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  April 11, 2006

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Study challenges prayers for the sick  - Nature  Left:  A large study now shows no increase in the health of patients being prayed for.  Distant prayers do not help people recovering from heart surgery and could even cause them more health problems, according to the results of a large and controversial clinical trial that critics have labelled a waste of money. The new study is the largest and most rigorous to put the power of distant prayer to the test, using similar protocols to those used in clinical trials of new drugs. The investigators found that praying made no difference to the health of patients who didn't know whether they were being prayed for or not. But the group who knew that they were being prayed for was approximately 14% more at risk of complications, mainly abnormal heart rhythms. Perhaps, the investigators suggest, this was because it made them more anxious. The study, which was funded by the John Templeton Foundation, an organization that sponsors research examining science and religion, is published in the American Heart Journal1.    
Neutron Star Collisions Produce Super-Powerful Magnetic Fields - SpaceDaily  Left:  An artist's conception of the collision of two neutron stars, super-dense objects with the masses of one or more suns packed into spheres only about 20 miles across. Image credit: NASA/Dana Berry   Scientists said Thursday they have recreated in computer simulations what appear to be the strongest magnetic fields in the universe - trillions of times more powerful than Earth's magnetic field. the gigantic concentrations of magnetism seem to be related to the phenomenon known as short gamma-ray bursts, which produce some of the momentarily brightest in gamma-ray light explosions in the universe. 

Aviation's future -- pilotless planes  - CNN   Left:  The Global Hawk unmanned aerial vehicle can survey an area the size of the state of Illinois in just 24 hours.  Pilotless planes could be the "next great step forward" in aviation, or a new safety hazard in already crowded skies, a House panel was told Wednesday. Since 1997, unmanned aircraft have been used in U.S. airspace primarily by the military. But now the government wants to fly more of them to patrol the nation's borders, catch criminals, monitor the environment and assist in disaster relief. "The development and use of unmanned aircraft is the next great step forward in the evolution of aviation," Nick Sabatini, the Federal Aviation Administration's associate administrator for aviation safety, told the House aviation subcommittee.
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Alzheimer's Disease:
4/11/2006:DNA Gene Vaccine Protects Against Harmful Protein Of Alzheimer's Disease - Science Daily

4/11/2006:Mating march of the penguins slows down - MSNBC
4/11/2006:First baby gorilla born in Scandinavia
4/11/2006:Why newborn fish are lousy swimmers - MSNBC
4/11/2006:What's the point of insects?  - Nature
4/11/2006:Champion horse sires no fewer than five clones - New Scientist
4/11/2006:Bacteria use slime jets to get around - New Scientist
4/11/2006:Sunscreen chemicals disrupt thyroid in rats - New Scientist
4/11/2006:Bio-engineered bladders successfully tested - New Scientist
4/11/2006:Researchers Shake Out Basis For Rice Domestication - Science Daily
4/11/2006:Value Of Services Performed By Insects Tops Billion In United States - Science Daily
4/11/2006:Scientists Elucidate The Kinome Of Key Model Organism - Science Daily
4/11/2006:Study Describes How Cells Return To Normal After Responding To Stress - Science Daily
4/11/2006:Bugs Worth $57 Billion - Live Science
4/11/2006:Why Frogs are Green - Live Science

Climate, Environment:
4/11/2006:Climate blamed for mass extinctions - New Scientist
4/11/2006:Bacteria Aid In Clean-Up Of Uranium Contamination - Science Daily
4/11/2006:Tutored By Sept. 11 Experience, Genetics Experts Aid Efforts To Identify Hurricane Katrina Victims - Science Daily
4/11/2006:Greenland's Glaciers Pick Up Pace In Surge Toward The Sea - Science Daily

4/11/2006:'Second Life' dreams of Electric Sheep  - C/Net
4/11/2006:Streets and Trips GPS locator for $80  - C/Net
4/11/2006:Photos: Lighting up worlds  - C/Net
4/11/2006:Gadgets: Photo companies want your mom  - C/Net

4/11/2006:Short cartoons coming to your cell phone
  - C/Net
4/11/2006:Late smart phones coming soon, Nokia says
  - C/Net
4/11/2006:Cell phone poll: I love you, I hate you
  - C/Net
4/11/2006:Cell Phones Make Many Americans Frustrated Liars
 - Live Science


4/11/2006:Making phones act like PCs - Seattle Time
4/11/2006:Sandia-designed Supercomputer Ranked World's Most Efficient In Two Of Six Categories - Science Daily

4/11/2006:A hard-edged spam fighter  - C/Net
4/11/2006:Bertelsmann looking to create 'MySpace' for older set  - C/Net
4/11/2006:Missing Links: Comedy Central takes on the iPod  - C/Net
4/11/2006:Taxes get complicated for sellers on Internet - L. A. Times
4/11/2006:Record labels not boarding podcast bandwagon  - C/Net
4/11/2006:Hollywood to sell movies online  - CNN
4/11/2006:Web site has plane facts of air travel
 - Seattle Time
4/11/2006:McDonald's unveils 'online casting call'
 - Seattle Time

4/11/2006:Microsoft turns an eye toward Linux  - C/Net

4/11/2006:New Processing Steps Promise More Economical Ethanol Production - Science Daily

3/17/2005:Single RNA jab adjusts blood cholesterol - New Scientist
4/11/2006:High Good Cholesterol Trumps Low Bad Cholesterol For Heart Protection - Science Daily
4/11/2006:Prayers Don't Help Heart Surgery Patients; Some Fare Worse When Prayed For - Science Daily

