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  April 12, 2006

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Is Europa A Bottle Blonde In Disguise? - SpaceDaily  Left:  High resolution false colour close-up of Europa's cracked surface, with the veiny, vermillion capillaries that intrigue geologists and astrobiologists. Sir Arthur C. Clarke wrote the following famous and enigmatic passage in his novel, 2010: Odyssey 2: "All these worlds are yours - except Europa. Attempt no landing there." Credit: NASA/Galileo  Some may be surprised to learn that bleach-blondes and the enabler of life elsewhere in our solar system have something in common. And, no, it's not intelligence. It is, in fact, hydrogen peroxide. But how that hydrogen peroxide emerges from ice to become life-sustaining oxygen has been unclear. Now, a new study  offers the most detailed picture to date on how oxygen can made in frigid reaches far from Earth.   
Friendly Robots Want To Do Your Chores - SpaceDaily  Slobs and housework-haters rejoice: If one company has its way, in the near future there will be robots to set the dinner table, clear it after dinner, shovel snow and mop the floor. In short, the robots will "move in and around the home, doing the mundane tasks that people don't like to do anymore," said Friendly Robotics Chief Executive Officer Udi Peless. For its part, the Pardesiya, Israel-based company has already developed a lawnmower robot, the Robomow, and a vacuum-cleaner robot, the Friendly Vac. The other innovations are as close as five to 10 years down the road, Peless said.     

Global Warming: Be Worried... Be Very Worried - Time  Left:  The photograph taken in 1928, above, shows how the Upsala Glacier, part of the South American Andes in Argentina, used to look. The ice on the Upsala Glacier today, shown in 2004 below, is retreating at least 180 ft. per year  Polar Ice Caps Are Melting Faster Than Ever... More And More Land Is Being Devastated By drought... Rising Waters Are Drowning Low-lying Communities... By Any Measure, Is At... The Tipping Point. The climate is crashing, and global warming is to blame. Why the crisis hit so soon--and what we can do about it. Never mind what you've heard about global warming as a slow-motion emergency that would take decades to play out. Suddenly and unexpectedly, the crisis is upon us 
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Alzheimer's Disease:

4/12/2006:Environmentalists hail victory as Japanese firms quit whaling ... - FirstScience
4/12/2006:Advanced screening station for life science ...
 - FirstScience
4/12/2006:Bid to gauge animal suffering  - BBC
4/12/2006:China builds rare-dolphin reserve  - BBC
4/12/2006:New pictures of 'living fossil'  - BBC
4/12/2006:Arctic fossils mark move to land  - BBC
4/12/2006:Corn, Cloning, and Clinton - Business Week
4/12/2006:Killing bugs with nature  - C/Net

Climate, Environment:
4/12/2006:Global Warming: Be Worried... Be Very Worried - Time
4/12/2006:Proposal targets global warming ... - FirstScience
4/12/2006:Greenpeace blames govt. inaction for declining Olive Ridley turtles ... - FirstScience
4/12/2006:Local conservation guidelines released ... - FirstScience
4/12/2006:Commissioner takes smoking test ... - FirstScience
4/12/2006:Smog lowers Hong Kong in expats' estimation: survey ... - FirstScience
4/12/2006:Call for proposals in the field of environmental protection 2006 ... - FirstScience
4/12/2006:The annual work programme for grants in the environment policy area for 2006 ... - FirstScience
4/12/2006:London flood risk investigated  - BBC

4/12/2006:Cinegames  - Technology Review 
4/12/2006:Tomb Raider is resurrected as new game tops charts  - BBC
4/12/2006:Musical nirvana Guitar Hero game offers satisfying rock experience  - BBC
4/12/2006:Microsoft snaps up games guru  - BBC
4/12/2006:Elder Scrolls celebrates success  - BBC
4/12/2006:US bill doubts lift gaming stocks - Google
4/12/2006: Killer PDAs Are Coming Your Way
 - Business Week
4/12/2006:Motorola's Unfriendly Cell Phone
 - Business Week
4/12/2006:Leather massage chair for $80
  - C/Net

4/12/2006:Motorola's Unfriendly Cell Phone
 - Business Week
4/12/2006:Prying Open the Cable Market
 - Business Week
4/12/2006:Verizon Wireless Doesn't Have to Brag
 - Business Week
4/12/2006:Telecom's Merger Fever
 - Business Week
4/12/2006:Cell Phones: Thin is In
 - Business Week


4/12/2006:PCs for the Masses?  - Technology Review 
4/12/2006:Windows on Macs provokes a stir  - BBC
4/12/2006:Digital Planet: Views about Windows on Macs, texts for pilots and how to be a virtual rock god  - BBC
4/12/2006:Windows on a Mac - Business Week
4/12/2006:Mac & Windows: Tech's New Odd Couple - Business Week
4/12/2006:Nokia CEO on future of the mobile device  - C/Net
4/12/2006:Video: New Lenovo ThinkPad
  - C/Net
4/12/2006:Perspective: Dare I say this aloud? Boot Camp is a gimmick
  - C/Net
4/12/2006:253 comments
  - C/Net

