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  March 6, 2005

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Have Spaceplane Will Travel -  Among several firms literally hammering away at this prospect is Rocketplane Limited, Inc., an Oklahoma corporation. The company is eager to make space travel as safe, convenient, and routine as air transportation, with work ramping up on their Rocketplane XP design. The spacelinerís first commercial passenger flight is projected to be early 2007, whisking customers skyward to over 60 miles (100 kilometers) above Earth.     
The Resources of the Moon and Beyond -   Starting with water and oxygen on the Moon and the exploitation of high value metallic asteroid impactors on the Moon, we can shift the economics of the hydrogen economy, lowering the cost of fuel cells and delivering thousands of tons of high quality metals for use in building up lunar and space based commercial operations. In my book I work through the math of impacts to estimate hundreds of billions of tons of these impactors on the Moon.     

Global Warming Led To Atmospheric Hydrogen Sulfide And Permian Extinction - SpaceDaily  Volcanic eruptions in Siberia 251 million years ago may have started a cascade of events leading to high hydrogen sulfide levels in the oceans and atmosphere and precipitating the largest mass extinction in Earth's history, according to a Penn State geoscientist. "The recent dating of the Siberian trap volcanoes to be contemporaneous with the end-Permian extinction suggests that they were the trigger for the environmental events that caused the extinctions," says Dr. Lee R. Kump, professor of geosciences. During the end-Permian extinction 95 percent of all species on Earth became extinct.  
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Alzheimer's Disease:
3/6/2005:†TGen And Kronos Initiate Alzheimer's Disease Study - Science Daily

3/6/2005:†Observatory: What's Good for the Grouse  - NY Times
3/6/2005:†Looking for Personality in Animals, of All People
  - NY Times
3/6/2005:†Chart  - NY Times
3/6/2005:†Seattle's Genelex sees if the genes fit - Seattle Times
3/6/2005:†Botanics waves audio tour 'wand' ... - FirstScience
3/6/2005:†Frozen organism's survival suggests life could be found on Mars ... - FirstScience
3/6/2005:†US stance on abortion draws fire  - BBC
3/6/2005:†Internet viruses aid flea researchers- C/Net

Climate, Environment:
3/6/2005:†Global Warming Led To Atmospheric Hydrogen Sulfide And Permian Extinction - Science Daily
3/6/2005:†Greenpeace Urges World Bank, ADB to Shift Funding to Renewable Energy ... - FirstScience
3/6/2005:†Beijing's pollution passed to province ... - FirstScience
3/6/2005:†Indonesia Reports Hazardous Waste In Galang To Basel Convention ... - FirstScience
3/6/2005:†Tony Heywood:- Emissions: The Incident Room at Fordham ... - FirstScience
3/6/2005:†APP decision a 'landmark' for China's environmentalists ... - FirstScience
3/6/2005:†Calipso, CloudSat Dance Around Earth - SpaceDaily
3/6/2005:†Alaskan High Schoolers Help NASA Record, Share 'Earth Music' - SpaceDaily
3/6/2005:†Algeria gets six million dollars to battle climate change - SpaceDaily
3/6/2005:†UK seas 'in peril' - says report  - BBC
3/6/2005:†Climate 'threatens' Arctic lakes  - BBC

3/6/2005:†Half-Life 2 sweeps Bafta awards  - BBC
3/6/2005:†Game gets pre-watershed ad ban  - BBC
3/6/2005:†iPod 'squeaks' betray software secrets  - C/Net
3/6/2005:†Is the Mac Mini Apple's future 'smart' iPod Dock?  - NY Times
3/6/2005:†FAQ: The next video game consoles?- C/Net
3/6/2005:†PlayStation 3 launch 'ahead of E3', says Sony- C/Net

3/6/2005:†Looks and music to drive mobiles

3/6/2005:†EUV litho headed for failure, say SPIE keynoters - Silicon Strategies
3/6/2005:†NIST Unveils Atom-Based Standards - SpaceDaily
3/6/2005:†Intel unveils dual-core processor details - Business Week
3/6/2005:†64-bit chip sales, CEO says- C/Net

