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  March 7, 2005

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Quarter of Mars Scientists at European Meeting Believe Life Possible on Red Planet -  Three-quarters of the 250 Mars science experts meeting to analyze the results from U.S. and European Mars probes believe life could have existed on Mars in the past, and 25 percent think life could be there even now, according to a poll released Feb. 25.  The results perhaps reflect the sober caution of scientists who refuse to jump to conclusions before conclusive evidence is in.     
Wealthy Chinese May Soon Embark On Private Space Flights - SpaceDaily  Left: The possibility of following in the footsteps of Yang Liwei, who became China's first man in space in 2003, has opened up with the entry of US tour operator Space Adventures into the Chinese market, the Beijing News said.  Wealthy Chinese citizens may soon embark on private space flights, with the first group of adventurous millionaires starting astronaut training as early as May, state media reported Monday. As of now, just one unnamed Chinese has signed up for one of Space Adventures' tour packages, but the two companies expect more to follow soon, the paper said.    

Mars Express, European Space Agency

Martian gases pose life question  - BBC  Vittorio Formisano told a Dutch space conference methane and formaldehyde could signify biological activity. "[My observations] should not be taken as a statement that there is life on Mars today, because we need to go there, to drill the soil, take samples, and analyse them before possibly concluding that life is there," Professor Formisano said  "If you consider only methane which is observed in the Martian atmosphere, it would be 150 tonnes a year; if you consider formaldehyde then you have 2.5 million tonnes [of methane] per year, which is much more," he said. "And the correlation indicates the sources are in the soil, underground."  
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Alzheimer's Disease:
3/7/2005: Researchers Turn To Brainpower To Beat Dementia - Science Daily

3/7/2005: Vital organs gave snakes their venom  - Nature
3/7/2005: New DNA Studies Verify Existence Of Three Right Whale Species
 - Science Daily
3/7/2005: Embryonic Stem Cells Treated With Growth Factor Reverse Hemophilia In Mice: UNC Researchers - Science Daily
3/7/2005: Singers (and Parents) Take Note: Worst Songbird Rehearsals Precede Best Debuts - Science Daily
3/7/2005: Certain Genetic Test Helps Detect Mutations That May Be Missed By Conventional DNA Test - Science Daily
3/7/2005: Researchers Find New Technique To Identify Fetal Genetic Material From Amniotic Fluid - Science Daily
3/7/2005: Fitness Correlates Of Song Repertoire Size In Free-living Song Sparrows - Science Daily
3/7/2005: Termites Feed Through Good Vibrations - Science Daily
3/7/2005: Secrets Of Whales' Long-distance Songs Are Being Unveiled - Science Daily
3/7/2005: Experiments Provide Proof Of How Traveling In Groups Protects Insects - Science Daily
3/7/2005: Executives sold stock before multiple-sclerosis drug woes disclosed - Seattle Times
3/7/2005: Weizmann Institute scientists discover how substitutions are made for injured genes ... - FirstScience

Climate, Environment:
3/7/2005: Evacuation worries over coastal growth - MSNBC
3/7/2005: Cod overfished? Old records suggest so - MSNBC
3/7/2005: Scientists Advance In Detection And Attribution Of Climate Change - Science Daily
3/7/2005: Climate: Open Season On Hockeysticks - New Scientist
3/7/2005: Local food 'greener than organic'  - BBC
3/7/2005: Researcher Downplays Arctic Ozone Hole Risk ... - FirstScience
3/7/2005: We can't keep putting garbage into landfills. We have to take responsibility to deal with it ... - FirstScience
3/7/2005: Will Global Warming Lead to Global Warring? ... - FirstScience
3/7/2005: Water bottles popular but not recycled ... - MSNBC
3/7/2005: Ozone loss tied to Arctic winds, solar storms ... - FirstScience
3/7/2005: Driving food home can cost the Earth ... - New Scientist

