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  April 1, 2006

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SilverCare machine Samsung's cold-water washer draws silver path to U.S. - C/Net  Samsung Electronics, which is gaining U.S. retail display space for its high-tech appliances, on Thursday said it will sell a washing machine that uses silver to kill bacteria in cold water without bleach. The South Korea-based manufacturer said in a statement that its new front-loading washer, which will start selling in the United States this month at a suggested price of up to $1,399, injects tiny silver ions into the tub during the wash and rinse cycles to sanitize clothes. Samsung said that in tests, the cleaning process removed or killed 99.9 percent of odor-causing bacteria, including E. coli. Silver has long been known for its cleaning properties. Research at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis has shown that some resistant disease strains cannot develop with silver the way that they will with antibiotics. Water treatment facilities that service hospitals also use silver ions.    
New Lipid Molecule Holds Promise For Gene Therapy - Science Daily  Scientists at the University of California, Santa Barbara have created a new molecule that holds promise in fighting disease via gene therapy. Inherited diseases, as well as many cancers and cardiovascular diseases, may eventually be helped by this approach, which delivers therapeutic genes directly to cells. These genes can correct genetic defects, for example, or help the body's immune system fight cancer cells. For more than two decades, gene delivery has been accomplished by using engineered viruses as a vehicle to get into diseased cells and 70 percent of clinical trials worldwide continue to use this method. But, the viruses used for gene delivery occasionally evoke severe immune responses, so scientists continue to search for non-viral delivery vehicles.    

The Sun's New Exotic Neighbor: A Very Cool Brown Dwarf - Science Daily  Using the European Southern Observatory's Very Lerge Telescope in Chile, an international team of researchers discovered a brown dwarf belonging to the 24th closest stellar system to the Sun. Brown dwarfs are intermediate objects that are neither stars nor planets. This object is the third closest brown dwarf to the Earth yet discovered, and one of the coolest, having a temperature of about 750 degrees Centigrade. It orbits a very small star at about 4.5 times the mean distance between the Earth and the Sun. Its mass is estimated to be somewhere between 9 and 65 times the mass of Jupiter. "This newly found brown dwarf is a valuable object because its distance is well known, allowing us to determine with precision its intrinsic brightness"..     
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Alzheimer's Disease:

4/1/2006:New Lipid Molecule Holds Promise For Gene Therapy  - Science Daily 
4/1/2006:Biting Criticism for Wasps That Won't Work
 - Live Science
4/1/2006:Proteins' Baby Pictures  - Technology Review

Climate, Environment:
4/1/2006:New City-sized Iceberg Created Near Antarctica - Live Science
4/1/2006:Minister to admit failure on key climate change emissions target ... - FirstScience
4/1/2006:Fisheries: Greenpeace Spots 4 Italian 'pirate' Trawlers ... - FirstScience
4/1/2006:Climate change will affect health ... - FirstScience
4/1/2006:UK fails on key emissions target ... - FirstScience
4/1/2006:Frightening Environmentalists ... - FirstScience
4/1/2006:Reducing greenhouse gases by CO2 adsorption ... - FirstScience
4/1/2006:Vulnerable stretch of coast to be shielded from oil spills ... - FirstScience

4/1/2006:Sun Microsystems: Sun's Project Darkstar aims for gaming services
4/1/2006:Gadgets: Make your old iPod a video iPod
4/1/2006:What's ahead in gaming
  - CNN
4/1/2006:Epson's newest printer is its best so far
 - Seattle Times
4/1/2006:Halo Hosts Late Night
  - Wired News
4/1/2006:Games Fight the Good Fight
  - Wired News
4/1/2006:PSP vs. DS: One Year Later
  - Wired News
4/1/2006:Bad Things Happen to Stick People
  - Wired News

4/1/2006:Video: MSN TV wants to go for a ride with you
  - C/Net
4/1/2006:New Internet telephony players emerge
  - C/Net
4/1/2006:A revolution launched by Palm
  - C/Net
4/1/2006:Life after Lucent: Telecom feeding frenzy
  - C/Net



4/1/2006:A Web site so hip, it gets lads to watch the ads  - C/Net
4/1/2006:A sneak peek at Google's new interface
  - C/Net
4/1/2006:IBM debuts intrusion-prevention tool
  - C/Net
4/1/2006:Cybersquatters Try New Tactics
  - Wired News

4/1/2006:Windows is so slow, but why?  - C/Net
4/1/2006:84 comments  - C/Net
4/1/2006:More than meets the eye in Microsoft plan  - C/Net
4/1/2006:25 comments  - C/Net
4/1/2006:Gates on the speed of Windows updates  - C/Net
4/1/2006:Catching up with the Gateses  - C/Net
4/1/2006:At 30, Apple still has appeal
  - CNN

