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  March 31, 2005

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'Seeds of a Revolution' Could Help Change NASA -  Privatization and commercialization of space travel may be poised to skyrocket as NASA inches toward privatization and prize-offerings, leaders at a conference here said Tuesday Wednesday, NASA will announce the first two of its Centennial Challenges space prizes designed to encourage greater commercialization of transporting payloads beyond Earth. Details will be released at the Flight School 05 meeting.    
NASA's Spitzer Marks Beginning of New Age of Planetary Science - SpaceDaily  Left: This artist's concept shows what a fiery hot star and its close-knit planetary companion might look like close up in infrared. In visible light, seen below, a star shines brilliantly, overwhelming the little light that is reflected by its planet. In infrared, the star is less blinding, and its planet perks up with a fiery glow. Video: Spitzer Sees Light of Distant Planet  NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope has for the first time captured the light from two known planets orbiting stars other than our Sun. The findings mark the beginning of a new age of planetary science, in which "extrasolar" planets can be directly measured and compared. "Spitzer has provided us with a powerful new tool for learning about the temperatures, atmospheres and orbits of planets hundreds of light-years from Earth." "It's fantastic," said Dr. David Charbonneau of the Harvard- Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, Cambridge, Mass., lead author of a separate study on a different planet.

Image: Climber demonstration

Space Elevator Program Begins with Currently Marketable Products - MSNBC  If the space elevator dream comes true, robo-cars powered by laser light will roll on a carbon-nanotube ribbon stretching up tens of thousands of miles from Earth's surface, carrying cargo and passengers on a monorail to the sky. But when Michael Laine, president of the LiftPort Group, manned a booth at a Seattle robotics exhibition last month, he didn't dwell on that dream for the next decade: Instead, he highlighted down-to-Earth applications that could emerge in the next year or two, such as servicing balloon-based platforms for wireless Internet access or aerial surveillance. And rather than flashing gee-whiz animations of future spaceships, he flipped a switch on a demonstration robot named "Squeak" that clattered up and down a 10-foot length of plastic webbing. "Our plan is to do this in an incremental fashion, producing revenue from the beginning," he said. Bit by bit, the space elevator concept is moving from high-flying science fiction into nitty-gritty business models, and its proponents are turning their focus from the grand scheme to the technologies required to make it work: hardy robotic transports, new super-strong materials and innovative power sources.  
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Alzheimer's Disease:

3/31/2005: Researchers want to make tomatoes tastier
3/31/2005: Republicans Discuss Vote on New Stem Cell Policy
  - NY Times
3/31/2005: Researchers Devise Way To Mass-produce Embryonic Stem Cells - Science Daily
3/31/2005: Seeing Seeing In Action: New Uses Of Imaging Techniques Broadens World Of Study - Science Daily
3/31/2005: If You Fill It, They Will Slurp -- And Slurp, And Slurp And Slurp ... - Science Daily
3/31/2005: Novel Ultrafast Laser Detection Of Cancer Cells Also May Improve Understanding Of Stem Cells - Science Daily
3/31/2005: New Factor Affects Fertility - Science Daily
3/31/2005: Placenta Is A Rich Source Of Blood Stem Cells - Science Daily
3/31/2005: Satellite-assisted Bird Preservation - Science Daily
3/31/2005: Fewer Fish Discarded After Individual Transferable Quotas Offered - Science Daily
3/31/2005: Bulldozers Linked to Rubber-Tree Disease - ABC

Climate, Environment:
3/31/2005: Tsunami alert system's limitations
  - BBC

3/31/2005: Wall of water: Three months on, a detailed picture exists of the Asian tsunami
  - BBC

3/31/2005: Wildlife winces at early spring  - BBC
3/31/2005: Brighter Model For Global Warming: Some Pollutants Actually Slow Warming - Science Daily
3/31/2005: Spy satellites take on the lawless Amazon rain forest ... - FirstScience
3/31/2005: Meet on environment policy calls for public awareness ... - FirstScience
3/31/2005: No Arctic Ozone Hole, Says Odin ... - FirstScience
3/31/2005: Envisat Enables First Global Check Of Regional Methane Emissions ... - FirstScience
3/31/2005: Govt's lack of focus on green issues berated ... - FirstScience
3/31/2005: Britain delays electronics recycle effort ... - FirstScience

3/31/2005: Tech & You - Business Week
3/31/2005: Pez to dispense MP3s instead of candy  - C/Net
3/31/2005: Lining up  - CNN
3/31/2005: What's Apple's next iPod?  - CNN
3/31/2005: Successor powers up Game Boy magnetism - Seattle Times

3/31/2005: FCC unplugs states' rules on 'naked' DSL
  - C/Net
3/31/2005: Broadband scuffle reaches Supreme Court
  - C/Net
3/31/2005: VoIP's Call for Help
  - Technology Review 

3/31/2005: Displays for a clear flat future  - BBC

3/31/2005: Supercomputer gets even faster  - BBC
3/31/2005: IBM's BlueGene Hits Warp Speed - Business Week
3/31/2005: Shedding some light on pros, cons of flash drives - Seattle Times