3/6/2005:†Grow Your Own Apple I  - Wired News
3/6/2005:†Mac Mini: a true 21st century Trojan horse  - NY Times

3/6/2005:†Yahoo's Legacy: Profits are Possible on the Internet  - Technology Review 
3/6/2005:†The UnGoogle (Yes, Yahoo)  - Wired News
3/6/2005:†Rise of Yahoo: Can the net giant dominate the next decade?  - BBC
3/6/2005:†Leading scientists back file-sharing firms - Business Week
3/6/2005:†At 10, Yahoo still searches  - C/Net
3/6/2005:†Watchdog-attacking Bagle ramps up- C/Net

3/6/2005:†With His Bells and Curves, Human Growth Science Grew Up  - NY Times
3/6/2005:†New Technique May Help Detect Fetal Single Gene Disorders - Science Daily
3/6/2005:†Bank of America Says Tapes with Customer Data Lost  - Technology Review 
3/6/2005:†Open doors for open source  - C/Net
3/6/2005:†Microsoft says 64-bit Windows due in April- C/Net
3/6/2005:†Microsoft- Activation shift won't be a pain- C/Net
3/6/2005:†A sense of insecurity- C/Net

3/6/2005:†3 Chernobyl veterans in Sverdlovsk region withdraw from hunger strike for health reasons ... - FirstScience
3/6/2005:†Chernobyl veteran leaves hospital, resumes hunger strike ... - FirstScience
3/6/2005:†Legislature passes renewable energy bill ... - FirstScience


3/6/2005:†Liquorice may stop herpes infection causing cancer  - BBC

3/6/2005:†Hepatitis B Viral Load, Genotype Affect Liver Cancer Risk, Study Finds - Science Daily
3/6/2005:†'EuroVacc 02' HIV Vaccine Trial Begins - Science Daily
3/6/2005:†Flu vaccine licence re-instated  - BBC
3/6/2005:†Regulators lift suspension on Chiron - Business Week

3/6/2005:†Passive smoking killing thousands  - BBC
3/6/2005:†NHS 'convincing smokers to quit'  - BBC

3/6/2005:†Essay: Report Cards for Doctors? Grades Are Likely to Be A, B, C . . . and I  - NY Times
3/6/2005:†Q & A: Marrow Donor Registries  - NY Times
3/6/2005:†Get a Grip and Set Your Sights Above Adversity  - NY Times
3/6/2005:†Dentistry Without Drills: Paint Your Cavities Away  - NY Times
3/6/2005:†Defining Male And Female:-- Research Casts Further Doubt On Newborn Sex-assignment Surgeries - Science Daily
3/6/2005:†Fat hopes: Will 'sumo rats' provide breakthrough in obesity research?  - BBC
3/6/2005:†Howard and Blair clash over NHS  - BBC
3/6/2005:†New hip replacement op  - BBC
3/6/2005:†NHS staff to get 'panic buttons'
  - BBC
3/6/2005:†Bringing home baby: Does your newborn really need as much stuff as you think?
  - BBC
3/6/2005:†Take two aspirins and e-mail me in the morning
- C/Net

History, Anthropology:
3/6/2005:†Global Warming Led To Atmospheric Hydrogen Sulfide And Permian Extinction - SpaceDaily
3/6/2005:†Surprising Footprints in Old Sand  - NY Times
3/6/2005:†Ancient Earth Drawings Found in Peru  - NY Times
3/6/2005:†The Oldest Homo Sapiens- Fossils Push Human Emergence Back To 195,000 - Science Daily Years Ago
3/6/2005:†Scientists Unravel Mysteries Of Egyptian Mummy - Science Daily
3/6/2005:†New Dinosaur Raptor Found; First In Southern Hemisphere - SpaceDaily
3/6/2005:†Internal conflict: What happened to Peru's ancient Moche civilisation?
  - BBC
3/6/2005:†Divers find new 'gifts' from tsunami with evidence of lost city
  - BBC
3/6/2005:†On This Day 1969: Concorde makes 'faultless' maiden flight
  - BBC
3/6/2005:†1861 census data published online
  - BBC

