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  March 28, 2004

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Iraq ambivalent about occupation - SpaceDaily  The Bush administration and supporters of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq will be heartened by new polling figures conducted by several major media organizations in Iraq that show 70 percent of Iraqis saying their life is good under occupation. But the positive figures initially reported in the press and touted by officials in the Bush administration as a success for the U.S.-led coalition in developing a society belies the devastating negative ratings that every institution affiliated with the Americans receives from its constituents. This would be welcome news for the Americans -- except that it only reflects that most Iraqis hated Saddam

Next Generation Satellite Vital to U.S. Broadband Economy - SpaceDaily  Frost & Sullivan, a global leader in strategic growth consulting announced today the release of a forward-looking white paper that examines broadband requirements and coverage in the United States. This study describes the key role of satellite in providing high-speed connectivity in a manner that is cost-effective for service providers and end users. The evolution of broadband applications will require that virtually all U.S. business sites be enabled with a common level of data communication in order to maintain productivity.  

The Bush Space Initiative: Fiscal Nightmare or.. Fiscal Nightmare? - SpaceDaily  The new space initiative announced by President Bush has the odd distinction of being criticized both for costing too much and costing too little. Many commentators have denounced Plan Bush an insanely grandiose program that will waste $1 trillion dollars of tax money. At the same time, another group of critics says that it is a trivially small program whose funding level is utterly inadequate to achieve its announced goals of manned flights to the Moon and Mars. John Pike goes so far as to call the Bush Plan "a roadmap for the quiet and orderly phase-out of manned space flight."(But see also: Jeff Bell and the Legions of Doom - SpaceDaily)

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Alzheimer's Disease:
3/28/2004: A Conversation With | Joanne Koenig Coste: A Wife Learns to See With Alzheimer's Eyes  - NY Times

3/28/2004: Farmers Gird for Possible Soybean Rust  - NY Times
3/28/2004: In the Land of Kiwis, the Winged Variety Is Disappearing
  - NY Times
3/28/2004: New Toxicity Test Could Cut Animal Testing - Science Daily
3/28/2004: St. Jude Shows How Disorderliness In Some Proteins Lets Them Interact With A Diversity Of Molecules - Science Daily
3/28/2004: Rockefeller University Scientists Take On Controversial 'Vibration Theory' Of Smell - Science Daily
3/28/2004: 'Library On A Slide': Whole Genome Microarrays For Comparative Genomics - Science Daily
3/28/2004: Adult Stem Cell Transplants Fail in 2 Studies  - Wired News

Climate, Environment:
3/28/2004: A Mountain Railroad Spells Death for Grizzlies and Cubs  - NY Times
3/28/2004: A Solution to the Mystery of the 300 Paralyzed Elk  - NY Times
3/28/2004: Shorebirds' Federal Protection Up in Air  - NY Times
3/28/2004: Climate Debate Gets Its Icon: Mt. Kilimanjaro  - NY Times
3/28/2004: Forum: The Kilimanjaro Debate  - NY Times
3/28/2004: NASA Explains 'Dust Bowl' Drought - Science Daily
3/28/2004: Lion Attacks On Livestock In Africa Are Significant But Manageable - Science Daily
3/28/2004: Sixth Mass Extinction- Plant, Bird And Butterfly Species Dwindling In The United Kingdom, Researchers Report - Science Daily
3/28/2004: Mathematical Rule Said To Be Widely And Wrongly Used To Forecast Future Beach Erosion - Science Daily
3/28/2004: Patagonian Ice Dam Studied From Space Cracks Open - Science Daily
3/28/2004: ACSA Completes Final Phase Peer Review Of Sea Mission Proposal - SpaceDaily
3/28/2004: Annan says climate change visible - SpaceDaily
3/28/2004: Delta 2 Deploys 50th GPS Satellite - SpaceDaily
3/28/2004: Scientists Find New Carbon Pollution Called Tar Balls - SpaceDaily
3/28/2004: Mega trusts not smart solution to tackle pollution threats... - FirstScience
3/28/2004: Government leans toward stretching out power plant cleanup of mercury pollution... - FirstScience
3/28/2004: Adirondacks group, congressmen urge EPA to adopt emissions rules... - FirstScience
3/28/2004: Lakes, Wetlands Ecologists Share 2004 Stockholm Water Prize... - FirstScience
3/28/2004: Pew Fellow Craig Smith to Protect Pacific Ocean Ecosystems from Fishing and Mining...
 - FirstScience
3/28/2004: Rainforest Action Network Asks Ban on Indonesian Timber...
 - FirstScience

3/28/2004: Multiplayer Games: Shards Unite!  - Wired News

3/28/2004: Next Generation Satellite Vital to U.S. Broadband Economy - SpaceDaily
3/28/2004: Faster Wireless Internet Coming - SpaceDaily
3/28/2004: EarthLink Links Voice and Data  - Wired News
3/28/2004: FCC May Let Web Use TV Channels  - Wired News

3/28/2004: IC industry headed towards 'dangerous glut' of capacity - Seattle Times

3/28/2004: Remote access to files no longer a difficult job - Seattle Times

3/28/2004: 'Referrer' spam strikes Ignition - Seattle Times
3/28/2004: More people cutting back on e-mail because of spam - Seattle Times
3/28/2004: Internetworking - Technology Review 
3/28/2004: Technology Solution to Slicing Spam Lags  - Wired News
3/28/2004: All Eyes on Google  - Wired News