3/31/2005: Local net TV takes off in Austria  - BBC
3/31/2005: Politicians form transatlantic spam alliance  - C/Net
3/31/2005: All the news that robots pick  - C/Net
3/31/2005: People reveal all for bogus Net contest  - C/Net
3/31/2005: Bloggers narrowly dodge federal crackdown  - C/Net
3/31/2005: Yahoo asks for censorship ruling  - CNN
3/31/2005: New Web Tool Helps Doctoral Students Finish Dissertations
 - Science Daily
3/31/2005: New download service delivers music to go
 - Seattle Times
3/31/2005: Canada Considers File-Swap Crackdown
  - Wired News
3/31/2005: Yahoo Unveils Creative Commons Search
  - Wired News
3/31/2005: Politicians Blog to Bypass Mainstream Media
  - Wired News

3/31/2005: A cyber con game  - C/Net
3/31/2005: Musical chairs  - C/Net
3/31/2005: It's Not Graffiti, It's Grafedia  - Wired News
3/31/2005: Brouhaha Over Kazaa Means Nada  - Wired News
3/31/2005: Legal Threat Stops Flaw Info Release  - Wired News

3/31/2005: A New Fuel Cell's Many Positives - Business Week
3/31/2005: Out Of Gas: Sediments In Northern Gulf Of Mexico Not Right For Methane Gas Hydrate Formation, Study Shows - Science Daily

3/31/2005: Something You Don't Hear Much About: Hearing Loss Tied To Heart Disease - Science Daily
3/31/2005: Simple Test Predicts Heart Attack Risk: White Blood Cells Sound A New Alarm - Science Daily
3/31/2005: Obesity And Stiff Arteries: A Problem Of Waist Management - Science Daily

3/31/2005: Warning to heed lung cancer signs  - BBC
3/31/2005: Preventive Removal Of Both Breasts Reduces Chance Of Breast Cancer In Women At Elevated Risk - Science Daily
3/31/2005: Three Promising And Innovative Prostate Cancer Therapies In Clinical Trials At New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell - Science Daily

3/31/2005: Pneumonia vaccine saves children  - BBC
3/31/2005: Developing world at superbug risk  - BBC
3/31/2005: US flu vaccine trials may be effort wasted - New Scientist
3/31/2005: HIV-1 Spread Through Six Transmission Lines In The UK - Science Daily
3/31/2005: NIAID Initiates Trial Of Experimental Avian Flu Vaccine - Science Daily
3/31/2005: Drug-Resistant Bacteria On Poultry Products Differ By Brand - Science Daily
3/31/2005: Study- Soap And Water Work Best In Ridding Hands Of Disease Viruses
 - Science Daily


3/31/2005: Bad diet 'not down to price tags'  - BBC
3/31/2005: FDA OKs monthly drug for osteoporosis - Business Week
3/31/2005: Medical Molecules Designed To Respond To Visible Light That Can Penetrate Tissue - Science Daily
3/31/2005: Regular Exercise Helps Protect Muscles In Elderly From Soreness, Injury - Science Daily
3/31/2005: Polymers With Copper Show Promise For Implanted Sensors - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
3/31/2005: Science replays the crucifixion - MSNBC
3/31/2005: Shroud of Turin theory has believers abuzz - MSNBC
3/31/2005: Cosmic Log: Revisiting holy history - MSNBC
3/31/2005: For Scientists of All Ages, Mixed Thoughts on a T. Rex in the Flesh  - NY Times
3/31/2005: NC State Paleontologist Discovers Soft Tissue In Dinosaur Bones - Science Daily
3/31/2005: DNA preserves Native American heritage ... - MSNBC
3/31/2005: TimeLine: 70 Years Ago in Science News ...
 - Science News

3/31/2005: A Grim Date's Mixed Bag of Blessings - Business Week
3/31/2005: knows, predicts shopping habits - Business Week
3/31/2005: Trading places: Real estate instead of dot-coms  - C/Net
3/31/2005: Week in Missing Links  - C/Net
3/31/2005: Lassie, go home  - C/Net
3/31/2005: Appeals court hears Yahoo's Nazi case  - C/Net
3/31/2005: Microbial Forensics: The Next Great Forensic Challenge - Science Daily
3/31/2005: Los Alamos Muon Detector Could Thwart Nuclear Smugglers - Science Daily
3/31/2005: Fidelity trader quits amid probe - Seattle Times
3/31/2005: Buy some protection by using cc: - Seattle Times
3/31/2005: TSA Work Sloppy, but Not Illegal  - Wired News
3/31/2005: Dell to Build Second Factory in China  - Wired News
3/31/2005: Muddy Shoes Could Be as Incriminating as Fingerprints  - Wired News

