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  April 13, 2004

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Outerplanet Exploration Will Take Much Robotic Teamwork - SpaceDaily  Left:  If only robots could make robots!  Of the 17 landers sent to investigate Mars, only 5 have survived to perform their missions. In spite of this, scientists are already looking for their next planetary targets, with Saturn's moon Titan and Jupiter's moon Europa being distinct possibilities. One alternative, proposed in 1989 by Rodney Brooks of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is finally coming to fruition - the idea of replacing solitary rovers with swarms of cooperative robots. James Law cites David Barnes of the University of Wales at Aberystwyth, who is developing a swarm of aerobots
Molecular Midwives Hold Clues To The Origin Of Life - SpaceDaily  Adding a small molecule, dubbed a "molecular midwife," researchers increased the rate of DNA formation in a chemical reaction 1,000 fold over a similar reaction lacking a midwife. Our theory is that small, simple molecules acted as templates for the production of the first RNA-like molecules. Many of these small molecules, or molecular midwives, would have worked together to produce RNA by spontaneously mixing and assembling with the chemical building blocks of RNA," said Nicholas Hud. Many scientists believe that RNA, or something similar to RNA, was the first molecule on Earth to self-replicate 

Quasar Research Keeps Fundamental Constant - Constant - SpaceDaily  Previous astronomical measurements of the fine structure constant - the dimensionless number that determines the strength of interactions between charged particles and electromagnetic fields - suggested that this particular constant is increasing very slightly with time. If confirmed, this would have very profound implications for our understanding of fundamental physics. New studies conducted using the ESO's Very Large Telescope, combined with very careful analysis have shown that the fine structure constant remains unchanged.

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Alzheimer's Disease:
4/13/2004: Nominal Benefits Seen in Drugs for Alzheimer's  - NY Times
4/13/2004: Forum- Share Your Experiences With Alzheimer's
  - NY Times

4/13/2004: Deadly Swarms - ABC
4/13/2004: Bird Beak Deformities Concern Scientists
 - ABC
4/13/2004: Humans should 'talk' like chimps  - BBC
4/13/2004: Scientists weigh tiny bacterium  - BBC
4/13/2004: Cosmic Log: How hummingbirds hunt - MSNBC
4/13/2004: Birds catch flies with bendy beaks - Nature
4/13/2004: Hot pepper repels pests - Nature
4/13/2004: Mysterious BSE-like disease found in sheep - New Scientist

Climate, Environment:
4/13/2004: Snarled Efforts - ABC
4/13/2004: Protection for Endangered Species Lacking - ABC
4/13/2004: Chunk of Brazil's Amazon Cut Down in 2003 - ABC
4/13/2004: Alaska Co. Takes Eagles' Safety Seriously - ABC
4/13/2004: Peregrine Falcon Coming Off Illinois List - ABC
4/13/2004: Invisible river: Meet the 'poor cousin' of Britain's biggest waterways  - BBC
4/13/2004: Amazon decline alarms activists  - BBC
4/13/2004: Claws reveal wolf survival threat  - BBC
4/13/2004: Greenland's ice cap under threat  - BBC
4/13/2004: No haven for 300 critical species  - BBC
4/13/2004: World's largest chip maker, Intel, is going green  - BBC
4/13/2004: Scientists fear Greenland meltdown - MSNBC
4/13/2004: Study maps species with no protections - MSNBC
4/13/2004: Greenland ice cap 'doomed to meltdown' - New Scientist
4/13/2004: Quick flip of Earth's magnetic field revealed - New Scientist
4/13/2004: Destruction of Amazonian rainforest slows - New Scientist
4/13/2004: White House Downplayed the Risks of Mercury in Proposed Rules, Scientists Say  - NY Times
4/13/2004: Brazil Says It Has Halted Rise in Forest Destruction  - NY Times
4/13/2004: Geophysicists turn up the pressure
 - PhysicsWeb

4/13/2004: Review: Olympus Stylus 410 'All-Weather' Digital Camera - ABC
4/13/2004: Sneak peek at Xbox 2 and PlayStation 3  - CNN
4/13/2004: Patent offers clue in mystery of Xbox hard drive  - C/Net

4/13/2004: Review: A Cell Phone for Globe-Trotters - ABC
4/13/2004: Fuming Over Phone Cameras - ABC
4/13/2004: A Whole New Broadband Ballgame - Business Week
4/13/2004: California becomes VoIP regulatory battleground  - C/Net
4/13/2004: Block that ringtone  - C/Net
4/13/2004: Mobile phones 'harm blood cells'  - C/Net

