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  March 30, 2006

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Tackle your cholesterol early  - Nature  Think you're too young to worry about cholesterol? Think again. Many people could drastically reduce their future risk of heart disease by lowering their cholesterol levels from as early as their 20s. That's the bottom line of a study showing that people born with low cholesterol are protected from heart problems. High levels of low-density lipoprotein (LDL), a molecule that transports cholesterol in the blood, are strongly associated with heart disease. Doctors already know that reducing LDL with exercise or drugs can reduce a person's risk of heart attack. But it has been harder to find out whether heart health could be improved further by lowering LDL from a young age. A fraction of the population are genetically programmed to have low LDL levels, because they carry particular versions of a gene called PCSK9 that help the liver to eliminate LDL cholesterol. The greatest effect of the PCSK9 gene was seen in black subjects: those with a cholesterol-lowering form of the gene had LDL levels 28% below those of subjects with a normal version, and were almost 90% less likely to develop coronary heart disease over the 15 years of the study.
Report of X Prize Backer Ansari's Space Tourist Plans Not Official, Firm Says - Space.com  A Russian report claiming that U.S. entrepreneur Anousheh Ansari may become the first female space tourist to the International Space Station (ISS) is far from official, according to the only company that brokers private trips to the orbital laboratory Ansari and her family have a track record in private space ventures. The family backed the Ansari X Prize, a $10 million suborbital spaceflight contest for private teams, with a multimillion-dollar contribution in 2004.     

Ideas On Gas-Giant Planet Formation Take Shape - SpaceDaily  Rocky planets such as Earth and Mars are born when small particles particles smash together to form larger, planet-sized clusters in a planet-forming disk, but researchers are less sure about how gas-giant planets such as Jupiter and Saturn form. Is core accretion--the process that creates their smaller, terrestrial cousins--responsible? Or could an alternate model known as disk instability--in which the planet-forming disk itself actually fragments into a number of planet-sized clumps--be at work? Could both be possible under different circumstances? Recent work from the Carnegie Institution explores both possibilities.
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Alzheimer's Disease:
3/30/2006: Purdue Findings Reveal Possible Alzheimer's Link To Part Of Brain - New Scientist

3/30/2006: Testicles may hold stem cells' promise - MSNBC
3/30/2006: Australian cyclone hits critters hard
3/30/2006: Mice testicles yield 'ethical' stem cells - New Scientist
3/30/2006: Protozoa games - New Scientist
3/30/2006: Rat Whiskers Lead To Brain Map - Science Daily
3/30/2006: X Chromosomes Key To Sex Differences In Health - Science Daily
3/30/2006: UW-Madison Engineers Squeeze Secrets From Proteins - Science Daily
3/30/2006: When Mice Choose Mates, Experience Counts - Science Daily
3/30/2006: Warbling Whales Speak A Language All Their Own - Science Daily
3/30/2006: Study Reveals Most Detailed Map Of Life-forming Instructions - Science Daily
3/30/2006: Protecting Endangered Species Helps Reduce Poverty, World Wildlife Fund Study Finds - Science Daily
3/30/2006: Discovery Of New Molecular Tools For Biosynthesis Could Lead To Advances In Use Of Pectin - Science Daily
3/30/2006: Researchers Create New 'Matchmaking Service' Computer System To Study Gene Interactions - Science Daily
3/30/2006: Manipulating Single Cell Receptor Alters Animal Behavior - Science Daily
3/30/2006: Behavioral Studies Show Ultraviolet Contributes To Marsupial Color Vision - Science Daily
3/30/2006: Private Sources of Stem Cells  - Wired News

Climate, Environment:
3/30/2006: Space Tool Aids Fight For Clean Drinking Water - SpaceDaily
3/30/2006: CompuPrint SteP Tech Accurately Predicts Hydrocarbons Location - SpaceDaily
3/30/2006: Corning looks to greener glass  - El. Engr. Times
3/30/2006: Glaciers vanish in before-and-after photos - MSNBC
3/30/2006: Studies raise concern about polar warming - MSNBC
3/30/2006: Something nasty in the water?  - Nature
3/30/2006: Glacial earthquakes rock Greenland ice sheet - New Scientist
3/30/2006: And life created continents... - New Scientist
3/30/2006: Amazon Rainforest Greens Up In The Dry Season - Science Daily
3/30/2006: Unique Weather Radar To Investigate Snowfall  - Science Daily
3/30/2006: Vilified as 'Terrorists,' Eco-activists Face New Offensive by Business 1 months 16 days 19 hours 23 mins ago ... - FirstScience
3/30/2006: Global Warming: Is It Too Late? ... - ABC
3/30/2006: No step taken to check tanneries' pollution ... - FirstScience
3/30/2006: Analysts: China Pollution Tax Ineffective ... - FirstScience
3/30/2006: 'We Can't Live Without Ecosystems' ... - FirstScience
3/30/2006: Safe drinking water tops anti-pollution agenda ... - FirstScience
3/30/2006: Environmentalists say countries not honouring commitment to protect planet ... - FirstScience
3/30/2006: The Likely Home of California's Next Big Quake ... - Live Science

