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  March 29, 2004

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Dark Matter and Black Holes: New Insight into the Galactic Center - Space.com  A pair of studies peering at the center of our Milky Way has allowed astronomers to trace a long-standing radiation fog to its black hole roots and provided new evidence for elusive dark matter at the galaxy's core. In the first study, researchers found there were several sources of a diffuse glow of "soft" gamma radiation emanating from the galactic center. "We don't know what exactly they are,"
Era Ends: Looking Back on Project Phoenix - Space.com  Project Phoenix has left the building. Phoenix rose from the ashes of the NASA SETI Program that was terminated by the US Congress in 1993. The SETI Institute secured use of some of the search equipment developed for NASA under a long-term loan agreement and raised private funds to conduct a search. Phoenix observed hundreds of stars over billions of frequency channels, with high sensitivity, and real-time signal detection and verification.

NASA Explains "Dust Bowl" Drought - Space.com  NASA scientists have an explanation for one of the worst climatic events in the history of the United States, the "Dust Bowl" drought, which devastated the Great Plains and all but dried up an already depressed American economy in the 1930's. The study found cooler than normal tropical Pacific Ocean surface temperatures combined with warmer tropical Atlantic Ocean temperatures to create conditions in the atmosphere that turned America's breadbasket into a dust bowl from 1931 to 1939. The team's data is in this week's Science magazine.

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Alzheimer's Disease:

3/29/2004:University Plans Human Stem Cell Trials - ABC
3/29/2004:Gorilla study gives social clues
  - BBC
3/29/2004:Mice grow human breast tissue  - BBC
3/29/2004:Human breasts grown on mice  - Nature

Climate, Environment:
3/29/2004:NASA Explains "Dust Bowl" Drought - Space.com
3/29/2004:Eco-Terror Enigma - ABC
3/29/2004:What is the ELF? - ABC
3/29/2004:Flaky Forecast - ABC
3/29/2004:Lichen Blamed for Elk Deaths in Wyoming - ABC
3/29/2004:Agency to Reconsider Protection of Bird - ABC
3/29/2004:Grim future for gorillas and chimps  - BBC
3/29/2004:Oil-drenched birds get dry cleaned  - Nature
3/29/2004:Double Star satellite begins magnetic probing - New Scientist
3/29/2004:Scientists Find New Carbon Pollution Called 'Tar Balls' - Science Daily
3/29/2004:Envisat Fishes Up Facts Behind Chilean Giant Squid Invasion - SpaceDaily
3/29/2004:Global Warming Treaty Turns 10... - FirstScience
3/29/2004:Climate: The costs of climate change... - SpaceDaily
3/29/2004:Climate Changed Genetics of Canadian Lynx, Study Suggests... - Scientific American
3/29/2004:Port of Houston gets 'F' from environmental group... - FirstScience
3/29/2004:Food borne environmental pollutants to be tackled... - FirstScience
3/29/2004:EPA might stretch out plan to cut mercury emissions... - FirstScience

3/29/2004:Mobile Media Mogul - ABC
3/29/2004:Online Shutterbugs, Clique Here - ABC

3/29/2004:Report: Mobile phones used in casino scam  - CNN
3/29/2004:Telecom's New Shape - Business Week
3/29/2004:Ad-Hoc Wireless Networking Technology For Battlefield Environments - Science Daily
3/29/2004:AT&T, Verizon hint at wireless broadband - Seattle Times
3/29/2004:FCC's Powell- 'Hands-off' on VoIP - Seattle Times

3/29/2004:Irregular Layout Sharpens Light  - Technology Review 

3/29/2004:Voice operated Web browser in the works  - CNN
3/29/2004:Apple releases iPhoto update  - C/Net
3/29/2004:Unpacking Pixels  - Technology Review 

3/29/2004:Web Shoppers May Get Instant Sales Pitch - ABC
3/29/2004:Would Online Sales 'Greeter' Be Too Pushy? - ABC
3/29/2004:New domain names aid net to grow  - BBC
3/29/2004:Next Net moves forward - Business Week
3/29/2004:Man arrested for allegedly extorting Google  - C/Net
3/29/2004:The honesty virus  - NY Times
3/29/2004:Net porn's new king  - C/Net
3/29/2004:MSN scores: online video for all Major League games - Seattle Times
3/29/2004:Google, Yahoo mount challenge to Microsoft - Seattle Times