4/13/2004: AMD's 64-bit bet pays off  - C/Net
4/13/2004: Sandisk, Toshiba tout 4-gigabit Nand flash memory  - El. Engr. Times
4/13/2004: Refining Semiconductors, One Atom at a Time  - NY Times

4/13/2004: Desktop computers shrinking  - CNN
4/13/2004: Bright future  - CNN

4/13/2004: Virus Makers Engage in an Online War - ABC
4/13/2004: AOL to launch online reality show  - CNN
4/13/2004: Governments and governance  - C/Net
4/13/2004: Yahoo hints at social networking service  - C/Net
4/13/2004: Google caught in anti-Semitic flap  - C/Net

4/13/2004: Prison for Pirates? - ABC
4/13/2004: Microsoft roots for home team  - C/Net
4/13/2004: Ballmer the undaunted  - C/Net
4/13/2004: Linux vendors hit back at analyst report  - C/Net
4/13/2004: Software beats all CD copy protection - New Scientist


4/13/2004: Study: Drug Lifts Good Cholesterol Level - ABC


4/13/2004: Playing It by Ear - ABC
4/13/2004: Focus on Children's Health - ABC
4/13/2004: U.S.- World to Eradicate Polio by 2005 - ABC
4/13/2004: Human Rabies Vaccine Recalled in U.S. - ABC
4/13/2004: Patient Dies of 'Flesh-Eating Bacteria' - ABC
4/13/2004: Group: 25 Million to Lose Parents to AIDS - ABC
4/13/2004: Bug brings mud-lovers to their knees - Nature


4/13/2004: Snore No More - ABC
4/13/2004: Study Examines Snoring Treatments - ABC
4/13/2004: Snoring Causes and Prevention Tips - ABC
4/13/2004: Snoring: Sonorous or Serious- - ABC
4/13/2004: Experts Offer Tips to Keep Toddlers Fit - ABC
4/13/2004: Rx for Sex? - ABC
4/13/2004: Public Health vs. Personal Beliefs - ABC
4/13/2004: Tenn. Aims to Improve Students' Health - ABC
4/13/2004: More Fat = Less Money - ABC
4/13/2004: Tired of Gaining Weight? - ABC
4/13/2004: Web site posts free drug offers  - CNN
4/13/2004: Study: Surgeons who play video games err less  - CNN
4/13/2004: Has Obesity Met Its Match?
 - Business Week
4/13/2004: Chocolate in pregnancy keeps baby happy
 - New Scientist

History, Anthropology:
4/13/2004: Molecular Midwives Hold Clues To The Origin Of Life - SpaceDaily
4/13/2004: The MANIAC's Father - Business Week
4/13/2004: Ancient link for cats and humans - MSNBC
4/13/2004: World heritage also under assault in Iraq - MSNBC

4/13/2004: (Fact) Check, Please - ABC
4/13/2004: Tech Eyes for the Art Guys - Tech TV
4/13/2004: Domestic Partners Gain Health Benefits - ABC
4/13/2004: Same-Sex Wedding Windfall - ABC
4/13/2004: Asteroid protection plan proposed  - BBC
4/13/2004: Earth almost put on impact alert  - BBC
4/13/2004: France backs down to researchers  - BBC
4/13/2004: Search on for 'map of science'  - BBC
4/13/2004: Cool cars from the N.Y. Auto Show  - CNN
4/13/2004: Intel's Japan office raided  - CNN
4/13/2004: New software detects plagiarized passages  - CNN
4/13/2004: Road trip 101: Map out detours before departing  - CNN
4/13/2004: Electronic voting source code released - New Scientist
4/13/2004: Experts divided over poison bomb claim - New Scientist

4/13/2004: Meds for Schizophrenia Ignored - ABC
4/13/2004: Video: Schizophrenia, the Family and Society - ABC
4/13/2004: Study to probe genetics of depression - Nature

Physics and Astronomy:
4/13/2004: Quasar Research Keeps Fundamental Constant - Constant - SpaceDaily
4/13/2004: When did stars form?
 - PhysicsWeb


4/13/2004: Outerplanet Exploration Will Take Much Robotic Teamwork - SpaceDaily

4/13/2004: Survey: NASA Workers Afraid to Speak Up
 - ABC
4/13/2004: Space Station Expedition 9 Crew OK-ed for Launch
 - Space.com
4/13/2004: NASA's Mars Rovers Get Green Light for Longer Mission
 - Space.com
4/13/2004: Private Spaceship Completes Second Rocket-Powered Test Flight
 - Space.com
4/13/2004: Rover Mission Extended...
 - FirstScience

4/13/2004: Movie Revolution - Business Week


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