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  April 1, 2005

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NASA Details Cash Prizes for Space Privatization -  In the $50,000 2005 Tether Challenge, teams will compete to make the strongest tether of a specified diameter. Tethers will be stretched until they break, and winners will advance in a March Madness-like bracket system. The 2005 Beam Power Challenge will give $50,000 to the team that can use wireless technology to lift a weight off the ground. Both prizes will be repeated in 2006 with a $150,000 purse for each    
Warming Up To A Martian Carcass - SpaceDaily   The detection of methane on Mars has generated a lot of speculation about what could possibly be producing it. Maybe the methane results from some geologic or chemical process we don't yet understand. Or, since much of the methane on Earth is produced by biology, perhaps the faint whiffs of methane point to the existence of present-day life on Mars. Dorothy Oehler, of NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, says there is another source worth considering. She suggests that some methane could come from the remains of past life on Mars - namely, from the thermal alteration of buried kerogen.   

 Kazakhs Plan New Space Complex - SpaceDaily  Left:  Kazakhstan needs all the investment it can get.  Kazakhstan plans to build its own space complex for low earth orbit flights. Kazakh Prime Minister Danial Akhmetov has instructed state agencies to study the option of forming a national aviation-space complex for launching small civilian spacecraft to low earth orbit, the news agency said. The Ishim complex will use Russian-built MiG-31 supersonic interceptor fighters to lift small rockets with satellites to the required altitude, the press service said. The rockets will be fired from the fighters and propel small satellites weighing up to 360 pounds into orbit, the press service said.
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Alzheimer's Disease:

4/1/2005:†GM 'golden rice' boosts vitamin A  - BBC
4/1/2005:†Breeding success for rare kakapo
  - BBC
4/1/2005:†New 'golden rice' carries far more vitamin - New Scientist
4/1/2005:†Weill Cornell Research Reveals Secrets Of Trafficking Within Cells - Science Daily
4/1/2005:†Folded Proteins Get Gold Standard  - Wired News
4/1/2005:†Tiger Future Not Burning Bright in India ... - FirstScience
4/1/2005:†The Alternative Genome ...  - Scientific American
4/1/2005:†Hair is good source of stem cells  - BBC

Climate, Environment:
4/1/2005:†Call for action on climate change  - BBC
4/1/2005:†Envisat Enables First Global Check Of Regional Methane Emissions - Science Daily
4/1/2005:†Indigenous Perspectives On Climate Change Needed, Northern Researcher Says - Science Daily
4/1/2005:†Roots Engage In Underground Chemical Warfare - Science Daily
4/1/2005:†University Of Ulster Researcher Unravels Mystery Of Falkland Islands - Science Daily
4/1/2005:†Global Warming's Silver Lining  - Wired News
4/1/2005:†Netherlands - SpaceDaily
4/1/2005:†Slash gas emissions by 60%, state told ... - FirstScience
4/1/2005:†Save the rainforests ... - FirstScience
4/1/2005:†Hi-tech waste found in Hong Kong - Greenpeace ... - FirstScience
4/1/2005:†Nature's Wisdom Celebrated at 2005 World Exposition ...
4/1/2005:†Global Warming's Silver Lining ...  - Wired News
4/1/2005:†2005 Mercury & Multi-Emissions Compliance Conference Kicks Off in St. Louis, an Advisory from Industrialinfo.c ... - FirstScience
4/1/2005:†New quake makes only small waves  - BBC
4/1/2005:†Call for action on climate change  - BBC

4/1/2005:†This Shark Is Missing Some Teeth - Business Week
4/1/2005:†Close-up on camera-binoculars  - C/Net
4/1/2005:†Photos: Binocular hybrids  - C/Net
4/1/2005:†Motorola mystery: Who muzzled iTunes phone? - Seattle Times
4/1/2005:†Headset brings wireless to land lines - Seattle Times


4/1/2005:†Start-up joins race to marry optical, silicon tech  - C/Net

4/1/2005:†Long life promised for laptop PCs  - BBC
4/1/2005:†'Oracle' Computer Could Have All The Answers Built In - Science Daily

