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  March 30, 2004

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Asteroid Scare Prompts NASA to Formalize Response - Space.com  An asteroid flew past Earth last week so close that it nearly entered an orbital halo where weather satellites roam. Scientists spotted it March 15 and watched it zoom by just three days later. It posed no threat, but there are hundreds of thousands more where that one came from. And while asteroid 2004 FH, as it is known, was watched calmly by astronomers, a more frightening scenario unfolded two months earlier: 
Off Roads Adventure, LLC Segways as Literal Trail-Blazers - Tech TV  Left:  Off-Roads Adventure in Oxford, Miss., modifies Dean Kamen's famous Segway Human Transporter for wilderness use by adding studded tires, protective undercarriage skid plates and other rugged accessories. (Off-Roads Adventure, LLC)  A new company called Off Roads Adventure (www.off-roadsadventure.com) near Oxford, Miss., is launching off-road Segways. What makes an off-road, $5,000 Segway different from a regular Segway? Head-to-toe camouflage, a metal skid plate to prevent damage on the underside of the body, and, most importantly, studded tires. "Up until we came along, Segways were strictly inner-city vehicles," company founder Dan Lundahl says. "Now they're for everyone campers, hikers, bird-watchers."  

Campfire, BBC

Bones hint at first use of fire  - BBC  Human-like species living in Africa up to 1.5 million years ago may have known how to control fire, scientists say. It is not known which hominid species made the fires at Swartkrans. There seem to have been two hominid species present at Swartkrans around two million years ago. These were Australopithecus (or Paranthropus) robustus and an early species of Homo, possibly Homo erectus. The next oldest evidence for controlled use of fire may come from Zhoukoudian in China, dating to between 400,000 and 250,000 years ago. (I don't think you could have hominids living in southern France in 1,800,000 B. C. without fire and clothing.)

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Alzheimer's Disease:

3/30/2004:Push to have GM salmon approved  - BBC
3/30/2004:Penguin-cam snaps amazing images
  - BBC
3/30/2004:Penguin cameras reveal dive buddies - New Scientist
3/30/2004:Researchers Identify A New Form Of Disease Gene Associated With Rett Syndrome - Science Daily
3/30/2004:Artificial Prions Created - Science Daily
3/30/2004:Kissing a Mirror to Find a Frog  - Wired News
3/30/2004:Science Cooks Up Deadly Proteins  - Wired News

Climate, Environment:
3/30/2004:Scientists Try to Free Entangled Whale - ABC
3/30/2004:Flesh-Eating Disease Kills Staghorn Coral - ABC
3/30/2004:Gases Suspected in Yellowstone Bison Deaths - ABC
3/30/2004:National Park Snow Tested for Pollution - ABC
3/30/2004:Snow Strength Can Predict Avalanche Danger - ABC
3/30/2004: Chinese dams blamed as Mekong river level drops  - New Scientist
3/30/2004:ESA's Orbiting Hurricane Hunter Back In Action - Science Daily
3/30/2004:Envisat Fishes Up Facts Behind Chilean Giant Squid Invasion - Science Daily
3/30/2004:Sandia Combustion Researchers Successfully Measure Particulate Emissions On Board Diesel Vehicle - Science Daily
3/30/2004:Global efforts to repair ozone layer are in jeopardy... - FirstScience
3/30/2004:US Pushes to Boost Use of Ozone Damaging Fumigant... - FirstScience
3/30/2004:Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants to enter into force on 17 May 2004... - FirstScience
3/30/2004:Environmentalists Warning- Protected Areas are Endangered... - FirstScience
3/30/2004:China to Crack Down on 'Light Pollution'... - FirstScience

3/30/2004:Online Game Sales Surpass $1 Billion in U.S.  - Wired News

3/30/2004:Next hot trend: Megapixel cam phones  - CNN
3/30/2004:Why China Is Making the Valley Fret - Business Week
3/30/2004:Fujitsu demos CMOS chip operating at 50Gbit/s  - El. Engr. Times

3/30/2004:A Chip by Any Other Name - ABC
3/30/2004:'Nano-lightning' could cool computer chips - New Scientist

3/30/2004:Toshiba introduces dual-format DVD writers - Business Week
3/30/2004:IBM touts new 'aspect' for software coding - Business Week