3/28/2004: European Union officials back $613.5 million fine against Microsoft - Seattle Times
3/28/2004: Microsoft's Hard Battle Ahead in Europe  - Wired News

3/28/2004: Bacteria Make Clean Power - Technology Review 
3/28/2004: Saving Gas at Red Lights  - Wired News
3/28/2004: Los Alamos Nuclear Waste Comes Under Cleanup Order... - FirstScience
3/28/2004: Solar Power Switched on at San Francisco's Moscone Center... - FirstScience

3/28/2004: Alcohol's Benefits Extend to Hypertension  - NY Times
3/28/2004: Strokes or Sleeplessness- One Woman's Hormone Quandary  - NY Times
3/28/2004: Research On Inherited Eye Disorders Uncovers New Information About Blood-vessel Formation - Science Daily 


3/28/2004: Primate Viruses Transmitted To People Through Bushmeat - Science Daily

3/28/2004: Of Drunken Elephants, Tipsy Fish and Scotch With a Twist  - NY Times
3/28/2004: Study Reveals Important New Factor In Cystic Fibrosis Lung Inflammation - Science Daily

3/28/2004: Books on Health: Those Embarrassing Ills  - NY Times
3/28/2004: Sane Weight Loss in a Carb-Obsessed World: High Fiber and Low Fat  - NY Times
3/28/2004: Broccoli's Benefits  - NY Times
3/28/2004: Anatomy Lessons, a Vanishing Rite For Young Doctors  - NY Times
3/28/2004: Prototype System Developed By Wright State Computer Engineer Allows Blind To 'See' - Science Daily
3/28/2004: Collagen Level Can Impact Risk Of Incontinence And Prolapse In Women - Science Daily
3/28/2004: Evolution's Twist: USC Study Finds Meat-tolerant Genes Offset High Cholesterol And Disease - Science Daily
3/28/2004: How Far is Too Far in the Search for Organ Donors? - Seattle Times

History, Anthropology:
3/28/2004: Egypt Shows Restored Ramses Sarcophagus  - NY Times
3/28/2004: Slender and Elegant, It Fuels the Bomb  - NY Times
3/28/2004: Researcher Identifies Irish Potato Famine Pathogen - Science Daily

3/28/2004: Vital Signs: Prognosis: Cold and Poor, a Double Peril  - NY Times
3/28/2004: Denied Nobel for M.R.I., He Wins Another Prize  - NY Times
3/28/2004: N.J. Seaport Gets Radiation Detectors  - NY Times
3/28/2004: Pink Salmon, Blue Vision  - NY Times
3/28/2004: E-voting is inevitable, despite flaws - Seattle Times
3/28/2004: Silicon Valley hiring again, but new talent often overseas - Seattle Times
3/28/2004: Donald Rumsfeld's "The Unknown" - SpaceDaily
3/28/2004: Chronology of media deaths in Iraq - SpaceDaily
3/28/2004: UN warns terrorists could go nuclear - SpaceDaily
3/28/2004: India tests nuke class missile - SpaceDaily
3/28/2004: Shopping With Nano-Tags In The Wireless Age - SpaceDaily
3/28/2004: Satellite Struggles to Find Niche  - Wired News
3/28/2004: Brits Going at It Tooth and Nail  - Wired News
3/28/2004: Go On, Say the Unpopular Thing  - Wired News
3/28/2004: IPods Beat in Heart of the City  - Wired News
3/28/2004: Better Bombing Through Technology  - Wired News
3/28/2004: George W. Bush Is Getting Brain-Jacked  - Wired News

3/28/2004: Dreams Ride on Freud's Royal Road, Study Finds  - NY Times
3/28/2004: New Research Suggests That When Children Ask 'What Is This-' They May Seek An Object's Function - Science Daily
3/28/2004: Researchers Identify Critical Link In Lead-Induced Brain Swelling - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
3/28/2004: Recently Discovered Near-Earth Asteroid Makes Record-breaking Approach To Earth - Science Daily
3/28/2004: From Jupiter's Moon, Io, Come Ideas About What Earth May Have Looked Like As A Newborn Planet
 - Science Daily
3/28/2004: Gravity Rules: The Nature and Meaning of Planethood - SpaceDaily
3/28/2004: Spaceguard Redux, Put to Test - SpaceDaily
3/28/2004: Io's Lava Lakes Like Early Earth? - SpaceDaily



3/28/2004: The Bush Space Initiative: Fiscal Nightmare or.. Fiscal Nightmare? - SpaceDaily
3/28/2004: Is the Aerospace Industry Ready for Mars?
  - NY Times
3/28/2004: NASA: Shuttles Need Extensive Tail Repairs - Space.com
3/28/2004: Jeff Bell and the Legions of Doom - SpaceDaily
3/28/2004: Lunar Mountain With Permanent Sun Good Site For Base - SpaceDaily
3/28/2004: Surviving With and Without Oxygen - SpaceDaily
3/28/2004: NASA Looks To Department Of Energy For Nuclear Space Tech - SpaceDaily

3/28/2004: Mr. Otis, Call Your Office: A Nano-Elevator Is Built  - NY Times
3/28/2004: Texas Instruments' ticket idea evolves into forefront of HDTV - Seattle Times
3/28/2004: TrimTrac Wins Best Bang For The Buck Awarded In GPS Vehicle Tracking - SpaceDaily
3/28/2004: Demo: Sensor World - Technology Review 
3/28/2004: Stage Is Set for Another Format Fight  - Wired News


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