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  March 28, 2005

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Science Can Know What You Are Thinking - SpaceDaily  By decoding signals coming from neurons, scientists at the California Institute of Technology have confirmed that an area of the brain known as the ventrolateral prefrontal cortex (vPF) is involved in the planning stages of movement, that instantaneous flicker of time when we contemplate moving a hand or other limb. The work has implications for the development of a neural prosthesis, a brain-machine interface that will give paralyzed people the ability to move and communicate simply by thinking. Most research in this field involves tapping into the areas of the brain that directly control motor actions, hoping that this will give patients the rudimentary ability to move a cursor, say, or a robotic arm with just their thoughts. Andersen, though, is taking a different tack. Instead of the primary motor areas, he taps into the planning stages of the brain, the posterior parietal and premotor areas.  
Robonaut Developing A Smarter More Sensitive Side - SpaceDaily  Left: These NASA-inspired innovations are also paving the way for some important commercial uses for the fiber-optic sensors  In the not-so-distant future, the hand tightening bolts during space structure assembly might not be human. Tomorrow's astronauts will find themselves working side by side in space with human-like robots called "Robonauts." And while the faceless machines might look a little strange, these Robonauts are really quite sensitive. These "hands" had to be capable of exerting just the right amount of force and control to perform critical jobs. They needed to mirror the skillfulness of a human hand. These "hands" had to be capable of exerting just the right amount of force and control to perform critical jobs. They needed to mirror the skillfulness of a human hand. The sensors may help to tap new deepwater oil reserves around the world.  

Turning Homes Into Small Factories - Seattle Time  Left:  'A small autonomous robot built in an FDM rapid prototyping machine. It is about 200mm in diameter. The robot was made to demonstrate a new RP process we've developed for the direct incorporation of electrical conductors into rapid prototypes'.  A revolutionary machine which can make everything from a cup to a clarinet quickly and cheaply could be in all our homes in the next few years. Dr Bowyer is working on creating the 3D models needed for a rapid prototype machine to make a copy of itself. When this is complete, he will put these on a website so that all owners of an existing conventional machine can download them for free and begin making copies of his machine. 
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Alzheimer's Disease:
3/28/2005:UCI Researchers Identify Trigger For Onset Of Alzheimer's, Aiding Search For New Therapies - Science Daily

3/28/2005:First Ever Estimate Of Cod Fishery In 1850s Reveals 96% Decline On Scotian Shelf - Science Daily
3/28/2005:X-Ray Beams And Fruit Fly 'Flight Simulator' Aid Scientists' View Of Muscle Power
 - Science Daily
3/28/2005:'Grubby' Research Promises Environmental, Economic Benefits - Science Daily
3/28/2005:Scientists May Use Mammoth Cells for Cloning  - Wired News
3/28/2005:Washington Post: Plants do self-repair of DNA - MSNBC
3/28/2005:Rogue weeds defy rules of genetics - MSNBC
3/28/2005:Unapproved GM corn found in US food chain - New Scientist
3/28/2005:Startling Scientists, Plant Fixes Its Flawed Gene  - NY Times
3/28/2005:Wolves Alleviate Impact Of Climate Change On Food Supply, Finds New Study - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
3/28/2005:Innovative Study Will Measure Residential Carbon Sequestration - Science Daily
3/28/2005:Acid Rain Likely Stunts U.S. Forests - Science Daily
3/28/2005:Pollution Plagues China's Giant Irrigation Scheme ... - FirstScience
3/28/2005:Regional Elections- Decoy 'green Party' Barred ... - FirstScience
3/28/2005:Programme To Cut By 50pct Pm10 Emissions In Lombardy ... - FirstScience
3/28/2005:Water pollution worsening in China: watchdog ... - FirstScience
3/28/2005:Rockwell Collins Revs up Renewable Energy Commitment ... - FirstScience
3/28/2005:Mitsubishi Offsets Environmental Expo with Rain Forest Investment ... - FirstScience
3/28/2005:World Water Day puts precious resource in spotlight
3/28/2005:Plants challenge genetic inheritance laws - MSNBC
3/28/2005:Get ready, it's tornado season - MSNBC
3/28/2005:When lava flows uphill - New Scientist
3/28/2005:Greenpeace slams seal hunt quotas - New Scientist
3/28/2005:Forests belch out greenhouse gas - New Scientist
3/28/2005:Marine Researchers Deliver Blueprint For Rescuing America's Troubled Coral Reefs - Science Daily
3/28/2005:Sandia Underground Geo-tools Aid In Earthquake Research - Science Daily

