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  March 3, 2005

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Runt of the litter? Odd Black Hole Revealed -  Black holes come in two primary flavors. The stellar variety are formed when massive stars collapse, and they are typically a few times the mass of the Sun. Supermassive black holes are colossal and may be the result of many mergers of less massive black holes. Scientists have found hints for some black holes of a middleweight class, but observations of this possible class have not proved firm.      
Priming The Human Primate - SpaceDaily  Left:  Evolutionary branches of the primate species depicted on the tree. See larger image. Credit: Mark A. Klingler, Carnegie Museum of Natural History. Researchers have learned that despite the 99 percent similarity between the DNA of humans and our closest relative, the chimpanzee, a significant difference occurs in the places along the genome where gene swapping occurs. In the Feb. 10 online issue of the journal Science, researchers from the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard report with colleagues that the locations of DNA swapping between chromosomes, known as recombination "hotspots," are nearly entirely different.  

Mars Express, Esa

Mars pictures reveal frozen sea  - BBC  Their assessment is based on pictures of the planet's near-equatorial Elysium region that show plated and rutted features across an area 800 by 900km. The team think a catastrophic event flooded the landscape five million years ago and then froze out. They tell a forthcoming edition of Nature magazine that sediments covered the ice, locking it in place. "We know where the water came from... You can trace the valleys carved by water down to this area." The probe will soon deploy its Marsis (Mars Advance Radar for Subsurface and Ionospheric Sounding) instrument. "The fact that there have been warm and wet places beneath the surface of Mars since before life began on Earth, and that some are probably still there, means that there is a possibility that primitive micro-organisms survive on Mars today," Professor Murray said.
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Alzheimer's Disease:

3/3/2005:†Bacteria use 'sword and shield' to attack - MSNBC
3/3/2005:†Ice age bacteria brought back to life
 - New Scientist
3/3/2005:†Shark shifter - New Scientist
3/3/2005:†Researchers Find Missing Genes Of Ancient Organism - Science Dailyb
3/3/2005:†Study Methods, Strains Of Pfiesteria Are Both Critical In Determining Organismís Toxicity, Researchers Show - Science Daily
3/3/2005:†A Treasure Of Green Moss: Modern Computers To Uncover Secrets Of Dukeís Ancient Mosses - Science Daily
3/3/2005:†Patrick Moore ...  - Nature

Climate, Environment:
3/3/2005:†Pact to curb mercury is rejected  - BBC
3/3/2005:†Memory card captures final tsunami moments  - C/Net
3/3/2005:†Scientists find evidence of seesaw climate - MSNBC
3/3/2005:†Retreat of Antarctic ice shelves not new - MSNBC
3/3/2005:†Swirling plumes of ocean life linked to floods - New Scientist
3/3/2005:†Behind Its Seawalls, Japanese Isle Debates Their Value  - NY Times
3/3/2005:†Ecological Destruction Fuels Emerging Diseases  - Science Daily
3/3/2005:†Technological Revolutions In Sensors, Robotics, And Telecommunications Allow New Views Of Ocean - Science Daily
3/3/2005:†El Nino Forecasting Could Aid Fisheries Management, Disease Control, Marine Species Protection - Science Daily
3/3/2005:†Warming World Could Worsen Pollution In Northeast, Midwest - Science Daily
3/3/2005:†Tree-ring Data Reveals Multiyear Droughts Unlike Any In Recent Memory - Science Daily
3/3/2005:†UN Environment Agency Seeks Reduction of Harmful Mercury Emissions ... - FirstScience
3/3/2005:†Lawsuit Filed Against New National Forest Rules ... - FirstScience
3/3/2005:†Palladium holds key to treating TCE pollution ... - FirstScience
3/3/2005:†U.S., Germany to Agree Climate Change Measures ... - FirstScience
3/3/2005:†Fog and smog hold up ships and planes in Hong Kong ... - FirstScience
3/3/2005:†Environmentalists Urge U.S. Firms to Stop Importing Indonesian Timber ... - FirstScience
3/3/2005:†Diagnosing the Green Party ... - FirstScience
3/3/2005:†Canada says near to emissions deal with car makers ...
 - FirstScience
3/3/2005:†Polar Expedition Contributes To ESA's Ice Mission Cryosat - SpaceDaily
3/3/2005:†Geologists Discover Clockwork Motion By Ocean Floor Microplates
 - SpaceDaily
3/3/2005:†Scientists Discover Why The North Pole Is Frozen
 - SpaceDaily

3/3/2005:†Clint Eastwood says go ahead punk, make my video game...  - BBC
3/3/2005:†Sporting rivals go to extra time  - BBC
3/3/2005:†China's Net Gamers: Ready to Rumble - Business Week
3/3/2005:†Dissecting the iPod  - C/Net
3/3/2005:†Apple IPod Shuffle Is Stronger-Than-Expected Player  - C/Net
3/3/2005:†How Much Should an IPod Shuffle Cost?  - C/Net
3/3/2005:†Shuffle's on to dress up baby iPod
  - C/Net
3/3/2005:†Latest 'Worms' turns on defense
  - CNN
3/3/2005:†Final Fantasy creator to make Xbox games
  - CNN

