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  March 29, 2006

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Concept space plane (Space Adventures) The X Factor:Taking space dreams and making them a commercial reality  - BBC  We are about to witness a revolution in human spaceflight. Launching people into space has until now been the almost exclusive preserve of superpower governments. But, according to industry experts and entrepreneurs, the commercial exploitation of space is about to open a new frontier for mass tourism  For one of the pioneers of this revolution, Burt Rutan of the Californian company Scaled Composites, it reminds him of the imaginings of his youth. Everyone dreamed of travelling in space during the Sixties."   
Back treatment 'has few benefits'  - BBC  Spinal manipulation - which is used by chiropractors and osteopaths in the UK to treat neck and back pain - is of little help, researchers have said. Experts from Peninsula Medical School in Devon reviewed 26 studies carried out between 2000 and 2005. Writing in Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, they said the data gave "little evidence" of effectiveness. Chiropractors said the team had focused on negative studies which supported the researchers' views - a claim they deny. It was found the data did not show spinal manipulation was effective for any condition - except for back pain.  

Fish oils 'block prostate cancer'  - BBC  A diet rich in a fat found in oily fish and some seeds may protect men with prostate cancer from developing a more aggressive form, scientists have found. Prostate cancer is much more likely to be life-threatening if tumour cells migrate and invade other tissues, such as the bone marrow. Lab tests found omega-3 oil - present in fish like salmon - prevented this. Omega-6 fats, found in vegetable oils, nuts and seeds, also play a key role in keeping us healthy. However, while omega-6 fats increased the spread of prostate cancer cells into bone marrow, omega-3 fats blocked this. Omega-3 fats appear to interfere with this process in some way. 
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Alzheimer's Disease:

3/29/2006: Testicle cells may aid research  - BBC
3/29/2006: Nuclear Reprogramming
  - Technology Review 

Climate, Environment:
3/29/2006: Climate policy: Can UK government policies put the brake on climate change-  - BBC
3/29/2006: Bags of benefit: Why plastic bags are heroes, not environmental villains  - BBC
3/29/2006: Polar Meltdown Near: Seas Could Rise 3 Feet Per Century - Live Science
3/29/2006: NASA Scientist Claims Warmer Ocean Waters Reducing Ice Worldwide - SpaceDaily

3/29/2006: Road to Oblivion: The effort to bring the latest Elder Scrolls game to the Xbox 360  - BBC
3/29/2006: Epson's Master of All Trades - Business Week
3/29/2006: • Designing a Next-Gen Killing Machine - Business Week
3/29/2006: The problem with serious games  - C/Net
3/29/2006: Video: Palm's 10th anniversary  - C/Net
3/29/2006: Game designers aim for Nobel Prize  - C/Net
3/29/2006: D-Link wireless gaming router for $100
  - C/Net
3/29/2006: Apple packages videos for next iPod push
  - C/Net
3/29/2006: 'Desperate Housewives' inspires video game
  - C/Net
3/29/2006: 'Warcraft' maker sued for blocking sales of unofficial guide
  - C/Net

3/29/2006: Sky HD on track for May roll-out
  - BBC
3/29/2006: Now Playing On Your Cell Phone
 - Business Week
3/29/2006: Picture perfect for mobile phones?
  - C/Net
3/29/2006: Perspective: The next broadband battleground
  - C/Net
3/29/2006: Slingbox: TV here, there, everywhere
  - C/Net
3/29/2006: Now playing on your cell phone
  - C/Net
3/29/2006: Broadband giants say Net neutrality fears are misguided
  - C/Net
3/29/2006: 19 comments
  - C/Net
3/29/2006: M-I-3 Hits Theaters, Handhelds at Same Time
  - Technology Review 

3/29/2006: IBM takes step towards chip nanotechnology  - CNN

3/29/2006: Intel ponders business PC brand  - C/Net

3/29/2006: Scotland set to become smoke-free  - BBC
3/29/2006: • Google's Print Auction Fizzles - Business Week
3/29/2006: Perspective: Avoiding half measures on Net Neutrality  - C/Net
3/29/2006: DNS servers do hackers' dirty work  - C/Net
3/29/2006: Washington Post blogger flap shows bumpy road to Web 2.0  - C/Net
3/29/2006: Trojan horses steal bank details, passwords  - C/Net
3/29/2006: Company to pay to settle anti-spam charges
  - C/Net
3/29/2006: Suit alleges Internet privacy breach
  - CNN
3/29/2006: Coming soon: Download-to-own films
  - CNN
3/29/2006: The Evolution of Instant Messaging
  - Technology Review 
3/29/2006: A "Highly Critical" Flaw in Internet Explorer
  - Technology Review 

3/29/2006: • Apple Loves France, Sometimes - Business Week
3/29/2006: Clouds over Redmond  - C/Net
3/29/2006: 39 comments  - C/Net
3/29/2006: Microsoft: Office 2007 to be late, too  - C/Net
3/29/2006: 73 comments  - C/Net

