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  March 29, 2005

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Hourglass Shaped Craters Filled With Traces Of Glaciers - SpaceDaily  Left:  A perspective view of this unusual structure with traces of a glacier, located in Promethei Terra at the eastern rim of the Hellas Basin, at about latitude 38 South and longitude 104 East. This view is looking south-east. 1024x768  This image, taken by the High Resolution Stereo Camera (HRSC) on board ESA's Mars Express spacecraft, shows flow features most likely formed by glaciers or "block" glaciers. A so-called "block" glacier, an ice stream with a large amount of scree (small rocks of assorted sizes), flowed from a flank of the massif into a bowl-shaped impact crater (left), nine kilometres wide, which has been filled nearly to the rim 
Mars Exploration: The Next 10 Years - SpaceDaily  The path of America's Mars exploration through 2009 is well set. Following the current spectacularly successful pair of Mars Exploration Rovers, 2005 will see the launch of the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter - which will use extremely sharp cameras and spectrometers and a very high communications rate to map virtually the entire planet at very high resolution. 2009 will see the launch of two Phoenix  spacecraft, setting on Mars the plutonium-powered Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) which will drive as much as 50 kms. across the Martian surface. It will grind up and analyze Martian rocks.     

Pentagon Developing Super-Speed Spacecraft, Says Report - SpaceDaily  The Pentagon is developing a suborbital space capsule within the next five years that would be launched from the United States and could deliver conventional weapons anywhere in the world within two hours, defense officials say. The first-generation CAV is expected to be ready by 2010 and will be able to provide a global reach capability against high payoff targets, Gen. Lance W. Lord, commander of Air Force Space Command, told the House Armed Services Committee last Wednesday. Unlike a missile, the vehicle could return to its base after releasing the CAV to deliver bombs or intelligence sensors.   
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Alzheimer's Disease:

3/29/2005:Study will debate monkey future  - BBC
3/29/2005:'Backstreet' donor agency fears
  - BBC
3/29/2005:U.S. Probes Sale of GM Corn  - Wired News
3/29/2005:Mendel's Law May Be Flawed  - Wired News
3/29/2005:Elephants learn by sound mimicry  - BBC
3/29/2005:Parents 'could pick babies' sex'  - BBC
3/29/2005:'Panda baby watch' starts in Atlanta - MSNBC
3/29/2005:Elephant learns to mimic truck sounds - MSNBC
3/29/2005:Elephants do impressions  - Nature
3/29/2005:Algae create glue to repair cell damage  - Nature
3/29/2005:Oysters may deserve their sexy reputation - New Scientist
3/29/2005:Sex Selection Popular Among Infertile Women - Science Daily
3/29/2005:In The Mating Game, Male Wild Turkeys Benefit Even When They Don't Get The Girl - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
3/29/2005:Lib Dem hits out at green lobby  - BBC
3/29/2005:Call to demolish polluting homes  - BBC
3/29/2005:Erin Brockovich Tackles Indonesian Smog ... - FirstScience
3/29/2005:Pollution worsens China's water problems ... - FirstScience
3/29/2005:TODAY THE TREES,TOMORROW THE WORLD! Environmentalists in Fiction The New Bad Guys? ... - FirstScience
3/29/2005:Empty beaches Slow recovery for Thailand's tsunami-hit tourist spots  - BBC

3/29/2005:'Recalled' Xbox blast sparks controversy  - C/Net
3/29/2005:Microsoft sets stage for Xbox 2  - C/Net
3/29/2005:Microsoft Says Xbox Consoles in Short Supply (Reuters)  - C/Net
3/29/2005:Xbox Store Seen Opening New Gaming Revenue Streams (Reuters)  - C/Net
3/29/2005:Game fans clamor for PSP  - C/Net
3/29/2005:Snooze button addicts defeated by runaway clock - New Scientist

