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  March 27, 2006

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Nuclear nightmare in Manhattan - New Scientist  A TRUCK pulls up in front of New York City's Grand Central Station, one of the most densely crowded spots in the world. It is a typical weekday afternoon, with over half a million people in the immediate area, working, shopping or just passing through. A few moments later the driver makes his delivery: a 10-kiloton atomic explosion. Within seconds, the blast, heat and direct exposure to radiation have killed several hundred thousand people.      
Power from waste: Could a 'useless bush' solve India's rural energy needs?  - BBC  An ancient tractor dumps a trailer load of plant material next to a battered looking shed. Surprising as it may seem, this unremarkable event may hold the key to ending chronic power shortages in rural India. Inside the shed is a noisy, little, green generator that runs on gas produced from rotting biomass. That is where the pile of plant matter dumped by the tractor comes in. The generator produces 100 kilowatts of electricity, enough to service the modest needs of four or five typical Indian villages. However in this particular case it drives a mini-industrial complex.   

Sea rise could be 'catastrophic'  - BBC  Earth could be headed for catastrophic sea level rise in the next few centuries if greenhouse gases continue to rise at present rates, experts say. A study in the US journal Science suggests a threshold triggering a rise in sea level of several metres could be reached before the end of the century. Their computer models show that, in addition to widespread melting of the Greenland ice sheet, this rate of warming could also lead to the collapse of about half of the West Antarctic ice sheet in 500 years. "The simulated climate warming agreed well with the observed climate warming," Dr Overpeck told the BBC News website.   
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Alzheimer's Disease:
3/27/2005: A One-Two Punch for Alzheimer's  - Technology Review 

3/27/2005: Grammar revealed in a whale’s love song - MSNBC
3/27/2005: Groups prepare for contested seal hunt
3/27/2005: Sea Coral's Trick Helps Scientists Tag Proteins - Science Daily
3/27/2005: Rutgers Researchers Find Fat Gene - Science Daily
3/27/2005: 'DNA Origami': Caltech Scientist Creates New Method For Folding Strands Of Dna To Make Microscopic Structures - Science Daily
3/27/2005: Old-World Primates Evolved Color Vision To Better See Each Other Blush, Study Reveals - Science Daily
3/27/2005: Scientists Gain Fundamental Insight Into How Cells Protect Genetic Blueprints - Science Daily
3/27/2005: New Light On Muscle Efficiency: It Is Not The Power-plant - Science Daily
3/27/2005: Time to Tap the Creepy-Crawlies  - Wired News
3/27/2005: Rice fungus's killer gene discovered ... - FirstScience

Climate, Environment:
3/27/2005: Study: Amazon forest could be halved
3/27/2005: NASA survey measures Arctic snow levels
3/27/2005: Amazon trees grow fastest in dry season  - Nature
3/27/2005: Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether Contamination: A Microbial Approach For Groundwater - Science Daily
3/27/2005: Warming Trend May Contribute To Malaria's Rise - Science Daily
3/27/2005: Surprise: Rainforest Grows When It's Dry - Live Science
3/27/2005: Tweaking the Climatic Nightmare  - Wired News
3/27/2005: Insurance Industry Feels the Heat of Global Warming ... - FirstScience
3/27/2005: Small firms' dismay at rise in climate change levy ... - FirstScience
3/27/2005: National Assessment of Toxic Air Pollutants ... - FirstScience
3/27/2005: EPA Continues Efforts to Understand Effects of Ozone on Human Health and the Environment - Ozone Air Quality C ... - FirstScience
3/27/2005: Greater efforts needed to save Amazon rainforests ... - FirstScience
3/27/2005: South Pacific Volcano Stops Search for Man ... - FirstScience
3/27/2005: Sea rise could be 'catastrophic'  - BBC

3/27/2005: Apple's 60-gig iPod 'at risk' - C/Net
3/27/2005: Good Nintendog!  - Wired News
3/27/2005: Grins From a Gaming Gathering  - Wired News
3/27/2005: Photo Gallery: Gadget Review  - Wired News
3/27/2005: Free Your IPod (or Whatever)  - Wired News
3/27/2005: • On-the-Job Video Gaming - Business Week

3/27/2005: Yahoo! offers phone calls via IM
- C/Net
3/27/2005: Cities race to reap the rewards of wireless net for all
 - New Scientist
3/27/2005: Cognitive Radio
  - Technology Review 
3/27/2005: Saving the Planet With Plan B 2.0
  - Wired News

3/27/2005: Quantum computers: March of the qubits - New Scientist
3/27/2005: Algorithm Advance Produces Quantum Calculation Record - Science Daily


3/27/2005: Learn how China intercepts and censors online content - C/Net
3/27/2005: Google wants to store it all - New Scientist
3/27/2005: Not Your Mama's Online Assistant  - Wired News
3/27/2005: May the Worst Idol Win  - Wired News
3/27/2005: Web 2.0: A Pattern Library  - Wired News
3/27/2005: Unreality Shows  - Wired News
3/27/2005: EyeTV Winks at Mac Minis
  - Wired News
3/27/2005: Get Bon Echo (for Real This Time)
  - Wired News
3/27/2005: • Google Shows Surfers the Money
 - Business Week
3/27/2005: • Google Finance, with Kinks
 - Business Week
3/27/2005: Study: Online news popular on broadband
 - Business Week

