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  April 13, 2005

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Rate Of Atmospheric Co2 Increase Returns To Average, NOAA Reports - SpaceDaily  Left: Chart of air samples collected from more than 60 sites in the NOAA Global Cooperative Observing Network See larger image  A spike in the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere between 2001 and 2003 appears to be a temporary phenomenon and apparently does not indicate a quickening build-up of the gas in the atmosphere, according to an analysis by NOAA climate experts. As measured in air samples collected from more than 60 sites in the NOAA Global Cooperative Observing Network, the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere increased by nearly 5 parts per million (ppm) between 2001 and 2003.  
Automakers Rush To Develop Hydrogen Cars - SpaceDaily  Left: File photo of Ford's hydrogen fuel powered car. Hydrogen is currently three to four times more expensive to produce than gasoline. However, the light and plentiful gas produces zero emissions and can be produced domestically, potentially reducing U.S. dependency on foreign oil.  "We can get clean energy and still maintain all of the performance that Americans are hungry for," said Patrick Serfass, technical and program development manager for the National Hydrogen Association. U.S Department of Energy secretary Samuel Bodman signed recognition agreements Wednesday with several auto companies, pledging to make hydrogen vehicles more efficient and cost-effective by 2010.    

Bridging The Superconductivity Gap - SpaceDaily  Left:  The compound plutonium-cobalt-pentagallium  University of California scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory working with a researcher from Chonnam National University in South Korea have found that magnetic fluctuations appear to be responsible for superconductivity in a compound called plutonium-cobalt-pentagallium (PuCoGa5). The discovery of this "unconventional superconductivity" may lead scientists to a whole new class of superconducting materials and toward the goal of eventually synthesizing "room-temperature" superconductors   
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Alzheimer's Disease:

4/13/2005: The killing floes: Canada's seasonal seal hunt unleashes strong passions  - BBC
4/13/2005: Panda protection goes high-tech
  - CNN
4/13/2005: 'Gene-editing' technique cuts out diseased DNA - New Scientist
4/13/2005: Fly brains manipulated by remote control - MSNBC
4/13/2005: Fish use sounds to find their way home - MSNBC
4/13/2005: Experts list 'most endangered' primates - MSNBC
4/13/2005: Reef racket helps fish find home  - Nature
4/13/2005: Editorial: Your DNA in their hands - New Scientist
4/13/2005: Will DNA profiling fuel prejudice? - New Scientist
4/13/2005: The power to choose a baby's gender - New Scientist
4/13/2005: DNA With Three Base Pairs - A Step Towards Expanding The Genetic Code - Science Daily
4/13/2005: Crucial Roles In Drosophila Development For Little-Known Protein - Science Daily
4/13/2005: Company Or A Snack? Letting Pregnant Sows Choose - Science Daily
4/13/2005: Lego Biology - SpaceDaily

Climate, Environment:
4/13/2005: Rate Of Atmospheric Co2 Increase Returns To Average, NOAA Reports - SpaceDaily
4/13/2005: Scientists digging to bottom of Earth - MSNBC
4/13/2005: Drilling Vessel Recovers Rocks From Earth's Crust Far Below Seafloor - SpaceDaily
4/13/2005: Indonesia Drastically Reduces Possible Tsunami Death Toll - SpaceDaily

4/13/2005: Future perfect: Timesplitters returns with more offline and online action  - BBC
4/13/2005: PC combat simulator shoots back  - C/Net

4/13/2005: 'Body talk' could control mobiles
  - BBC
4/13/2005: Digital postcards From Vegas to Frisco:- blogging a holiday with a mobile phone
  - BBC
4/13/2005: Britain hits broadband milestone
  - BBC
4/13/2005: Fighting fraud, defending IM
  - C/Net
4/13/2005: ISS puts more network defenders on patrol
  - C/Net
4/13/2005: Blow to massive musical-ringtone industry
 - New Scientist

4/13/2005: AMD runs silicon in 300-mm wafer fab, preps 65-nm process  - El. Engr. Times

4/13/2005: Adobe details Creative Suite update  - C/Net
4/13/2005: 'Perpendicular recording' to boost hard drive capacity - New Scientist

4/13/2005: Tangled lines in cable biz  - C/Net
4/13/2005: Google adds real-time stock, ride info  - C/Net
4/13/2005: Colleges tap legal downloading services  - CNN


4/13/2005: Warning on nuclear waste disposal  - BBC
4/13/2005: Giving Hybrid Cars a Real Jolt - Business Week
4/13/2005: Automakers Rush To Develop Hydrogen Cars - SpaceDaily
4/13/2005: Nuclear plants warned of terrorist fire hazard  - Nature
4/13/2005: US nuclear waste could provide terror target - New Scientist

4/13/2005: Reducing Hostility In Young Coronary Artery Disease Patients Is Important Piece Of Rehabilitation, Suggests Mayo Clinic Proceedings Study - Science Daily
4/13/2005: Students Probe Blood Vessels And Heart Cell Signals - Science Daily

4/13/2005: Beer mat lifesavers How a cancer patient inspired an awareness campaign for drinkers  - BBC
4/13/2005: A Nano Medicine's Giant Promise - Business Week

4/13/2005: Arthritis drug link to infections  - BBC
4/13/2005: Deadly fever claims yet more lives in Angola - New Scientist
4/13/2005: Rabies cases spark emergency action - New Scientist
4/13/2005: Invasive Pneumonia And Antibiotic Resistance Decreased After Childhood Vaccine Introduced - Science Daily
4/13/2005: Antiretroviral Therapy May Prevent Excess Risk Of Some Cancers In People With HIV - Science Daily