3/29/2005:Hung Up Over the iPod: Phone Cellular carriers are hesitant to sell theApple-Motorola gizmo. Here's why
 - Business Week
3/29/2005:Lampposts to provide location-based services?
  - C/Net

3/29/2005:Putting more pep in XML  - C/Net

3/29/2005:IBM computing algorithm thinks like an animal  - C/Net
3/29/2005:Blue Gene/L tops own supercomputing record  - C/Net

3/29/2005:E-mail is under-used in politics  - BBC
3/29/2005:Yahoo Inc. again expands e-mail storage - Business Week
3/29/2005:News agency sues Google, testing fair use - Business Week
3/29/2005:Bad e-mail habits sustains spam  - BBC
3/29/2005:'I'll show you mine' A unique photo-sharing site - what's so special about Flickr?  - BBC
3/29/2005:Yahoo bolsters e-mail storage to 1GB  - C/Net
3/29/2005:Firefox add-on lets surfers tweak sites, but is it safe?
  - C/Net
3/29/2005:Latin AOL on the Rocks
  - Wired News
3/29/2005:Establishing a Perimeter
  - Technology Review 
3/29/2005:How to sell your self for a song
  - BBC
3/29/2005:Study: Fewer using peer-to-peer systems
 - Business Week
3/29/2005:Net politicking wins reprieve
  - C/Net
3/29/2005:Beauty queen sues 59 over Net sex romp
  - C/Net
3/29/2005:Utah governor signs Net-porn bill
  - C/Net
3/29/2005:South Korean swingers in net porn bust
  - C/Net
3/29/2005:Faster XML ahead?
  - C/Net
3/29/2005:Mozilla fixes risky Firefox flaw
  - C/Net
3/29/2005:PC Forum: From Firefox security to outer space
  - C/Net
3/29/2005:Target practice for digital miscreants
  - C/Net
3/29/2005:EU sleuths think Microsoft sabotaged Windows
  - C/Net

3/29/2005:EU examines more complaints over Microsoft - Business Week
3/29/2005:Microsoft in EU compliance battle  - BBC
3/29/2005:EU sleuths: Did Microsoft sabotage Windows?  - C/Net
3/29/2005:EU rejects Microsoft's trustee plan  - C/Net
3/29/2005:Linux riskier than Windows?  - C/Net
3/29/2005:Rockers Flex BitTorrent's Muscle  - Wired News
3/29/2005:Hobbling Grokster -- and Innovation - Business Week
3/29/2005:Apple settles with man who leaked software - Business Week
3/29/2005:Apple's battle against Web sites fruitless so far  - C/Net
3/29/2005:Developers grumble about Microsoft tools pricing  - C/Net
3/29/2005:Big Music's last waltz - Washington Post
3/29/2005:War of words over operating systems' safety - New Scientist

3/29/2005:Hybrids Go Head-to-Head  - Wired News
3/29/2005:Renewable energy given priority ... - FirstScience

3/29/2005:Low-dose Aspirin Shown To Reduce Risk Of First Stroke In Women - Science Daily

3/29/2005:Experts fear soaring cancer rate  - BBC
3/29/2005:Men's health: Do you know the early signs of prostate cancer?  - BBC

3/29/2005:Europe and Africa warned over TB  - BBC
3/29/2005:Tuberculosis stats drive search for new drugs  - Nature


3/29/2005:Tsunami success: How health agencies curbed the spread of infectious disease  - BBC
3/29/2005:Grandparents turn to cosmetic ops  - BBC
3/29/2005:Less exercise is 'just as good'  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
3/29/2005:Histories: Nearer my god to thee - New Scientist