3/30/2004:Microsoft plans web music service  - BBC
3/30/2004:Senators seek to define, then ban, spyware - Business Week
3/30/2004:Your Privacy vs. Their Profit  - Wired News
3/30/2004:The God Particle and the Grid  - Wired News
3/30/2004:Generation WWW: Kids Create Web Sites - Washington Post

3/30/2004:Sweet Song of Success? - Tech TV
3/30/2004:RIAA sues 532 more file-sharers  - CNN
3/30/2004:Digital Music: Apple Shouldn't Sing Solo - Business Week
3/30/2004:FAQ: What's ahead for Microsoft - Business Week
3/30/2004:EC's statement on end of Microsoft investigation - Business Week
3/30/2004:Coming back to haunt them - Business Week
3/30/2004:European antitrust ruling unlikely to hurt Microsoft, analysts say - SpaceDaily
3/30/2004:Previous fines in EU anti-trust cases - SpaceDaily
3/30/2004:Music Group Sues Another Batch  - Wired News
3/30/2004:Can Microsoft Be Tamed? - Economist

3/30/2004:More Bang from the Bubble? - Business Week
3/30/2004:Sea change for tidal power  - Nature



3/30/2004:China to Offer Tuberculosis Assistance - ABC

3/30/2004:Experts Urge Asian Gov't to Help on AIDS - ABC
3/30/2004:Majority back public smoking ban  - BBC
3/30/2004:Bleeding risk of tonsil operation  - BBC
3/30/2004:Insight Into Alcohol-nicotine Interaction Might Lead To New Quitting Method - Science Daily

3/30/2004:Obesity Threatening Child Health Gains - ABC
3/30/2004:Report Says Medicare to Go Broke by 2019 - ABC
3/30/2004:Safety Warning Issued for Paintball Guns - ABC
3/30/2004:Generic Versions of Oxycontin Approved - ABC
3/30/2004:Breath testing to aid animal care  - BBC
3/30/2004:Gulf War 'link to miscarriages'  - BBC
3/30/2004:Female circumcision 'on the rise'  - BBC
3/30/2004:Study Finds Little Effects In Patients Who Take Prescription Drugs And Dietary Supplements - Science Daily
3/30/2004:FDA Issues Public Health Advisory On Cautions For Use Of Antidepressants In Adults And Children - Science Daily
3/30/2004:UCSD Pharmacologists Collaborate On New Approach To Drug Design - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
3/30/2004:Bones hint at first use of fire   - BBC
3/30/2004:Elgin Marbles: Hi-tech reconstructions of one of the greatest artworks of all time  - BBC
3/30/2004:Move to restore city's 'lost castle'  - BBC

3/30/2004:Segways as Literal Trail-Blazers  - Tech TV
3/30/2004:Asteroid Scare Prompts NASA to Formalize Response - Space.com
3/30/2004:Learning to Listen - ABC
3/30/2004:Love Is a Drug - ABC
3/30/2004:Cranked Up Crime - ABC
3/30/2004:ID Theft: What, Me Worry? - ABC
3/30/2004:Protect Yourself - ABC
3/30/2004:Reach for the sky: How high rises are transforming the view of London's skyline  - BBC
3/30/2004:Biometric passport deadline extension sought  - CNN
3/30/2004:Shredder sales soar on ID theft fears  - CNN
3/30/2004:Balloonist claims record high over Colorado  - CNN
3/30/2004:The Telecom King of Latin America? - Business Week
3/30/2004:HP Joins the Small-Biz Gold Rush - Business Week
3/30/2004:FundRace shows neighbors' political donations - Business Week
3/30/2004:Technology won't prevent another 'Enron' scandal- C/Net
3/30/2004:Outsourcing: What to do- C/Net
3/30/2004:China chip demand to grow 35% in 2004, says study  - El. Engr. Times
3/30/2004:Balloon rises high in record try - MSNBC
3/30/2004:3D ads to put virtual beers on bars - New Scientist
3/30/2004:Alleged high-tech roulette scam "easy to set up" - New Scientist
3/30/2004:AIDS and fewer fertile women slow world population growth rates - New Scientist
3/30/2004:Can India Plug Its Brain Drain?  - Technology Review 
3/30/2004:Fast Pass at Airport Security  - Wired News
3/30/2004:But Will IRS Accept Virtual Cash?
  - Wired News
3/30/2004:Outsourcing Report Blames Schools
  - Wired News
3/30/2004:Post Office Backs Off E-Commerce
  - Wired News
3/30/2004:Political Smears Thrive Online
  - Wired News
3/30/2004:Call Centers' Early Warning Systems
  - Wired News