4/1/2006:Coal-based Jet Fuel Poised For Next Step - Science Daily

4/1/2006:'Bad' Enzymes May Wear White Hats After Stroke - Science Daily

4/1/2006:Birth pill with less cancer risk  - BBC
4/1/2006:Cancer drug refusal 'arbitrary'  - BBC
4/1/2006:Web support: A teen cancer patient explains why he shared his story  - BBC

4/1/2006:AIDS, TB, Malaria And Bird Flu Spread Unchecked In Burma - Science Daily
4/1/2006:Will the Bird Flu Jump to Humans-  - Technology Review 

4/1/2006:Researchers Reverse Juvenile Diabetes In Animal Model; Clinical Trial FDA Approved - Science Daily
4/1/2006:Red Bull plus alcohol really doesn't give you wings, a study finds
  - BBC

4/1/2006:Heavy periods may warn of disease
4/1/2006:Bring Home the Biotech Bacon  - Wired News
4/1/2006:Health system 'neglects elderly'  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
4/1/2006:Camels trod the sands earlier than thought  - Nature
4/1/2006:Ancient skull found in Ethiopia  - BBC
4/1/2006:'Darwin's Natural Heir' on Ants, Social Evolution, and Intelligent Design ... - Nat'l. Geo. News

4/1/2006:Federal lobbying expenditures  - C/Net
4/1/2006:Political contributions  - C/Net
4/1/2006:Feds go easy on online speech  - C/Net
4/1/2006:Digg.com democratizing the news  - CNN
4/1/2006:Universal Authentication  - Technology Review 
4/1/2006:EBay Heads to High Court  - Wired News
4/1/2006:Best Sci-Fi Concept Albums Ever  - Wired News
4/1/2006:Net: A Political Free-for-All  - Wired News

4/1/2006:Chip ramps up neuron-to-computer communication - New Scientist
4/1/2006:How Does The Brain Know What The Right Hand Is Doing? - Science Daily
4/1/2006:Increased Cognitive Control In Tourette's Syndrome - Science Daily
4/1/2006:Brain Teasers  - Wired News

Physics and Astronomy:
4/1/2006:The Sun's New Exotic Neighbor- A Very Cool Brown Dwarf  - Science Daily 
4/1/2006:Light-sensitive particles change chemistry at the flick of a switch ...
  - Physics Org
4/1/2006:High-energy physics at the highest level ...
  - Physics Org
4/1/2006:Optical rotation sheds light on vacuum
 - PhysicsWeb



4/1/2006:With Mars And The Moon In View, Human Physiology Study Shows 6 Degrees Of Decline Is The Ticket To Ride - Science Daily
4/1/2006:Space Tourism Lures A Rising Number Of US Entrepreneurs - SpaceDaily
4/1/2006:Photos: SpaceX rocket launch flames out
  - C/Net
4/1/2006:NASA Reinstates Dawn Asteroid Mission
 - SpaceDaily
4/1/2006:Fly Me To A Red Moon
 - SpaceDaily
4/1/2006:Headdown Bedrest Precisely Mimics Human Physiology In Spaceflight
 - SpaceDaily
4/1/2006:ESA Prepares For Venus Express Orbital Insertion
 - SpaceDaily
4/1/2006:In Flight Propellant Generation For Advanced Space Transportation
 - SpaceDaily
- NASA Restarts Canceled Asteroid Mission ... - L. A. Times
4/1/2006:'Every launch is like the first one' ...
4/1/2006:03.27.06 - NASA Reinstates Dawn Mission Dawn will travel to Vesta and Ceres, two of the largest asteroids orbi ...
4/1/2006:Russian Telecom Satellite Fails After 'Sudden Impact' - SpaceDaily
4/1/2006:Expedition 13 Crew Heads For ISS
 - SpaceDaily
4/1/2006:Mars Reconnaissance Craft Begins Adjusting Orbit ...
 - FirstScience
4/1/2006:Cosmic Log: The science of eclipses ...
4/1/2006:Astronomers Flock to Libya for Eclipse ...
 - FirstScience
4/1/2006:First Total Solar Eclipse in Years ...
 - FirstScience
4/1/2006:Brazil Gets First Taste of Space ...
 - FirstScience

4/1/2006:Samsung's cold-water washer draws silver path to U.S. - C/Net
4/1/2006:Hypersonic jet ready for launch   - BBC
4/1/2006: Next-Gen DVDs' Blurry Picture - Business Week
4/1/2006:SanDisk ships new USB drives without promised tech  - C/Net
4/1/2006:Photos: Rocking out with an 'aquatar' at Convergence 2006  - C/Net
4/1/2006:QinetiQ Returns To Woomera For Hyshot 3 Scramjet Flight Test - SpaceDaily
4/1/2006:A Life-Saving Liver Machine
  - Technology Review 
4/1/2006:Time to Chip Yourself?
  - Wired News


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