3/3/2005:†The Buzz Is Back in Mobile
 - Business Week
3/3/2005:†Broadband over power lines set to take off, say proponents
  - El. Engr. Times
3/3/2005:†Researcher questions demand for mobile TV
  - El. Engr. Times

3/3/2005:†FireWire cools off  - C/Net
3/3/2005:†Photo: IBM's X3 chipset  - C/Net
3/3/2005:†IBM server design drops Itanium support  - C/Net
3/3/2005:†Intel show to tackle debate over dual-core chips  - C/Net
3/3/2005:†Nanoscopic 'ruler' could provide microchip benchmark - New Scientist

3/3/2005:†Mac Mini: Do the best things really come in small packages?  - BBC
3/3/2005:†Apple takes a step away from FireWire?  - C/Net
3/3/2005:†IBM server design drops Itanium support
3/3/2005:†IBM backs open-source Web software  - C/Net

3/3/2005:†Solutions to net security fears  - BBC
3/3/2005:†E-serious: Bill Thompson asks if politics respects the internet  - BBC
3/3/2005:†Revenge of the Blog People  - C/Net
3/3/2005:†Web logs come of age as source of news  - C/Net
3/3/2005:†Firefox fix plugs security holes  - C/Net
3/3/2005:†Firefox 1.0.1 Released  - C/Net
3/3/2005:†Internet Explorer beats Firefox hands down
  - C/Net
3/3/2005:†Deceptive clicks? Not quite
  - C/Net
3/3/2005:†Ads embedded in online news raise questions
  - NY Times
3/3/2005:†Visions of Profit in Podcasting
  - NY Times

3/3/2005:†Call for child porn users amnesty  - BBC
3/3/2005:†Ready or not, Windows XP update is coming  - C/Net
3/3/2005:†Microsoft Patches 'Blue Screen Of Death' In Windows XP SP2  - C/Net
3/3/2005:†Resistance Is Futile - Microsoft Forces SP2 Update On All XP And XP SP1 Machines  - C/Net
3/3/2005:†Microsoft Reminds Users Of Auto SP2 Update Deadline  - C/Net
3/3/2005:†AMD wins market share, misses Opteron target  - C/Net
3/3/2005:†Microsoft offers $5 windfall for errant software  - C/Net
3/3/2005:†IBM offers concessions on Lenovo sale  - C/Net
3/3/2005:†Hollywood files more Web lawsuits  - CNN
3/3/2005:†Digital TV's Hollywood Showdown - Technology Review
3/3/2005:†The Cost of Anti-Piracy  - Wired News

3/3/2005:†Winds of change: Crisis fears as Germany plans for green future  - BBC
3/3/2005:†Making the best of garbage gas - New Scientist
3/3/2005:†The new age of sail - Science Daily

3/3/2005:†Regular Cannabis May Increase Risk Of Stroke In Young Users - Science Daily
3/3/2005:†Migraine Linked To Risky Heart Health - Science Daily

3/3/2005:†Cancer-risk dye taints foods worldwide - New Scientist
3/3/2005:†Genome-wide Mouse Study Yields Link To Human Leukemia - Science Daily
3/3/2005:†Hypothyroidism Associated With Reduced Breast Cancer Risk - Science Daily
3/3/2005:†UCLA Scientists Transform HIV Into Cancer-Seeking Missile - Science Daily

3/3/2005:†Breakthrough in cutting CJD risk  - BBC
3/3/2005:†Compression algorithms harnessed to fight HIV - New Scientist
3/3/2005:†Vast budget boost needed to fight bird flu - New Scientist
3/3/2005:†Antimicrobials To Prevent Infection In Major Surgery Are Used Properly Only About Half The Time - Science Daily
3/3/2005:†Diagnosis Of Prions In Patients Should Utilize Novel Strategy, Team Says - Science Daily
3/3/2005:†Humanity in Grave Danger of Bird Flu Pandemic  - Wired News
3/3/2005:†HIV Protein's Protean Prowess Revealed
  - Scientific American

3/3/2005:†Low birth weight diabetes link  - BBC
3/3/2005:†Ants Can Cause Asthma, Allergies - L. A. Times