3/30/2006: When Virtual Worlds Collide  - Wired News
3/30/2006: Fetish- Thin Camera, Fat Rez  - Wired News
3/30/2006: Eye-Catching Indie Games  - Wired News

3/30/2006: Satellite Radio Rocks Cell Phones
  - Wired News

3/30/2006: IBM devises carbon nanotube chip  - El. Engr. Times

3/30/2006: Photo Gallery- Pricey PCs  - Wired News

3/30/2006: Nanotube circuit could boost chip speeds - New Scientist

3/30/2006: Some Microsoft workers call for heads to roll  - El. Engr. Times
3/30/2006: Microsoft Brings .Net to the Mac  - Wired News

3/30/2006: Paper battery developer raises $700,000  - El. Engr. Times
3/30/2006: Cosmic Log: A vote for hydrogen power - MSNBC
3/30/2006: Chernobyl revisited ... - FirstScience

3/17/2005:Tackle your cholesterol early  - Nature
3/30/2006: Steering wheel starts heart - New Scientist
3/30/2006: Exercise Unlikely To Cause Sudden Cardiac Death In Women - Science Daily
3/30/2006: Heart Disease In Women Worse Than Previously Thought - Science Daily
3/30/2006: Jefferson Neurosurgeons Using Innovative Stent To Open Clogged Brain Arteries, Prevent Strokes - Science Daily
3/30/2005:Hopkins Study Shows Low-dose Aspirin Suppresses Clumping Of Blood Platelets In Both Sexes - Science Daily

3/30/2006: Scientists One Step Closer To Cancer Vaccine - Science Daily
3/30/2006: Raloxifene, Drug Used For Osteoporosis, Shown To Potentially Benefit Prostate Cancer Patients - Science Daily

3/30/2006: Shape Matters To Macrophages: Phagocytosis Depends More On Particle Shape Than Size - Science Daily
3/30/2006: Research Suggests Therapy Against Serious Side Effects Of Smallpox Vaccine - Science Daily
3/30/2006: Medical Experts: U.S. Unlikely To Have Enough Vaccines To Stop Avian Flu - Science Daily
3/30/2006: Study With Mice Links Thimerosal With Immune System Dysfunction - Science Daily
3/30/2006: Researchers Seek Answers To Combat TB Epidemic; Solution May Lie In A Protective Protein - Science Daily
3/30/2006: Injection Of Synthetic Polymer May Improve Facial Wasting Syndrome Associated With HIV - Science Daily

3/30/2006: Newer Diabetic Meds Cost More, But Users Have Fewer Hospital Visits - Science Daily

3/30/2006: Consumption Of Risky Foods Declines - Science Daily
3/30/2006: Cheaper And Simpler Keyhole Surgery - Science Daily
3/30/2006: A New Metal Detector To Study Human Disease - Science Daily
3/30/2006: Kids With Cavities Overweight, Not Underweight - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
3/30/2006: Navy uncovers centuries-old Spanish ship - MSNBC

3/30/2006: Israeli consortium targets China's DTV market  - El. Engr. Times
3/30/2006: Encyclopedia writes that it was wronged - MSNBC
3/30/2006: How to tell a fender bender from a pile-up - New Scientist
3/30/2006: China's promise, problems spill over into rest of world - Seattle Times
3/30/2006: Feds Field Regs for Web Politics  - Wired News
3/30/2006: NSA Might Listen to Lawyer Calls  - Wired News
3/30/2006: Police Use MySpace to ID Suspects  - Wired News
3/30/2006: Rants 'n' Raves: Market Forces  - Wired News
3/30/2006: Let Computers Screen Air Baggage  - Wired News