3/31/2005: Cannabis: Too much, too young? - New Scientist
3/31/2005: Face blindness runs in families - New Scientist
3/31/2005: 'Mangia, Mangia!' -- Certain Foods Fight Depression - Science Daily
3/31/2005: New Theory Explains Schizophrenia As Abnormal Courtship; Disorder Survives As Marker For Bad Genes - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
3/31/2005: NASA's Spitzer Marks Beginning of New Age of Planetary Science - SpaceDaily
3/31/2005: Number of very high-energy gamma ray sources doubles
 - New Scientist
3/31/2005: Loss Of Sulphur Atom Reduces Activity Of Catalyst
 - Science Daily
3/31/2005: X-rays Signal Presence Of Elusive Intermediate-Mass Black Hole
 - Science Daily
3/31/2005: Missing the Boom
  - Wired News
3/31/2005: Science Safari: Worlds of Astronomy ...
 - Science News
3/31/2005: Cutting Edge Physics ...

3/31/2005: Explosion Of Child Obesity Predicted To Shorten U.S. Life Expectancy - Science Daily

3/31/2005: Rumpus room for robots  - C/Net
3/31/2005: Photos: Body Slam on wheels  - C/Net
3/31/2005: Palm founders start artificial intelligence company  - El. Engr. Times
3/31/2005: Snake-like Robot Conquers Obstacles - Science Daily
3/31/2005: Robots Are Ready to Rumble
  - Wired News

3/31/2005: Space Elevator Program Begins with Currently Marketable Products - MSNBC
'Seeds of a Revolution' Could Help Change NASA -
3/31/2005: Let's colonize space for fun, says physicist  - C/Net
3/31/2005: Cars on Mars
  - C/Net
3/31/2005: Crater count led Mars historians astray
 - New Scientist
3/31/2005: Station's 'phantom torque' complicates spacewalk
 - New Scientist
3/31/2005: Vega On Track To Meet 2007 Deadline
 - Science Daily
3/31/2005: Proba Workshop: Small Satellite Yielding Beautiful Results
 - Science Daily
3/31/2005: NASA Spacecraft on course for encounter with comet ...
 - FirstScience
3/31/2005: Presentations From NASA Solar System Exploration Strategic Roadmap Committee Meeting 1 ...
 - FirstScience
3/31/2005: Presentations From NASA NASA Search for Earth-Like Planets Strategic Roadmap Committee Meeting 1 ...
 - FirstScience
3/31/2005: NASA Mars Exploration Program Analysis Group (MEPAG) #13 Chairman's Report ...
 - FirstScience
3/31/2005: Presentations From NASA Exploration Transporation System Strategic Roadmap Committee Meeting 1 ...
 - FirstScience
3/31/2005: Presentations From NASA International Space Station Strategic Roadmap Committee Meeting 1 ...
 - FirstScience
3/31/2005: NASA Universe Exploration Strategic Roadmap Committee Whitepapers ...
 - FirstScience
3/31/2005: Deep Impact Mission Status Report A special team is investigating why the spacecraft's High Resolution Instrum ...
3/31/2005: Astronaut visits SA after SpaceShipOne trip ...
3/31/2005: NASA's Discovery moved to VAB ...
3/31/2005: NASA Mars Picture of the Day- Mars at Ls 176 Degrees ...
 - FirstScience
3/31/2005: NASA's Discovery Rolls to Major Return to Flight Milestone ...
 - FirstScience
3/31/2005: NASA Hubble Space Telescope Daily Report # 3826 ...
 - FirstScience
3/31/2005: AIP FYI# 40: New AAS Statement on Hubble Telescope Servicing ...
 - FirstScience
3/31/2005: Eric Anderson of Space Adventures Featured in the Newly Released Kids Who Think Outside The Box Book ...
 - FirstScience
3/31/2005: Next ISS Crew Excited By Discovery's Progress
3/31/2005: Russian Communications Satellite Put Into Orbit
3/31/2005: Last Hardware Installed For ATV Arrival
 - SpaceDaily
3/31/2005: International Space Station Crew Set To Test Nuance Speech Recognition
 - SpaceDaily
3/31/2005: Deep Impact On Course With Blurry Vision
 - SpaceDaily
3/31/2005: NASA Announces DART Launch Date
 - SpaceDaily

3/31/2005: Concept cars, PC smarts  - C/Net
3/31/2005: Photos: At the NY Auto Show  - C/Net
3/31/2005: Bright light, bright future?  - C/Net
3/31/2005: Abalone? No baloney  - C/Net
3/31/2005: Week in pictures? An auto affair to remember  - C/Net
3/31/2005: Photos: Shining the light on LEDs  - C/Net
3/31/2005: Sandia's organic nanotubes promise fuel from water
  - El. Engr. Times
3/31/2005: Hybrid solar lighting may be next big thing
3/31/2005: University Of Michigan Team Makes Synthetic Mother Of Pearl
 - Science Daily
3/31/2005: Probing The Promise And Perils Of Nanoparticles
 - Science Daily
3/31/2005: Hybrids, Movies and Tanks, Oh My
  - Wired News
3/31/2005: Apparitions of Mary, Spurred on by Technology
 - L. A. Times


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