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  March 7, 2006

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Glass Chip Cancels Starlight To Reveal Exoplanets - SpaceDaily  A thin and tiny glass chip called an optical vortex mask might hold the key to direct imaging of planets orbiting around neighboring stars. The glass chip can block out starlight so completely it could allow telescopes to image a star's solar syst  The chips work by redirecting light waves. When light hits them dead on, they slow it down more in the thicker layers than in the thinner ones. Eventually, the chips split the light and phase-shift it so some light waves move 180 degrees out of phase with others. The light spins through the chip like wind in a hurricane, until light waves that are 180 degrees out of phase cancel out one another, leaving a totally dark central core.     
Why a little chocolate might actually be good for your health  - BBC  Dutch scientists found elderly men who consumed cocoa had lower blood pressure levels, and were less likely to die from cardiovascular problems. The Dutch team, from the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment in Bilthoven, focused on 470 men aged 65 to 84 years. Over the next 15 years, men who consumed cocoa regularly had significantly lower blood pressure than those who did not.  Men in the group with the highest cocoa consumption were half as likely as the others to die from cardiovascular disease.    

Send in my android twin - New Scientist  In a brilliant ploy to free up a busy diary, Japanese roboticist Hiroshi Ishiguro says he plans to send his android doppelganger to conferences in his place in the future. Ishiguro, of Osaka University, is well known for creating eerily human androids. But he told delegates at a recent conference in Australia that he's now working on one modelled on himself.You can see a video of one of Ishiguro's female androids, called Repilee Q2, introducing herself here and another, of Ishiguro talking about his work, here. He foresees a time when many busy people will become willing to have an android replica stand in for them on a regular basis."I will not need to come here again…I will send my android instead," Ishiguro said - Sydney Morning Herald.      The image above shows one of Ishiguro's androids without it's very realistic skin. This recent New Scientist feature explores many ongoing efforts to make robots more human-like and there's plenty more information in our Robots Special Report.
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Alzheimer's Disease:

3/7/2005: Quiz: Sea monsters: Do you know the secrets of monsters of the deep?  - BBC
3/7/2005: Deep-spied Fish: Atlantic Expeditions Uncover Secret Sex Life Of Deep-sea Nomads
 - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
3/7/2005: Consensus grows on climate change  - BBC
3/7/2005: Pulse reveals beating heart of a supervolcano - New Scientist
3/7/2005: Watering crops in the wireless age - New Scientist
3/7/2005: New Research Forecasts Better Weather Forecasts - Science Daily
3/7/2005: At 27,000 Pictures A Second, Researchers Discover That Earth's Turbulence Stirs Things Up More Slowly Than Expected - Science Daily
3/7/2005: Amazonian Terra Preta Can Transform Poor Soil Into Fertile - Science Daily
3/7/2005: Exposure to Environmental Ozone Alters Semen Quality ...  - FirstScience
3/7/2005: Policy Implications of Genetic Information on Regulation under the Clean Air Act- The Case of Particulate Matt ... - FirstScience
3/7/2005: Environmentalists confront Shell over Russian project ...  - FirstScience
3/7/2005: Shut-off valve stops pollution ... - FirstScience
3/7/2005: Reducing organic solvent emissions ... - FirstScience
3/7/2005: Pollution fears prompt heritage chiefs to re-ignite road toll row ... - FirstScience
3/7/2005: Greenpeace Warns Bankers Against Funding Russia's Pacific Pipeline Project ... - FirstScience
3/7/2005: Professor Finishes Maine Bay Seaweed Study ... - FirstScience
3/7/2005: Envisat Hailed for its Contribution to Earth Science ... - FirstScience
3/7/2005: Envisat Marks Fours Year In ESA Mission To Planet Earth  - Technology Review 
3/7/2005: Video: A greener path for dead chips  - C/Net

3/7/2005: • Apple's Latest Audio Offensive - Business Week
3/7/2005: More Product Reviews >> - Business Week
3/7/2005: iPod Hi-Fi has big ambitions  - C/Net
3/7/2005: Photos: Amping up the iPod  - C/Net
3/7/2005: Video: Meet the iPod Hi-Fi  - C/Net
3/7/2005: Photos: Camera phones focus on three megapixels  - C/Net
3/7/2005: Wild new products for the iPod
  - CNN
3/7/2005: 'World of Warcraft' hits 6 million milestone
  - C/Net

