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  April 1, 2004

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Crazy Comet: 'Wild' Surface Seen Up Close - Space.com   Left: A composite image of comet Wild 2 shows part of its surface detail overlain on a longer-exposure image that reveals the outgassing jets. Dust and gas stream into space, leaving a trail millions of miles long.  "Other than the Sun, this is the most active planetary surface in our solar system," said Donald Brownlee, principle investigator of the comet study. Its surface is littered with odd, well-like depressions, as well as hills, cliffs and active vents that belch gas into space.
Western gorilla, Roberta Salmi/Elsevier Gorilla study gives social clues  - BBC  Left:  Western gorillas are threatened by poaching and disease.  The western gorilla lives peacefully in human-like social groups, a study shows. Only the mountain gorilla, which is known for its aggressive behaviour, chest-beating and fighting, has been widely observed in the wild until now. But the new research suggests the western gorilla, another gorilla species, interacts peacefully when it comes into contact with other apes. When a mature male, known as a silverback, encountered a tribe led by its brother or cousin, the encounter was almost always a friendly one.


Dieting in middle age may extend your life span  - BBC  "CR begun relatively late in the lifespan of mice was as effective as CR begun early in life at decelerating mortality rate, extending remaining lifespan, and delaying the onset or progression of cancer as a cause of death," they concluded. The mice were 19 months old (the human equivalent of 60 to 65). Lifespan was extended by 42% and deaths due to cancer were delayed, perhaps by decreasing the rate of tumour growth. Increasing life span by 42% equates to 25 years in human terms. In other words, starting calorie restriction at 60 might take you to age 120. This research was sponsored by the Life Extension Foundation.

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Alzheimer's Disease:

4/1/2004: Gorilla study gives social clues   - BBC
4/1/2004: Life-Seeking Chip Will Join Space Probes
 - SpaceDaily
4/1/2004: NSW goes it alone with GM crops... - FirstScience
4/1/2004: Row flares between Australian federal, state governments on GM crop bans... - FirstScience

Climate, Environment:
4/1/2004: Grim future for gorillas and chimps  - BBC
4/1/2004: Physicists Help Met Office Predict Severity Of Snow Falls - SpaceDaily
4/1/2004: Testing the Waters: Fish or Foul?  - Wired News
4/1/2004: Greenpeace takes on IBM storage network... - FirstScience
4/1/2004: Environment Fears as Carbon Emissions Rise... - FirstScience
4/1/2004: China's acid rain pollution worsens in 2003... - FirstScience
4/1/2004: Warning Over Climate Change Peril... - FirstScience
4/1/2004: Lost UK butterfly thriving again  - BBC
4/1/2004: Fishing reforms cause 'dismay'  - BBC
4/1/2004: Ozone agreement faces challenge  - BBC
4/1/2004: Little acorns: Shoots of recovery for hardwood forestry industry  - BBC
4/1/2004: Report calls for more fish cuts  - BBC
4/1/2004: Entangled whale moves out of reach of rescuers - MSNBC
4/1/2004: Scores of seabirds dying off in Alaska - MSNBC
4/1/2004: More dead dolphins found along Florida - MSNBC

4/1/2004: Bots Open Door to Gaming History  - Wired News
4/1/2004: Antigua beats US on net gaming  - BBC
4/1/2004: Lock and load: Unreal Tournament shooter brings out the heavy artillery  - BBC
4/1/2004: 'Red Dead Revolver' takes gamers to Wild West  - CNN
4/1/2004: Xbox price about to drop, says analyst  - C/Net
4/1/2004: Sony plays up future of video games  - C/Net
4/1/2004: Device puts both hands on the PC wheel
  - C/Net

4/1/2004: Satellite Struggles to Find Niche  - Wired News
4/1/2004: A Base Station for Mobile Pics - ABC
4/1/2004: Review: Software for Snappy Searches - ABC
4/1/2004: Bush pushes ubiquitous broadband by 2007  - C/Net
4/1/2004: Your next mobile phone - USA Today

4/1/2004: Single-Molecule Logic Proposed  - Technology Review 

4/1/2004: Indian computer sales surge in third quarter - SpaceDaily
4/1/2004: Home Is Where the Server Is  - Technology Review 
4/1/2004: High-Tech How-To's and Digital Reviews- Tech TV
4/1/2004: Apple told to halt 'world's fastest' claims for G5  - C/Net
4/1/2004: The quest for the digital chatterbox  - C/Net

4/1/2004: Online virus war is slowing down  - BBC
4/1/2004: Neo-Nazi music downloads spark raids  - CNN
4/1/2004: Click the Vote - Business Week
4/1/2004: "A Major Change in the Political Equation" - Business Week
4/1/2004: Web Politics: "It's Just the Beginning" - Business Week
4/1/2004: U.N. ponders Net's future  - C/Net
4/1/2004: No quick fixes  - C/Net
4/1/2004: Who should govern the Net?  - C/Net

4/1/2004: EU ready to defend landmark anti-trust ruling against Microsoft in court - SpaceDaily
4/1/2004: US denounces EU decision on Microsoft, but rivals applaud - SpaceDaily
4/1/2004: Apple: Serving America First  - Wired News
4/1/2004: EU Lowers Boom on Microsoft  - Wired News
4/1/2004: As the Record Spins
4/1/2004: Cybershake: A Daily Tech Report - ABC
4/1/2004: Microsoft exec concedes 'worst' goof  - CNN
4/1/2004: Microsoft: The Hot Ticket in Brussels - Business Week
4/1/2004: He Holds Microsoft's Fate in His Hands - Business Week
4/1/2004: A New World for Microsoft? - Business Week
4/1/2004: EU gets tough with Microsoft  - C/Net
4/1/2004: Read the complete coverage  - C/Net