3/28/2005:Steamboy Rages Against Machines  - Wired News
3/28/2005:Chill out, glacier: Swiss ice to get heat shield - SpaceDaily

3/28/2005:For some kids, cell phones the right call
  - CNN
3/28/2005:Calling all kids
  - CNN
3/28/2005:Kids and cell phones may be a health concern
  - CNN
3/28/2005:Standing by a lamp-post - wirelessly networking
  - El. Engr. Times




3/28/2005:Microsoft Security Practice Raises Concerns  - Technology Review 
3/28/2005:P2P: Music's Death Knell or Boon?  - Wired News

3/28/2005:Rise of the Green Machine  - Wired News
3/28/2005:Nuclear power is back in fashion ... - FirstScience
3/28/2005:International conference says nuclear power key option for the future - SpaceDaily
3/28/2005:Big Hopes For Tiny, New Hydrogen Storage Material - Science Daily

3/28/2005:Mayo Clinic Develops First Genomic-Based Test To Predict Stroke From Ruptured Brain Aneurysm - Science Daily
3/28/2005:Depression Predicts Heart Rhythm Abnormalities In Heart Attack Patients - Science Daily
3/28/2005:Extreme Exertion, Emotion Can Spark Repeat Heart Attacks - Science Daily

3/28/2005:New Treatment Options For Some Difficult Cancers Improve Survival And Quality Of Life - Science Daily
3/28/2005:Both Inherited Traits And Tumor Mutations Affect Response To Treatment Of Leukemia - Science Daily
3/28/2005:UVM Study Shows Older Breast Cancer Patients Benefit From Chemotherapy - Science Daily
3/28/2005:DNA 'Packaging' Linked With Cancer - Science Daily
3/28/2005:Mayo Clinic Discovers 'New Pathway' Against Pancreatic Cancer - Science Daily
3/28/2005:Early Trial Indicates Prostate Cancer Vaccine Increases Immunity And Reduces Tumor Cells - Science Daily
3/28/2005:French nuclear tests may have caused cancers
 - New Scientist
3/28/2005:Emory Scientists Find New Prostate Cancer Suppressor Gene
 - Science Daily
3/28/2005:Aspirin's Potential Ability To Prevent Colon Polyps May Not Apply Equally To All
  - Science Daily
3/28/2005:Study Suggests Combination Therapy Could Stop Spread, Halt Growth Of Melanomas
 - Science Daily


3/28/2005:College Alcohol Problems Exceed Previous Estimates - Science Daily
3/28/2005:Cockroach Allergens Have Greatest Impact On Childhood Asthma In Many U.S. Cities - Science Daily
3/28/2005:Specific Test Key To Determine Whether Or Not Allergy Symptoms Are Really Allergy-related - Science Daily

3/28/2005:Protein Analysis Of Amniotic Fluid Reveals Clues About Preterm Birth - Science Daily
3/28/2005:A Shallow Hip Socket Predicts Osteoarthritis Of The Hip - Science Daily
3/28/2005:University Of Michigan Integrative Medicine Clinical Services Unveils Healing Foods Pyramid - Science Daily
3/28/2005:New Light On The Role Of Sex Chromosomes In Health And Disease - Science Daily
3/28/2005:Newly Discovered Protein An Important Tool For Sleeping Sickness Research - Science Daily
3/28/2005:Study Finds Anticonvulsant Drug Poses Greater Birth-defect Risk Than Suspected - Science Daily
3/28/2005:Researchers Discover How Body Regulates Most Abundant Type Of White Blood Cell - Science Daily
3/28/2005:Pushy Parents Can Be Bad For Their Children's Health - Science Daily
3/28/2005:New Study Indicates That Popular Sports Beverages Cause More Irreversible Damage To Teeth Than Soda
 - Science Daily
3/28/2005:Oral Bacteria May Predict Pregnancy Outcomes
 - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
3/28/2005:Remains of ancient Egyptian seafaring ships discovered - New Scientist

