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  March 5, 2006

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Swift Might Have Detected A Supernova Just Beginning - SpaceDaily  Left: Scientists are studying a strange explosion that appeared on February 18, 2006, about 440 million light years away in the constellation Aries. The "before" image on the left is from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. The "after" image on the right is from NASA Swift's Ultraviolet/ Optical Telescope. The pinpoint of light from this star explosion outshines the entire host galaxy. Most other sources are foreground stars. Each image is 5 arcminutes by 5 arcminutes. Coordinates for this burst are as follows: RA: 03:21:39.71 Dec: +16:52:02.6. Credit:    NASA's Swift satellite has detected a strange cataclysmic event in another galaxy that scientists think could be a supernova just getting started. The event, named Gamma Ray Burst 060218, is emanating from a galaxy located about 440 million light-years away, in the direction of the constellation Aries. That distance would make this the second-closest GRB detected by Swift, but the length of the outburst has scientists puzzled. It lasted more than 33 minutes, while GRBs typically last less than one minute.   
Scaled Composites Hiring Spaceship Builders - Space.com  If you’re looking to get your hands dirty and be on the ground floor of public space travel, you might touch base with one of the leading spaceline builders. Scaled Composites in Mojave, California is in the deep design stage of a fleet of commercial suborbital spaceships and launch aircraft. They are also in recruitment mode to find the right talent to build the commercial spaceships for the new industry of private spaceflight.     

NASA Under Pressure To Ensure Researcher Independence - SpaceDaily  The US space agency NASA is under increasing pressure from Congress and the scientific community to make sure its researchers remain independent after the agency's top expert on climate publicly denounced attempts to censor his work. White House appointees wanted NASA press releases to refrain from referring to "atmospheric warming" and talk instead about "climate change" The NASA official in charge of communications, George Deutsch, resigned last week in the face of accusations he had prevented journalists from interviewing the agency's top climate expert, Jim Hansen.    
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Alzheimer's Disease:

3/5/2005: Cannibalism rife in Mormon cricket swarms - MSNBC
3/5/2005: March of the Morman cricket cannibals
 - New Scientist
3/5/2005: Researchers Unlock How Cells Determine Their Functions - Science Daily
3/5/2005: Noah's Ark On The Moon - SpaceDaily
3/5/2005: Stem Cell Battle Goes On  - Technology Review 
3/5/2005: Giant squid grabs London audience  - BBC
3/5/2005: See the giant squid (Video)  - BBC
3/5/2005: BBC makes unseen wildlife footage available to download  - BBC

Climate, Environment:
3/5/2005: Ocean research done on cruise ships - MSNBC
3/5/2005: Police suggest car dealers perform emissions tests ... - FirstScience
3/5/2005: The climate change crisis ... - FirstScience
3/5/2005: New Modeling Framework Projects Significant Increase in Ozone-Related Deaths in New York Area ... - FirstScience
3/5/2005: Papua New Guinea volcano erupts, people told to leave ... - FirstScience
3/5/2005: Papua New Guinea rainforest 'in grave danger'  - BBC

3/5/2005: When the iPod is the real TV show star  - C/Net
3/5/2005: 1024MB DDR memory for $49.99  - C/Net
3/5/2005: • Report: PC Gaming on the Rise - Business Week
3/5/2005: Game Developers Choice nominees - Seattle Times
3/5/2005: Photos: Reflex action for camera makers  - C/Net
3/5/2005: Photos: New products from Sony Ericsson  - C/Net
3/5/2005: Casual games show huge growth
  - C/Net
3/5/2005: MobiBlu Cube MP3 player for $117
  - C/Net

3/5/2005: News Corp. dials up cell phone entertainment
  - C/Net
3/5/2005: Qualcomm chips in on rival TV phone tech
  - C/Net
3/5/2005: Sun frowns on HyperTransport expansion
  - C/Net
3/5/2005: Gadget Lab: Phone Pride
  - Wired News
3/5/2005: Perspective: Time running out on the big carriers
  - C/Net
3/5/2005: Virus makes leap from PC to PDA
  - C/Net
3/5/2005: Dialup users: Kicked in pants or slapped in face?
  - C/Net

3/5/2005: Intel makes performance claims, AMD rebuffs them  - C/Net
3/5/2005: The microphone shrinks to a single chip  - C/Net

3/5/2005: Deal of the day: Toshiba Satellite notebook for $800  - C/Net
3/5/2005: The Mac Mini gets a shot of Intel  - C/Net
3/5/2005: Photos: New Mini, iPod Hi-Fi  - C/Net
3/5/2005: Video: Apple's new Mac Mini  - C/Net
3/5/2005: Big appetites on the desktop  - C/Net
3/5/2005: Another Intel Mac for Apple  - C/Net

3/5/2005: E-mail fee plan spurs protest  - C/Net
3/5/2005: Blog epitaphs? Hardly  - C/Net
3/5/2005: Yahoo under fire on China policy  - C/Net
3/5/2005: Big Brother Is Watching - Business Week
3/5/2005: Hero (That's You) Tames Web Pages  - Wired News
3/5/2005: Reality check for Google  - C/Net
3/5/2005: CFO addresses slowdown
  - C/Net
3/5/2005: In search of new revenue
  - C/Net
3/5/2005: Symantec keeps weather eye out for Net threats
  - C/Net

3/5/2005: Quantum Technique Can Foil Hackers - SpaceDaily
3/5/2005: Windows Vista Has Five Flavors  - Wired News
3/5/2005: Software to make your media center 'listen'  - C/Net

