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  April 10, 2005

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Toshiba Develops Mini Lithium-Ion Battery That Recharges In A Minute - SpaceDaily  Leading Japanese electronics maker Toshiba said Tuesday it has developed a light and thin prototype battery that recharges 80 percent of capacity in just a minute. It also has a long life, losing only one percent of capacity after 1,000 cycles of discharging and recharging. Toshiba will put the new battery to commercial products in 2006. "Initial applications will be in the automotive and industrial sectors," it said, adding that the technology may also be used as an alternative power source for hybrid gasoline-electric cars.
Noisy Pictures Tell A Story Of 'Entangled' Atoms, JILA Physicists Find - SpaceDaily  Left:  Ultracold molecules (center) are split into entangled pairs of atoms flying apart in opposite directions. A laser beam (left) is used to create shadow images of the cloud (right). The pairs of entangled atoms can then be found by carefully studying the noise pattern in these pictures. Credit: Markus Greiner/JILA.  Patterns of noise - normally considered flaws - in images of an ultracold cloud of potassium provide the first-ever visual evidence of correlated ultracold atoms, a potentially useful tool for many applications, according to physicists at JILA, a joint institute of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the University of Colorado at Boulder.    

On Ammonia And Astrobiology - SpaceDaily  "The presence of features seen in Cassini's radar data would suggest that ammonia is at work on Titan, powering cryovolcanism. Cryovolcanism - water-ice volcanism - requires a liquid layer in the interior of Titan. It also requires an agent to lower the melting point density and mobility of liquid water. Ammonia does all these very well. if you add ammonia to liquid water, at the right temperature you get a material with the mobility, equivalent to that of basalt. How far has organic chemistry gone on the surface of Titan? If indeed material is raining out from the stratosphere, then what happens to this material at the surface?   
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Alzheimer's Disease:

4/10/2005: Fossil Records Show Biodiversity Comes And Goes - Science Daily
4/10/2005: Scientists home in on gene that may be linked to male infertility ...
 - FirstScience
4/10/2005: Scientists develop editing technique to rewrite genes ... - FirstScience
4/10/2005: Field stubble 'helps rare birds'  - BBC
4/10/2005: The Chimp Genome Reveals A Retroviral Invasion In Primate Evolution - Science Daily
4/10/2005: Butterflies 'follow flightpaths'  - BBC
4/10/2005: Dalai Lama's wildlife campaign  - BBC

Climate, Environment:
4/10/2005: You Want Satellite With That Map?  - Wired News
4/10/2005: Canadian automakers volunteer to dramatically cut greenhouse gas emissions ... - FirstScience
4/10/2005: Ecosystems Crucial for Economic, Spiritual Stability ... - FirstScience
4/10/2005: A healthy planet can fight poverty ... - FirstScience
4/10/2005: Google Your House, Get Satellite View -
4/10/2005: Podcasting in the dark - Washington Post

4/10/2005: No New Tricks Needed for FIFA Street  - Wired News
4/10/2005: Finding the right pitch  - C/Net
4/10/2005: Atari goes back to the future  - C/Net
4/10/2005: Retro graphics  - C/Net
4/10/2005: Got playlist anxiety: You're not alone  - C/Net
4/10/2005: Games so good you can taste them  - C/Net
4/10/2005: Sneak peek at E3
  - CNN
4/10/2005: New games at E3
  - CNN

4/10/2005: Phone Hijacking Becomes Illegal
  - Wired News
4/10/2005: Study Answers Call for Mobile Emissions Research
  - Wired News
4/10/2005: SBC's Interactive TV Roadmap
 - Business Week
4/10/2005: America: Still the High-Speed Laggard
 - Business Week
4/10/2005: FCC chief eyes hands-off role
  - C/Net
4/10/2005: Skype dreams for developers
  - C/Net
4/10/2005: Verizon offers lower-cost Net phone service
  - C/Net
4/10/2005: Net speeds to hit a billion bits per second
  - C/Net

4/10/2005: Swedish startup prepares low-cost litho alternative - Silicon Strategies
4/10/2005: Hitachi shows hard drive with 230 Gbit per sq. in.density  - El. Engr. Times

4/10/2005: Microsoft delays supercomputer version of Windows  - C/Net
4/10/2005: Best Buy to carry Mac Minis  - C/Net

4/10/2005: Blog the world Global voices of bloggers seek to report the unreported  - BBC
4/10/2005: Google's Talent Search: The Net giant's Code Jam contest finals, held in India, help it identify some of Asia's hottest young programmers - Business Week
4/10/2005: IPTV: The Revolution May Be Delayed - Business Week
4/10/2005: Online shopping makes New York a cardboard jungle  - C/Net
4/10/2005: Hackers add Web, chat to PSP  - C/Net
4/10/2005: Flaw found in Firefox  - C/Net
4/10/2005: U.S. blogger thwarts Canadian gag order
  - C/Net
4/10/2005: Yahoo updates spyware toolbar for Firefox
  - C/Net
4/10/2005: Bigger phishes ready to spawn
  - C/Net
4/10/2005: The evolution of Web search
  - C/Net
4/10/2005: PR professionals look to bloggers
  - C/Net 

