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  March 9, 2006

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Pills Further fears over arthritis drug  - BBC  Renewed fears about the safety of arthritis drug Celebrex have been raised after scientists linked it to an increased risk of heart attacks. A Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine study suggested those on the drug had double the heart attack risk. Celebrex is in the same drug family as Vioxx, withdrawn from sale last year. In 2004 at least 600,000 patients were prescribed Celebrex - which is the brand name for celecoxib - in the UK.But doctors are now advised not to give it patients with a heart condition or stroke. Vioxx was voluntarily withdrawn from world markets by drug firm Merck.    
image Brain chip research aims for future movement  - CNN  Matthew Nagel awoke from a two-week coma in the summer of 2001 to learn that he was paralyzed from the neck down. "My mother was right by my side and explained that I got stabbed," he recalled. The BrainGate Neural Interface is being developed by Cyberkinetics Neurotechnology Systems Inc. in Foxborough, Massachusetts. The device is a 4 by 4 millimeter arrangement of 100 electrodes. It is surgically implanted in the motor cortex, the part of the brain responsible for creating movement in the limbs. The implanted chip connects to a small platform protruding from the patient's skull that is linked to an external processor. "Within the first three days I was able to control the cursor pretty much," Nagel said. "When I think back on it, it's kind of a trip to think that my brain signals was controlling a mouse, changing channels on my TV, adjusting the volume, opening e-mails."  

The nanotubes are 30 nanometres across and 4 nm high, shown in cross-section in the foreground and from above in the background (Image: LBNL)

Nanotube networks conjured on crystals - New Scientist  The key to instantly assembling intricate networks of nanotubes has been discovered by scientists armed with some of the most sophisticated microscopes in the world. The phenomenon may one-day help create tiny nano-circuits that let electrons pass through nano-pipes instead of along silicon wires. The researchers watched as copper was deposited onto a layered crystal of vanadium selenide, causing complex networks of nano-piping to suddenly pop up on top of the crystal. Each of the nanotubes is 30 nanometres – 30 billionths of a metre – across and together they form roughly hexagonal shapes on top of the crystal, each about 100 nanometres in diameter. Such circuits would be many times smaller than today's, allowing greater computer power to be packed into chips of the same dimensions. "Although there is a big step to making a useful device or material, it opens up some interesting possibilities."   
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Alzheimer's Disease:

3/9/2005: Lawmaker targets egg donors  - CNN
3/9/2005: Altruism 'in-built' in humans
  - BBC
3/9/2005: BBC's wildlife archives released  - BBC
3/9/2005: National Zoo tries to get elephant pregnant - MSNBC
3/9/2005: Chimpanzees show hints of higher human traits - New Scientist
3/9/2005: Chimpanzees Recognize When Collaboration Is Necessary And Choose The Best Collaborative Partner - Science Daily
3/9/2005: Primates Harvest Bee Nests In Ugandan Reserve - Science Daily
3/9/2005: Sex: Why Bother? Research On Pros, Cons Of Sexual Reproduction Explained - Science Daily
3/9/2005: A New Tree Of Life Allows A Closer Look At The Origin Of Species - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
3/9/2005: Africa could face more droughts  - BBC
3/9/2005: Ice Warrior diary: Frustration as lack of ice puts Arctic adventure on hold  - BBC
3/9/2005: Green Gods Is environmentalism becoming a new hair-shirted religion?  - BBC
3/9/2005: New satellite data show Antarctic ice loss - MSNBC
3/9/2005: Satellite ice spy - New Scientist
3/9/2005: Antarctic Ice Sheet Losing Mass, Says University Of Colorado Study - Science Daily
3/9/2005: Falcon Decoys And Simulated Rifle Fire Keep Birds From Oil - Science Daily
3/9/2005: Advanced Aircraft To Probe Hazardous Atmospheric Whirlwinds - Science Daily
3/9/2005: Researchers To Scrutinize Megacity Pollution During Mexico City Field Campaign - Science Daily
3/9/2005: Forecasting The Seas - Science Daily
3/9/2005: Pesticides In The Nation's Streams And Ground Water - Science Daily
3/9/2005: 'Treasure Trove' Of Climate Records Off Tahiti Coast- Coral Fossil Sampling To Document History Of Paleoclimatic Change - Science Daily
3/9/2005: Largest Crater In The Great Sahara Discovered By Boston University Scientists - Science Daily

3/9/2005: • Sony's iPod Assault Is No Threat to Apple - Business Week
3/9/2005: Sony DVD Camcorder for $409  - C/Net
3/9/2005: Gear we can't live without  - C/Net
3/9/2005: Garrett Brown: Inventing the future--and a few handy gadgets  - C/Net
3/9/2005: 'The Force' lives on in 'Star Wars- Empire at War'  - CNN