3/7/2005: • Sony Ericsson Unveils High-End Camphones
 - Business Week
3/7/2005: Samsung's X497: Smart, Snazzy, and Sensible
 - Business Week
3/7/2005: Global handset makers locked in merger dance
  - C/Net
3/7/2005: Study: Cell phones can pose risk to planes
  - C/Net
3/7/2005: Katrina volunteers tap Wi-Fi savvy
  - C/Net
3/7/2005: Study: Cell phones a hazard on flights
  - C/Net
3/7/2005: Phone, media firms see mobile ads soon
  - C/Net


3/7/2005: Need your PC fixed? Get ready to pay up  - C/Net
3/7/2005: Chart: PC support services  - C/Net

3/7/2005: Google Tries to Make Nice - Business Week
3/7/2005: China creates own Internet domains  - C/Net
3/7/2005: Congress gives online colleges a boost  - C/Net
3/7/2005: The next Net 25  - C/Net
3/7/2005: Australian Group Looks To Tax Web Viewing  - Technology Review 
3/7/2005: Microsoft: Our engine to be better than Google soon  - C/Net

3/7/2005: Napster rues Microsoft, player glitches  - C/Net
3/7/2005: Is YouTube the Napster of video?  - C/Net
3/7/2005: Members of Apocalypse Crew plead guilty  - CNN
3/7/2005: Microsoft wants you to think with your feet  - CNN
3/7/2005: Apple settles in at home - Seattle Times
3/7/2005: TiVo May Give Away Set-Tops  - Technology Review 
3/7/2005: Ideas on display at Microsoft's TechFest  - C/Net
3/7/2005: Apple patches serious Mac OS flaws  - C/Net

3/7/2005: Safety fears: Contamination woes overshadow Russia's nuclear reforms  - BBC
3/7/2005: Baltic states agree nuclear plant  - BBC
3/7/2005: A new spin on energy efficiency  - C/Net
3/7/2005: Images: From nature to lab  - C/Net
3/7/2005: Biodiesel car rental comes to L.A.  - C/Net

3/7/2005: Why a little chocolate might actually be good for your health  - BBC
3/7/2005: Optimists 'have less heart risk'  - BBC
3/7/2005: Bioengineers Create Stable Networks Of Blood Vessels - Science Daily

3/7/2005: Sperm Banking Gives Teenage Cancer Patients Hope For The Future - Science Daily
3/7/2005: MIT Method Reveals How Radiation Damages The Body; Work Could Reduce Side Effects For Cancer Patients - Science Daily
3/7/2005: Marrow-derived Stem Cells Deliver New Cytokine To Kill Brain Tumor Cells, Offer Protection - Science Daily

3/7/2005: Feline fears: Are cats and their owners at risk from deadly bird flu?  - BBC
3/7/2005: Bird flu panel: From vaccines to budgies, the experts answer your concerns  - BBC

3/7/2005: Fag-quitting diary: MP recalls the glamorous image smokers had  - BBC
3/7/2005: Hidden camera catches man under the effects of crystal meth  - BBC
3/7/2005: Sensor instantly detects cocaine in blood  - C/Net

3/7/2005: Baby, what a crowd! Is giving birth becoming a spectator sport?  - BBC
3/7/2005: Study Of Dinosaurs Part Of Pitt Medical School Plan To Graduate Better Doctors - Science Daily
3/7/2005: Obese People Are More Sensitive To Pain, Suggests Study - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
3/7/2005: Museum to re-examine the scars of slavery - MSNBC
3/7/2005: This week 26 years ago in New Scientist - New Scientist
3/7/2005: The Biggest Carnivore: Dinosaur History Rewritten - Live Science
3/7/2005: Video: Physicist recounts his early days in the Valley  - C/Net