3/3/2005:†Boy has thumbs built from fingers  - BBC
3/3/2005:†Bringing home baby: Does your newborn really need as much stuff as you think?  - BBC
3/3/2005:†People with intimate piercings suffer problems in silence  - BBC
3/3/2005:†Rewiring Your Body with Exotic Implants - Business Week
3/3/2005:†Online Poker: IPOs in the Cards? - Business Week
3/3/2005:†Regaining lost sight  - C/Net
3/3/2005:†Synthetic enamel seals cavities painlessly - New Scientist
3/3/2005:†Assessing Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome In Snorers - Science Daily
3/3/2005:†Air Pollution Thickens The Blood, Study Shows
 - Science Daily
3/3/2005:†New Medical Devices Can Cause New Immune Problems
 - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
3/3/2005:†Priming The Human Primate - SpaceDaily
3/3/2005:†The fossil claw of a vicious Argentine dinosaur is found  - BBC
3/3/2005:†Ancient croc found in Australia - MSNBC
3/3/2005:†Hunt for Jamestown founder gets boost - MSNBC
3/3/2005:†New Clues Add 40,000 Years To Age Of Human Species - Science Daily

3/3/2005:†World population 'to rise by 40%'  - BBC
3/3/2005:†Global digital divide 'narrowing'  - BBC
3/3/2005:†George Bush as the Steve Jobs of world politics  - C/Net
3/3/2005:†Bush's Science Advisor, Congressman Clash Over Computer Models  - C/Net
3/3/2005:†The U.N. Will Not Bridge The Digital Divide  - C/Net
3/3/2005:†Bridging the digital divide  - C/Net
3/3/2005:†HP and Patagonia: Similar, yet different leadership styles  - C/Net
3/3/2005:†ID theft victims face lifetime of vigilance  - CNN
3/3/2005:†Tips for protecting your identity  - CNN
3/3/2005:†Congress to probe ChoicePoint  - CNN
3/3/2005:†Defense missile hits test target  - CNN
3/3/2005:†Canada opts out  - CNN
3/3/2005:†Study finds U.S. not keeping up with competitors  - El. Engr. Times
3/3/2005:†How Wiretapping Works - Technology Review
3/3/2005:†Watchdogs Sniff Out Terror Sites  - Wired News
3/3/2005:†Fight for the Right to Watch Trek  - Wired News
3/3/2005:†U.N- 2050 World Population To Hit 9.1B - SpaceDaily

3/3/2005:†Gay men read maps like women - New Scientist
3/3/2005:†New Research Questions Basic Tenet Of Neuron Function  - Science Daily
3/3/2005:†Brain Center Shows There Is Accounting For Taste  - Science Daily
3/3/2005:†Suicidal Behaviour Caused By Antidepressants 'Cannot Be Ruled Out' - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
3/3/2005:†Runt of the litter? Odd Black Hole Revealed - 
3/3/2005:†First Stellar Outcast Discovered By Astronomers
 - Science Daily
3/3/2005:†Seeing The Invisible. First Dark Galaxy Discovered?
 - Science Daily
3/3/2005:†New planet formation theory finds havens of stability amid turbulence ...
  - Wired News
3/3/2005:†Black Holes In A Radar Trap
 - SpaceDaily
3/3/2005:†First Dark Galaxy Discovered
 - SpaceDaily



3/3/2005:†Mars pictures reveal frozen sea   - BBC
3/3/2005:†Mars: Not dead but very much alive
 - New Scientist
3/3/2005:†Mars Discoveries Spur Talk of New Mission ...
  - Wired News
3/3/2005:†SpaceShipOne: Headed for Air and Space Museum
3/3/2005:†South Africa Looks To The Stars For Growth
 - SpaceDaily
3/3/2005:†Saturn's A Ring Has Oxygen, But Not Life
 - SpaceDaily
3/3/2005:†Saturn's Complex Magnetosphere
 - SpaceDaily
3/3/2005:†Space Watch- An Oasis On The Moon?
 - SpaceDaily
3/3/2005:†UT Southwestern To Study Space Radiation Exposure
 - SpaceDaily
3/3/2005:†New images reveal volcanic hotspot on Mars - New Scientist
3/3/2005:†NASA's Twin Mars Rovers Continue Exploration
 - Science Daily
3/3/2005:†GlobalFlyer Approaches Pakistan In Round-The-World Flight
3/3/2005:†Progress On Its Way to Space Station
 - SpaceDaily
3/3/2005:†Prepping A Powerhouse To Return To Space
 - SpaceDaily
3/3/2005:†Northrop Grumman Wins Key Laser Deal
 - SpaceDaily
3/3/2005:†Powerful radio pulses puzzle astronomers
 - New Scientist

3/3/2005:†UK orders another nanotech review  - BBC
3/3/2005:†New tech steps forward  - C/Net
3/3/2005:†FAA seeks new flight recorders  - CNN
3/3/2005:†Cycorp: The Cost of Common Sense - Technology Review
3/3/2005:†Tradition, Tech Clash Over Wine  - Wired News
3/3/2005:†Super-cold Sound May Lead to Better GPS in Submarines -
3/3/2005:†Gold & Palladium Nano Particles Could Solve Billion-Dollar Problem
 - SpaceDaily


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