4/1/2005:†Rolling out next generation's net  - BBC
4/1/2005:†'Podcasters' look to net money  - BBC
4/1/2005:†Lawsuits threaten Google's ad revenue  - C/Net
4/1/2005:†IRS May Tax Your eBay Sales  - Wired News
4/1/2005:†A Bold Venture: Creating an 'Electronic Town Square' with Blogs - SpaceDaily
4/1/2005:†Net fingerprints combat attacks  - BBC
4/1/2005:†Net can transform public services
  - BBC

4/1/2005:†Amateur IT support: How enthusiasts tackle their neighbours' computer problems  - BBC
4/1/2005:†Playing fair- Let the people decide on digital rights, says analyst Bill Thompson  - BBC
4/1/2005:†File sharing goes on trial  - C/Net
4/1/2005:†FAQ: Betamax and beyond  - C/Net
4/1/2005:†Software gets a better box  - C/Net
4/1/2005:†Researchers defend study that Microsoft had paid for - Seattle Times
4/1/2005:†Sony faces $90.7m patent damages  - BBC

4/1/2005:†Silicon Shortage Stalls Solar  - Wired News
4/1/2005:†Ocean Power Fights Current Thinking - SpaceDaily
4/1/2005:†Yucca Mountain Woes Giving Push to Alternate Plans for Nuclear Waste Storage ... - FirstScience


4/1/2005:†Newly Discovered Compound Blocks Known Cancer-Causing Protein - Science Daily
4/1/2005:†NYU And MSKCC Research Provides Model For Understanding Chemically Induced Cancer Initiation - Science Daily
4/1/2005:†High Cholesterol Levels Accelerate Growth Of Prostate Cancer - Science Daily
4/1/2005:†Ludwig Institute For Cancer Research Collaboration Identifies Two Antigens As Targets For Multiple Myeloma Vaccine - Science Daily

4/1/2005:†Bird flu outbreak in North Korea  - BBC
4/1/2005:†Ebola-like virus death toll rises  - BBC
4/1/2005:†Teams expose HIV's first lethal strike  - Nature
4/1/2005:†Norovirus Found To Cause Traveler's Diarrhea - Science Daily
4/1/2005:†Two Chemical Compounds Boost Immune Cellsí Ability To Suppress HIV Without Gene Therapy, UCLA AIDS Institute Study Finds - Science Daily
4/1/2005:†Vets warned over animal MRSA (Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus)  - BBC

4/1/2005:†Cat allergies 'could be blocked'  - BBC
4/1/2005:†MS drug to combat winter asthma  - BBC
4/1/2005:†Malaria, Science, and Social Responsibility ... - FirstScience
4/1/2005:†Cat allergies 'could be blocked'  - BBC
4/1/2005:†Irish smoking ban anniversary  - BBC

4/1/2005:†Pill power: Vitamin D tablets could banish falls and fractures say experts  - BBC
4/1/2005:†Hygiene bid: The modern matron's battle to keep hospitals infection free  - BBC
4/1/2005:†Travelling abroad: What to take to ensure you stay fit and healthy on your trip  - BBC
4/1/2005:†Oil and water mix for better drugs - New Scientist
4/1/2005:†NYU Dental Researcher Finds Link Between Pregnancy And Tooth Loss
4/1/2005:†Specialist Care Gives Better Rate Of Survival - Science Daily
4/1/2005:†Benign Separation Process Being Advanced For Pharmaceutical Industry - Science Daily
4/1/2005:†Raw food eaters thin but healthy  - BBC
4/1/2005:†Reid focus on 'entrepreneur' GPs
  - BBC
4/1/2005:†In the money: Are family doctors really worth £100,000 a year?
  - BBC
4/1/2005:†'I'm an orthorexic' A man obsessed with healthy eating spills the beans...
  - BBC
4/1/2005:†Lip piercings 'can shrink gums'
  - BBC

History, Anthropology:

4/1/2005:†Science v religion: Brian Walden on why people should talk about life's mystery  - BBC
4/1/2005:†A schoolgirl follows in the footsteps of her explorer father  - BBC
4/1/2005:†Force starts virtual ID parades  - BBC
4/1/2005:†Your Next TV - Business Week
4/1/2005:†Mark Cuban to finance Grokster defense  - C/Net
4/1/2005:†Army's high-tech plans hit cost snag  - C/Net
4/1/2005:†Is Silicon Valley similar to Detroit?  - C/Net
4/1/2005:†Electoral barrage  - C/Net
4/1/2005:†Rural America Vulnerable To Bioterrorism And Natural Disaster Threats - Science Daily
4/1/2005:†New Virtual Reality Chair To Explore Frontier Of 'Telepresence' - Science Daily
4/1/2005:†Business is basking in strong GOP majority - Seattle Times
4/1/2005:†Black, Asian women with degree outearn white women - Seattle Times
4/1/2005:†Commentary- Union leader gives tech talk
4/1/2005:†Productivity pressure can do harm - Seattle Times
4/1/2005:†LCD monitors' dead pixels bug owners - Seattle Times
4/1/2005:†Supreme Showdown for P2P's Future  - Wired News
4/1/2005:†Analysis: Russia, China Clash On War Game Plans
4/1/2005:†India Open To Buying Military Equipment From US: Defence Minister
4/1/2005:†Chirac calls for airline tax to help Africa on contentious Japan visit - SpaceDaily
4/1/2005:†When Science Switches Shores ...
 - FirstScience
4/1/2005:†10 Euros for a German science academy ...
 - FirstScience
4/1/2005:†The eBay of science ...
 - FirstScience
4/1/2005:†Curiosity Won't Kill Science Classes ...
 - FirstScience
4/1/2005:†Alligator attacks, volcanic eruptions and other A&E tales
  - BBC

4/1/2005:†Attention deficit  - C/Net
4/1/2005:†Decoding The Babel Of Brain Cells: Brain Discourse Includes Talk About Diseases, Injuries - Science Daily
4/1/2005:†Exercise to treat depression call  - BBC

Physics and Astronomy:
4/1/2005:†Italian, US Cosmologists Present Explanation For Accelerating Expansion Of The Universe - Science Daily
4/1/2005:†In The Stars: Omega Centauri Blues
 - SpaceDaily
4/1/2005:†The Numbers Behind The Kidney: Mathematicians Find A Useful Niche In Biological Sciences ...
 - Science Daily



4/1/2005:†NASA Details Cash Prizes for Space Privatization -
Warming Up To A Martian Carcass - SpaceDaily
Kazakhs Plan New Space Complex - SpaceDaily
4/1/2005:†Crater count led Mars historians astray
 - New Scientist
4/1/2005:†NASA Will Offer Cash Prizes for Technological Innovations
  - NY Times
4/1/2005:†WISE Study Starts In Toulouse: 60 Days Of Bed-rest For Terrestrial Female Astronauts
 - Science Daily
4/1/2005:†New Device Allows Safe And Fast Access To Large Space Simulator
 - Science Daily
4/1/2005:†Space Debris: Assessing The Risk
 - Science Daily
4/1/2005:†Wanna Buy a Soviet Space Suit?  - Wired News
4/1/2005:†Embezzlement At Russian Space Facility
 - SpaceDaily
4/1/2005:†Marshall Tests Super-Size 'Bottle Rocket'
 - SpaceDaily
4/1/2005:†Feature: 'Apollo' Program Lives On
 - SpaceDaily
4/1/2005:†Embezzlement At Russian Space Facility
 - SpaceDaily
4/1/2005:†NASA's Comet-Busting Spacecraft on Course ...
 - FirstScience

4/1/2005:†Taking Aim With Nanoparticle PEBBLEs - Science Daily
4/1/2005:†BigBelly Has Appetite for Trash  - Wired News
4/1/2005:†Nanocatalysts For Oil, Drugs - SpaceDaily


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