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  March 8, 2005

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Schepens Scientists Regenerate Optic Nerve For The First Time - SpaceDaily  For the first time, scientists have regenerated a damaged optic nerve - from the eye to the brain. This achievement, which occurred in laboratory mice and is described in the March 1, 2005 issue of the Journal of Cell Science, holds great promise for victims of diseases that destroy the optic nerve, and for sufferers of central nervous system injuries. Chen also believes that this combination BCL-2 and scar prevention technique could work to regenerate other Central Nervous System tissue, increasing the possibility that spinal cord patients could walk or move again.     
U.N: 2050 World Population To Hit 9.1B - SpaceDaily  Global population is expected to increase by 2.6 billion people, to 9.1 billion in 2050, - the equivalent of adding China and India's population today - the United Nations said Thursday. The increase is equal to the population of the world in 1950. The hike is expected mainly in developing countries. Hania Zlotnik, director of the Population Division of the Department of Economic and Social Affair, told reporters at U.N. World Headquarters in New York that "the world population is going to stabilize at about 9 billion. Because of its low and declining rate of population growth, the population of developed countries as a whole was expected to remain virtually unchanged between 2005 and 2050.

Space Watch: An Oasis On The Moon? - SpaceDaily  As the human race begins the in-situ human exploration of the solar system in the coming decades, one essential ingredient to that journey will be water - not only because it will suggest where alien life might reside, but also because future explorers will need it to survive and prosper. Two American probes found evidence that molecular hydrogen might be locked in large quantities near the moon's poles. Scientists theorized water ice might exist frozen on the floors of a handful of very deep polar craters which remain always in shadow. Scientists have estimated that as much as 6.6 trillion tons of ice could be available.     
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Alzheimer's Disease:
3/8/2005: Neuronal 'Traffic Jam' Marks Early Alzheimer’s Disease - Science Daily

3/8/2005: From Nasty Bacteria to Eco-Friendly Bugs - Business Week
3/8/2005: The tricky task of inseminating an elephant
  - El. Engr. Times
3/8/2005: Critical Role In Programmed Cell Death Identified - Science Daily
3/8/2005: Biogen's Drug Debacle Could Beat Down Industry  - Technology Review 
3/8/2005: New Findings Lead Researchers To Question Basic Assumptions Of Fisheries Management - Science Daily
3/8/2005: Genome Of Deadly Amoeba Shows Surprising Complexity, Evidence Of Lateral Gene Transfer - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
3/8/2005: Ecologists propose 'intactness index'  - Nature
3/8/2005: Gold cure for heavy industry's hangover - New Scientist
3/8/2005: Climate change blamed for shift in lake life - New Scientist
3/8/2005: Essay: Making a myth of climate change - New Scientist
3/8/2005: Scientists Discover Why The North Pole Is Frozen - Science Daily
3/8/2005: NASA's "Great Earth Observatory" Marks Five Years Of Climate Discoveries - SpaceDaily
3/8/2005: Huge 2004 Stratospheric Ozone Loss Tied To Solar Storms, Arctic Winds - SpaceDaily
3/8/2005: Indonesia, Australia Rocked By Powerful Earthquake - SpaceDaily
3/8/2005: Scheme to reward 'green' farmers  - BBC
3/8/2005: Plants Become Green Mr. Clean To Combat Toxic Messes - Science Daily
3/8/2005: Climate Threshold May Alter Economic Picture Of Climate Change - Science Daily
3/8/2005: NASA Astrobiologist Identifies New 'Extreme' Life Form - Science Daily

3/8/2005: For drivers, a traffic jam of distractions  - C/Net
3/8/2005: Game ratings system adds category  - C/Net
3/8/2005: Hotspot users gain free net calls  - BBC
3/8/2005: Sony PSP tipped as a 'must-have'  - BBC

3/8/2005: The New Radio Revolution
 - Business Week
3/8/2005: Radio Days for Everyman
 - Business Week
3/8/2005: Telecom chiefs: Price hikes could follow mergers
  - C/Net
3/8/2005: Battle waged in Poland over control of a telecom
  - C/Net
3/8/2005: Phone viruses: how bad is it?
 - New Scientist
3/8/2005: A cellphone is the only gadget you need
 - New Scientist

