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  March 30, 2005

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Solar-Powered Blimp Could Fly For A Year - SpaceDaily  Left:  Researchers from Purdue's School of Aeronautics and Astronautics work with a 19-foot-long model they are using to develop the aerodynamic design and control system for a new high-altitude airship. About 10 researchers from Purdue are working with the U.S. Air Force to develop the helium-filled craft, which will be designed to hover in the same location at altitudes above 65,000 feet for up to a year at a time for applications including surveillance and homeland security. To keep the craft geostationary, or over the same location, it will have to have an automated system of electric motors that steady the airship in the windy high-altitude environment.  Part of the concept is an aerodynamic design and control system that will help keep the airship steady amid high winds. Computer simulations have shown how the craft would perform given specific design characteristics, they said. The airship is intended to fly well above commercial aircraft, which cruise as high as 40,000 feet, and conventional blimps, which reach only around 5,000 feet.
Spintronic Materials Make Their Move - SpaceDaily   Electrons moving with their spins aligned in the same direction make a current of spins, which could be used, somewhat like currents of electrical charge are now used, to pass or transform information in future electronic components made of tailored magnetic lattices - a future generation of circuits based on the science of "spintronics," which is also carried out at Brookhaven Lab. Studies on atomic magnetism have applications for understanding novel materials - including spintronic materials and superconductors - that will revolutionize the electronic and energy industries. Such studies using x-rays can only be performed in the U.S. at x-ray synchrotron radiation facilities built and managed by the U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Science.   

Next Generation UAVs: Proxity Sub Plans Jet Powered CyberScout - SpaceDaily  The next generation CyberScout is expected to weigh approximately 21 pounds empty, be powered by 3 of the new powerplants and carry a two to three pound payload. The Company anticipates offering the new CyberScout for $150,000. The engineering team is also beginning to look at the availability of larger powerplants in an effort to develop a scaling up program for the CyberScout. The CyberBugs that are now in limited production can fly for up to four hours with payloads of 6 pounds or more. The CyberBug is a scalable 2.6 to 12 pound low cost unmanned aircraft (UAV) developed for the individual user as well as organizations.   
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Alzheimer's Disease:
3/30/2005: Duke Chemists Isolating Individual Molecules Of Toxic Protein In Alzheimer's, Parkinson's Disease - Science Daily

3/30/2005: Tiny Scaffolding Allows Stem Cells To Become Working Fat Cells - Science Daily
3/30/2005: Men And Women: The Differences Are In The Genes
 - Science Daily
3/30/2005: Bugs, Even The 'Bad' Ones, Can Be Educationally Beneficial, New Book Says - Science Daily
3/30/2005: Plants Defy Mendel's Inheritance Laws, May Prompt Textbook Changes - Science Daily
3/30/2005: Report provokes 'designer baby' rumpus  - C/NetC
3/30/2005: Octopuses ‘walk’ on 2 arms - MSNBC
3/30/2005: Two-limbed tiptoe aids octopus camouflage  - Nature
3/30/2005: Camouflaged octopuses 'walk' on two tentacles - New Scientist
3/30/2005: Bar-tailed godwit is king of the skies - New Scientist
3/30/2005: Rogue weeds defy rules of genetics - New Scientist
3/30/2005: Unlike Other Bats, Vampire Bats Keep Out Of Trouble By Running, Cornell Researchers Find  - Science Daily
3/30/2005: Tories pledge 'ban' on GM crops ...  - BBC
3/30/2005: World In A Water Drop - SpaceDaily

Climate, Environment:
3/30/2005: Researchers Recognize 'Lower-Energy' Varieties Of Coastal Islands - Science Daily
3/30/2005: Climate: A Hard Look At The Long Term - SpaceDaily
3/30/2005: Forest threat: A biodiversity hotspot in Panama is up for sale to developers  - BBC
3/30/2005: Canada Reaches Emissions Deal With Automakers ... - FirstScience
3/30/2005: Kyoto Protocol Tough for Emerging Economies-Seoul ... - FirstScience
3/30/2005: New EPA 'Do-Nothing' Mercury Pollution Rules Dangerous to Public Health ... - FirstScience
3/30/2005: World's Largest Rainforest Drying Experiment Completes First Phase - SpaceDaily

3/30/2005: Sony PSP handheld console hits US  - BBC
3/30/2005: A £50m flutter: The online game that could earn you a top job interview  - C/Net
3/30/2005: Playing God in The Sims 2  - C/Net
3/30/2005: Sony's big push for the PSP  - C/Net
3/30/2005: Gamers line up for PSP
3/30/2005: All it's cracked up to be
3/30/2005: Design worthy of museum

