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  March 8, 2006

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Rocketplane's Majority Owner Buys Kistler - Space.com  The majority owner of Rocketplane Limited, Inc., an Oklahoma City, Okla.-based company building a reusable space plane for the suborbital tourism market, is adding Kistler Aerospace to his portfolio and initially intends to use its design for a reusable orbital vehicle to compete for business from NASA such as  delivering supplies to the international space station.  Kistler is an established company with mature engineering designs, and a substantial amount of hardware      
Modeling The Giant Cores Of Extrasolar Planets - SpaceDaily   University of Minnesota researchers Renata Wentzcovitch and Koichiro Umemoto and Philip B. Allen of Stony Brook University have modeled the properties of rocks at the temperatures and pressures likely to exist at the cores of Jupiter, Saturn and two exoplanets far from the solar system. They show that rocks in these environments are different from those on Earth and have metallic-like electric and thermal conductivity. These properties can produce different terrestrial-type planets, with longer-lasting magnetic fields, enhanced heat flow to the planetary surfaces and, consequently, more intense "planetquake" and volcanic activity.   

Smash the event horizon - New Scientist  Sci-fi writers have long imagined what being swallowed by a black hole might be like now physics, supercomputers and computer gaming graphics have combined in an attempt to create a realistic simulation. And its a pretty wild ride. The "Black Hole Flight Simulator" was created by Andrew Hamilton, an astrophysicist at the University of Colorado, for the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. The 23-minute show contains segments that required 90 hours of supercomputer calculation for each on-screen second. You can see the trailer here (and look out for the guy in the canoe). Entering a black hole might sound like a certain death sentence, but not so if it has five dimensions. If you dont fancy the gamble, astronomers can now detect the event horizon of black holes, as well as witness their brutal birth and messy feeding. (Image: Denver Museum of Nature and Science)
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Alzheimer's Disease:

3/8/2005:Stealth sharks to patrol the high seas - New Scientist
3/8/2005:New Predation Management Methods Reduce Conflict Between Humans And Carnivores
 - Science Daily
3/8/2005:Why We Have Sex: It's Cleansing - Live Science
3/8/2005:Korean cloning expert questioned  - BBC
3/8/2005:US 'plans stealth shark spies'  - BBC
3/8/2005:High antics: TV series Planet Earth follows mountaineering grizzly bears  - BBC
3/8/2005:Mexican student finds new shark species - MSNBC
3/8/2005:Chimps show sensitive side  - Nature
3/8/2005:Surprise organ discovered in mice  - Nature
3/8/2005:Chimpanzees show hints of higher human traits - New Scientist
3/8/2005:Panda playtime - New Scientist
3/8/2005:Stem cells help horses over injury hurdle - New Scientist
3/8/2005:Boston University Scientists Develop New Application To Characterize Structure Of DNA Molecules - Science Daily
3/8/2005:Researchers Design Chip That Can Improve Citrus Varieties - Science Daily
3/8/2005:Computer Simulation And Lab Synthesis Sift Through Vast Universe Of Possible Molecules For The Best - Science Daily
3/8/2005:Study Reveals Mass Migration Of Mormon Crickets Driven By Hunger, Fear - Science Daily
3/8/2005:Bone Marrow Cells Can Become Functional Gut Lining Cells - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
3/8/2005:Fantastic images of Earth's upheavals  - CNN
3/8/2005:Tsunami study sparks new quake worries - MSNBC
3/8/2005:Global warming bubbles up from the ocean - New Scientist
3/8/2005:Fossil Wood Gives Vital Clues To Ancient Climates - Science Daily
3/8/2005:Antarctica losing ice to oceans  - BBC
3/8/2005:Antarctica's ice bottom exposed  - BBC
3/8/2005:ST vows to cut U.S. greenhouse gas emissions  - El. Engr. Times
3/8/2005:Antarctica is shrinking  - Nature
3/8/2005:Huge, Wet And Mysterious: New Climate Study Probes The World's Largest Ocean Current - Science Daily
3/8/2005:Study Of Latina Women And Children Finds Large Variation In Susceptibility To Pesticides - Science Daily
3/8/2005:Antarctic Ice Sheet Losing Mass, Says University Of Colorado Study - Science Daily
3/8/2005:Yellowstone Volcano Grows as Geysers Reawaken - Live Science
3/8/2005:ESA Satellite Program Monitors Dangerous Ocean Eddies - SpaceDaily