3/8/2005: AMD tweaks Intel  - C/Net
3/8/2005: Intel to tackle flash memory card market  - C/Net

3/8/2005: Intel catches Mini fever  - C/Net
3/8/2005: Photos: Sleek is in  - C/Net
3/8/2005: GeoWall Project Expands the Window Into Earth Science  - NY Times

3/8/2005: Google: A $50 Billion "One-Trick Pony"- - Business Week
3/8/2005: China charges U.S. monopolizes the Internet  - C/Net
3/8/2005: A UN Managed Internet?  - C/Net
3/8/2005: Friendster befriends blogs--and fees  - C/Net
3/8/2005: another use of friendster  - C/Net
3/8/2005: Google'ssecret  - C/Net
3/8/2005: Tough days for blogging?
  - C/Net
3/8/2005: Lycos asks Jeeves to replace Yahoo
  - C/Net
3/8/2005: Dell CEO opposes Internet limits on movies
  - C/Net
3/8/2005: Buyout talks
  - CNN
3/8/2005: Media Sites: Say No to Pop-Ups
  - Wired News

3/8/2005: Court revisits Eolas verdict  - C/Net
3/8/2005: Adobe releases open-source interface software  - C/Net
3/8/2005: iTunes walks with the Dead  - C/Net
3/8/2005: 64-bit Windows: "A long time coming"  - C/Net
3/8/2005: Go Digital: Handhelds for Kenyan kids, Mac mini review and telemedicine tales  - BBC
3/8/2005: Court stays $521m Microsoft fine  - BBC
3/8/2005: Security patches issued for RealPlayers  - C/Net
3/8/2005: Netflix will 'fight until the death' to beat rivals  - C/Net
3/8/2005: San Jose mayor doesn't see another boom  - C/Net
3/8/2005: Ruling against Microsoft overturned  - CNN
3/8/2005: Cinequest, a P2P Movie Fest  - Wired News

3/8/2005: Fuel cells for notebooks  - C/Net
3/8/2005: Collapsing bubbles have hot plasma core  - Nature

3/8/2005: 'Marital Strain' Increases Women's Risk Of Death, Heart Disease - Science Daily

3/8/2005: Non-Invasive And Invasive Breast Cancers Share The Same Genetic Mutations - Science Daily
3/8/2005: Inherited Gene May Increase Risk For Prostate Cancer By 50% - Science Daily
3/8/2005: Plant Derivative Attacks The Roots Of Leukemia - Science Daily

3/8/2005: Chiron free to resume making flu vaccine - Business Week
3/8/2005: Oiling up babies stops infection  - BBC
3/8/2005: Study Documents Initial Differences In Sexual Transmission Of HIV Between Males And Females - Science Daily
3/8/2005: Dysentery Uses 'Sword And Shield' To Cause Infection - Science Daily
3/8/2005: Predicting Bird Flu's Future  - Wired News

3/8/2005: Diabetes' Link To Obesity Broken In Mice - Science Daily
3/8/2005: Poor Prenatal Nutrition Permanently Damages Function Of Insulin-producing Cells In The Pancreas - Science Daily

3/8/2005: Imaging Technique To Help Improve Bone Regeneration - Science Daily
3/8/2005: Computer Model Being Developed At Stanford May Help Surgeons Better Predict Patient Outcomes - Science Daily
3/8/2005: Culture Clash: Kids With Chronic Illness Face Difficult Transition To Adult Care - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
3/8/2005: Fossil finders in tug of war over analysis of hobbit bones  - Nature
3/8/2005: Histories: Death and the outcast - New Scientist
3/8/2005: The Quatermass Experiment to be revived by BBC  - BBC

