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  March 6, 2006

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The hypertelescope: a zoom with a view The hypertelescope: a zoom with a view - New Scientist  ANTOINE LABEYRIE has a dream. He wants to photograph tropical forests, mountain ranges, oceans and deserts, but the Amazon, the Himalayas, the Pacific and the Sahara leave him cold. Instead, he has his sights firmly set on the clouds and continents of worlds many light years away from Earth. Sitting on Labeyrie's drawing board are plans for a hypertelescope, a new breed of space telescope that is capable of mapping distant cousins of Earth in exquisite detail.       
Spitalfields Market where skeletons from the Great Plague were discovered (BBC) Europe's chill linked to disease  - BBC  Left:  Bubonic plague may have wiped out over a third of Europe's population.  Europe's "Little Ice Age" may have been triggered by the 14th Century Black Death plague, according to a new study. Pollen and leaf data support the idea that millions of trees sprang up on abandoned farmland, soaking up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The team found an increase in cereal pollen from 1200 onwards (reflecting agricultural expansion), followed by a sudden dive around 1347, linked to the agricultural crisis caused by the arrival of the Black Death, most probably a bacterial disease spread by rat fleas.      

Intel says it will begin making make ultra-small, 45-nm SRAM on 300-mm wafers next year . Last month, Intel showed samples of the device.

Faster Chips, Kill, Kill, Kill  - Wired News  PCs with blazing-fast 5-GHz CPUs are not only feasible, they should soon be on store shelves, according to chipmakers at a conference in Silicon Valley this week. IBM, for example, said this week it will defy "conventional wisdom" and print circuits with 30-nanometer ridges, a third of the size of the 90-nm chips in production today, using current lithography imaging processes. Also this week, Dutch-based lithography equipment maker ASML Holding NV demonstrated its 42-nm production process and said it had the equipment to make 35-nm chips.    
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Alzheimer's Disease:

3/6/2005: End is near for whales around Anchorage - MSNBC
3/6/2005: A Case Of Mistaken Molecular Identity
 - Science Daily
3/6/2005: Predators Keep The World Green, Ecologists Find - Science Daily
3/6/2005: Record Bonefish: Tagging Program Records 'Longest Movement' -- Double Previous Distance - Science Daily
3/6/2005: Case Closed- Apes Got Culture - Live Science
3/6/2005: McConnell's U-turn signal on GM crops ... - FirstScience
3/6/2005: Study: Endangered Species Act effective ... - USA Today
3/6/2005: U.S. Biologists Bet N.D. Pelicans Return ... - FirstScience

Climate, Environment:
3/6/2005: Europe's chill linked to disease   - BBC
3/6/2005: Scientists Confirm Historic Massive Flood In Climate Change - Science Daily
3/6/2005: Lost City Buried by Volcano Said Found - Live Science
3/6/2005: Message in a Spray Can  - Wired News
3/6/2005: Acid seas kill off coral reefs ...
3/6/2005: Rhodia: To Extract Value From Carbon Emissions Receipts ...
3/6/2005: Nine Calif. companies fined for failing to file hazardous waste reports ...
3/6/2005: EPA Seeks Public Comment on U.S. Greenhouse Gas Inventory ... - FirstScience
3/6/2005: State landfills seek space before rules change ... - FirstScience

3/6/2005: Casual games -- good, clean, cheap fun online  - CNN
3/6/2005: Games May Slash Therapy Cost  - Wired News

3/6/2005: AMD's lawyers call on Skype
  - C/Net
3/6/2005: Russian phone Trojan tries to ring up charges
  - C/Net
3/6/2005: Who's reading your cell's text messages-
  - C/Net
3/6/2005: Study: Wi-Fi chipset market to grow more
  - El. Engr. Times
3/6/2005: Sky Dayton Gets Mobile
  - Wired News
3/6/2005: VGA Phone Gets the Picture
  - Wired News
3/6/2005: Gadget Lab: Phone Pride
  - Wired News

3/6/2005: Faster Chips, Kill, Kill, Kill  - Wired News
3/6/2005: Intel to tout new dual-core Xeon at IDF  - C/Net

3/6/2005: Jobs unveils Intel-based Mac mini  - CNN
3/6/2005: Apple rolls Intel-based Mac Mini, iPod Boombox  - El. Engr. Times
3/6/2005: Shh... Integrated Graphics Inside  - Wired News
3/6/2005: Apple settles in at home - Seattle Times

3/6/2005: Microsoft sees Dance Dance Revolution in e-mail  - C/Net
3/6/2005: Senators back new broadband taxes  - C/Net
3/6/2005: As search advertising slows, talk of new horizons  - C/Net
3/6/2005: AOL hanging up on dial-up customers?  - C/Net
3/6/2005: 'Virtual' visits for children of divorce  - CNN
3/6/2005: 'MySpace: The Movie' launches filmmaker's career  - CNN
3/6/2005: Groups unite to fight bulk e-mail fee
  - CNN
3/6/2005: "X" Marks the Spyware
  - Technology Review 
3/6/2005: Google Users: I Can Quit Anytime
  - Wired News
3/6/2005: Microsoft updates Web search offering
 - Seattle Times
3/6/2005: AOL vows to institute fee-based service
 - Seattle Times
3/6/2005: 'Virtual' visits pushed in several states
 - Seattle Times

3/6/2005: Microsoft updates IE after patent spat  - C/Net
3/6/2005: Online piracy crackdown nets three guilty pleas  - C/Net
3/6/2005: Is OS X Truly Vulnerable?  - Technology Review 