3/30/2005: Sony's Big Push for the PSP
  - Wired News

3/30/2005: Major Hangups Over the iPod Phone
  - C/Net
3/30/2005: iTunes phone delay: it's not the carriers
    - C/Net
3/30/2005: When seeing is better than believing
  - C/Net
3/30/2005: Mobile Phone Industry Eyes Digital Music
  - C/Net
3/30/2005: Apple talks up mid-range Motorola 'iPod phone'
  - C/Net

3/30/2005: Spintronic Materials Make Their Move - SpaceDaily

3/30/2005: With Mini, Apple goes smaller by design  - C/Net
3/30/2005: World's Largest Computing Grid Surpasses 100 Sites  - Science Daily
3/30/2005: Configurable processor scores best in office test, Tensilica says - Silicon Strategies

3/30/2005: IBM dissects the DNA of spam  - C/Net
3/30/2005: Feds get set for Net rules  - C/Net
3/30/2005: F.E.C. to Consider Internet Politicking  - NY Times
3/30/2005: Blogs, Everyone? Weblogs Are Here to Stay, but Where Are They Headed-  - C/Net
3/30/2005: Bloggers have rights too  - C/Net
3/30/2005: Yahoo adds search for 'flexible' copyright content  - C/Net
3/30/2005: Blogs become sites for soul-searching on life-and-death question
 - L. A. Times
3/30/2005: Where are blogs headed?
  - C/Net
3/30/2005: E-Commerce Gets Smarter
  - Technology Review 
3/30/2005: Block Porn or Pay the Price
  - Wired News
3/30/2005: Domain .eu Ready to be Unleashed
  - Wired News

3/30/2005: EU, Microsoft at odds on plan for monitoring compliance - Seattle Times
3/30/2005: Programmers bypass Red Hat Linux fees  - C/Net
3/30/2005: Music pirates choose iPods over P2P  - C/Net
3/30/2005: P2P Use Losing Popularity?  - C/Net
3/30/2005: Gene Variant Increases Risk Of Age-Related Macular Degeneration  - Science Daily
3/30/2005: It's the Content, Not the Source  - Wired News
3/30/2005: Programmers Bypass Red Hat Linux Fees  - Wired News

3/30/2005: IBM supercomputer sets another speed record  - El. Engr. Times
3/30/2005: Cracks may force shutdown of UK reactors - New Scientist
3/30/2005: Environmentally Safer Catalyst Proves More Active In Hydrogen Production  - Science Daily
3/30/2005: Tiny Towers: Carbon Nanotube Structures Could Provide More Efficient Solar Power For Soldiers  - Science Daily
3/30/2005: UK continues Russian nuclear clean up ... - FirstScience

3/30/2005: Small Hearts Make Big Difference For Young Transplant Recipients - Science Daily

3/30/2005: Compound Inhibits One Critical Pathway In Breast Cancer Growth  - Science Daily
3/30/2005: Study Shows Acrylamide In Baked And Fried Foods Does Not Increase Risk Of Breast Cancer In Women  - Science Daily
3/30/2005: Insight Into DNA's 'Weakest Links' May Yield Clues To Cancer Biology - Science Daily

3/30/2005: Light Therapy May Combat Fungal Infections, New Evidence Suggests  - Science Daily
3/30/2005: In Emergency, Flu Vaccine Could Be Made Quickly In Existing Facilities - Science Daily

3/30/2005: Single Hormone Appears To Regulate Blood Sugar In Two Different Ways; Finding May Help Explain Why Not All Obese People Get Diabetes - Science Daily

3/30/2005: More nurses to perform surgery  - BBC
3/30/2005: Tango tonic: How the homeless are getting fitter by taking dance classes  - BBC
3/30/2005: 'One in five' girls has sex by 14  - BBC
3/30/2005: Men's health: Everything you wanted to know but were too embarrassed to ask  - BBC
3/30/2005: Massive Weight Loss Patients Create Mass Appeal For Body Contouring Procedures  - Science Daily
3/30/2005: New Laparoscopic Hysterectomy Offers Quicker Recovery Time, Fewer Side Effects Than Traditional Surgery  - Science Daily
3/30/2005: Mountaineering Doctors Hike Medicine To New Heights With Xtreme Everest  - Science Daily
3/30/2005: Obesity expert owns up to million-dollar crime ... - FirstScience

