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  April 12, 2005

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The Strange Steep Slopes of Mars -   Left:  Medusa Fossae formation as seen by Mars Express   The cratered highlands stand 1.2-3.1 miles (2-5 kilometers) above the lowland plains, so the boundary is a relatively steep slope. The processes that created and modified the boundary remain a major unanswered issues in Mars science, say scientists with the European Space Agency, which released the Mars Express orbiter images last week. 
Mathematicians Promise Animation Revolution - Science Daily  Left: Animation image of water flowing down a stairway Watch prototype examples of CSIRO animations  Kevin Cryan of CSIRO Mathematical and Information Sciences says that current approaches to animating fluids like water, smoke, gases, lava and molten metals are based on relatively simplistic calculations and do not deliver anything like realistic motion. "Audiences are very good at assessing realism, so a poorly animated scene involving water or another fluid can reduce the overall impact of a production, causing the audience to be distracted from the story," says Mr Cryan.   

Avian Flu: A Threat Or Just For The Birds? - Science Daily  When it comes to public health issues, there is a razor-thin line between appropriate caution and overcompensatory alarm. Such is the case with avian influenza, more commonly known as bird flu. "The best thing to remember is that there are public health physicians, veterinarians, and other individuals out there that are keeping up with what is going on with the disease in other involved countries," explained Clark. "If there were to be a serious problem, the mechanism is in place to do something to handle it very quickly." Recent media articles, such as that in The New York Times magazine, have sounded alarms.  
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Alzheimer's Disease:

4/12/2005: Smoking slashes women's chances of IVF success - New Scientist
4/12/2005: Changes Are Weighed on Stem Cells
 - New Scientist
4/12/2005: Frozen Fly Eggs Thawed, Reared To Adulthood - Science Daily
4/12/2005: Analysis Of Human Genome To Predict The Development Of Illnesses - Science Daily
4/12/2005: Beef Feeding Research Studies Pasture Vs. Grain - Science Daily
4/12/2005: Bacterium Tapped To Battle Fire Blight Disease In Tree Fruit - Science Daily
4/12/2005: New Winter Hulless Barley Has High Protein - Science Daily
4/12/2005: White Collar Proteins Help Fungi Do It In The Dark - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
4/12/2005: Nominee Is Grilled Over Program on Pesticides - New Scientist
4/12/2005: White Pelicans Return to N.D. Refuge ... - SpaceDaily
4/12/2005: Alaska Starts Kill of Grizzly Bears to Boost Moose ... - FirstScience
4/12/2005: 'Cocktail of air pollution' in north Chennai ... - FirstScience
4/12/2005: A Japan fund to turn pollution fight into profit ... - FirstScience
4/12/2005: Guidelines to tackle sewage smells ... - FirstScience
4/12/2005: Remote Sensing Helps New Caledonia Monitor Its Sediment Erosion - SpaceDaily
4/12/2005: Seagliders Set Endurance Records - SpaceDaily

4/12/2005: Playing Games With Sony's Player   - Wired News
4/12/2005: 'Games overtake music' for US men  - BBC
4/12/2005: PSP US sales hit 500,000 mark  - BBC
4/12/2005: Lara Croft firm swaps bid support  - BBC
4/12/2005: Sony sells half million PSPs in two days - Business Week
4/12/2005: Microsoft opens Forza's 230-car garage [Xbox]  - C/Net
4/12/2005: Half a million PSPs sold in first two days
  - C/Net
4/12/2005: 'God of War'
  - CNN
4/12/2005: Duke cuts back on iPod project
  - CNN

4/12/2005: Philadelphia reveals Wi-Fi plan
  - C/Net
4/12/2005: Cable and Tech Bigwigs Make Nice
   - Wired News 
4/12/2005: Nokia readies premium handset
  - C/Net
4/12/2005: PhotosL Nokia's luxury play
  - C/Net
4/12/2005: Net calling on the cheap
  - C/Net
4/12/2005: Cable girds for wireless fight
  - C/Net

