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  April 11, 2004

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Travel Segway Gliding Through Paris - ABC  Left:  James Sobierau, center, and his wife, left, from Chicago, their daughter, right, and Amie Drazen, second left, also from Chicago, stop on their Segway scooter at the Louvre museum in Paris, April 2, 2004.
   I had expected to visit tourist attractions during my vacation in Paris. It just had never occurred to me that I would be one. Yet there I was, being waved at and having my picture taken by other tourists in the City of Light as I rolled past the Eiffel Tower, crisscrossed the Seine and glided through the courtyards at the Louvre on a motorized Segway scooter. In Paris, they provide a very cool and oh-so-21st century way of seeing one of the premier historic capitals of Europe.
U.S. Takes First Step To Weaponize Space - SpaceDaily  Washington's Missile Defense Agency has earmarked $68 million for what some believe is the first step for putting weapons in space, ABC News reported Tuesday. Known as the Near Field Infrared Experiment or NFIRE satellite, it is primarily designed to gather data on exhaust plumes from rockets launched from earth. But, critics point out, the satellite will also contain a smaller "kill vehicle," a projectile that takes advantage of the kinetic energy of objects traveling through low-Earth orbit (which move at several times the speed of a bullet) to disable or destroy an oncoming missile or another orbiting satellite.

NASA Plans Nuclear Electric Mission To Jupiter - SpaceDaily  In the mid 1990s, the Galileo probe found evidence that oceans of liquid water lay beneath thick sheets of ice on Europa, Callisto and Ganymede -- three of the four largest moons orbiting Jupiter. NASA's current plan calls for the JiMo mission to be launched into high Earth orbit by a new version of today's Atlas or Delta space boosters. Once in orbit, JiMo then would unfold into a spacecraft more than 100 feet long. It would carry a new type of rocket motor and a powerful new nuclear reactor that would drive the probe's experiments and, in smaller versions, perhaps smaller, separate probes launched from the mothership. 

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Alzheimer's Disease:
4/11/2004:Low Vitamin B12 Is Associated With Poorer Memory In Older People With High Risk For Alzheimer's - Science Daily

4/11/2004:Parasite suspected in Alaska moose deaths  - Yahoo
4/11/2004:Vampire bats kill 13 people in Brazil
  - CNN
4/11/2004:Monkeys for Research- Much Coveted, and Hard to Come By  - NY Times
4/11/2004:Birthplace Is Crucial Issue for Scientists Counting Salmon  - NY Times
4/11/2004:Orchid Sends a Not-So-Subtle Message to Bees- Buzz Off  - NY Times
4/11/2004:Discuss the Unwelcoming Orchid  - NY Times
4/11/2004:On Madagascar, a Treasury of Fauna and Flora  - NY Times
4/11/2004:Use of genes shapes difference between humans, chimps: scientist... - FirstScience

Climate, Environment:
4/11/2004:For The Sake Of Land And Climate, Coaxing Soil To Soak Up Carbon - Science Daily
4/11/2004:Researchers Say US Military Accidentally Introduced Tree Pathogen To Italian Estate - Science Daily
4/11/2004:88 Conservation Groups Challenge New Salvage Logging and Healthy Forest Assertions Made by Congressman McInnis... - FirstScience
4/11/2004:Calif. seeks EPA gasoline oxygenate waiver... - FirstScience
4/11/2004:Environmental Group Gives Bush Failing Grade on Protecting Children... - FirstScience
4/11/2004:Arizona's Ailing Forests May Get Relief - ABC

4/11/2004:Look, Listen, Walk  - Technology Review
4/11/2004:A Fantasy That's Never Final  - Wired News

4/11/2004:Changing Channels - ABC

4/11/2004:U.S. chip makers face risks in boosting manufacturing in China - Seattle Times
4/11/2004:Intel, AMD 64-bit microprocessors compatible -- almost - Silicon Strategies
4/11/2004:Moore's Law Needs a Boost  - Wired News

4/11/2004:Supercomputer's speed isn't superior  - NY Times
4/11/2004:Researchers Develop Electronic Nose For Multimedia - Science Daily
4/11/2004:New 1-terabyte hard drive is pint-size yet cavernous - Seattle Times
4/11/2004:Computing Power to the People  - Wired News
4/11/2004:Roundup: Six Fast DVD Recorders for PCs - ABC

4/11/2004:Web Engines to End Online Gambling Ads  - Wired News
4/11/2004:Internet Wreaks Havoc With Jobs  - Wired News
4/11/2004:University of Illinois to 'Mirror' All Programs Online  - Wired News

4/11/2004:One truce still leaves other enemies - Seattle Times
4/11/2004:Japan adds pressure against Microsoft - Seattle Times

4/11/2004:Material Boosts Thermoelectricity  - Technology Review 

4/11/2004:Trauma: When CPR Takes a Deadly Turn  - NY Times
4/11/2004:Heart Study Challenges Protein's Predictive Power  - NY Times


4/11/2004:Plan to Bring Generic AIDS Drugs to Poor Nations  - NY Times
4/11/2004:Sweet Hope for a Malaria Vaccine  - Technology Review 

4/11/2004:Commentary: A Smokeless Alternative to Quitting  - NY Times
4/11/2004:Surgeons Explore New Treatment For Tourette Syndrome - Science Daily