3/7/2005: The Next Video Game Consoles  - Wired News

3/7/2005: Survey: More teens on phone while driving
  - CNN
3/7/2005: Song sharing for your cell phone
  - CNN
3/7/2005: Driving While Under a Cell Phone
  - Wired News
3/7/2005: Nextel's Secret Weapon
  - Wired News

3/7/2005: Gurus mull challenges of 65 nm at Global Press Summit  - El. Engr. Times
3/7/2005: Barrett: Intel to migrate to dual-core platforms by year-end  - El. Engr. Times
3/7/2005: Philips Semiconductors applies RFID to its own supply chain  - El. Engr. Times
3/7/2005: Intel preps HyperTransport competitor for Xeon, Itanium CPUs  - El. Engr. Times
3/7/2005: Intel's litho guru says EUV is on track and viable - Silicon Strategies

3/7/2005: Optical network hardware market skyrockets  - El. Engr. Times
3/7/2005: Ending the Grid Lock - Technology Review 

3/7/2005: Watchdog-attacking Bagle ramps up- C/Net
3/7/2005: A new front in the Web tax wars- C/Net
3/7/2005: Cell phone ads that consumers love- C/Net
3/7/2005: Judge dismisses spam conviction  - CNN
3/7/2005: ChoicePoint Was Targeted Before  - Wired News
3/7/2005: The Book Stops Here  - Wired News
3/7/2005: ID fraud touches one in four
  - BBC
3/7/2005: Hotspot users gain free net calls
  - BBC
3/7/2005: Domain system scam fear
  - BBC

3/7/2005: Yahoo! celebrates birthday with free ice cream  - CNN
3/7/2005: File Sharing Unites Unlikely Allies  - Wired News

3/7/2005:China to Mandate Renewable Energy ...  - FirstScience
3/7/2005: California Revives Million Solar Roofs Legislation ... - FirstScience

3/7/2005: Changing Chemistry Helps Explain Estrogen Threat To The Heart - Science Daily

3/7/2005: Findings Suggests That Blocking Estrogen May Be Crucial To Lung Cancer Survival - Science Daily
3/7/2005: Prostate Cancer Vaccine Is First To Increase Survival - Science Daily
3/7/2005: Testicular cancer screening hope  - BBC

3/7/2005: Internet bugs may help stop real ones - MSNBC
3/7/2005: Small Increases Or 'Blips' In HIV Levels Do Not Signal Mutations Leading To Drug-resistant HIV - Science Daily
3/7/2005: Beautiful and HIV: Botswana women take to the catwalk to break down the Aids stigma  - BBC

3/7/2005: Single-donor Islet Transplantation Procedure Shows Promise For Patients With Type 1 Diabetes - Science Daily
3/7/2005: Probable Trigger Of Kidney Disease In Diabetics Identified - Science Daily

3/7/2005: New NIST Reference Material Reinforces Fragile-X Screens - Science Daily
3/7/2005: Hormone Therapy Controversy Raises Drug Safety Issues - Science Daily
3/7/2005: Many labels on food 'misleading'  - BBC
3/7/2005: Ad watchdog raps organic claims  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
3/7/2005: Histories: Death and the outcast - New Scientist
3/7/2005: Carbon-Dating Clock Reset  - Wired News
3/7/2005: Probing The Sea Floor To Gain Understanding Of Early Life On Earth - New Scientist