3/6/2005: Evergreen Solar inks pact with Vermont company  - El. Engr. Times

3/6/2005: Stem cell boost fails to help heart patients - New Scientist
3/6/2005: Cocoa Intake Linked To Lower Blood Pressure, Reduced Risk Of Death - Science Daily

3/6/2005: Chemotherapy Given Directly To The Liver Improves Survival For Patients With Colorectal Cancer - Science Daily
3/6/2005: Researchers Use Embryonic Model To Reprogram Malignant Melanoma - Science Daily
3/6/2005: Some Benign Breast Lesions Could Be Dangerous - Science Daily

3/6/2005: Cat dies of bird flu in Germany - New Scientist
3/6/2005: Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus Use Amoeba To Spread, New Research Shows
3/6/2005: AIDS Rates In Tijuana, Mexico Increasing At Alarming Rate - Science Daily
3/6/2005: Genes For Virulence In Strain Of Community-acquired Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus Uncovered By Scientists ... - FirstScience

3/6/2005: Portable Cocaine Sensor Developed At University of California Santa Barbara - Science Daily

3/6/2005: Birthing 'wetsuit' could protect mothers - New Scientist
3/6/2005: Can Urban Design Make You Fat: Researchers Studying Link Between Obesity And The Urban Environment - Science Daily
3/6/2005: Folk Remedies Widely Used By Older Adults In North Carolina - Science Daily
3/6/2005: Over 450 baby boys 'lost' after Chernobyl ... - FirstScience

History, Anthropology:
3/6/2005: Nev. proposal raises evolution questions - MSNBC
3/6/2005: Museum to re-examine the scars of slavery - MSNBC
3/6/2005: Were ancient Minoans centuries ahead of their time?  - Nature
3/6/2005: Life, The Remake - Science Daily
3/6/2005: The Origin of Darwin  - Wired News
3/6/2005: See Presentations from the 2005 NABT Symposium 'Evolution and the Environment' ... - FirstScience
3/6/2005: Feline fossil believed to be Japan's oldest found in Fukushima ...
 - FirstScience

3/6/2005: Take responsibility for rising stars  - C/Net
3/6/2005: State of the (digital) nation  - C/Net
3/6/2005: Intel confirms Vietnam investment, ups Israeli R&D  - El. Engr. Times
3/6/2005: India readies high-tech manufacturing policy  - El. Engr. Times
3/6/2005: Scientist debunks football strategy - MSNBC
3/6/2005: Widening The Scope Of Emergency Communications - Science Daily
3/6/2005: Fourth and Goal: NFL Coaches Make Lousy Decisions - Live Science
3/6/2005: MIT on the Seine?  - Technology Review 
3/6/2005: You Can Play With Your Food  - Wired News
3/6/2005: Grocery Checkout, Italian Style  - Wired News
3/6/2005: Jobless rate hits 6-year low - Seattle Times

3/6/2005: Study Ties 'New' Cell-death Mechanism To Developmental And Degenerative Brain Disorders - Science Daily
3/6/2005: Scientists Gain New Understanding Of Age-related Depression And Dementia - Science Daily
3/6/2005: Joining The Hunt: New Study Investigates Role Of 'Showoff Hypothesis' In Social Decisions - Science Daily
3/6/2005: Depression Model Leaves Mice With Molecular Scar - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
3/6/2005: The hypertelescope: a zoom with a view  - New Scientist
3/6/2005: SPACE.com -- French Astronomer Designs Telescope of the Future
 - New Scientist
3/6/2005: Cosmic Log: Grand, gargantuan galaxy
3/6/2005: Hubble pictures Pinwheel Galaxy in all its glory
 - New Scientist
3/6/2005: 'Deep Impact' Of Pulsar Around Companion Star
 - Science Daily
3/6/2005: Largest Ever Galaxy Portrait -- Stunning HD Image Of Pinwheel Galaxy
 - Science Daily
3/6/2005: Hubble Captures Its Biggest Galaxy Image Yet
 - SpaceDaily
3/6/2005: Milky Way And Andromeda Galaxy Share Common History
 - SpaceDaily
3/6/2005: Pulsar Causes Mysterious Collision With Stellar Winds
 - SpaceDaily

3/6/2005: Elders' Stereotypes Predict Hearing Decline - Science Daily


3/6/2005: New Horizons Update: 'Boulder' and 'Baltimore' - SpaceDaily
3/6/2005: NASA Laser Camera Device Can Assess Shuttle Damage - SpaceDaily
3/6/2005: NASA signs up students for Mars project ... - FirstScience
3/6/2005: I go marvel NASA ...
 - USA Today
3/6/2005: Video: Esther Dyson interviews JetBlue CIO Todd Thompson
   - C/Net
3/6/2005: Behind the Pluto Mission: An Interview with Project Leader Alan Stern
 - Space.com
3/6/2005: Next ISS Commander's Spacewalk Golf Shot Raises Concerns
 - Space.com
3/6/2005: Foam Issues Still Dog Shuttle Launch
 - SpaceDaily
3/6/2005: Cassini Captures Saturn's F Ring
 - SpaceDaily
3/6/2005: Space Hawks Chase Death Rays  - Wired News 
3/6/2005: NASA to Try for 3 Shuttle Flights in 2006 ...
 - FirstScience
3/6/2005: NASA working to resume shuttle missions in May ...
 - FirstScience

3/6/2005: Solid Progress Continues With GPS Modernization Effort - SpaceDaily
3/6/2005: Wearable Health Reports  - Technology Review 
3/6/2005: Ports' Technology Failure
  - Technology Review 
3/6/2005: How to Digitize a Million Books
  - Technology Review 
3/6/2005: BioBouncer Might Make Bars Safer
  - Wired News


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