3/5/2005: Energy concerns make ethanol a hot investment - Seattle Times
3/5/2005: Cutting the Cord on Appliances  - Wired News
3/5/2005: Prudential mulls renewable energy fund ... - FirstScience

3/5/2005: Eating chocolate may halve risk of dying - New Scientist
3/5/2005: Artificial Heart Tissue Improves Cardiac Performance
3/5/2005: Long-term Exposure to Air Pollution Hardens Arteries ... - FirstScience
3/5/2005: Optimists 'have less heart risk'  - BBC

3/5/2005: Androgen Deprivation Therapy Does Not Keep Localized Prostate Cancer From Spreading, New Study Says - Science Daily
3/5/2005: Mother's Exposure to Pollutants May Contribute to Testicular Cancer Years Later ... - FirstScience
3/5/2005: Childhood Leukemia Rates in California Linked to Levels of Air Pollutants ... - FirstScience

3/5/2005: Feline fears Are cats and their owners at risk from deadly bird flu?  - BBC

3/5/2005: Faulty Immune-priming Cells Start Autoimmunity - Science Daily
3/5/2005: Marijuana Compound May Help Stop Diabetic Retinopathy - Science Daily
3/5/2005: Porcine Islets Offer Promise For Human Diabetic Patients - Science Daily
3/5/2005: Smokers say good-bye to dog ends - with help from a spaniel  - BBC

3/5/2005: Isolated Female Rats Subjected To A 30-minute Stressor Heal Faster Than Males - Science Daily
3/5/2005: Ancient DNA Helps Researchers Unearth Potential Hemophilia Therapy - Science Daily  - Wired News
3/5/2005: Using India's Poor as Guinea Pigs
3/5/2005: New Study Shows Impact of Mercury Pollution: $8.7 Billion Lost Annually Due to Poisoning in the Womb ... - FirstScience
3/5/2005: Ill health legacy of atomic bomb  - BBC
3/5/2005: Have Your Say: Are dads a help or a hindrance at the birth of their children?  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
3/5/2005: Utah lawmakers kill evolution challenge - MSNBC
3/5/2005: Ancient sun temple uncovered in Cairo - MSNBC
3/5/2005: Lost civilization unearthed in Indonesia - MSNBC
3/5/2005: Visiting Triassic Park - New Scientist
3/5/2005: Video: Old-timers celebrate the birth of Silicon Valley  - C/Net

3/5/2005: NASA Under Pressure To Ensure Researcher Independence - SpaceDaily
3/5/2005: Unbreakable code crumbles a little  - C/Net
3/5/2005: Photos: Gadgets, gizmos and geeks  - C/Net
3/5/2005: Intel to invest $300 million in Vietnam plant  - C/Net
3/5/2005: SEC shutters $50 million Net Ponzi scheme  - C/Net
3/5/2005: Apple: Is Disney the apple of Jobs' eye?  - C/Net
3/5/2005: • Intel: Good Morning, Vietnam - Business Week
3/5/2005: Test your science and space smarts - MSNBC
3/5/2005: Cosmic Log: Olympic gold for economists - MSNBC
3/5/2005: New Orleans fights for survival - New Scientist
3/5/2005: National figures show real-estate slowdown - Seattle Times
3/5/2005: SEC pulls back from demanding journalists' records - Seattle Times
3/5/2005: U.S. businesses wonder how low, and high, China can go - Seattle Times
3/5/2005: Industrial zone combines South Korean management, North Korean labor - Seattle Times
3/5/2005: Geniuses Show They Care at TED  - Wired News
3/5/2005: Where Solo Is Sociable  - Wired News
3/5/2005: We Edit Your Shopping Experience  - Wired News
3/5/2005: Sixty Minutes Gets It Wrong  - Wired News
3/5/2005: 'Fewer young people' watch TV
  - BBC

3/5/2005: Carnegie Mellon Scientists Show Brain Uses Optimal Code For Sound - Science Daily
3/5/2005: Regenerating the spine:-a biological approach ... - FirstScience
3/5/2005: Study throws new light on brain  - BBC

Physics and Astronomy:
3/5/2005: Swift Might Have Detected A Supernova Just Beginning - SpaceDaily
3/5/2005: Hubble pictures Pinwheel Galaxy in all its glory
 - New Scientist
3/5/2005: Man-made Star Shines In The Southern Sky
 - Science Daily
3/5/2005: VLT Captures Supernova In Messier 100
 - SpaceDaily
3/5/2005: A Cosmic Sequence Never Seen Before ...
 - Washington Post


3/5/2005: Mars Rovers Robotics Planetary Exploration Atacama Xenobiology - SpaceDaily

3/5/2005: Scaled Composites Hiring Spaceship Builders - Space.com
3/5/2005: Search For Alien Life Challenges Current Concepts, Says U. Of Colorado Prof
 - Science Daily
3/5/2005: XCOR Aerospace Enlists Hi-Tech Partners In Space Vehicle Design
 - SpaceDaily - SpaceDaily
3/5/2005: Mars Rover Update: Preparing For Another Winter

3/5/2005: Suit may prevent maternal deaths during childbirth  - C/Net
3/5/2005: 3D plasma shapes created in thin air - New Scientist
3/5/2005: NASA Technology 'Shoots' For Crime Scene Investigations - Science Daily
3/5/2005: First Blu-Ray player due May 23 - Seattle Times


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