4/11/2006:Cancer Virus Protein Needed For Successful Infection - Science Daily
4/11/2006:Jefferson Scientists Reveal New Mechanism That Causes Spread Of Colorectal Cancer - Science Daily
4/11/2006:Paper Reports Discovery Of Virus Implicated In Genetics Of Prostate Cancer - Science Daily
4/11/2006:Mayo Clinic Study Finds Two Genes Predict Outcome For Breast Cancer Patients - Science Daily
4/11/2006:Mayo Clinic Researchers Discover Cancer Cells May Move Via Wave Stimulation - Science Daily
4/11/2006:Liver Cancer Linked To Cellular Repair Pathway - Science Daily
4/11/2006:Melanoma Vaccine Strategy Shows Promise In Laboratory Experiments
 - Science Daily
4/11/2006:Study Demonstrates That Lung Cancer Susceptibility Runs In Families
 - Science Daily
4/11/2006:COX-2 Inhibitors Significantly Reduce Risk Of Cancer
 - Science Daily
4/11/2006:Nicotine Can Inhibit Lung Cancer Chemotherapy
 - Science Daily
4/11/2006:Dinosaur Tumor Studied for Human Cancer Clues
 - Live Science

4/11/2006:Stockpile human bird flu vaccine now, say experts - New Scientist

4/11/2006:International Study Questions Health Benefits Of Moderate Drinking - Seattle Time

4/11/2006:Study challenges prayers for the sick  - Nature
4/11/2006:Combined Treatment Cuts Inflammatory Cells In Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease - Science Daily
4/11/2006:Major Obesity Gene Is 'Lost In The Shuffle': Genome Evolution In Lower Apes Erased A 'Fat Gene' - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
4/11/2006:Artifacts of early Christianity on display - MSNBC
4/11/2006:Embryos Tell Story Of Earth's Earliest Animals - Science Daily

4/11/2006:Perspective: Should Congress plug data breaches-  - C/Net
4/11/2006:Death by smiley face: When rivals disdain profit  - C/Net
4/11/2006:Google Romance launches, Gates buys OpenOffice--not  - C/Net
4/11/2006:Singapore warns political bloggers  - C/Net
4/11/2006:Microsoft: Bill Gates lands role in 'Doctor Who'  - C/Net
4/11/2006:Every click you make, they'll be watching you  - NY Times
4/11/2006:Unbundled media content poses a challenge  - C/Net
4/11/2006:How's your work force IQ?  - C/Net
4/11/2006:Opportunity calls in booming Bangalore  - CNN
4/11/2006:Fingerprints reveal clues to suspects' habits - New Scientist
4/11/2006:India draws young Americans - Seattle Time
4/11/2006:Study Finds Limited Availability Of Child Safety Seat Types For Obese Young Children - Science Daily

4/11/2006:A studied eye on the human brain  - C/Net
4/11/2006:Mindless imitation teaches us how to be human - New Scientist
4/11/2006:Scent Of Fear Impacts Cognitive Performance - Science Daily
4/11/2006:Brain Imaging Can Predict Effectiveness Of Cognitive Behavior Therapy For Treating Depression - Science Daily
4/11/2006:Brain Compensates For Aging By Becoming Less 'Specialized' - Science Daily
4/11/2006:No, Duh! Sex in Media Drives Earlier Teen Passion - Live Science

Physics and Astronomy:
4/11/2006:Neutron Star Collisions Produce Super-Powerful Magnetic Fields - SpaceDaily
4/11/2006:Unravelling A Cosmic Mystery: Scientists Discover The Universe's Strongest Magnetic Field
 - Science Daily
4/11/2006:Advance Hastens Practicality Of Superconductivity
 - Science Daily
4/11/2006:Using Probes To Control Chemistry -- Molecule By Molecule
 - Science Daily
4/11/2006:Gold Nanoparticles Emit Intense Heat, Study Finds
 - Science Daily
4/11/2006:Frictionless Motion Observed In Water -- Discovery Has Fundamental Implications For Chemistry
 - Science Daily

4/11/2006:Churchgoers Live Longer - Live Science

4/11/2006:Photo: Robot ITR surfs the Internet  - C/Net

4/11/2006:Ex-Microsoft developer eyes trip to space  - C/Net
4/11/2006:Impact suspected for loss of Russian satellite
 - New Scientist
4/11/2006:Mars rover's broken wheel is beyond repair
 - New Scientist
4/11/2006:New Test Boosts Search For Extraterrestrial Life
 - Science Daily
4/11/2006:Asteroids: Treasures Of The Past And A Threat To The Future - Science Daily
4/11/2006:Encore For Enceladus! Saturn Moon Ripe For Astrobiology Exploration
 - Space.com
4/11/2006:Virgin Galactic Customers Parting with Their Cash
 - Space.com
4/11/2006:NASA Probe Enroute to Pluto in Good Health
 - Space.com

4/11/2006:Aviation's future -- pilotless planes  - CNN
4/11/2006:Newsmaker: The best of times in science and tech  - C/Net
4/11/2006:The convenience of an ATM, but so much more  - C/Net
4/11/2006:Police test road-crash GPS program  - C/Net
4/11/2006:FedEx CIO Robert Carter's favorite tech toys  - CNN
4/11/2006:Better bifocals on the horizon  - Nature
4/11/2006:Smart glasses switch focus in an instant
 - New Scientist
4/11/2006:Duke Engineers Building 'Erasible' Detectors, 'Nanobrushes' And DNA 'Highrises'
 - Science Daily
4/11/2006:Virginia Tech Studies Reveal Reaction Pathways For Ozone On Organic Surfaces
 - Science Daily
4/11/2006:How A Locust's Eardrum Could Lead To Tiny Microphones
 - Science Daily
4/11/2006:Measuring Electrical Arcs At The Micrometer Scale
 - Science Daily
Nanoporous 'Sponge' Removes Mercury From Offshore Produced Waters  - Science Daily


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