History, Anthropology:
3/30/2005: T. rex fossil has 'soft tissues'
3/30/2005: New online access to 1871 census offers Victorian name game  - BBC
3/30/2005: When seeing is better than believing  - C/Net
3/30/2005: Watch a dinosaur be dismantled - MSNBC
3/30/2005: Flexible fossil shows tyrannosaur's softer side  - Nature
3/30/2005: Blood vessels recovered from T. rex bone - New Scientist
3/30/2005: Tissue Find Offers New Look Into Dinosaurs' Lives  - NY Times

3/30/2005: Solar-Powered Blimp Could Fly For A Year - SpaceDaily
3/30/2005: Consumer prices show inflation accelerating - Seattle Times
3/30/2005: Playing the 'bureau de change'  - BBC
3/30/2005: Live from NY: The Donald and floor shows  - C/Net
3/30/2005: School shooter's video warning  - C/Net
3/30/2005: Display tech aims for a brighter future
3/30/2005: Holding a paper ticket, bracing for the irritation  - NY Times
3/30/2005: Political networking  - Technology Review 
3/30/2005: China's Huawei to set up India manufacturing plant  - El. Engr. Times
3/30/2005: German Workers Do the Wage Limbo  - Wired News
3/30/2005: Animator Makes Waves as Artist  - Wired News
3/30/2005: Now You, Too, Can Be a Comedian  - Wired News
3/30/2005: MCI, Qwest Return to the Table  - Wired News
3/30/2005: Could This End the Cuppa?  - Wired News
3/30/2005: Who Dares, Wins ... Or Do They? -

3/30/2005: Emotional Memories Function In Self-Reinforcing Loop - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
3/30/2005: Cosmic rays enter the "dark" age - PhysicsWeb
3/30/2005: Young And Exotic Stellar Zoo- ESO's Telescopes Uncover Super Star Cluster In The Milky Way
 - Science Daily
3/30/2005: Hubble celebrates 15th birthday ...
 - FirstScience
3/30/2005: X-rays signal presence of elusive black hole ...
 - FirstScience

3/30/2005: U.S. Life Expectancy About To Decline, Researchers Say - Science Daily

3/30/2005: Japanese robot Expo will wow the crowds - New Scientist
3/30/2005: Building a Better Brain  - Wired News

3/30/2005: N.Y. auto show aims for stars  - BBC
3/30/2005: From Colorado to outer space
  - C/Net
3/30/2005: Photos: All spaced out
  - C/Net
3/30/2005: Safety report calls for uncrewed space shuttles - New Scientist
3/30/2005: New space prizes target space elevators
 - New Scientist
3/30/2005: Fire And Ice: Mars Images Reveal Recent Volcanic And Glacial Activity
 - Science Daily
3/30/2005: NASA Needs New Shuttle to Limit Risk From 30-Year-Old Design, Study Finds ...
 - FirstScience
3/30/2005: NASA announces prizes for space breakthroughs ...
3/30/2005: Zero-Gravity Flights to Take Off From Sweden This Summer
3/30/2005: Up and Down- NASA Plans for Discovery’s Launch and Landing
3/30/2005: NASA Making Progress Toward Resumption Of Shuttle Flights
 - SpaceDaily
3/30/2005: Shuttle In Shipshape Condition As RTF Rapidly Approaches
 - SpaceDaily
3/30/2005: Comparing The Triad Of Great Moons
 - SpaceDaily
3/30/2005: Space station prepares for Europe's new cargo ship
 - New Scientist
3/30/2005: Space Station Crew Excited by Discovery
  - NY Times
3/30/2005: ISS Crew Take A Walk To Fix Antennae, Launch Satellite
 - SpaceDaily
3/30/2005: Spacewalking Astronauts Outfit ISS For New Cargo Ship

3/30/2005: Bright light, bright future?  - BBC
3/30/2005: Photos: LEDs on display  - BBC
3/30/2005: Genetics Meets Graphics in Futuristic Document Creation  - BBC
3/30/2005: Infosys becomes first Indian company to join Autosar  - El. Engr. Times
3/30/2005: Philips signs deal to exploit research, readies first spin out  - El. Engr. Times
3/30/2005: Search Technique For Images Recognises Visual Patterns  - Science Daily
3/30/2005: China's Next Cultural Revolution
  - Wired News
3/30/2005: Airlines Cool on RFID Tags
  - Wired News
3/30/2005: Fabulous Fabrications
 - Economist
3/30/2005: Anatomy of a Techno-Myth
3/30/2005: Sizing Up a New Species: Camera-Binoculars
  - NY Times
3/30/2005: Gates Buys Into $400 million Aircraft Startup
  - Wired News
3/30/2005: Nanoparticles can clean air, generate fuel ...
 - FirstScience
3/30/2005: Harnessing Microbes, One By One, To Build A Better Nanoworld
 - SpaceDaily


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