4/12/2005: AMD's dual-core Opteron due this month  - C/Net


4/12/2005: MSN spreads its message - Seattle Times
4/12/2005: The Need for Feed(s)  - Wired News
4/12/2005: Bloggers Pitch Fits Over Glitches  - Wired News 
4/12/2005: Online criminals challenge police  - BBC
4/12/2005: Work bloggers offered guidelines  - BBC
4/12/2005: Blog calls for 'digital UK' ideas  - BBC
4/12/2005: Microsoft hands out antidote to poisoned URLs
  - C/Net
4/12/2005: Net outage strikes Comcast
  - C/Net
4/12/2005: WTO slams U.S. Net-gambling ban
  - C/Net

4/12/2005: Critical Windows patch on the way  - C/Net
4/12/2005: Microsoft tool helps combat threat to kids  - C/Net
4/12/2005: Rethinking the DMCA  - C/Net
4/12/2005: Dell focuses on life, revenue beyond the PC  - C/Net

4/12/2005: Fuel cell squeezes more from petrol - New Scientist
4/12/2005: Nuclear Waste at US Plants at Risk of Attack - Study ... - SpaceDaily
4/12/2005: Feds to Move 12M Ton Pile of Nuclear Waste ... - FirstScience

4/12/2005: Insight Into Natural Cholesterol Control Suggests Novel Cholesterol-lowering Therapy - Science Daily

4/12/2005: Cervical cancer jab in two years  - BBC

4/12/2005: Avian Flu: A Threat Or Just For The Birds? - Science Daily
4/12/2005: New Class Of Tuberculosis-Fighting Antibiotics Suggested By Biochemical-Pathway Study - Science Daily
4/12/2005: Science shows how malaria 'hides'  - BBC
4/12/2005: Threat of 'flesh-eating' MRSA (Methacillin-Resistant staphylococcus Aureus)  bug
4/12/2005: How malaria 'hides' in the body  - BBC
4/12/2005: Virus deaths soar across Angola  - BBC
4/12/2005: Combined pill to combat malaria
  - BBC

4/12/2005: Lupin flour 'poses allergy risk'  - BBC

4/12/2005: Interview: Eat for your lives! - New Scientist
4/12/2005: Hope for portable MRI scanners - New Scientist
4/12/2005: Put Culture In Your Life AND Reduce Bad Breath: Eat Yoghurt! - Science Daily
4/12/2005: Case Study Finds Methods Used To Assess Corneas For Transplants May Be Improved - Science Daily
4/12/2005: From Gene Discovery To Preventing Eye Disease - Science Daily
4/12/2005: New Study Shows How Very Low-carb Diets Take Off The Pounds - Science Daily
4/12/2005: Histamine, Anxiety And Alcoholism - Science Daily
4/12/2005: Pfizer takes painkiller Bextra off market, FDA wants warnings on others - Seattle Times
4/12/2005: Drug withdrawn amid skin fears
  - BBC
4/12/2005: Looking into DNA's crystal ball
  - C/Net

History, Anthropology:
4/12/2005: Four books on human origins and evolution - New Scientist
4/12/2005: Early toolmakers cast off rock-banger image - New Scientist
4/12/2005: A Paleopuzzle: Chomping With No Chompers - New Scientist
4/12/2005: Evolution's Spiritual Destiny ... - FirstScience
4/12/2005: evolution and collective consciousness ... - FirstScience
4/12/2005: The Tucker Automobile Pages  - C/Net

