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  April 10, 2004

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Bevy of Black Holes Spotted in Andromeda - Space.com  Using a new technique astronomers have found 10 apparent black holes near the center of the Andromeda galaxy, the nearest large spiral galaxy to our own. The newfound black hole candidates -- there's a chance they might be neutron stars instead -- are of the stellar variety, meaning they are several times the mass of the Sun and are the collapsed remains of dead stars. 
Less rain in a warmer world  - Nature  Most researchers say a warmer world will be a wetter one. But a new study into the effects of pollution hints that we could be in for a dry spell. But some aspects of climate change could have the opposite effect, says Beate Liepert of the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory in New York. "We cannot simply say that fossil-fuel burning leads to global warming and more precipitation," she says. Even if the world gets moister, that doesn't necessarily mean more rain, she and her colleagues report in Geophysical Research Letters1. Liepert and colleagues ran computer simulations of the global climate to see what the overall effect of present-day aerosol concentrations will be in a world warmed by greenhouse gases. The end result is that many land areas get less rain - and less sunshine.

Huge waves on Titan move slowly  - BBC  Scientists have issued a weather forecast for the oily oceans of Titan, Saturn's major moon and a target for a space probe landing next year. Waves would be seven times higher than Earth waves but would move more slowly and be much farther apart, they think. In January 2005, we may find out if this is correct when the Huygens probe attempts a splashdown on Titan. Huygens will parachute down through the smoggy atmosphere of Titan, but astronomers are unsure of what it will find. It may come down into an ocean of hydrocarbons or on to a frozen sheet of ice.

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Alzheimer's Disease:

4/10/2004: New light shed on chimp genome  - BBC
4/10/2004: Peter the penguin is found after going missing for four years
  - BBC
4/10/2004: Size does matter  - Nature

Climate, Environment:
4/10/2004: Less rain in a warmer world  - Nature
4/10/2004: Technology Boosts Tornado Forecasting - ABC
4/10/2004: Snake River Water Flow to Be Studied - ABC
4/10/2004: Wash. State Adds Orcas to Endangered List
4/10/2004: U.S. Plans Study on Environment and Kids - ABC
4/10/2004: Source revealed: Starting a 274km journey from a river's source to the sea  - BBC
4/10/2004: Concern for missing golden eagle  - BBC
4/10/2004: US army may have killed Italian trees  - Nature

4/10/2004: Fun on the Run - ABC
4/10/2004: Go West: Grand Theft Auto makers go to the Wild West for latest game  - BBC
4/10/2004: Tale of two gaming worlds  - CNN
4/10/2004: Dell cuts prices on digital audio players  - C/Net

4/10/2004: 3G Revolution: Is the brave new world of fast mobile phones finally upon us?  - BBC
4/10/2004: Camera phones let users share lives  - CNN
4/10/2004: Cell phones used in high-tech terror  - CNN
4/10/2004: SingTel to offer Web-based calls  - CNN
4/10/2004: The Camphone Revolution - Business Week
4/10/2004: VoIP's bottleneck  - C/Net
4/10/2004: WiMax: The savior of rural broadband?
  - C/Net


4/10/2004: Bid for on the spot supercomputer  - BBC
4/10/2004: Wal-Mart offering PCs running Sun's Linux software  - CNN
4/10/2004: PC Buying: It's Business' Turn - Business Week
4/10/2004: Now You Can Deliver Your Own Webcast - Business Week
4/10/2004: Flash mob creates a semi-super computer - MSNBC
4/10/2004: Flash mob supercomputer misses its target - New Scientist

4/10/2004: War of the Worms - ABC
4/10/2004: Going After Google - ABC
4/10/2004: SMS in the US: American Idol - an unlikely evangelist for text messaging  - BBC
4/10/2004: Google's Gmail sparks privacy row  - BBC
4/10/2004: Study: Web rivals TV for coveted eyeballs  - CNN
4/10/2004: Google mail may violate privacy law  - CNN
4/10/2004: Google Drops an E-Mail Bomb - Business Week
4/10/2004: Why Gmail gives me the creeps  - C/Net
4/10/2004: Google's mail plans call for serious storage  - C/Net
4/10/2004: Google chairman optimistic about entrepreneurial trends  - C/Net

4/10/2004: Microsoft readies Mac Office update - Business Week
4/10/2004: Sun, Microsoft call truce  - C/Net
4/10/2004: Why Gmail gives me the creeps  - C/Net