3/9/2005: Settlement ends Blackberry case
  - BBC
3/9/2005: Film revolution? The latest mobile craze of pocket movies takes off
  - BBC
3/9/2005: Licence 'must not fund TV switch'
  - BBC
3/9/2005: BlackBerry Won't Get Squashed
 - Business Week
3/9/2005: Sigh of relief for BlackBerry owners
  - C/Net
3/9/2005: Perspective: No joy in tech-dom after RIM-NTP settlement
  - C/Net
3/9/2005: Can mobile content ring in revenues?
  - C/Net
3/9/2005: Reporter roundtable: The RIM settlement examined
  - C/Net

3/9/2005: Spansion tips 45-nm, quad-bit flash  - El. Engr. Times
3/9/2005: New Magnetic Phenomenon May Improve RAM Memories And Storage Capacity Of Hard Drives - Science Daily

3/9/2005: Origami gadget to debut at Cebit  - BBC
3/9/2005: HP's Store-and-Swap Solution - Business Week
3/9/2005: Video: Computer for the poor  - C/Net
3/9/2005: Is DC the power to solve heat problems?  - C/Net

3/9/2005: Big push for Chinese net domains  - BBC
3/9/2005: Pakistan blocks blogs on cartoons  - BBC
3/9/2005: Pirate nation: French MPs to vote on legalising peer-to-peer file sharing
  - BBC
3/9/2005: Torrent talk: Newsnight defends its coverage of the file-sharing phenomenon   - BBC
3/9/2005: US inquiry into music downloading   - BBC
3/9/2005: Users start to stamp out spam  - BBC
3/9/2005: Porn, Google and the courts  - C/Net
3/9/2005: Now Google's cooking  - C/Net
3/9/2005: MySpace to bolster security  - CNN
3/9/2005: Senator offers Internet neutrality bill
  - CNN

3/9/2005: Online amateurs crack Nazi codes  - BBC
3/9/2005: • Yahoo's Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Business Week
3/9/2005: Strike three for Intel?  - C/Net
3/9/2005: Microsoft: Vista won't get a backdoor  - C/Net
3/9/2005: Sony's software future  - C/Net
3/9/2005: Patent auctions may signal new lawsuits  - C/Net
3/9/2005: Feds probe online music price fixing  - CNN
3/9/2005: Saliva Test Offers New Window On Caffeine-stress Response - Science Daily

3/9/2005: Gasoline made from cattle droppings - MSNBC

3/9/2005: Further fears over arthritis drug   - BBC 
3/9/2005: Marital rows 'harm heart health'  - BBC
3/9/2005: Hearts Hurt When Spouses Spat - Science Daily
3/9/2005: How Nice, Brown Rice: Study Shows Rice Bran Lowers Blood Pressure In Rats - Science Daily
3/9/2005: Serotonin May Play Role In Hardening Of The Arteries - Science Daily

3/9/2005: Prostate cancer op delay 'safe'  - BBC
3/9/2005: Prostate cancer  - BBC
3/9/2005: Breast screen treatment concerns  - BBC
3/9/2005: Weighting Cancer Drugs To Make Them Hit Tumors Harder - Science Daily
3/9/2005: Newly Discovered Killer Cell Fights Cancer - Science Daily
3/9/2005: Screening May Over-diagnose 1 In 10 Breast Cancers - Science Daily

3/9/2005: Why whirlpool baths could give you a nasty disease  - BBC
3/9/2005: Ear infection vaccine developed  - BBC
3/9/2005: Acute Stress Boosts Flu Shot Response In Women, Small Study Finds - Science Daily
3/9/2005: New Research Shows How Infection-fighting Cells Interact - Science Daily
3/9/2005: New Method For Identifying Microbes: Genomic 'Tags' Quickly Distinguish Pathogens From Harmless Relatives - Science Daily

3/9/2005: Potential risks of powerful MS drug are weighed - New Scientist
3/9/2005: Protein Fragment May Generate First Simple Test For Multiple Sclerosis - Science Daily
3/9/2005: Stanford Doctors Spotlight Fatal Flaw In Multiple Sclerosis Drug Trial - Science Daily