3/7/2005: Africa given free journal access  - BBC
3/7/2005: On the money: How peer-to-peer online lending can help Africans  - BBC
3/7/2005: Ill-health legacy of atomic bomb  - BBC
3/7/2005: • Just Don't Call It Retirement - Business Week
3/7/2005: • From The Doghouse To The Corner Office - Business Week
3/7/2005: Supreme Court rules in printer ink case - Business Week
3/7/2005: PopSci photographer's favorite shots  - C/Net
3/7/2005: Russia targets U.S. investors  - El. Engr. Times
3/7/2005: Philips, T3G, Samsung team on 3G phone for China  - El. Engr. Times
3/7/2005: Intel expands, Google lands in Israel  - El. Engr. Times
3/7/2005: Web site to promote math and science reform  - El. Engr. Times
3/7/2005: Letter: Engineers' pay will fall  - El. Engr. Times
3/7/2005: Doh! Americans Know 'The Simpsons' Better than First Amendment - Live Science
3/7/2005: Perspective: In federal e-security we trust? Not a chance  - C/Net
3/7/2005: Hynix execs to do time for memory price-fixing  - C/Net

3/7/2005: Emotional health: How easy is it returning to work after long-term sick leave?  - BBC
3/7/2005: For a new personality, click here - New Scientist
3/7/2005: Largest Study Of Human 'Interactome' Reveals A Novel Way - Science Daily
3/7/2005: Classic Illusion Sheds New Light On The Neural Site Of Tactile Perception - Science Daily
3/7/2005: Depression Patch Approved - Live Science

Physics and Astronomy:
3/7/2005: Glass Chip Cancels Starlight To Reveal Exoplanets - SpaceDaily
3/7/2005: Artificial atoms amplify light
 - PhysicsWeb
3/7/2005: Black Holes and Cosmic Snapshots ...
 - FirstScience
3/7/2005: 'Deep impact' of pulsar plunging into gas ring ...
 - FirstScience
3/7/2005: Black Holes and Cosmic Snapshots ...
 - FirstScience


3/7/2005: Send in my android twin  - New Scientist
3/7/2005: Sumo battle bots - New Scientist

3/7/2005: Shuttle hopes for three flights  - BBC
3/7/2005: Venezuela kicks off space effort
  - BBC
3/7/2005: New asteroid at top of Earth-threat list
 - New Scientist
3/7/2005: Astronauts plan the biggest golf drive in history
 - New Scientist
3/7/2005: Proton Rocket Fails to Put Satellite in Proper Orbit
 - Space.com
3/7/2005: NASA Aims at May 10 for Next Shuttle Flight
 - Space.com
3/7/2005: NASA to Discuss ISS Construction with Partners
 - Space.com
3/7/2005: Astronaut's father killed in accident ...
 - FirstScience
3/7/2005: NASA Names New Spacecraft 'Altair' ...
 - FirstScience
3/7/2005: Proton Places Arabsat-4A in Wrong Orbit ...
 - FirstScience
3/7/2005: Foam Issues Still Dog Shuttle Launch
  - Technology Review 
3/7/2005: New Mexico spaceport gets bankrolled  - C/Net

3/7/2005: Tick-Busting Robot Nabs Pests  - Wired News
7/2005: BMW's Fastest Mini Yet  - Wired News
3/7/2005: Geekcorps: A Peace Corps for techies  - C/Net
3/7/2005: Photos: Life in the Geekcorps  - C/Net
3/7/2005: Invention: Guitar phone - New Scientist
3/7/2005: Building with light - New Scientist
3/7/2005: Nanoscale Tubing Assembles Itself Instantly - Science Daily
3/7/2005: Software Promises More Efficient Design Process - Science Daily
7/2005: Flat-Panel Upstarts  - Technology Review 
7/2005: A Flurry of New Cars in Geneva  - Wired News
Look, up in the sky, it's a holographic ad   - C/Net
3/7/2005: Kids build the darndest cars  - C/Net
3/7/2005: Technology opens world of work to disabled  - C/Net
3/7/2005: Technology: Boom, bust and beyond  - C/Net
3/7/2005: Nanotube networks conjured on crystals - New Scientist
3/7/2005: Sporty lines for springtime  - C/Net
3/7/2005: NASA laser device could assist at crime scenes
  - C/Net
3/7/2005: Republicans tout high-tech agenda
  - C/Net


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