3/30/2004:Psychotherapy May Help Hypochondriacs - ABC
3/30/2004:Brain waves control video game  - BBC
3/30/2004:Thought-control system tested on humans - MSNBC
3/30/2004:Crows switch sides to use tools  - Nature
3/30/2004:Thought-controlled arm may work in people, says report  - Yahoo
3/30/2004:MGH Study Details Brain Changes In Autism, Language Disorder - Science Daily
3/30/2004:Too Much Sleep Can Lead To Restless Nights - Science Daily
3/30/2004:Study Identifies One Of The First Effective Treatments For Severe Hypochondria
 - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
3/30/2004:Rare kaon decay hints at new physics - PhysicsWeb
3/30/2004:Puzzling Supernova: White Dwarf Explodes Inside A Dense Circumstellar Disk
 - Science Daily
3/30/2004:The Next Great Sun-Watching Spacecraft
 - Space.com



3/30/2004:DigitalGlobe Unveils Plans for Next-Generation Spacecraft Constellation... - SpaceDaily
3/30/2004:HK Scientists To Join New Mars Exploration Mission...
 - SpaceDaily
3/30/2004:Living Off The 'Land' Critical To Long Term Moon, Mars Habitation... - SpaceDaily
3/30/2004:US Astronaut's Remarks Add Twist To Great Wall Dispute... - SpaceDaily
3/30/2004:AP: Next Space Tourist Plans to Research
 - ABC
3/30/2004:Next Space Crew Passes Pre-Flight Exam
 - ABC
3/30/2004:NASA Believes Test Jet Hit 5,000-Mph Mark
 - ABC
3/30/2004:Space station offers key lessons for Mars
3/30/2004:NASA successfully tests hypersonic jet
3/30/2004:Hypersonic jet blasts speed record
3/30/2004:Methane found on Mars
  - Nature
3/30/2004:Methane on Mars could signal life
 - New Scientist
3/30/2004:NASA jet flies at seven times speed of sound
 - New Scientist
3/30/2004:Earth's 'quasi-moon' is wayward asteroid
 - New Scientist
3/30/2004: Martian Mystery Explained
 - Science Daily
3/30/2004: NASA's X-43A Proves Hypersonic Scramjet Flight
 - Science Daily
3/30/2004: Making History: NASA's X-43A Scramjet Streaks Across Sky
 - Space.com
3/30/2004: Scientist-CEO to be Third Space Tourist
 - Space.com
3/30/2004: Havoc in the Heavens: Soviet-Era Satellite's Leaky Reactor's Lethal Legacy
 - Space.com
3/30/2004: Next Space Station Crew Passes Pre-flight Exam at Russian Cosmonaut Center
 - Space.com
3/30/2004: Scientists Unsure if Methane at Mars Points to Biology or Geology
 - Space.com
3/30/2004: Complete Coverage of the 20th Annual National Space Symposium
 - Space.com
3/30/2004: Rover Teams Prepare For Extended Mission
 - SpaceDaily
3/30/2004: Around The Hills In 90 Sols
 - SpaceDaily
3/30/2004: Different Flavors Of Blueberries
 - SpaceDaily
3/30/2004: Third space tourist suiting up for 2005 vacation in orbit
 - SpaceDaily
3/30/2004: Experimental hypersonic aircraft breaks world speed record, flies at Mach 7
 - SpaceDaily
3/30/2004: Docking With Precision
 - SpaceDaily
3/30/2004: ISS Crew Breathe Easy
 - SpaceDaily

3/30/2004:Microsoft seeks an infotainment platform for cars  - El. Engr. Times
3/30/2004:Japan's design practices get credit for its reliable cars  - El. Engr. Times
3/30/2004:Step Towards Building Tiny, Molecular Motors Achieved - Science Daily
3/30/2004:Dashboard Jukebox  - Technology Review 
3/30/2004:DNA has Nano Building in Hand  - Technology Review 


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