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  April 11, 2005

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Black holes 'do not exist'  - Nature  George Chapline thinks that the collapse of the massive stars, which was long believed to generate black holes, actually leads to the formation of stars that contain dark energy. "It's a near certainty that black holes don't exist," he claims. Einstein didn't believe in black holes, Chapline argues. "Unfortunately", he adds, "he couldn't articulate why." At the root of the problem is the other revolutionary theory of twentieth-century physics, which Einstein also helped to formulate: quantum mechanics. as long ago as 1975 quantum physicists argued that strange things do happen at an event horizon: matter governed by quantum laws becomes hypersensitive to slight disturbances. "The result was quickly forgotten," says Chapline, "because it didn't agree with the prediction of general relativity.
Charcoal fuel gets green light  - Nature  Left:  More efficient stoves could be the key to some of Africa's pollution and health woes.  A shift from burning wood to burning charcoal in African households could save millions of lives and substantially reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, say US researchers. If current trends in fuel use in sub-Saharan Africa continue, the number of premature deaths among women and young children exposed to wood smoke from stoves will reach nearly 10 million by 2030, from about 400,000 in 2000. What's more, cooking fires will pump 6.7 billion tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere as greenhouse gases in the next 45 years, the researchers calculate. A switch from burning wood to burning petroleum-based fossil fuels such as kerosene would reduce indoor air pollution by at least 90%, and prevent as many as 3.7 million deaths from respiratory illness, depending on how quickly the transition was made, the researchers report in this week's Science1. A more feasible solution with similar health and environmental benefits would be to shift from burning wood to burning charcoal

Ben Tristem pictured in a similar camper van home to the one being built

Internet entrepreneur orders 250,000 'wired' motorhome  - BBC  Online sales agent Ben Tristem, 28, has travelled the UK since selling his flat in London and moving into a camper van. But now he is upgrading to a 250,000 vehicle complete with computers, home cinema and solar panels. Since giving up the city rat race in November 2003, Mr Tristem, 28, has carved out a living as a businessman working via the internet.Since giving up the city rat race in November 2003, Mr Tristem, 28, has carved out a living as a businessman working via the internet. He and girlfriend, Lizzie Bury, have toured mainland Britain in a 50,000 motor home, while also building their business as retail agents.   
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Alzheimer's Disease:
4/11/2005:Live coverage of amyloid plaques  - Nature

4/11/2005:Radar reveals purpose in butterfly flights  - Nature
4/11/2005:Photo-cross challenge
  - Nature
4/11/2005:Europe Leaves Modified Corn Inquiry to U.S.  - NY Times
4/11/2005:Some See Roots of Compassion in a Toothless Fossil Skull  - NY Times
4/11/2005:Understanding Rye And Rice May Help Farmers Improve Wheat- Science Daily
4/11/2005:Nano-Probes Allow An Inside Look At Cell Nuclei- Science Daily
4/11/2005:Biotech failure all too familiar - Seattle Times
4/11/2005:Largest 'gene deserts' yet discovered in the human genome sequence ... - FirstScience
4/11/2005:Butterfly's fluttering is far from fancy-free ... - FirstScience
4/11/2005:Smoking 'cuts IVF success rate'  - BBC
4/11/2005:Quarter of primates face abyss  - BBC

Climate, Environment:
4/11/2005:$626 Million to Protect Wildlife Along Colorado River  - NY Times
4/11/2005:E.P.A. Nominee Gets an Earful From Committee Democrats  - NY Times
4/11/2005:Underwater Bot Roams the Seas  - Wired News
4/11/2005:Climate Change Could Sour U.S. Maple Sugaring  - Wired News
4/11/2005:TSUNAMI-IMPACT: Coral Reef Rescue Underway in Thailand ... - FirstScience
4/11/2005:Automakers sign Kyoto deal trimming emissions by 2010 ... - FirstScience
4/11/2005:Greenbacks waft in with greenhouse gases in India ... - FirstScience
4/11/2005:Canadian govt, automakers agree on gas emissions ... - FirstScience
4/11/2005:The Crisis in the Green Party ... - FirstScience
4/11/2005:New 'Forest Soul' CD raises money for Greenpeace ... - FirstScience
4/11/2005:Getting rid of hazardous waste ... - FirstScience