3/29/2006: France a leader in nuclear power - Seattle Times
3/29/2006: The Lithium-Ion Car  - Technology Review 

3/17/2005:Celtic gene 'behind Irish blood disorder'  - BBC

3/29/2006: Breast cancer drug cocktail hope  - BBC


3/29/2006: 'One in five pupils' tried drugs  - BBC
3/29/2006: Scotland set to become smoke-free  - BBC

3/29/2006: Back treatment 'has few benefits'   - BBC 
3/29/2006: Fish oils 'block prostate cancer'   - BBC
3/29/2006: Drug Nanoshuttles Target ‘Zip Codes’ in Human Body - Live Science

History, Anthropology:
3/29/2006: A time capsule of computing  - C/Net
3/29/2006: Navy Unearths 400-year-old Spanish Ship - Live Science
3/29/2006: Main-Belt Comets May Have Watered The Earth - SpaceDaily

3/29/2006: Wikipedia study 'fatally flawed'  - BBC
3/29/2006: • Stocks: Digging for Technology Gems - Business Week
3/29/2006: U.S. to contract foreign co. to scan cargo - Business Week
3/29/2006: • Stocks: Digging for Technology Gems - Business Week
3/29/2006: Video: Security Bites videocast  - C/Net
3/29/2006: Teenage auteur ignites buzz about video graphics  - C/Net
3/29/2006: 'Spam King' allegedly conspired to kill witness from jail  - C/Net
3/29/2006: Sony to boost spending to push HDTV  - C/Net
3/29/2006: Homeland security group to meet away from public eye  - C/Net
3/29/2006: Belatedly, Britannica lambastes Wikipedia findings  - C/Net
3/29/2006: Making a market in talent  - C/Net
3/29/2006: Are newspapers yesterday's news?  - C/Net
3/29/2006: From MySpace profile to criminal suspect  - CNN
3/29/2006: Coming soon: Download-to-own films  - CNN
3/29/2006: With this contract, I thee wed - Seattle Times
3/29/2006: Sunday Memo: The business week ahead - Seattle Times
3/29/2006: Got tax question: IRS has an answer - Seattle Times
3/29/2006: Target-date funds: one-stop shopping - Seattle Times
3/29/2006: No fees unless you make money - Seattle Times
3/29/2006: Don't give up your dream until you test-drive it
 - Seattle Times
3/29/2006: Island Wisdom, Coded in Java
  - Wired News

3/29/2006: Revolving door: Have ministers struck the right balance on mental health plans?  - BBC
3/29/2006: Online test calculates brain speed  - C/Net
3/29/2006: Posit Science Brain Speed  - C/Net

Physics and Astronomy:
3/29/2006: Key Found to Birth of Super-Galaxies - Space.com
3/29/2006: Towards A New Test Of General Relativity
 - SpaceDaily
3/29/2006: Was Einstein Wrong About Space Travel
 - SpaceDaily
3/29/2006: 'B_s Mesons' Lend Clues To Missing Antimatter
 - SpaceDaily
3/29/2006: Chandra Finds Evidence Of How Quasars Ignite
 - SpaceDaily
3/29/2006: New Map Of Milky Way Charts Where Stars Are Born

3/29/2006: Famed tortoise dies in Calcutta zoo at age of 250  - BBC
3/29/2006: Planning ahead: Do you know how you want to be cared for in your final months?
  - BBC


3/29/2006: The X Factor:Taking space dreams and making them a commercial reality   - BBC
3/29/2006: Probe returns first Mars pictures
  - BBC
3/29/2006: SpaceX rocket fails first flight
  - BBC
3/29/2006: Ride the celestial subway
Lockheed Promises 1,200 CEV Jobs in Houston - Space.com
3/29/2006: First Images Beamed Back by Mars Probe
 - Space.com
3/29/2006: NASA Clears ISS for Spacewalks in U.S. Spacesuits
 - Space.com
3/29/2006: Musk Vows To Launch The Falcon 1 Again In 6 Months
 - SpaceDaily
3/29/2006: Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Returns First Hiigh Resolution Imaging Science Experiment Images of Mars
 - SpaceDaily
3/29/2006: Mars Meteorite Similar To Bacteria-Etched Earth Rocks
 - SpaceDaily
3/29/2006: Spirit Churns Up Bright Soil Near McCool
 - SpaceDaily
3/29/2006: Cadet-Built Satellite Set For Afternoon Launch
 - SpaceDaily
3/29/2006: Saturn's Clouds Caught In Shear Zone
 - SpaceDaily
3/29/2006: Bulgarians In Space Property Buying Spree
 - SpaceDaily

3/29/2006: Revolutionary jet engine tested  - BBC
3/29/2006: E-mail and texts mean the writing may be on the wall for pens  - BBC
3/29/2006: Photos: Spinning new ideas for bikes and trikes  - C/Net
3/29/2006: What you'll wear in 10 years  - C/Net
3/29/2006: Nevada allows gambling on the go  - CNN
3/29/2006: Amputee controls new arms with brain  - CNN


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