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  March 5, 2005

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Space Colonization: The Quiet Revolution -   The prognosis for space colonization is good, said Edward McCullough, principal scientist for The Boeing Company in Huntington Beach, California. He pointed to numbers of technologies that are on exponential growth curves - that is, showing signs of increasing rapid growth. McCullough estimates that a nominal size of a settlement on Mars would support 1,000 people, with a larger colony housing 10,000 individuals.    
Mars may have a frozen sea  - Nature  Left:  These plate-like features on Mars look strikingly similar to Antarctic pack ice. Click here to see the comparison, and more pictures.  "I was expecting glaciologists to be sceptical of our interpretation," says team member John Murray of the Open University in Milton Keynes, UK. "But when I showed the pictures to an expert on sea ice, he was utterly convinced." The researchers think that the camera has snapped a sea that froze about 5 million years ago, and was then covered by volcanic dust. "Five million years might sound like a long time," Murray says, "but in geological terms it is virtually yesterday. This suggests that pockets of liquid water have existed throughout Mars's geological history." Murray says that the area is likely to be a priority for future studies of Mars, because if there is a deep layer of liquid water below the Cerberus Fossae, life could still exist in it. 

NASA Astrobiologist Identifies 'Extreme' New Life Form - SpaceDaily  Left:  NASA astrobiologist Dr. Richard Hoover takes ice samples from the permafrost deep inside the U.S. Army's Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory near Fox, Alaska. The samples, dating back some 32,000 years, contained living organisms - a previously unrecorded "extremophile" bacterial species identified by Hoover and his colleagues. Their findings were published in January 2005. NASA studies extremophiles - organisms that live and thrive in conditions inhospitable to most life on Earth - to gain insight into the possibilities for life across the cosmos. Photo credit: NASA/Richard Hoover.  These are bacterial cells, many of which came to life as soon as the ice thawed. The samples contained anaerobic bacteria that grew on sugars and proteins in total absence of oxygen.  
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Alzheimer's Disease:
3/5/2005:Alzheimer drugs may be withdrawn  - BBC

3/5/2005:NASA Astrobiologist Identifies 'Extreme' New Life Form - SpaceDaily
3/5/2005:Women Adopt Frozen Embryos, Save Them from Science ...
 - FirstScience
3/5/2005:ScienceNotes: Elephant Gets Acupuncture ... - FirstScience

Climate, Environment:
3/5/2005:Chemical firms condemned over toxic waste ... - FirstScience
3/5/2005:NEWS: Private Sector Eyes Buyers' Pool for Greenhouse Gas Emissions Credits ... - FirstScience
3/5/2005:Market grows for trading in pollution permits ... - MSNBC
3/5/2005:'Compost plants also require pollution board clearance' ... - FirstScience
3/5/2005:Budget Delivers Money To Combat Climate Change ... - FirstScience
3/5/2005:Update 2: Traders Gather for Conference on Pollution ... - FirstScience
3/5/2005:Mercury Pollution Costs U.S. Economy Billions of Dollars Annually, New Study Estimates ... - FirstScience
3/5/2005:Big biz warms up to climate change ... - FirstScience
3/5/2005:Hydro's Dirty Secret Revealed - SpaceDaily
3/5/2005:Scientists Discover Why N Pole Is Frozen - SpaceDaily
3/5/2005:Grim Search Bone-By-Bone For Tsunami Dead - SpaceDaily
3/5/2005:UK seas 'in peril' - says report  - BBC
3/5/2005:Climate 'threatens' Arctic lakes  - BBC
3/5/2005:The New Game Machine: Your TV  - BBC

3/5/2005:Add pepperoni to Sony's online fantasy game - Seattle Times
3/5/2005:Positive About Negativland IPod  - Wired News
3/5/2005:Alternate Reality Video Games Blur Lines  - Wired News
3/5/2005:Kenyan school turns to handhelds  - BBC
3/5/2005:Your next game console?  - C/Net
3/5/2005:Images: New consoles-  - C/Net
3/5/2005:Sony puts pizza bytes in online gaming
  - CNN
3/5/2005:New Game Boy in 2005?
  - CNN

3/5/2005:Cheap but hip: cellphones for youth
 - Seattle Times
3/5/2005:Known Hole Aided T-Mobile Breach
  - Wired News
3/5/2005:Iridium Subscribers Up 23 Percent
 - SpaceDaily
3/5/2005:Slow Start For Power Broadband
 - SpaceDaily
3/5/2005:Tough rules for ringtone sellers
  - BBC
3/5/2005:Costa Rica may criminalize VoIP
  - C/Net
3/5/2005:Wipro: Leadership in the midst of rapid growth
  - C/Net
3/5/2005:Song sharing for your cell phone
  - CNN

3/5/2005:IBM, MII to devise dielectric materials for nano-imprint - Silicon Strategies
3/5/2005:MII debuts nano-imprint litho for sub-50-nm designs - Silicon Strategies
3/5/2005:Hitachi to crank up efforts in consumer drives  - C/Net
3/5/2005:Roll-up display design-starts imminent, claims Polymer Vision  - El. Engr. Times

3/5/2005:Laplink lets multiple computers work in sync - Seattle Times
3/5/2005:Printer utility doesn't stick to printing - Seattle Times