3/7/2005: In search of overhead heroes- C/Net
3/7/2005: Faulty fuel gauge may foil flight  - CNN
3/7/2005: Fossett's fuel situation  - CNN
3/7/2005: Fossett: Difficult flight  - CNN
3/7/2005: The man, the mission  - CNN
3/7/2005: Queen bestows knighthood on Bill Gates  - El. Engr. Times
3/7/2005: Globe-circling pilot faces fuel crisis - MSNBC
3/7/2005: Cosmic Log: The last shall be first - MSNBC
3/7/2005: Italy to return ancient obelisk to Ethiopia - MSNBC
3/7/2005: Archaeologists marvel at rare mummy - MSNBC
3/7/2005: Protest letter accuses health agency of biodefence bias  - Nature
3/7/2005: Criminals Are Target Of ORNL Advanced Communications System - Science Daily
3/7/2005: Retirement hotline kept busy with questions - Seattle Times
3/7/2005: State grocery chain to sell 8 stores, blames Wal-Mart - Seattle Times
3/7/2005: HP's ex-CEO Fiorina may end up at World Bank - Seattle Times
3/7/2005: Ebbers says he didn't see accounting irregularities - Seattle Times
3/7/2005: Scrushy kept up earnings fraud for fear of lawsuits, ex-CFO testifies - Seattle Times
3/7/2005: Biogen's Drug Debacle Could Beat Down Industry - Technology Review 
3/7/2005: Collective Detective Police Work  - Wired News
3/7/2005: Forgive and Forget?
  - Wired News
3/7/2005: Clinton, Boxer Pushing E-Voting Bill in Senate
  - Wired News
3/7/2005: Keystroke Strategy for Open Access
  - Wired News
3/7/2005: Police puzzled, others see mysterious Bali temple signs as divine warning by Sebastien Blanc
 - New Scientist
3/7/2005: Europeans join calls for Iran to show 'more transparency' on nuclear issues
 - New Scientist
3/7/2005: US cites 'alarming number' of unresolved questions in Iran nuclear program
 - New Scientist
3/7/2005: North Korea demands US apology for "outpost of tyranny" jibe
 - New Scientist
3/7/2005: Iran must come clean on nuclear questions - El Baradei
 - New Scientist
3/7/2005: Fossett 'goes for it' past Hawaii
  - BBC
3/7/2005: Educating America: How the Christian Right is attempting to transform US culture
  - BBC
3/7/2005: Science education an ongoing process ...
 - FirstScience

3/7/2005: Bidding Frenzy Diagnosed - Science Daily
3/7/2005: Brain-scanning Technologies Need Standards, According To Stanford Researcher - Science Daily
3/7/2005: Gene may be a cause of dyslexia  - BBC
3/7/2005: How shooting 'virtual' monsters can ease a child's pain  - BBC
3/7/2005: 'No link' between MMR and autism  - BBC
3/7/2005: Sleep strategies: How to make sure your little ones don't keep you up all night  - BBC

Physics and Astronomy:
3/7/2005: Most distant galaxy cluster yet is revealed - New Scientist
3/7/2005: Gigantic solar storms slash ozone levels
 - New Scientist
3/7/2005: Experts Urge Redefinition Of The Kilogram
 - Science Daily
3/7/2005: NIST-UCSB Scientists Entice Superconducting Devices To Act Like Pairs Of Atoms
 - Science Daily
3/7/2005: Astronomers Measure Mass Of Smallest Black Hole In A Galactic Nucleus
 - Science Daily
3/7/2005: Penrose: The Answer's Not 42
  - Wired News
3/7/2005: Planets Lurk on Your Desktop
  - Wired News
3/7/2005: Peek into deep space could rewrite history of Universe
 - New Scientist

3/7/2005: Young Blood Revives Aging Muscles, Stanford Researchers Find - Science Daily

3/7/2005: Artificial Muscles Get A Human Grip - New Scientist

3/7/2005: Martian gases pose life question   - BBC
Wealthy Chinese May Soon Embark On Private Space Flights - SpaceDaily
Quarter of Mars Scientists at European Meeting Believe Life Possible on Red Planet -
3/7/2005: Frozen Sea Discovered Near Martian Equator From 3D Images Of Mars Express
 - Science Daily
3/7/2005: Brazilian military team attends Russian space launch - New Scientist
3/7/2005: Shenzhen Man Set For Star Trek
 - New Scientist
3/7/2005: High-Fidelity Patterns Form Spontaneously When Solvent Evaporates
 - New Scientist
3/7/2005: Genesis crash may yield results
  - BBC

3/7/2005: Next Generation Body Scanner Launched By The University Of Manchester - Science Daily


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