3/28/2005:Economy not yet losing steam from fuel prices - Seattle Times
3/28/2005:Time Warner, SEC settle fraud charges against AOL - Seattle Times
3/28/2005:EU demands U.S. clarify status of talks over aircraft subsidies - Seattle Times
3/28/2005:Military Plays Its 'Smart' Card  - Technology Review 
3/28/2005:Hackers Get Collegiate Info  - Wired News
3/28/2005:Chinese Academy of Sciences to build research networks ... - FirstScience
3/28/2005:Blackberry conquers business world  - CNN
3/28/2005:India considers expanding research institutes  - El. Engr. Times
3/28/2005:Personalised robot aircraft for US soldiers - New Scientist
3/28/2005:One Year After Groundbreaking, Desert Research Center Takes Shape On The Israeli-Jordanian Border - PhysicsWeb

3/28/2005:Science Can Know What You Are Thinking - SpaceDaily
3/28/2005:Surprisingly Complex Behaviors Appear To Be 'Hard-wired' In The Primate Brain - Science Daily
3/28/2005:Research Says Your Happiness Makes Your Partner Happy But Only If You Are Married - Science Daily
3/28/2005:Scientists Battle 'Dark Energy' Theory of Universe ... - FirstScience
3/28/2005:Chandra Finds a Medium Mass Black Hole ... - FirstScience
3/28/2005:Boston University Team Finds Link Between High Cholesterol And Better Cognitive Performance  - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
3/28/2005:Einstein on CD - PhysicsWeb
3/28/2005:Light May Arise From Relativity Violations
 - Science Daily
3/28/2005:Study Unravels Mathematics of Wildfires
  - Wired News
3/28/2005:Telescope Spies Light from Two Extrasolar Planets ...
 - FirstScience
3/28/2005:Scientists Battle 'Dark Energy' Theory of Universe ...
 - FirstScience
3/28/2005:Black Holes Could Be 'Perfect,' Low-Viscosity Fluid
 - SpaceDaily
3/28/2005:Astronomers catch first light from alien planet
 - SpaceDaily
3/28/2005:Exotic black holes spawn new universal law
 - New Scientist
3/28/2005:Neptune's rings are fading away
 - New Scientist
3/28/2005:First light from exoplanets
 - PhysicsWeb
3/28/2005:High-fidelity Patterns Form Spontaneously When Solvent Evaporates
 - Science Daily
3/28/2005:New Noble Gas Chemical Compounds Created
 - Science Daily
3/28/2005:NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope Captures Light From Two Extrasolar Planets
 - Science Daily

3/28/2005:Wrinkles could be less than skin deep - New Scientist

3/28/2005:Robonaut Developing A Smarter More Sensitive Side - SpaceDaily
3/28/2005:Undergraduate Develops Antenna To Help Robot Move Like A Cockroach - Science Daily

3/28/2005:Cassini Finds An Atmosphere On Saturn's Moon Enceladus - Science Daily
3/28/2005:Free Tickets To Ride
 - SpaceDaily
3/28/2005:European Investment Bank Lends EUR 121M To Soyuz Project
 - SpaceDaily
3/28/2005:First Atlas V Rocket Stacked Vertically On New West Coast Launch Pad
 - SpaceDaily
3/28/2005:Cosmic Log- NASA starts the prize parade
3/28/2005:Public safety issues inform shuttle landing plans
 - New Scientist
3/28/2005:Robot finds life in a Mars-like desert
 - New Scientist
3/28/2005:Crater count led Mars historians astray
 - New Scientist
3/28/2005:Robot finds life in a Mars-like desert
 - New Scientist
3/28/2005:Cassini Finds An Atmosphere On Saturn's Moon Enceladus
 - Science Daily

3/28/2005:Turning Homes Into Small Factories - Seattle Time
3/28/2005:New look for nanomotors - PhysicsWeb
3/28/2005:Harnessing Microbes, One By One, To Build A Better Nanoworld - Science Daily
3/28/2005:Nanofactories a few years away from realization? - Silicon Strategies
3/28/2005:Researchers Pursue Blast-Resistant Steel Using New Tomograph - SpaceDaily
3/28/2005:NJIT Chemists Modify Carbon Nanotubes Using Microwaves - SpaceDaily
3/28/2005:Snooze button addicts defeated by runaway clock
 - New Scientist
3/28/2005:Researchers Develop Fingerprint Detection Technology
 - Science Daily


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