3/6/2005:†Books Reading Group  - NY Times
3/6/2005:†More Books Forums  - NY Times
3/6/2005:†A Brilliant Mind and an Anguished Life  - NY Times
3/6/2005:†Biogen's troubles could infect industry - Seattle Times
3/6/2005:†Martha's ready for Living - Seattle Times
3/6/2005:†Ebbers takes stand, denies wrongdoing - Seattle Times
3/6/2005:†Copyrights Keep TV Shows off DVD  - Wired News
3/6/2005:†Analysis- Gas pipeline to promote peace- - SpaceDaily
3/6/2005:†Protest over US biodefence boom  - BBC
3/6/2005:†Fossett plane bid in fuel worry  - BBC
3/6/2005:†Billionaire Bill gets honorary knighthood at Buckingham Palace  - BBC
3/6/2005:†Animal attraction: A new art show for blind people stimulates all the senses  - BBC
3/6/2005:†Less Impact from the "Slashdot Effect" - Business Week
3/6/2005:†Chipping at Ebbers' Credibility - Business Week
3/6/2005:†How Will Magazines Survive the Internet? - Business Week
3/6/2005:†Verizon grants MCI two weeks for Qwest talks- C/Net
3/6/2005:†Queen taps Gates for knighthood- C/Net
3/6/2005:†Photos: Gates receives knighthood- C/Net
3/6/2005:†Cable, satellite next in line for indecency fines?- C/Net

3/6/2005:†A Journey Through Concussion's Foggy Terrain  - NY Times
3/6/2005:†Beyond Betrayal: Men Cope With Being the Victims  - NY Times
3/6/2005:†Researchers Uncover Key Step In Manufacture Of Memory Protein - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
3/6/2005:†The Next Einstein: Applicants Welcome  - NY Times
3/6/2005:†Graphic: A Century of Einstein
  - NY Times
3/6/2005:†Solar Tadpoles Wave At Astrophysicists
 - Science Daily



3/6/2005:†The Resources of the Moon and Beyond -
Have Spaceplane Will Travel -
3/6/2005:†Japan Mulls Plan to Establish Lunar Base
  - NY Times
3/6/2005:†ESAís Mars Express Sees Signs Of A 'Frozen Sea'
 - Science Daily
3/6/2005:†Japan Eyes Future Manned Moon Base, Space Shuttle
3/6/2005:†Japan Aims For Lunar Station By 2025
 - SpaceDaily
3/6/2005:†Wealthy Chinese Soon To Take Space Flights
 - SpaceDaily
3/6/2005:†India "A Step ahead" Of China In Satellite Technology- Space Chief
 - SpaceDaily
3/6/2005:†Glacial, Volcanic Activity On Mars
 - SpaceDaily
3/6/2005:†ISS Crew Test New Remote Control Robotic Arm Software
 - SpaceDaily
3/6/2005:†SKorea Agrees North Launched Satellite In 98, Now Developing Rocket Engine
 - SpaceDaily
3/6/2005:†Japanese observatories search for aliens
 - SpaceDaily
3/6/2005:†Dead heat for Galileo companies
  - BBC
3/6/2005:†Find a planet, name it yourself
  - C/Net
3/6/2005:†A Closer Look at Saturn's Hot Spot
  - NY Times

3/6/2005:†U-M Designer Hatches Emergency Shelter - Science Daily
3/6/2005:†How the Ford SynUS Works  - Technology Review 
3/6/2005:†RFID interoperability still problematic- C/Net
3/6/2005:†Photos: From cars to the stars- C/Net
3/6/2005:†Running off the road- C/Net
3/6/2005:†Photos: Segway revs up- C/Net


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