4/12/2006:MySpace acts to warn teen users about online dangers  - BBC
4/12/2006:Users urged to fix browser flaw  - BBC
4/12/2006:Over the air: Experimental system aims to bring texting to the flight deck  - BBC
4/12/2006:Broadband battle: Carphone Warehouse plans to shake-up the UK internet market  - BBC
4/12/2006:Russia logs on: Internet teems with Russian news sites as demand soars  - BBC
4/12/2006:UK falls short in data protection  - BBC
4/12/2006:Disney puts shows online for free
  - BBC
4/12/2006:Fast start for European net names
  - BBC
4/12/2006:Podcast numbers puncture hype
  - BBC
4/12/2006:Disney's Internet Adventure
 - Business Week
4/12/2006: Google Organizes the Globe
 - Business Week
4/12/2006: A Bloggy Boost for Old Media
 - Business Week
4/12/2006:Dell Takes Health Care Online
 - Business Week
4/12/2006:Socializing for Dollars - Business Week
4/12/2006:Open source marches onward
  - C/Net
4/12/2006:Megapatch for Microsoft
  - C/Net
4/12/2006:Blogs suffer spam explosion
  - C/Net
4/12/2006:Digital kids: MySpace reaching out to parents
  - C/Net

4/12/2006:The long wait UK Vioxx cases pin their hopes to US hearinge  - BBC
4/12/2006:Windows on a Mac - Business Week
4/12/2006:Microsoft and Europe prepare for a final showdown  - C/Net
4/12/2006:Perspective: Ushering in a new era of angst at Microsoft  - C/Net
4/12/2006:Dell CTO: We're not Wintel's lapdog  - C/Net
4/12/2006:62 comments  - C/Net



4/12/2006:Prostate cancer gene discovery announced ... - FirstScience

4/12/2006:Bird flu swan was from outside UK  - BBC
4/12/2006:HIV 'bug chasers' Is it true that some men set out to become infected?  - BBC
4/12/2006:Bird flu swan was from outside UK  - BBC

4/12/2006:Clue to diabetes limb loss cause  - BBC

4/12/2006:Hope over laser 'that melts fat'  - BBC
4/12/2006:Bodily functions: What happens to your food after it's passed your lips?  - BBC
4/12/2006:Snoring 'could run in families'  - BBC
4/12/2006:Watchdog warns on apricot seeds  - BBC

History, Anthropology:

4/12/2006:Poisonous harvest: A common roadside plant fuels a suicide epidemic in Sri Lanka  - BBC
4/12/2006: Sony and Samsung's Big HDTV Bet - Business Week
4/12/2006:Lenovo, Best Buy announce partnership - Business Week
4/12/2006: Sony and Samsung's Big HDTV Bet - Business Week
4/12/2006:Apple Takes Its Bankroll to Reno - Business Week
4/12/2006:A Big Blue Point for the Little Guy - Business Week
4/12/2006:Computer Sciences Goes on the Block - Business Week
4/12/2006:Are laser weapons ready for duty?  - C/Net
4/12/2006:Perps beware: 'Jacking Macs' could prove hazardous  - C/Net
4/12/2006:Lenovo's Best Buy deal may attract 'normal folk'  - C/Net
4/12/2006:Video: New Lenovo ThinkPad  - C/Net
4/12/2006:Who's to blame for Air Force One security flub?  - C/Net
4/12/2006:Yahoo News gets political  - C/Net
4/12/2006:Video: A solution for laptop theft?  - C/Net

4/12/2006:EEG Cap Helps Paralyzed Patients  - Technology Review 
4/12/2006:Weak brain links 'explain autism'  - BBC
4/12/2006:Schizophrenia chemical flaw clue  - BBC
4/12/2006:Women have 'constant body woes', a survey finds  - BBC

Physics and Astronomy:
4/12/2006:Jodrell Bank Astronomers Spy Giant Alcohol Cloud - SpaceDaily
4/12/2006:New record set for smallest X-ray nano-spot ...
  - Physics Org
4/12/2006:Astronomers spot 463-bn-km alcohol cloud in space ...
 - FirstScience
4/12/2006:Telescope to get lobster vision
  - BBC

4/12/2006:The Fountain of Health -- Part 2  - Technology Review 

4/12/2006:Friendly Robots Want To Do Your Chores - SpaceDaily

4/12/2006:Is Europa A Bottle Blonde In Disguise? - SpaceDaily
4/12/2006:Solar Wind Whips Up Auroral Storms On Jupiter And Saturn
 - SpaceDaily
4/12/2006:Mars Challenge Focuses Young Minds On Protecting Humans In Space
 - SpaceDaily
4/12/2006:Cassini Reveals New Saturn Ring Features
 - SpaceDaily
4/12/2006:Rhea And The Rings
 - SpaceDaily
4/12/2006:ESA Awards Contracts For Don Quijote Asteroid Impact Mission Designs
 - SpaceDaily
4/12/2006:Space Tourism or Bust
  - Technology Review 
4/12/2006:Probe makes encounter with Venus
  - BBC
4/12/2006:Mission guide: Venus Express
  - BBC
4/12/2006:Venus Express probe successfully enters planet's orbit
  - BBC
4/12/2006:Brazilian back on Earth from ISS
  - BBC
4/12/2006:Images: Lunar crash landing; interplanetary visitors  - C/Net
4/12/2006:Photos: Moonbuggies in motion
  - C/Net

4/12/2006:Tapping Nature's Tool Kit - Business Week


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