3/9/2005: Doctors attack online recruitment  - BBC
3/9/2005: Call for more home death support  - BBC
3/9/2005: Trying for a baby: What are the most common causes of infertility in women?  - BBC
3/9/2005: Child trafficking: Mounriatou and her baby died months after going home  - BBC
3/9/2005: 'No evidence' of mast health risk  - BBC
3/9/2005: Superstore holds antenatal clinic  - BBC
3/9/2005: Combined, Genes And Environment Affect Health More Than They Do Alone - Science Daily
3/9/2005: Computer Scientist Sorts Out Confusable Drug Names - Science Daily
3/9/2005: Plastic Surgeons Countdown First Full Facial Transplantation
 - Science Daily
3/9/2005: Anti-inflammatory Drug's Potentially Deadly Side Effect Found To Be Rare
 - Science Daily
3/9/2005: Nutritional Friend Or Foe? Vitamin E Sends Mixed Messages
 - Science Daily
3/9/2005: Penn Pairs Chronically Ill Patients With Medical Students To Create Better Doctors
 - Science Daily
3/9/2005: Data In Drug Promotional Brochures Can Be Inaccurate
 - Science Daily
3/9/2005: Obesity And Risk For Death Due To Motor Vehicle Crashes
 - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
3/9/2005: Peru to sue Yale over Inca pieces  - BBC
3/9/2005: Prehistoric milling site found in Calif. - MSNBC
3/9/2005: 14th-century shipwreck found - MSNBC
3/9/2005: ‘Gospel of Judas’ stirs scholarly spat - MSNBC
3/9/2005: Film adds humor to the evolution debate - MSNBC
3/9/2005: Sunken treasures of the Mediterranean - New Scientist

3/9/2005: Media 'sensationalising science'  - BBC
3/9/2005: Tall story: How a genetic disorder led to life as a dominatrix and a film  - BBC
3/9/2005: • A Chinese Blogger's Tale - Business Week
3/9/2005: Newsmaker: IBM's research juggling act  - C/Net
3/9/2005: Bush defends India job outsourcing  - C/Net
3/9/2005: 51 comments  - C/Net
3/9/2005: Apple bitten by own words  - C/Net
3/9/2005: 42 comments  - C/Net
3/9/2005: Photos: Origami folding at MIT  - C/Net
3/9/2005: Police blotter: Cell phone tracking rejected  - C/Net
3/9/2005: Hey Homer Simpson, what do you know about America's freedoms? - Live Science
3/9/2005: Bush's India visit expands technology partnerships  - El. Engr. Times
3/9/2005: Test your science and space smarts - MSNBC
3/9/2005: Fraud charges fly over artistic integrity  - Nature
3/9/2005: Top US scientists fight for NASA science budget - New Scientist
3/9/2005: Say goodbye to cheap chicken - New Scientist
3/9/2005: Shotgun-wielding chopper - New Scientist
3/9/2005: Breaking the spell of religion - New Scientist

3/9/2005: Brain chip research aims for future movement  - CNN
3/9/2005: Epilepsy doctor to launch appeal  - BBC
3/9/2005: Eyes are fooled by spinning, curving balls - New Scientist
3/9/2005: People Use Separate Brain Mechanisms To Make Ambiguous And Risky Choices - Science Daily
3/9/2005: A New Awakening For Sleep Research - Science Daily
3/9/2005: Omega 3 Fatty Acids Influence Mood, Impulsivity And Personality, Study Indicates - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
3/9/2005: Cosmic Log: Star-studded show - MSNBC
3/9/2005: Proving that E equals mc2
 - New Scientist
3/9/2005: Dusty shroud surrounds the Pole Star
 - New Scientist
3/9/2005: Neutrino 'mixing' may solve dark energy conundrum
 - New Scientist
3/9/2005: Letters to a Young Mathematician by Ian Stewart
 - New Scientist
3/9/2005: Scientists Capture The Speediest Ever Motion In A Molecule
 - Science Daily
3/9/2005: Physicist's Algorithm Simplifies Biological Imaging -- And Also Solves Sudoku Puzzles
 - Science Daily
3/9/2005: Part-time Pulsar Yields New Insight Into Inner Workings Of Cosmic Clocks
 - Science Daily

3/9/2005: Biomarkers May Hone Anti-aging Therapies - Science Daily

3/9/2005: Putting robots on front lines  - CNN
3/9/2005: Robotic 'pack mule' displays stunning reflexes - New Scientist

3/9/2005: ISS set for 2010 completion  - BBC
3/9/2005: Dawn asteroid mission killed, says report
 - New Scientist
3/9/2005: Build the space station now, use it later
 - New Scientist
3/9/2005: Space Suit Technology Can Protect Workers From Heatstroke
 - Science Daily
3/9/2005: Flow Of High-pressure Form Of Ice Tells Tales Of Interiors Of Giant Icy Moons
 - Science Daily

3/9/2005: Nanotube networks conjured on crystals  - New Scientist
3/9/2005: Techies rub elbows with Oscar  - C/Net
3/9/2005: Reinventing the boob tube  - C/Net
3/9/2005: Brazil readying new digital TV standard  - El. Engr. Times
3/9/2005: 'Nano-skin' could create super-bendy screens - New Scientist
3/9/2005: Keeping cool with oxide films - PhysicsWeb
3/9/2005: Research Shows Ventilated Auto Seats Improve Fuel Economy, Comfort
 - Science Daily


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