4/10/2004: Remote oil: New technology allows oil rigs to be operated by remote control  - BBC

4/10/2004: Sales of New Coronary Stents Beat Targets - ABC
4/10/2004: Obesity 'damages child arteries'  - BBC

4/10/2004: Breathalyser could detect cancer  - BBC
4/10/2004: Few aware of obesity cancer risk  - BBC

4/10/2004: Mountain Man, Bug Hunter - Tech TV

4/10/2004: Passive smoking 'death link'  - BBC
4/10/2004: Pain burdens arthritis patients  - BBC
4/10/2004: Teenage lesbians have worst rates of smoking - New Scientist

4/10/2004: Incision Decision - ABC
4/10/2004: Video: Hair Loss Treatments - ABC
4/10/2004: U.S. Plans Study on Environment and Kids - ABC
4/10/2004: U.S. Considers Food Guide Pyramid Changes - ABC
4/10/2004: BBC Phasing Out Cartoon-Snack Food Tie - ABC
4/10/2004: Nebraska Has Plan to Counter Obesity - ABC
4/10/2004: UK men 'stressed about baldness'
4/10/2004: Overeating Britons: Why the obesity epidemic could mean a fall in life expectancy
4/10/2004: Nurse surgeons: Why nurses are now wielding scalpels in operating theatres  - BBC
4/10/2004: Teletubbies promote healthy food  - BBC
4/10/2004: New technology could detect dirty hands  - CNN
4/10/2004: Gene-Based Therapy: Back to the Couch - Business Week

History, Anthropology:
4/10/2004: Enrico Fermi: Unleashing the Atom - Business Week

4/10/2004: Jesus, Socrates and Secularism - ABC
4/10/2004: Profile of an FBI Profiler - ABC
4/10/2004: Einstein's Genius Opens Minds in Boston - ABC
4/10/2004: Traffic Safety Focus of Global Campaign - ABC
4/10/2004: Is your birthday linked to luck?  - BBC
4/10/2004: Silicon country: King Abdullah hopes hi-tech Jordan will set example to Middle East  - BBC
4/10/2004: Hard cell: Prisoners in Karachi jail's 'mad' ward still have their dreams  - BBC
4/10/2004: 800,000 cards overcharged at Wal-Marts  - CNN
4/10/2004: Misadventures in Indian Outsourcing - Business Week
4/10/2004: Yes, Yahoo Can Search for Growth - Business Week
4/10/2004: Microsoft forms its own RFID group - Business Week
4/10/2004: America's Tech Might:Slipping? - Business Week
4/10/2004: Bush urges free trade, tech changes  - C/Net
4/10/2004: Retailers' RFID strategy may backfire on them  - C/Net
4/10/2004: Blazing mystery is straight from the ‘X-Files’ - MSNBC
4/10/2004: Cosmic Log- Holy terror - MSNBC
4/10/2004: Bush science adviser denies policy agenda - MSNBC
4/10/2004: Mysterious 'fairy circles' defy explanations - New Scientist
4/10/2004: Passover oil lamps pose risk to children - New Scientist

4/10/2004: TV Linked to Kids' Attention Problems - ABC
4/10/2004: Why dreamers are tickled pink  - BBC
4/10/2004: Viewing habitsCan television and video games cause epileptic seizures?  - BBC
4/10/2004: Brains like feeling fat  - Nature

Physics and Astronomy:
4/10/2004: Bevy of Black Holes Spotted in Andromeda - Space.com
4/10/2004: Astronomers Mark Black Hole Anniversary
 - ABC
4/10/2004: Worcester to Exhibit Hubble Photograph - ABC
4/10/2004: Astronomy study reveals ancient places of healing - New Scientist


4/10/2004: Humanoid robot conducts Beethoven symphony - New Scientist

4/10/2004: Huge waves on Titan move slowly   - BBC
4/10/2004: Do We Have Relatives on the Red Planet?
 - ABC
4/10/2004: Lunar base options divide experts  - BBC
4/10/2004: Moon man: Bush adviser explains why we should go back to the moon  - BBC
4/10/2004: Should we go back to the moon?  - Nature

4/10/2004: Pumping Up the Effects in 'Scooby' Sequel - ABC
4/10/2004: Jumbo wing starts marathon trek  - BBC
4/10/2004: Oregon boosts nanotechnology funding  - El. Engr. Times
4/10/2004: Murder detectives must rethink maggot theory - New Scientist


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