4/11/2005:Playing Games With Sony's Player  - Wired News
4/11/2005:PSP embraced by DIY technicians  - BBC
4/11/2005:Duke cuts back on iPod project  - CNN
4/11/2005:2-D world of 'Sin City' comes alive  - CNN

4/11/2005:AOL launches Internet phone service
 - Business Week
4/11/2005:Cable dials up cell services
  - C/Net
4/11/2005:Hooking up with cable
  - C/Net
4/11/2005:AOL will bring Net phone service to 40 cities
  - C/Net
4/11/2005:Trojan horse takes down smart phones
  - C/Net
4/11/2005:Consolidation and its consequences in the telecom sector
  - C/Net

4/11/2005:Increasing Memory Capacity on Limited Space ... - FirstScience
4/11/2005:Moore reflects on his law  - C/Net
4/11/2005:Images- One man, one law  - C/Net
4/11/2005:Intel aims to capitalize on flash momentum  - C/Net

4/11/2005:IBM Debuts Light Laptop  - Wired News

4/11/2005:Second Life Teaches Life Lessons  - Wired News
4/11/2005:Web Postcards Hide Trojan Horse Programs  - Wired News
4/11/2005:The Evolution of Web Search  - Wired News
4/11/2005:How Much is a Picture Worth?  - Technology Review 
4/11/2005:US still leads global spam list  - BBC
4/11/2005:In the Internet's High-Speed Lane - Business Week
4/11/2005:New version of MSN Messenger released
 - Business Week
4/11/2005:Flash authors ponder Google pitfalls
  - C/Net
4/11/2005:Can the Internet have borders?
 - Washington Post

4/11/2005:Ganging Up on Microsoft  - Wired News

4/11/2005:Charcoal fuel gets green light  - Nature
4/11/2005:Windmills in the Sky  - Wired News
4/11/2005:China to increase renewable energy ... - FirstScience
4/11/2005:New Alloy Verified For Safer Disposal Of Spent Nuclear Energy Fuel - SpaceDaily
4/11/2005:New, cheap battery outshines alkalines  - C/Net

4/11/2005:Cannabis compound benefits blood vessels  - Nature
4/11/2005:Cold war on stroke  - Nature

4/11/2005:Dendritic cells take up cancer fight  - Nature
4/11/2005:Cure No Quick Fix For Cancer Survivors On Long Road To Recovery- Science Daily
4/11/2005:Epstein-Barr Virus Protein Crucial To Its Role In Blood Cancers- Science Daily

4/11/2005:Using Molecular Technique, Researcher Identify Hospital Pool Bacterial Pathogen- Science Daily
4/11/2005:New Studies Suggest Airborne SARS Transmission Is Possible- Science Daily
4/11/2005:Killer virus Angola struggles with world's worst outbreak of Ebola-like Marburg  - BBC
4/11/2005:Anti-malaria campaign puts end to mosquito net wedding dresses  - BBC

4/11/2005:Research Suggests Possible Blood Test For Multiple Sclerosis- Science Daily
4/11/2005:Diabetes patients 'missing out'  - BBC

4/11/2005:Undiagnosed Anemia Common With Chronic Illness- Science Daily
4/11/2005:Rise In Dramatic Intestinal Birth Defect Probed- Science Daily
4/11/2005:Fat May Promote Inflammation, New Study Suggests- Science Daily
4/11/2005:Hand-held gadget to scan the body  - BBC
4/11/2005:Vitamins  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
4/11/2005:Facelift seals standing of oldest hominid  - Nature
4/11/2005:Domesticated Pig's Wild Origin Mapped- Science Daily
4/11/2005:Mystery Minerals Formed In Fireball From Colliding Asteroid That Destroyed The Dinosaurs- Science Daily
4/11/2005:Explosions in Space May Have Initiated Ancient Extinction on Earth ... - FirstScience
4/11/2005:Early hominid 'cared for elderly'  - BBC