3/29/2004:Software strifeHow will the dispute with the EU affect Microsoft's future?  - BBC
3/29/2004:Wal-Mart selling online songs for 88 cents  - CNN
3/29/2004:Passport to nowhere? - Business Week
3/29/2004:Hearing set for Lindows motion  - C/Net
3/29/2004:Microsoft faces EU antitrust fine but 'bundling' issue is bigger concern - Seattle Times


3/29/2004:Study: Drinking May Help Heart Patients - ABC
3/29/2004:Blood-forming Stem Cells Fail To Repair Heart Muscle In Stanford Study - Science Daily

3/29/2004:Are Breast Cancer and Weight Gain Linked? - ABC
3/29/2004:Video: Good Doctor-Patient Relationship in Breast Cancer - ABC
3/29/2004:Safer Treatments for Breast Cancer - ABC
3/29/2004:Focus on Breast Cancer - ABC
3/29/2004:'Harmless' rays do 'cause cancer'  - BBC
3/29/2004:Programme to predict cancer risk  - BBC
3/29/2004:Vitamin D may fight breast cancer  - BBC

3/29/2004:Is Hidden Mold At Home Making You Sick? - ABC
3/29/2004:Gels 'could protect against HIV'  - BBC
3/29/2004:Researchers Identify The Pattern Of Gene-expression Changes For Tuberculosis In A Living Host - Science Daily
3/29/2004:Ribozyme Package Effective Against Hepatitis B Virus - Science Daily
3/29/2004:Minimally Invasive Surgery Improves Symptoms Of Chronic Sinus Infection Sufferers - Science Daily
3/29/2004:Outbreak Alert: Sky High Eye on Epidemics - Space.com

3/29/2004:Sand, Surf Smoke? - ABC
3/29/2004:Chemo Could Help Treat Multiple Sclerosis - ABC
3/29/2004:MADD Seeks Tougher Drunken Driver Laws - ABC
3/29/2004:Long-lasting Medication Shows Promise For Treatment Of Heroin Addiction - Science Daily

3/29/2004:Inner workings: Get under your skin with the interactive human body   - BBC
3/29/2004:Microsoft faces 'record EU fine'  - BBC
3/29/2004:FDA Warns Manufacturers To Stop Distributing Products Containing 'Andro' - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:

3/29/2004:Reviews: Income Tax Software 2004 - ABC
3/29/2004:U.S. Military Builds Whole Earth Simulator - ABC
3/29/2004:An Online Watch List of Public Cameras - ABC
3/29/2004:Green and peaceful: What has saving whales got to do with war in Iraq-  - BBC
3/29/2004:Police cars keep an eye on crime  - BBC
3/29/2004:Final work on city CCTV network  - BBC
3/29/2004:Crime pledge with CCTV switch on  - BBC
3/29/2004:Crime-busting cameras on the move  - BBC
3/29/2004:Future gazingHow your supermarket and newspaper can predict your vote  - BBC
3/29/2004:World population growth 'falling'  - BBC
3/29/2004:Hiker with bionic leg begins Appalachian Trail quest  - CNN
3/29/2004:America's Tech Might: Slipping? - Business Week
3/29/2004:One giant global labor pool? - Business Week
3/29/2004:Biotech leaders urged to help developing nations - Seattle Times
3/29/2004:Credit card delinquency hits record high - Seattle Times
3/29/2004:Tyco jurors ask to hear again about millions loaned to ex-CFO - Seattle Times
3/29/2004:Engineers Just Wanna Make Art  - Wired News
3/29/2004:Privacy Maven Now Works for Feds  - Wired News
3/29/2004:Supremes Weigh In on ID Debate  - Wired News

3/29/2004:Smoking 'causes brain decline'  - BBC

Physics and Astronomy:
3/29/2004:Dark Matter and Black Holes: New Insight into the Galactic Center - Space.com
3/29/2004:Planetary parade for sky watchers
  - Nature
3/29/2004:'Fab Five' Make Rare Appearance In Night Sky
 - Science Daily
3/29/2004:Highway Of WIMPs Could Be Smoking Gun For Dark Matter
 - Science Daily
3/29/2004:Hubble sound and fury...

3/29/2004:Study: Low-Calorie Diet May Extend Life - ABC

3/29/2004:Bid to build computer which responds to human feelings  - BBC
3/29/2004:Robots Invade San Francisco  - Wired News

3/29/2004:Era Ends: Looking Back on Project Phoenix - Space.com
3/29/2004:The New Hunt for Life on Mars
 - Space.com

3/29/2004:Liquid Eye for a Tiny Spy - ABC
3/29/2004:A 'Smart' Fabric for High-Tech Clothes - ABC
3/29/2004:Scientists create fifth form of carbon  - Nature


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