3/29/2005:Pentagon Developing Super-Speed Spacecraft, Says Report - SpaceDaily
3/29/2005:News biggies buy into aggregation site  - C/Net
3/29/2005:HP accused of labor violations cover-up  - C/Net
3/29/2005:Fed sees inflation squeeze growing - Seattle Times
3/29/2005:Despite scandals, earnings still fudged - Seattle Times
3/29/2005:Suit could limit what's published on Internet - Seattle Times
3/29/2005:3 newspaper giants acquire stake in online news collector - Seattle Times
3/29/2005:Intel to build second IC assembly plant in Chengdu - Silicon Strategie
3/29/2005:ChoicePoint's Checks Under Fire  - Wired News
3/29/2005:PSP Launch Powered by Publishers  - Wired News
3/29/2005:Java Junkies Shoot the Shirt  - Wired News
3/29/2005:Jury orders Toshiba to pay $380 million  - C/Net
3/29/2005:Birth of a sales pitch  - C/Net
3/29/2005:Schiavo case sparks Net interest in living wills  - C/Net
3/29/2005:The RFID battle: privacy vs. business need  - C/Net
3/29/2005:The right role for multiples in valuation  - C/Net
3/29/2005:Personalised robot aircraft for US soldiers - New Scientist

3/29/2005:Same face builds trust, not lust  - BBC
3/29/2005:Living nightmare: An ex-British army chef speaks of coping with stress disorder  - BBC
3/29/2005:Public protection: Would mental health reforms have stopped recent killings?  - BBC
3/29/2005:Why some see the letter A as red, S as yellow and Z as black  - BBC
3/29/2005:Jeff Hawkins' Bold Brainstorm - Business Week
3/29/2005:Kids - do not let gender bend your fender - New Scientist
3/29/2005:Face blindness runs in families
 - New Scientist

Physics and Astronomy:
3/29/2005:03.22.05:- Spitzer Marks New Age of Planetary Science NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope captured the light, for t ... - FirstScience
3/29/2005:Telescope Spots New Gas Planets ...
 - FirstScience

3/29/2005:Skin clue could lead to better anti-ageing creams  - BBC

3/29/2005:A New Company to Focus on Artificial Intelligence  - NY Times

3/29/2005:Mars Exploration: The Next 10 Years - SpaceDaily
Hourglass Shaped Craters Filled With Traces Of Glaciers - SpaceDaily
3/29/2005:Cars on Mars
  - C/Net
3/29/2005:Let's start a rocket company
  - C/Net
3/29/2005:Cassini Saturn Mission Exploring Ringed Planet ...
 - FirstScience
3/29/2005:Saturn V Rocket Almost Ready for Tourists ...
 - Washington Post
3/29/2005:No new shuttle flight unless rescue mission can be guaranteed
 - SpaceDaily
3/29/2005:List in Space: Calling the Cosmos Gets Commercial
3/29/2005:Report Flags Safety Issues in Shuttle and Space Station Programs
3/29/2005:'Pumping Iron' Director Spotlights Mars Mission in IMAX Film
3/29/2005:Veteran Astronaut Wally Schirra Launches into Cyberspace
3/29/2005:NASA follows X Prize footsteps  - C/Net
3/29/2005:Robot finds life in a Mars-like desert
 - New Scientist
3/29/2005:Discovery Getting Ready to Roll
 - SpaceDaily
3/29/2005:Cometary Encounter Closer
 - SpaceDaily
3/29/2005:Italian Prepares For A Second Ride Up To The Space Station
 - SpaceDaily
3/29/2005:Russian, US crew of ISS make space walk, launch satellite
 - SpaceDaily


3/29/2005:Physicists Feel the Nano-Buzz - Business Week
3/29/2005:Of geeksand gearheads  - C/Net
3/29/2005:Photos: Hot cars in the city  - C/Net
3/29/2005:XM hitches a new ride  - C/Net
3/29/2005:Taking a test-drive  - C/Net
3/29/2005:Horsepower junkies get their fix  - C/Net
3/29/2005:Cheap personal jets closer than you think
3/29/2005:'Few-Walled' Carbon Nanotubes Said Cheap And Efficient Option For Certain Applications
 - Science Daily


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