3/5/2005:Web hasn't transformed car shopping - Seattle Times
3/5/2005:Growth Rate Slips for Firefox  - Wired News
3/5/2005:Phishers Chip at Web Security  - Wired News
3/5/2005:Mozilla and Firefox Security Holes Pop Up  - Wired News
3/5/2005:Yahoo celebrates a decade online  - BBC
3/5/2005:AOL Escalates the IM Wars  - BBC
3/5/2005:Is success spoiling Firefox-
  - C/Net
3/5/2005:New Bagle damages security software
  - C/Net
3/5/2005:Yahoo opens up its search toolbox to developers
  - C/Net
3/5/2005:China predicts 120 million Net users by year-end
  - C/Net
3/5/2005:New browsers, same unwanted ads
  - C/Net

3/5/2005:Unlikely allies in file-sharing case - Seattle Times
3/5/2005:EU Warns Microsoft of More Fines  - NY Times
3/5/2005:When I grow up... The people who claim the net has made porn an acceptable career  - BBC
3/5/2005:Why does service stink?  - C/Net
3/5/2005:Music download prices rising?  - CNN
3/5/2005:Call centers aim to make Nice with customers  - CNN

3/5/2005:Five countries agree to pursue new nuclear energy technology ... - FirstScience
3/5/2005:Westinghouse Licensed to Export Nuclear Equipment to China ... - FirstScience
3/5/2005:Nuclear Future Coming Together? - SpaceDaily



3/5/2005:Britain reveals flu pandemic plan  - BBC
3/5/2005:CJD drug 'excluded from research'  - BBC
3/5/2005:The Doctor's World: The Challenge of Tracing a Rare H.I.V. Strain  - NY Times

3/5/2005:Patterns: More Birthdays and Less Alcohol  - NY Times

3/5/2005:No More Crash-Test Surgery  - Wired News
3/5/2005:Telemedicine on the Cheap  - Wired News
3/5/2005:Growth Hormones: A Tall Order
3/5/2005:We Have to Operate, But Let's Play First  - NY Times
3/5/2005:Burgers to borsch: What children around the world are eating for school lunch  - BBC
3/5/2005:Bone and gut disorders 'linked'  - BBC
3/5/2005:Politicians are among the most sleep deprived in society  - BBC
3/5/2005:Vital Signs: Prevention: A Quick Fix for Safer Surgery  - NY Times
3/5/2005:The Claim: Plastic Wrap in a Microwave Can Expose Food to Dioxins
  - NY Times

History, Anthropology:
3/5/2005:Ancient Texts as 'Fossils': How They Survive ... - Nat'l. Geo. News
3/5/2005:Ancient earth drawings found in Peru - MSNBC

3/5/2005:Council predicts 65 percent increase if BPA goes to market rates - Seattle Times
3/5/2005:Yahoo! goes Hollywood - Seattle Times
3/5/2005:Bracing for Google office - Seattle Times
3/5/2005:Ancient geeks' artifacts modern treasure - Seattle Times
3/5/2005:Around-The-World Jet Adventure  - Wired News
3/5/2005:Real world of 007: Human torpedoes, exploding pens - MI5 secrets behind Bond  - BBC
3/5/2005:Short Cuts: BBC and Film Council target budding digital movie-makers  - BBC
3/5/2005:Fancy a 70m home that boasts a heated marble driveway?  - BBC
3/5/2005:Shares hit by MS drug suspension  - BBC
3/5/2005:Ebbers to Jury: I Was Clueless  - BBC
3/5/2005:Web site to link older workers with jobs  - BBC
3/5/2005:Privacy laws' 'perfect storm'  - C/Net
3/5/2005:Fossett around-the-world bid under way
3/5/2005:Fossett- 'Difficult flight'  - CNN
3/5/2005:Video  - CNN
3/5/2005:GlobalFlyer launch  - CNN
3/5/2005:The man, the mission  - CNN
3/5/2005:Solo pilot begins round-the-world flight - MSNBC
3/5/2005:Top US biologists oppose biodefence boom - New Scientist
  - NY Times
3/5/2005:Join a Discussion on Parenting
  - NY Times

3/5/2005:The Mind Takes Control  - Wired News
3/5/2005:Cannabis mental illness link  - BBC
3/5/2005:Vital Signs: Risks: A Hard Run From Parkinson's  - NY Times

Physics and Astronomy:
3/5/2005:Genesis capsule reveals solar wind secrets - New Scientist
3/5/2005:An Agenda for Another Einstein
  - NY Times

3/5/2005:Vital Signs: Aging: Blame the Brain for Hearing Loss  - NY Times


3/5/2005:Mars may have a frozen sea  - Nature
Space Colonization: The Quiet Revolution -
3/5/2005:NASA May Take Part in India's Moon Mission, Official Says
  - Technology Review 
3/5/2005:Japan Moots Manned Moon Base
  - Wired News
3/5/2005:Long-View To Titan
 - SpaceDaily
3/5/2005:The Greatest Saturn Portrait..Yet
 - SpaceDaily
3/5/2005:GlobalFlyer glides to victory  - Nature
3/5/2005:Twin Mars rovers in instrument mix-up
 - New Scientist
3/5/2005:Global Flyer successfully circles the globe
 - New Scientist

3/5/2005:TR- Smart Phones, iRobots and the Week in Review  - Technology Review 
3/5/2005:College Rolls Out High-Tech Facility  - Wired News
3/5/2005:An Earth-Mars Laser Link, The Optiputer, And Cinema-Quality Digital Video - SpaceDaily
3/5/2005:Can objects be turned invisible? - MSNBC
3/5/2005:Making the best of garbage gas - New Scientist
3/5/2005:The new age of sail - New Scientist


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