4/13/2005: Healthy living: What can you do to lower your risk of developing type 2 diabetes?  - BBC
4/13/2005: Why giving up smoking really can feel hard to do  - BBC
4/13/2005: Human blood cells coaxed to produce insulin - New Scientist
4/13/2005: Childhood Deficits In The Cerebellum May Be Linked To Adult Alcoholism - Science Daily
4/13/2005: Chemists Identify Key Gene In Development Of Type 1 Diabetes - Science Daily
4/13/2005: Pregnancy Complications Related To Low Levels Of Anti–Clotting Proteins - Science Daily

4/13/2005: Go Digital: 1500BSTDoctors uses picture phones for diagnosis and news of a Danish racing sim  - BBC
4/13/2005: Fit for the screen: How accurate are TV and film portrayals of disease?  - BBC
4/13/2005: Viagra 'stops pregnancy disorder'  - BBC
4/13/2005: Checks for banned food dye  - BBC
4/13/2005: UK facing sight loss 'time bomb'  - BBC
4/13/2005: Drawing a Bead on Drug Side Effects - Business Week
4/13/2005: Dancing away obesity  - C/Net
4/13/2005: Study tries video dance game to flight obesity  - CNN
4/13/2005: FDA orders suspension of popular painkiller
 - New Scientist
4/13/2005: 'Speaker's Cramp', A New Type Of Involuntary Mouth-, Lip-muscle Movement
 - Science Daily
4/13/2005: Deficiency Of Growth Hormone And IGF-1 Reduces Cancer And Kidney Disease, But Creates Other Problems
 - Science Daily
4/13/2005: FDA pulls painkiller Bextra, orders new warnings on others
 - Seattle Times

History, Anthropology:
4/13/2005: Case of controversial pre-human revisited - MSNBC
4/13/2005: Study Shows Early Earth Atmosphere Hydrogen-Rich, Favorable To Life - SpaceDaily

4/13/2005: Big Blue's blunder: Computer giant IBM pioneered the PC, but missed a revolution  - BBC
4/13/2005: Peers urge debate on right to die  - BBC
4/13/2005: acquires book printing service - Business Week
4/13/2005: Handheld computer yet to reach the masses - Business Week
4/13/2005: MIT developing $100 laptops  - C/Net
4/13/2005: The U.N. Will Not Bridge The Digital Divide  - C/Net
4/13/2005: Impatient TV viewers turn to BitTorrent  - C/Net
4/13/2005: BitTorrent May Prove Too Good to Quash (  - Yahoo
4/13/2005: Gore's TV network gets new name, launch date  - C/Net
4/13/2005: MIT developing $100 laptops  - CNN
4/13/2005: Congress considers missile defense costs  - CNN
4/13/2005: Indonesian island pursues global electronics role  - El. Engr. Times
4/13/2005: Firm demonstrates 'control-by-thought' chip  - El. Engr. Times
4/13/2005: Science, Ethics and a Stalled Nomination  - NY Times
4/13/2005: India goal: industry beyond high-tech - Seattle Times
4/13/2005: Hey, handsome, you're richer: Fed study finds link between good looks, pay - Seattle Times
4/13/2005: Defense Scientists Call For Halt To Missile Defense Deployment Funding - SpaceDaily


Physics and Astronomy:
4/13/2005: First image of exoplanet orbiting Sun-like star - New Scientist
Bridging The Superconductivity Gap - SpaceDaily
4/13/2005: Taking snapshots of a light wave
 - New Scientist
4/13/2005: The Scientific Legacy of Fred Hoyle edited by Douglas Gough
 - New Scientist
4/13/2005: The Math Instinct by Keith Devlin
 - New Scientist
4/13/2005: White dwarf feels the heat - again
 - PhysicsWeb
4/13/2005: Quasiparticle Behavior In Bose Quantum Liquids
 - Science Daily
4/13/2005: Superglue Of Planet Formation: Sticky Ice
 - Science Daily
4/13/2005: Reborn Star Surprises Astronomers
4/13/2005: UK Provides E-ffective Access To Upcoming Solar Dynamics Observatory
 - SpaceDaily
4/13/2005: Era Of Galaxy And Black Hole Growth Spurt Discovered
 - SpaceDaily
4/13/2005: Galaxy Clusters, Near And Far, Have A Lot In Common
 - SpaceDaily



4/13/2005: Telescopes see 'distant planet'  - BBC
4/13/2005: Autonomous spacecraft finally ready for launch
 - New Scientist
4/13/2005: Cassini probe shows signs of wear
 - New Scientist
4/13/2005: Entrepreneurial Muscle Ready For Flexing
4/13/2005: Experts Grapple With Exploration Agenda
4/13/2005: Discovery Will Launch Before July Vows NASA
 - SpaceDaily
4/13/2005: Space Watch: How Politics Drives NASA
 - SpaceDaily
4/13/2005: Space Facility Transferred To Russia
 - SpaceDaily
4/13/2005: 04.11.05 - NASA To Televise Space Station Crew Change The launch of the next and return of the present Interna ...
4/13/2005: 04.11.05 - Station Status Report- SS05-018 This week, the current International Space Station crew is starting ...

4/13/2005: Firms' link up makes money talk  - BBC
4/13/2005: Samsung takes lead in OLED market, says iSuppli  - El. Engr. Times
4/13/2005: Portable scanner scoops chemical clues  - Nature
4/13/2005: Non-acoustic sensors detect speech without sound - New Scientist
4/13/2005: Improving Plastics With Corn - Science Daily
4/13/2005: NJIT Chemists Modify Carbon Nanotubes Using Microwaves - Science Daily
4/13/2005: Medicinal Compound Gets New Life As Fungicide
 - Science Daily
4/13/2005: Scientists Grow Thermoelectric Cobaltate Thin Films On Silicon
 - Science Daily
4/13/2005: Timing Nature's Fastest Optical Shutter
 - SpaceDaily


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