3/8/2005: U.N: 2050 World Population To Hit 9.1B - SpaceDaily
3/8/2005: Sharpening plasma's image  - NY Times
3/8/2005: Maximum pain is aim of new US weapon - New Scientist
3/8/2005: Microsoft's festival of future - Seattle Times
3/8/2005: Prosecutor: Ebbers orchestrated fraud - Seattle Times
3/8/2005: Manufacturers oppose effort to extend some steel tariffs - Seattle Times
3/8/2005: Carly's Way  - Technology Review 
3/8/2005: Yahoo's Legacy: Profits are Possible on the Internet  - Technology Review 
3/8/2005: Hacker tips off Harvard Business School applicants  - C/Net
3/8/2005: 'Democratize the news,' says BBC executive  - El. Engr. Times
3/8/2005: Push to save three million babies every year - New Scientist
3/8/2005: Teenagers special: Going all the way - New Scientist
3/8/2005: Teenagers - New Scientist
3/8/2005: New Software Helps With Anti-terrorism Planning - Science Daily

3/8/2005: Schepens Scientists Regenerate Optic Nerve For The First Time - SpaceDaily
3/8/2005: Music has flavor to one who 'tastes' sounds  - El. Engr. Times
3/8/2005: Synaesthete makes sweet music  - Nature
3/8/2005: Could Schizophrenia Arise From A Single Defect? - Science Daily
3/8/2005: Autism rises despite MMR ban in Japan - New Scientist

Physics and Astronomy:
3/8/2005: Powerful Bursting Radio Source Discovery Points to New Class of Astronomical Objects ... - FirstScience
3/8/2005: Chandra probes high-voltage auroras on Jupiter ...
 - FirstScience
3/8/2005: 'Missing' dark matter was there all along
 - New Scientist
3/8/2005: Hubble gyro trick could win telescope time
 - New Scientist
3/8/2005: Powerful radio pulses puzzle astronomers
 - New Scientist
3/8/2005: Galaxies break new records
 - PhysicsWeb
3/8/2005: New look for classic experiment
 - PhysicsWeb
3/8/2005: Why Is The Helix Such A Popular Shape? Perhaps Because They Are Nature's Space Savers
 - Science Daily
3/8/2005: Astronomers Measure Mass Of Smallest Black Hole In A Galactic Nucleus
 - Science Daily
3/8/2005: VLA Probes Secrets Of Mysterious Magnetar
 - Science Daily
3/8/2005: Young star kicks out X-rays like a grown-up
 - New Scientist


3/8/2005: Robot to armwrestle human at materials conference  - El. Engr. Times

3/8/2005: Space Watch: An Oasis On The Moon? - SpaceDaily
Is Mars' Ring Around The Collar An Ancient Receding Glacier? - SpaceDaily
8/2005: Brazilian Military Team Attends Russian Space Launch - SpaceDaily
8/2005: ESA's First Habitat Design Workshop - SpaceDaily
3/8/2005: Melas, Candor And Ophir Chasmas- Centre Of Valles Marineris
 - Science Daily
3/8/2005: Mars Rovers Break Driving Records, Examine Salty Soil ...
 - SpaceDaily
3/8/2005: Russian Cosmonauts' Team 45 Years Old ...
3/8/2005: Grounded astronauts: As the shuttle program nears its end, will they ever get to fly? ...
 - FirstScience
3/8/2005: Future Uncertain for Nation's Astronauts ...
 - Washington Post
3/8/2005: NASA's 'Great Earth Observatory' Marks Five Years Of Climate Discoveries ...
 - SpaceDaily
3/8/2005: Rosetta Performs Closest Earth Fly-By
 - SpaceDaily
3/8/2005: Two Plus One Equals A Return To Flight
 - SpaceDaily
3/8/2005: Progress At The Station
 - SpaceDaily
3/8/2005: End of Conspiracy Theories? Spacecraft Snoops Apollo Moon Sites

3/8/2005: Motoring Technology - New Scientist
3/8/2005: Purdue Researchers Use Enzyme To Clip 'DNA Wires' - SpaceDaily
3/8/2005: BigBelly puts squeeze on NYC trash  - CNN
3/8/2005: NSA specifies elliptic-curve crypto for security applications  - El. Engr. Times


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