4/11/2004:N.H. Gov. Unveils Link to Canada Pharmacy  - NY Times
4/11/2004:U.S. Considers Food Guide Pyramid Changes  - NY Times
4/11/2004:Sleek New Devices Help Low-Vision Patients See  - NY Times
4/11/2004:Cases: Jittery? Peevish? Can't Sleep? What Are You Drinking?  - NY Times
4/11/2004:New Software Developed At Rensselaer Predicts Promising Ingredients For New Drugs - Science Daily
4/11/2004:Researchers Discover Possible Connection Between Infant Hormone Exposure, Obesity - Science Daily
4/11/2004:Snooze to Lose - ABC
4/11/2004:Video: Can Poor Sleep Affect Your Weight? - ABC
4/11/2004:Focus on Diet and Weight Loss - ABC

History, Anthropology:
4/11/2004:Scientists Discover Fossil From Era When Fish Did Push-Ups  - NY Times
4/11/2004:Graphic: The Oldest Arm Bone?  - NY Times
4/11/2004:New Fossil Links Four-legged Land Animals To Ancient Fish - Science Daily
4/11/2004:Molecular Midwives Hold Clues To The Origin Of Life - Science Daily
4/11/2004:Ancient Tombs and Shrines Faced Sun and Stars - Space.com
4/11/2004:The Journey From Fin to Limb - SpaceDaily
4/11/2004:Builders Of Ancient Tombs And Temples Followed Sun And Stars
 - SpaceDaily
4/11/2004:Scientists Study Impact on Ancient Rock - ABC

4/11/2004:U.S. Takes First Step To Weaponize Space - SpaceDaily
4/11/2004:US bets on land mine technology  - Wired News
4/11/2004:The Altered Human Is Already Here  - NY Times
4/11/2004:Forum: Discuss Society's Attachment to Pharmaceuticals  - NY Times
4/11/2004:Graphic: The Body Chemical  - NY Times
4/11/2004:U.S. Plans Study on Environment and Kids  - NY Times
4/11/2004:U. of Akron Hosts Concrete Canoe Race  - NY Times
4/11/2004:A Job or More School: Young Doctors Take On 'The Match'  - NY Times
4/11/2004:At the Center of the Storm Over Bush and Science  - NY Times
4/11/2004:Best service at low-cost airlines, study says - Seattle Times
4/11/2004:Japan denies early deployment of US anti-missile system - SpaceDaily
4/11/2004:GAO Says Army on Road to Ruin  - Wired News
4/11/2004:Dodgy Patents Rile Tech Industry  - Wired News
4/11/2004:Watchdogs Push for RFID Laws  - Wired News
4/11/2004:Paper Chase on a Snowy Hill  - Wired News
4/11/2004:The Bigger They Are ...  - Wired News
4/11/2004:U.S. Bets on Land Mine Technology  - Wired News
4/11/2004:U.S. Gas Prices- Don't Blame Us  - Wired News
4/11/2004:Bush Sci Honcho Denies Agenda  - Wired News
4/11/2004:Students Compromised by Internet Intrusions  - Wired News
4/11/2004:Tax Agencies Ferret Out Scofflaws - USA Today
4/11/2004:Have Agent, Will Travel  - Wired News
4/11/2004:Gliding Through Paris - ABC

4/11/2004:Norepinephrine Important In Retrieving Memories - Science Daily
4/11/2004:Fat Hormone Leptin Alters Brain Architecture And Activity, Which In Turn Drives Feeding Behavior - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
4/11/2004:In Math, Computers Don't Lie. Or Do They?  - NY Times
4/11/2004:Graphic: In the Produce Aisle, A Math Puzzle
  - NY Times
4/11/2004:Radio Astronomers Lift 'Fog' On Milky Way's Dark Heart; Black Hole Fits Inside Earth's Orbit - Science Daily
4/11/2004:Research Reveals Halogen Characteristics Of Cluster Of Metal Atoms - Science Daily
4/11/2004:World's Most Precise Gyroscopes Ready To Test Einstein Theory - Science Daily
4/11/2004:Would Hotel Hubble Offer The Right View - SpaceDaily
4/11/2004:NASA to Test Space-Time Fabric
  - Wired News


4/11/2004:MIT Reports New Insights In Visual Recognition; Work Could Lead To Improved Machine Vision Systems - Science Daily

4/11/2004:NASA Plans Nuclear Electric Mission To Jupiter - SpaceDaily    
New Engine For Next-Generation Space Launch Vehicles - SpaceDaily
4/11/2004:NASA Studies Robot Servicing of Hubble - Space.com
4/11/2004:France's Chirac Visits Russia's Titov Space Center - Space.com
4/11/2004:Saturn Grows Larger in Cassini's Sights - Space.com
4/11/2004:Saturn, Spot On - SpaceDaily
4/11/2004:Ashes Of The Phoenix - SpaceDaily
4/11/2004:Europa: Frozen Alive Or Wasteland?
4/11/2004:EADS Space Defines Mars Sample Return Mission

4/11/2004:Concrete canoes float during contest in Oregon - Seattle Times
4/11/2004:A Flaky New Carbon: It's Feather Light and Magnetic  - NY Times
4/11/2004:Aerogels: 'Solid Smoke' May Have Many Uses - Science Daily
4/11/2004:Beyond Nano And A Scale Sensitive Enough To Weigh A Virus - SpaceDaily
4/11/2004:Aerogels: 'Solid Smoke' May Have Many Uses - SpaceDaily


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