3/8/2005: From Russia with Games - Business Week
3/8/2005: Tomb Raider: Restoration of an Icon - Business Week
3/8/2005:iPod Hi-Fi has big-sounding ambitions  - C/Net
3/8/2005:Deal of the day: Sony DVD Camcorder for $409  - C/Net
3/8/2005:Game makers testing online distribution  - C/Net
3/8/2005:Review: Xbox 360 diving into living rooms - Seattle Times

3/8/2005: In Korea, Cell Phones Get a New Charge
 - Business Week
3/8/2005:Philly Wi-Fi network to pay for computers
 - Business Week
3/8/2005:Fujitsu, Yokogawa ally on next-gen optical network
  - El. Engr. Times
3/8/2005:Cell: A novel by Stephen King
 - New Scientist
3/8/2005:Tests show cell phone air safety risk
  - CNN
3/8/2005:Mobile TV for you and me
  - CNN
3/8/2005:Mobile TV comes home, literally
  - El. Engr. Times
3/8/2005:Philadelphia to offer $20 monthly Wi-Fi access
  - El. Engr. Times
3/8/2005:Philly Wi-Fi network to pay for computers
 - Seattle Times
3/8/2005:Voice over Internet use soaring
 - Seattle Times

3/8/2005:AMD Plays Offense - Business Week
3/8/2005:Google switches from Intel to AMD  - El. Engr. Times

3/8/2005:HP rolls out new entertainment notebooks  - C/Net

3/8/2005:Putting pen to paper  - CNN
3/8/2005:E-revolution forces Danes online  - BBC
3/8/2005:Deal done on .com domain future  - BBC
3/8/2005:Yahoo says it's backing away from TV-style Web shows  - C/Net
3/8/2005:Student suspended for viewing MySpace posting  - CNN
3/8/2005:Handwritten note special in age of e-mail  - CNN

3/8/2005:Torrent talk: Newsnight defends its coverage of the file-sharing phenomenon  - BBC
3/8/2005:Acupuncture 'like migraine pill'  - BBC
3/8/2005:Microsoft aims to stamp out spam  - BBC
3/8/2005:Ideas on display at Microsoft's TechFest  - C/Net
3/8/2005:Apple patches serious Mac OS flaws  - C/Net
3/8/2005:Microsoft says European Commission held back papers  - C/Net
3/8/2005:U.K. to probe 'patent thickets'  - C/Net
3/8/2005:Wikipedia racks up 1 million articles  - C/Net
3/8/2005:Microsoft hints at Origami date  - CNN

3/8/2005:Nuclear waste: Its final resting place - New Scientist
3/8/2005:Giant wind farm plan thrown out  - BBC
3/8/2005:Cleaning up its act: New hope for the coal industry  - BBC
3/8/2005:Going green: Carmakers go the extra mile to burnish their green credentials  - BBC
3/8/2005:Cleaning up its act: New hope for the coal industry  - BBC


3/8/2005:Cancer chemical found in drinks  - BBC
3/8/2005:Proteins Stop Blood-vessel And Tumor Growth In Mice - Science Daily
3/8/2005:Amifostine Makes Radiation More Effective, Eases Side Effects - Science Daily
3/8/2005:Dash of bleach boosts cancer vaccine - New Scientist

3/8/2005:'Military-style' flu network call  - BBC
3/8/2005:Superbug 'hit list' highlights hazard  - Nature
3/8/2005:Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus "hiding in hospital sinks and vases"  - Nature
3/8/2005:Chemotherapy may help human bird flu victims - New Scientist
3/8/2005:UK travellers get bird flu advice  - BBC

3/8/2005:Delayed-release Stimulant Used To Treat ADHD May Be Less Subject To Abuse - Science Daily

3/8/2005:'Healthy food at school' call  - BBC
3/8/2005:Surgery For Child Apnea Leads To Weight Gain - Science Daily
3/8/2005:Spot-check boost for care homes  - BBC
3/8/2005:Why older mums expect more twins - New Scientist
3/8/2005:Einstein Scientists Discover Cause And Possible Treatments For Hereditary Movement Disorder - Science Daily
3/8/2005:Chocolate Milk Could Be Key To Longer, Healthier Life - Science Daily
3/8/2005:Combined, Genes And Environment Affect Health More Than They Do Alone - Science Daily
3/8/2005:Fat and Happy: Why Most People Don't Diet - Space.com
3/8/2005:Fact vs. Fiction on Obesity