4/11/2005:Internet entrepreneur orders 250,000 'wired' motorhome   - BBC
4/11/2005:Orchestra Pit No Danger To Hearing- Science Daily
4/11/2005:Forensic Dentistry Key In Identifying Victims Of Tsunamis, Other Disasters- Science Daily
4/11/2005:The Vee Pee's New Tee Vee  - Wired News
4/11/2005:Patriot Act Gets a Hearing  - Wired News
4/11/2005:Drunk: Your Car Will '86' You  - Wired News
4/11/2005:Identity Thieves New Ploy: Pharming  - Wired News
4/11/2005:MTV to launch internet 'channel'  - BBC
4/11/2005:Shhhh! How to make offices 'softer' by making them quieter  - BBC
4/11/2005:Pope phone snaps Is taking pictures of the pontiff's body disrespectful?  - BBC
4/11/2005:Spy on your street: Home CCTV kits cost as little as 30. But who's buying them?  - BBC
4/11/2005:Motorola opens research lab in India - Business Week
4/11/2005:Nortel invests $10 million in Indian firm - Business Week
4/11/2005:HP's $58,000- a-Day Interim CEO In another show of generosity at the tech giant, CFO Robert Wayman is getting a $3 million bonus for his 52-day post-Fiorina stint - Business Week
4/11/2005:Newspapers fight back against aggregators  - C/Net
4/11/2005:Genius high school robot team can't afford college  - C/Net
4/11/2005:How HP can be saved  - C/Net
4/11/2005:Homeland Security panel picks controversial chief  - C/Net
4/11/2005:Playing well with others  - C/Net
4/11/2005:Free advice: What HP's new CEO should do
  - C/Net
4/11/2005:Experts: Nuclear plants may be vulnerable to terrorists
  - CNN

4/11/2005:Milk linked to Parkinson's risk  - BBC

Physics and Astronomy:
4/11/2005:Black holes 'do not exist'  - Nature
4/11/2005:Universe spawned stars at a young age
  - Nature
4/11/2005:Turning the lotus effect on its head
 - PhysicsWeb
4/11/2005:VLT FLAMES Finds Hints Of Helium-Richest Stars Ever Seen
- Science Daily
4/11/2005:Revealing A Secret In Plain Sight: Air Makes Liquids Go Splash
- Science Daily
4/11/2005:Is Space Filled With Earthlike Planets? ...
 - Nat'l. Geo. News
4/11/2005:Astronomers draw virtual picture of the Universe ...
 - FirstScience
4/11/2005:X-ray blaze on an invisible world ...
 - FirstScience
4/11/2005:Chair of House Science Space & Aeronautics Committee Endorses Hubble Deorbit
4/11/2005:Swift Mission Nabs Its First Distance Measurement To Star Explosion
 - SpaceDaily
4/11/2005:Clues To Supernova Origin Found In Dusty Stellar Wind
 - SpaceDaily
4/11/2005:Case Of Sedna's Missing Moon Solved
 - SpaceDaily
4/11/2005:Deepest X-rays tell merger story
  - BBC



4/11/2005:Small Crack Delays Space Shuttle Launch  - NY Times
4/11/2005:Russia Needs to Increase Space Industry Financing by 30% - Space Agency Chief ...
 - FirstScience
4/11/2005:Even little foam pieces could doom shuttle: NASA ...
 - FirstScience
4/11/2005:Yuri's Night Set to Rock the Planet April 12
4/11/2005:Shuttles Return To Flight Still Risky Business
4/11/2005:SpaceDev Begins Work On Small Launcher - SpaceDaily
4/11/2005:New Titan Territory
 - SpaceDaily
4/11/2005:Chemical Guidebook May Help Mars Rover Track Extraterrestrial Life
 - SpaceDaily
4/11/2005:Vulcain 2 Engine Now In Full Production
 - SpaceDaily
4/11/2005:Wyle Joins "All-Star" Team To Propose New Crew Exploration Vehicle
 - SpaceDaily



4/11/2005:Touching Molecules With Your Bare Hands: New Way Of Interacting With The Unseen World Of Proteins And DNA- Science Daily
4/11/2005:Chemical Engineer Kao Explores Antibiotic Synthesis With DNA Chips- Science Daily
4/11/2005:Smile, You're on Liquid Camera  - Wired News
4/11/2005:Freeze Frame  - Technology Review 
4/11/2005:Ophthalmologists And Physicists Team Up To Design Bionic Eye - SpaceDaily
4/11/2005:Tech & You - Business Week
4/11/2005:Silicon chip honors literary masterpiece
  - CNN


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