4/1/2004: Severe nuclear accident network to upgrade accident prediction and prevention...
4/1/2004: 25 years after Three Mile Island - MSNBC

4/1/2004: New Treatment Direction for Heart Failure - ABC

4/1/2004: Study: Abortion, Breast Cancer Not Linked - ABC
4/1/2004: Link between abortion and breast cancer dismissed  - Nature

4/1/2004: FDA OKs HIV Test That Gives Quick Results - ABC
4/1/2004: Mosquito immunity clue to malaria  - BBC
4/1/2004: Aids risk 'cut by circumcision'  - BBC
4/1/2004: HIV discovery allows targeting of vaccines  - Nature


4/1/2004: Birth Weights Up After EPA Pesticide Ban, Study Finds... - Washington Post
4/1/2004: Should You Be Screened? - ABC
4/1/2004: Grace on Ice - ABC
4/1/2004: Global Campaign Highlights Headaches - ABC
4/1/2004: High Schools Struggling With Steroid Use - ABC
4/1/2004: Broader Rules Urged for Child Research - ABC
4/1/2004: Conservatives Win Big With Fetus Bill - ABC
4/1/2004: Computers in bedrooms reducing children's sleep  - BBC
4/1/2004: Doubt over shaken baby diagnosis  - BBC
4/1/2004: Sharp rise in bone marrow donors  - BBC
4/1/2004: US foetus law sparks abortion row  - BBC
4/1/2004: Customers ask for bigger portions  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
4/1/2004: Drawing a line: A rubbish tip threatens Peru's mysterious ancient markings  - BBC

4/1/2004: Eurofighter Seen Overtaking US Fighter Makers In Revenues - SpaceDaily
4/1/2004: US Not To Reduce Nuclear Arsenal To Moscow Treaty Levels - SpaceDaily
4/1/2004: Outsourcing backlash could hurt US high-tech sector: study - SpaceDaily
4/1/2004: Baseball Joins Media Slugfest  - Wired News
4/1/2004: Comcast Buys TechTV  - Wired News
4/1/2004: Welcome to the Swingers Club  - Wired News
4/1/2004: California County Demands Answers from Diebold  - Wired News
4/1/2004: TV Tweaked- Tech TV
4/1/2004: Your PC as a Digital VCR- Tech TV
4/1/2004: A Box That Plays DVDs And More- Tech TV
4/1/2004: Vote: Been in a Funk?
4/1/2004: Israel unveils tiny drones  - BBC
4/1/2004: Tech tax blow for small firms  - BBC
4/1/2004: Bad news for bionic hiker  - CNN
4/1/2004: The Business of Online Campaigns - Business Week
4/1/2004: Whose Chopper Creates More Jobs? - Business Week
4/1/2004: Andy Grove: Remake the American dream  - C/Net
4/1/2004: Will earnings reignite the market?  - C/Net
4/1/2004: Smiles reveal secrets to security cameras  - Nature

4/1/2004: Study: Listening Keeps Kids Off Drugs - ABC
4/1/2004: Living in a House of Funk
4/1/2004: Environment 'stunts young brains'  - BBC

Physics and Astronomy:
4/1/2004: A Star Is Born: Celestial Beacon Sheds New Light On Stellar Nursery - SpaceDaily
4/1/2004: Mathematicians share Abel Prize
  - BBC
4/1/2004: Maths 'Nobel' awarded  - Nature


4/1/2004: Dieting in middle age may extend your life span   - BBC
4/1/2004: Study- Low-Calorie Diet May Extend Life- ABC

4/1/2004: Japanese firm unveils large robot for disaster rescue work - SpaceDaily

4/1/2004: Crazy Comet: 'Wild' Surface Seen Up Close - Space.com
4/1/2004: The Search Continues with the Allen Telescope Array
 - Space.com
4/1/2004: Europe And Russia- A 15-Year Partnership In Human Spaceflight - SpaceDaily
4/1/2004: Hypersonic X-43 Research Plane Ready To Fly At Mach 7 - SpaceDaily
4/1/2004: Messenger Mercury Launch No Earlier Than July 30 - SpaceDaily
4/1/2004: China Considering Space Docking To Follow On From New SZ Model - SpaceDaily
4/1/2004: Smart-1 Eclipse Period Over - SpaceDaily
4/1/2004: Life-Seeking Chip Will Join Space Probes - SpaceDaily
4/1/2004: Aldrin: Returning to Moon Is Not Enough - ABC
4/1/2004: China Moves Up Moon Orbiter Launch Date - ABC
4/1/2004: New International Space Team Passes Tests
 - ABC
4/1/2004: Titanic waves break on Saturn's sludgy moon
 - New Scientist
4/1/2004: Moon-to-Mars Feasible, Experts Say, but Politics, Lack of Industry Cooperation Could Jeopardize Vision
 - Space.com
4/1/2004: STRATCOM Chief Says Need for Space Control Is Now
 - Space.com
4/1/2004: Surfing Titan: Huge Waves Possible on Saturn's Moon
 - Space.com
4/1/2004: Complete Coverage of the 20th Annual National Space Symposium
 - Space.com
4/1/2004: Methane on Mars
 - SpaceDaily
4/1/2004: Mars Express Confirms Methane In The Martian Atmosphere
 - SpaceDaily
4/1/2004: Russian, American and Dutch astronaut to blast off on April 19
 - SpaceDaily



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