3/30/2006: A brain primed for violence? - New Scientist
3/30/2006: Successful Treatment Of Mothers With Depression Helps Their Children, Too - Science Daily
3/30/2006: The Role Of Evolutionary Genomics In The Development Of Autism - Science Daily
3/30/2006: Extreme Personality Poses Risk Of ADHD, Conduct Disorder - Science Daily
3/30/2006: New Tools Developed For Studying Neurodegenerative Brain Disorders  - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
3/30/2006: VLT Finds Very Cool Brown Dwarf In The Neighborhood - SpaceDaily
3/30/2006: Bright future for Sun's twin
  - Nature
3/30/2006: LIGO Kicks Into High Gear For Gravitational-Wave Search With 18-Month Observation Run
 - Science Daily
3/30/2006: Galaxy On Fire! NASA's Spitzer Reveals Stellar Smoke
 - Science Daily
3/30/2006: Giant Protoplanets Migrate Inward In Lockstep
 - Science Daily
3/30/2006: Ideas On Gas-giant Planet Formation Take Shape
 - Science Daily
3/30/2006: Anti-gravity Effect? Gravitational Equivalent Of A Magnetic Field Measured In Lab
 - Science Daily

3/30/2006: NASA Investigates 'Radiation Aging' Danger Faced By Astronauts From Cosmic Rays - Science Daily

3/30/2006: A Robot That Stalks the Deep  - Wired News

3/30/2006: Report of X Prize Backer Ansari's Space Tourist Plans Not Official, Firm Says - Space.com
Ideas On Gas-Giant Planet Formation Take Shape - SpaceDaily
3/30/2006: SMART-1 Spies Tectonic 'Wrinkles' in Crater De Gasparis
 - SpaceDaily
3/30/2006: Three Moons, Rings And A Phantom Saturn
 - SpaceDaily
3/30/2006: European Space Camp In The Land Of The Midnight Sun
 - SpaceDaily
3/30/2006: Carnegie Scientists Fine-Tuning Methods For Stardust Analysis
 - SpaceDaily
3/30/2006: NASA Is 'Three For Three' In Successful ST5 Launch
 - SpaceDaily
3/30/2006: JPL Performs First Two-Antenna Uplink Experiment
 - SpaceDaily
3/30/2006: Corning looking at OLED market
  - El. Engr. Times
3/30/2006: Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter sends first snaps home
 - New Scientist
3/30/2006: Cassini returns more cosmic masterpieces
 - New Scientist
3/30/2006: Clandestine comets found in main asteroid belt
 - New Scientist
Schedule pressure propels NASA ... - FirstScience
3/30/2006: Total solar eclipse; space station shuffle; eBay's bid; Abramoff back in court; Hinckley overnighter; three am ...
 - FirstScience
3/30/2006: NASA'S LATEST SPACECRAFT - Mars Orbiter brings Red Planet's first images ...
3/30/2006: Fact file: solar eclipses ...
 - FirstScience
3/30/2006: World marvels at total eclipse
  - BBC
3/30/2006: Path of the eclipse
  - BBC
3/30/2006: Mars Rover Team Investigating Spirit's Front Wheel
 - SpaceDaily
3/30/2006: Mars Express Images Huge Ancient Valley
 - SpaceDaily
3/30/2006: Cassini Compiles Best Map Of Jupiter
 - SpaceDaily
3/30/2006: NASA Confirms Next ISS Mission Launch
 - SpaceDaily
3/30/2006: Eclipse Brings Ghanaians Experience Of A Lifetime
 - SpaceDaily
3/30/2006: Watch The 2006 Total Eclipse With ESA
 - SpaceDaily
3/30/2006: Cometary String Of Pearls Swings Past Earth
 - SpaceDaily
3/30/2006: NASA Extends CEV Contracts
 - SpaceDaily

3/30/2006: New York School Districts Install GPS Tracking Systems in Buses - SpaceDaily
3/30/2006: Robust morphing materials take the strain - New Scientist
3/30/2006: Launch Of New Peer-to-peer Technology For Television  - Science Daily
3/30/2006: MIT Makes Move Toward Vehicles That Morph - Science Daily
3/30/2006: New Material Could Have Applications For Microelectronics, Drug Delivery Systems - Science Daily
3/30/2006: Doctors In Training Improve Skills Via Virtual Patient - Science Daily
3/30/2006: Aerospace Engineers To Test Energy-efficient Wing Design
 - Science Daily
3/30/2006: We're Flying Without Wing Flaps And Without A Pilot
 - Science Daily


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