In Preeclampsia - Science Daily
4/14/2005: Mealtime Habits Important To Girls' Bone Health - Science Daily
4/14/2005: Newly Formed ARS Laboratory Will Focus On Egg Safety And Quality - Science Daily
4/14/2005: Health Benefits Of Citrus Limonoids Explored - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
4/14/2005: Flesh on bones of 'first ape-man'   - BBC
4/14/2005: Mammoth remains unearthed at California construction site  - CNN
4/14/2005: Ice Age discovery in sunny California - MSNBC
4/14/2005: Kennewick Man scientists protest bill - MSNBC
4/14/2005: Earth's oldest known object on display - MSNBC
4/14/2005: Early toolmakers cast off rock-banger image - New Scientist
4/14/2005: Engineers Help To Save And Reconstruct The Past - Science Daily
4/14/2005: Oldest Known Hominid
 - Washington Post

4/14/2005: Underencrypted and Overexposed  - Wired News
4/14/2005: The Science Guy Grows Up  - Wired News
4/14/2005: ChoicePoint Top Big Brother Pick  - Wired News
4/14/2005: How Much Is Your Pet's Life Worth? - Seattle Times
4/14/2005: Harvard Chief Wades Back Into Women/Science Debate ... - ABC
4/14/2005: Indian call center employees rob U.S. bank accounts  - C/Net
4/14/2005: Will DNA profiling fuel prejudice? - New Scientist
4/14/2005: The globalization of nostalgia? - Seattle Times
4/14/2005: Chinese firms polish skills in outsource competition
4/14/2005: Bankruptcy bill would adversely affect women
4/14/2005: Mortgage lenders make money even without fees
4/14/2005: Tech, health shares favored over energy
4/14/2005: Director study will fuel new debate
4/14/2005: Weeding your files- what to save, what to shred
4/14/2005: Niche for home inspectors
4/14/2005: IRS getting new ally: collection agencies - Seattle Times
4/14/2005: Job seeker should keep credit history private - Seattle Times
4/14/2005: Goals are basis for a common language - Seattle Times
4/14/2005: Less work + more play = worried execs - Seattle Times
4/14/2005: Employers look for chemistry
 - Seattle Times
4/14/2005: There may be valid reasons why co-worker is paid more
 - Seattle Times
4/14/2005: Air Security Faces Reduced Role
 - Washington Post

4/14/2005: Inside the injured brain  - C/Net
4/14/2005: Brain Imaging Studies Investigate Pain Reduction By Hypnosis - Science Daily
4/14/2005: Volunteers Needed For Stanford Study Of Drug For Mild Depression - Science Daily
4/14/2005: Eating Seafood That Contains Toxic Substances Can Affect The Nervous System - Science Daily
4/14/2005: 10 Brain Surgeries Give Patient Unusual Perspective - Seattle Times

Physics and Astronomy:
4/14/2005: Field Trip, Anyone? - Popular Science
4/14/2005: Physicists Find Patterns Within Seemingly Random Events Of Physiological Systems ...
 - Science Daily
4/14/2005: Fossil galaxies 'eat neighbours' ...
  - BBC
4/14/2005: Enormous X-ray loop may blast out cosmic rays
  - Nature
4/14/2005: Physicists Find Patterns Within Seemingly Random Events Of Physiological Systems
 - Science Daily


4/14/2005: NASA creating army of transformer ANTS  - C/Net
4/14/2005: Tiny Robot Swarm - Fiction no Longer  - Wired News
4/14/2005: Invasion of the Robo-DJs - Business Week

4/14/2005: Habitable Planets: Disaster Zones and Safe Havens -
4/14/2005: NASA MSFC to Begin Test of Solar Sail ...
 - FirstScience
4/14/2005: Cosmic Log: 'Let's go' ... to a space party - MSNBC
4/14/2005: Shuttle hits comeback trail
  - Nature
4/14/2005: NASA's Discovery Rolls To Major Return To Flight Milestone
 - Science Daily
4/14/2005: Russian Rocket Ready to Launch Next ISS Crew
 - SpaceDaily
4/14/2005: Keeping Tabs On The Billions The Shuttle Program Consumes
 - SpaceDaily
4/14/2005: Prepared Statement Of NASA Administrator Nominee Michael Griffin
  - SpaceDaily
4/14/2005: Opportunity Visits Twin Craters Viking And Voyager
 - SpaceDaily
4/14/2005: Orbital's Minotaur Launches XSS-11 Research Satellite
 - SpaceDaily
4/14/2005: 07.12.05 - A Statement From the Columbia Families on NASA's Return to Flight We hope we have learned, and will ...
 - FirstScience
4/14/2005: Hear an astronaut describing space ...
 - FirstScience
4/14/2005: Astronauts share strong trait ...
 - FirstScience
4/14/2005: Shuttle program may not be a 'GO' for NASA ...
4/14/2005: NASA Preps Rescue Mission -- Just in Case ...
 - ABC
4/14/2005: Discovery's On-Board Souvenir Stash
4/14/2005: Space Shuttle Discovery Repaired at Launch Pad
4/14/2005: Launch Anticipation: Mixed Feelings About Discovery’s Flight
4/14/2005: Weather keeps NASA on tenterhooks hours ahead of launch
 - SpaceDaily
4/14/2005: Done With This Dune
 - SpaceDaily
4/14/2005: Hyperion Tumbles Into View
 - SpaceDaily

4/14/2005: Hard drive: So what happened to the Segway transport revolution?   - BBC
4/14/2005: Testing Your Tech Smarts  - Wired News
4/14/2005: Lessig: A War Against the Freedom to Innovate  - Wired News
4/14/2005: Taxi Cab Riders Get Smart 'Passenger' in Back  - Wired News
4/14/2005: Hi-Tech's New Day  - Wired News
4/14/2005: Get Mapping How You Want It  - Wired News
4/14/2005: Champion of technology
  - CNN
4/14/2005: Non-acoustic sensors detect speech without sound
 - New Scientist
4/14/2005: Dropping Nano-anchor
 - Science Daily
4/14/2005: New Machines Could Turn Homes Into Small Factories
 - Science Daily
4/14/2005: Snow Brings Green Machining To Laboratory
 - Science Daily
4/14/2005: Fashion, Technology Mesh at Levi’s
  - Wired News


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