4/12/2005: US nuclear waste could provide terror target - New Scientist
4/12/2005: Strong competition leads naturally to class structure - New Scientist
4/12/2005: On the Shores of the Unknown by Joseph Silk - New Scientist
4/12/2005: Ability To Detect Explosives Boosted One Thousand-fold By New Device - Science Daily
4/12/2005: Game for Learning  - Technology Review 
4/12/2005: Online College with No License Still Operating in Wyoming -- For Now  - Technology Review 
4/12/2005: Microsoft Wants You to Sell It  - Wired News
4/12/2005: Fixed-Gear Bikes an Urban Fixture  - Wired News
4/12/2005: What If Every Kid Had a Computer?  - Wired News
4/12/2005: NJIT Math Professor Helps Navy Detect Subs; Explains Global Warming ... - SpaceDaily
4/12/2005: "Dynamism as the Norm" - Business Week
4/12/2005: Beyond Blue - Business Week
4/12/2005: Big Blue Meets Star Trek   - Business Week
4/12/2005: Patent litigants target DVRs  - C/Net
4/12/2005: U.S. slips in tech contest  - C/Net
4/12/2005: All at sea, Microsoft axes flying car project
4/12/2005: Silicon chip honors literary masterpiece  - CNN

4/12/2005: Winning is great but losing is safer - New Scientist
4/12/2005: Depression 'top sick leave cause'  - BBC

Physics and Astronomy:
4/12/2005: Cosmic 'smoke ring' floats into view - New Scientist
4/12/2005: The Scientist Is Gone, but Not His Book Tour
 - New Scientist
4/12/2005: Theories Of High-temperature Superconductivity Violate Pauli Principle
 - Science Daily
4/12/2005: Increasing Charge Mobility In Single Molecular Organic Crystals
 - Science Daily
4/12/2005: Massive Black Holes Found Growing In Distant Young Galaxies ...
 - FirstScience
4/12/2005: Astronomers Expect To Be "Dazled" By Views Of Ancient Universe
 - SpaceDaily
4/12/2005: Cornell's Contract For Management Of Arecibo Observatory Renewed
 - SpaceDaily
4/12/2005: Solving The Mystery Of Solar Flares
 - SpaceDaily
4/12/2005: Earth's Auroras Don't Mirror
 - SpaceDaily
4/12/2005: Supercomputer Simulations Shed Light On Cataclysmic Variable Flashes
 - SpaceDaily
4/12/2005:Cosmic particle accelerator seen
  - BBC
4/12/2005: Galactic pancake mystery solved
  - BBC
4/12/2005: Fossil galaxies 'eat neighbours'
  - BBC

4/12/2005: Healthy Med diet can extend life  - BBC

4/12/2005: Will machines ever understand us? - New Scientist
4/12/2005: Shape-shifting tetrabots tumble into action - New Scientist
4/12/2005: Invasion of the Robo-DJs  - BBC

4/12/2005: The Strange Steep Slopes of Mars -
4/12/2005: Look out for giant triangles in space
 - New Scientist
4/12/2005: Space nuclear power faces higher hurdles ...
4/12/2005: The Falcon And The Spacemen Set To Fly
 - SpaceDaily
4/12/2005: Kazakhs, Russians Create Space Venture
 - SpaceDaily
4/12/2005: More solar sail tests coming  - C/Net
4/12/2005: Nasa extends Mars rover lifespan
  - BBC
4/12/2005: Spirit Switchbacking Uphill
 - SpaceDaily

4/12/2005: Mathematicians Promise Animation Revolution  - Science Daily
4/12/2005: Sony patent takes first step towards real-life Matrix - New Scientist
4/12/2005: Bionic suit offers wearers super-strength - New Scientist
4/12/2005: Poultry Feathers Made Into Plastic Mulch - Science Daily
4/12/2005: New Technology For Navigating Without GPS - Science Daily
4/12/2005: Quantum Leap  - Technology Review 
4/12/2005: Purdue Engineers Use 'Shaped' Laser Pulses In 'Ultra-Wideband' Research
 - SpaceDaily
4/12/2005: Microsoft taking 'TBox' for a test drive?
  - C/Net
4/12/2005: What's Bugging the High-Tech Car?
  - C/Net
4/12/2005: Nanosys gets flexible screen patents
  - C/Net
4/12/2005: Cars to have tire monitoring systems
  - CNN


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