3/8/2005:Surgeon General: Obesity Epidemic will Dwarf Terrorism Threat
3/8/2005:Potential New Diet Trick: False Memories
 - Space.com
3/8/2005:Obesity May Be Contagious: Scientists Say
 - Space.com

History, Anthropology:
3/8/2005:Ancient corn found in Peruvian Andes - MSNBC
3/8/2005:Amber Reveals Ecology Of 30 Million Year Old Spiders - Science Daily
3/8/2005:Queen's life on the web for her 80th birthday celebration  - BBC

3/8/2005:Q&A: Martin Rees Britain's 'top scientist' warns UK science musn't get complacent  - BBC
3/8/2005:In pictures: Photographer of the year: Winner's gallery  - BBC
3/8/2005:Online amateurs crack Nazi codes  - BBC
3/8/2005:Irish language skills lure Amazon  - BBC
3/8/2005:Flat-screen war heats up, LCD catching up  - C/Net
3/8/2005:Software helps the illiterate find work  - CNN
3/8/2005:Home workers more productive, liberated  - El. Engr. Times
3/8/2005:First anti-depressant patch is approved - New Scientist
3/8/2005:When aliens rained over India - New Scientist

3/8/2005:The Evolution Of Right- And Left-handedness - Science Daily
3/8/2005:Rochester Researchers Delve Into Concussions; Better Tests Needed For Fuller View Of Head Injuries, Study Says - Science Daily
3/8/2005:When Seeing Is Misleading- Clutter Leads To High-confidence Errors - Science Daily
3/8/2005:Hit-and-run Injury To The Brain- New Evidence On Chronic Fatigue Causation - Science Daily
3/8/2005:'Flawed' system Knife killing highlights need for new mental health law  - BBC
3/8/2005:Scientists study altruism in babies, chimps
3/8/2005:Potential risks of powerful MS drug are weighed
 - New Scientist
3/8/2005:Latest Research Shows How Mantrams Can Even Tackle Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
 - Science Daily
3/8/2005:Nature, Nurture And The Risk Of Depression
 - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
3/8/2005:Smash the event horizon  - New Scientist
3/8/2005:Cepheids And Their 'Cocoons'
 - Science Daily
3/8/2005:Complicating In Order To Simplify: New Twist In Classical Mechanics Finds Way Around 225-year-old Paradox
 - Science Daily
3/8/2005:Telescopes 'worthless' by 2050
  - BBC
3/8/2005:Dusty shroud surrounds the Pole Star
 - New Scientist
3/8/2005:Retreiving data from a black hole
 - PhysicsWeb
3/8/2005:Milky Way X-ray mystery solved
 - PhysicsWeb


3/8/2005:Why timing is crucial in the botnet wars - New Scientist

3/8/2005:Rocketplane's Majority Owner Buys Kistler - Space.com
3/8/2005:Cosmic Log: Visions of Venus
3/8/2005:Cosmic Log: Round-the-moon rescue? - MSNBC
3/8/2005:New model tackles Titan's methane
 - New Scientist
3/8/2005:Does Titan's Methane Originate From Underground?
 - Science Daily
3/8/2005:Discovery's Main Tank Arrives At The Cape
 - SpaceDaily
3/8/2005:Hitch As Russian Rocket Launches Arab Telecoms Satellite
 - SpaceDaily
3/8/2005:NASA Sets Media Rollout Of CEV Model
 - SpaceDaily
3/8/2005:Mars Rover Team Plays It Safes With Spirit
 - SpaceDaily
3/8/2005:Russian Space Industry Still Optimistic And Creative
 - SpaceDaily
3/8/2005:SETI Optical Telescope Nears Completion
 - SpaceDaily
3/8/2005:Titan's Methane Mystery May Be Solved
 - SpaceDaily

3/8/2005:Crop your photos with just a glance - New Scientist
3/8/2005:Flatscreen TVs to lose bad image - New Scientist
3/8/2005:Is DC the power to solve heat problems?  - C/Net
3/8/2005:Technology makes Caller ID spoofing a snap  - C/Net
3/8/2005:Israeli reseachers build a new class of nanotubes  - El. Engr. Times
3/8/2005:DVB ponders next-gen terrestrial DTV standard  - El. Engr. Times
3/8/2005:The Wonkavator
 - New Scientist
3/8/2005:Case School Of Engineering Professor Applies Virtual Reality To Train Brain And Heart Surgeons
 - Science Daily
3/8/2005:Japanese cars sweep magazine picks
 - Seattle Times
3/8/2005:When techies start to tinker ...
 - Seattle Times


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