4/10/2005: Linux Fails in Small Business Market  - Wired News
4/10/2005: Trojan? Phishing? 'Geek speak' jargon bamboozles users  - BBC
4/10/2005: Opening up to open source  - C/Net
4/10/2005: 10 features that Longhorn needs  - C/Net
4/10/2005: Schmidt: More cops needed for high-tech beat  - C/Net
4/10/2005: U.K. funds open-source 'academy'  - C/Net

4/10/2005: Toshiba Develops Mini Lithium-Ion Battery That Recharges In A Minute - SpaceDaily
4/10/2005: Energy Department joins drive for fuel cell cars  - C/Net

4/10/2005: Yeast Finding Links Processes In Heart Disease And Cancer - Science Daily
4/10/2005: Heart Repair Gets New Muscle - Science Daily
4/10/2005: Cannabis chemical 'helps heart'  - BBC

4/10/2005: Maximizing The Anti-Cancer Power Of Broccoli - Science Daily

4/10/2005: UK global HIV strategy criticised  - BBC
4/10/2005: Agricultural Tool Recruited To Help Fight Malaria And Other Diseases - Science Daily
4/10/2005: Lice Join Ticks As Possible Disease Carriers - Science Daily

4/10/2005: Injection 'hope' for alcoholics  - BBC
4/10/2005: Helping Alcoholics End the Binge - Business Week
4/10/2005: Alcohol 'bad for breastfeeding'  - BBC

4/10/2005: Contaminated Corn Can Create Risks For The Unborn - Science Daily
4/10/2005: Case Seeks Health Care Revolution - Washington Post
4/10/2005: Scientists Identify Susceptibility To Preganancy Problems  - Scientific American
4/10/2005: Sugar and Spice, and Biochemistry  - NY Times
4/10/2005: Graphic: Swapping Salt for Senomyx  - NY Times
4/10/2005: Sperm- Not So Mobile - Science Daily
4/10/2005: Use Of Potentially Inappropriate Medications Among Elderly Common In Some European Countries - Science Daily
4/10/2005: Six weeks Mothers around the world describe life with their young babies  - BBC
4/10/2005: Paging Dr. Inkjet--broken bones need mending
  - C/Net

History, Anthropology:
4/10/2005: Extreme Climate Preserves Fossil Trove ... - Discover
4/10/2005: ‘Oldest hominid’ revisited - MSNBC

4/10/2005: ChevronTexaco hits gusher with Unocal - Seattle Times
4/10/2005: Oil-market contrarian sees price bubble ready to burst - Seattle Times
4/10/2005: Finding Gold in Found Video  - Wired News
4/10/2005: Newsreaders Cut to the Chase  - Wired News
4/10/2005: What Search Sites Know About You  - Wired News
4/10/2005: Discs Are So Dead  - Wired News
4/10/2005: No Teeth in Toothing Craze  - Wired News
4/10/2005: High-Tech Passports Coming; Complaints Already In - USA Today
4/10/2005: U.S. Drones Crowd Iraq's Skies to Fight Insurgents  - NY Times
4/10/2005: NASA Takes Alien Hunt to Mexico  - Wired News
4/10/2005: Who Controls Companies?  - Wired News
4/10/2005: Al Gore Makes a TV Station  - Wired News
4/10/2005: Engineers and Political Power  - Technology Review 
4/10/2005: Parenting problems: How to cope when your child reaches adolescence  - BBC
4/10/2005: Uncloaking the Patriot Act  - C/Net
4/10/2005: Media honchos sound off on emerging TV tech  - C/Net
4/10/2005: Offshoring's second wave  - C/Net
4/10/2005: Time Warner Cable tests tech to hold viewers  - C/Net
4/10/2005: Computer crime boom costs UK billions - New Scientist
4/10/2005: State requiring ignition locks for DWI
  - C/Net
4/10/2005: Playing well with others
  - C/Net
4/10/2005: Report- GM pickup trucks fare worst in tests
  - CNN
4/10/2005: ‘Admiral, I shrunk the spy plane’

4/10/2005: Researchers Find A Mutation In LRRK2 Gene Causes Parkinson's Disease In Several North American And European Families - Science Daily
4/10/2005: Nature Helps Create Religious Adults - Science Daily
4/10/2005: Some Brain Cells 'Change Channels' - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
4/10/2005: On Ammonia And Astrobiology - SpaceDaily
Noisy Pictures Tell A Story Of 'Entangled' Atoms, JILA Physicists Find - SpaceDaily
4/10/2005: 'Super-Starburst' Galaxies Hide Active Black Holes ...
 - FirstScience
4/10/2005: Telescope catches early starlight
  - BBC
4/10/2005: Understanding Turbulence In The Fast Lane — Mach 10 And Beyond
 - Science Daily
4/10/2005: Mathematician Untangles Legendary Problem
 - Science Daily
4/10/2005: Astronomers expect to be 'Dazled'
  - BBC



4/10/2005: Using Global Warming to Terraform Mars ... - FirstScience
4/10/2005: Cosmic Log: Return of the ‘rocket boys’

4/10/2005: Hunting by Remote Control Draws Fire  - Wired News
4/10/2005: TR: The Week in Review  - Technology Review 
4/10/2005: Researchers Develop Chemical Process To Use Cotton-gin Residue - Science Daily
4/10/2005: Reith talks focus on technology  - BBC


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