3/27/2005: How France Is Saving Civilization  - Wired News
3/27/2005: Apple: French Law Is 'Piracy'  - Wired News
3/27/2005: Vista Delay Hurts PC Makers  - Wired News
3/27/2005: Rants 'n' Raves: 'Mon Dieu!'  - Wired News
3/27/2005: Microsoft's Receding Vista - Business Week
3/27/2005: • Apple vs. France - Business Week

3/27/2005: Power from waste: Could a 'useless bush' solve India's rural energy needs?  - BBC
3/27/2005: China preps huge ramp in solar production  - El. Engr. Times
3/27/2005: Xantrex Applauds Ontario for Renewable Energy Incentives ... - FirstScience
3/27/2005: From Senate job to nuclear lobbyist - twice ... - FirstScience

3/17/2005:Tackle your cholesterol early  - Nature
3/27/2005: Early Blood Pressure Treatment May Postpone True Hypertension - Science Daily
3/27/2005: Found: Key 'Go-between' In Heart Disease - Science Daily
3/27/2005: Bariatric Surgery Leads To Long-term Blood Pressure Changes In Extremely Obese Patients - Science Daily

3/27/2005: US tests may miss 'breast cancer genes' - New Scientist
3/27/2005: Changes To In Utero Environment May Alter Onset Of Cancer - Science Daily

3/27/2005: The goat fetus that's immune to BSE - New Scientist
3/27/2005: Bird flu's human-attack pathway revealed - New Scientist
3/27/2005: Attractive Birds More Immune Against Bird Flu - Science Daily
3/27/2005: Novel Vaccine Approach Stimulates Protective Immunity Against Listeria - Science Daily
3/27/2005: Disease Damages Wheat Roots, Thwarts Water Uptake - Science Daily
3/27/2005: Study Outlines Genetic Differences Between Potential Pandemic Influenza Strains - Science Daily
3/27/2005: Salmonella Caught Red-handed: Research Provides Clues To Antibiotic Development
 - Science Daily
3/27/2005: How Bird Flu Infects Humans and Why We Don't Spread It
 - Live Science
3/27/2005: Experts warn of global warming malaria threat ...
 - ABC
3/27/2005: • How a Pandemic Takes Wing
 - Business Week

3/27/2005: DUI bracelet rats out drinkers - C/Net

3/27/2005: Stretch marks may signal pelvic disorder risk - New Scientist
3/27/2005: Incoherent boost for light surgery - PhysicsWeb
3/27/2005: Medication Plus Oral Contraceptive May Improve Female Pattern Hair Loss - Science Daily
3/27/2005: Exercise Reduces Menopausal Symptoms And Improves Quality Of Life - Science Daily
3/27/2005: Scientists Discover That Widely Available Drug Also Helps Fight Kidney Disease - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
3/27/2005: Mayan underworld holds natural wonders - MSNBC
3/27/2005: Scientists retrace Parthenon’s bright hues - MSNBC
3/27/2005: Methane-making microbes appeared early on Earth - New Scientist
3/27/2005: Biologists Speak Out Against Vote by Kansas Board of Education ... - FirstScience

3/27/2005: Nuclear nightmare in Manhattan  - New Scientis
3/27/2005: Want to get on 'Jeopardy'? Go online - C/Net
3/27/2005: Three Samsung executives plead guilty in DRAM probe  - El. Engr. Times
3/27/2005: Cosmic Log: Science ‘Idolized’ - MSNBC
3/27/2005: How to tell a fender bender from a pile-up - New Scientist
3/27/2005: Record-breaking Detector May Aid Nuclear Inspections - Science Daily
3/27/2005: Officials Map Out Test Milestones for Airborne Laser - Space.com
3/27/2005: Technology and the Future of Warfare  - Technology Review 
3/27/2005: Probes Scrutinize Caller ID Hacks  - Wired News
3/27/2005: AIBS House Appropriations Testimony in Support of Increased FY 2007 Funding for the National Science Foundatio ... - FirstScience
3/27/2005: Outsourcing's GloomyGuses Must Adapt - Business Week

3/27/2005: Babies decide what words to learn - MSNBC
3/27/2005: Aggression-related Gene Weakens Brain's Impulse Control Circuits - Science Daily
3/27/2005: Scientists Discover The Part Of The Brain That Causes Some People To Be Lousy In Math - Science Daily
3/27/2005: Innovative Approach Affords Researchers Clearer View Of Autism - Science Daily
3/27/2005: 'Executive' Monkeys Influenced By Other Executives, Not Subordinates - Science Daily
3/27/2005: Cell Therapy Slows Progression Of An Inherited Neurological Disease; Improves Motor Skills In Mice - Science Daily
3/27/2005: Researchers Find 'Switch' For Brain's Pleasure Pathway
 - Science Daily
3/27/2005: Children's Earliest Words Stem From What Interests Them
 - Science Daily
3/27/2005: Fear of Math: New Insight into How We Count
 - Live Science
3/27/2005: How Babies Learn Their First Words
 - Live Science

Physics and Astronomy:
3/27/2005: Andromeda's Stellar Halo Shows Galaxy's Origin To Be Similar To That Of Milky Way - Science Daily
3/27/2005: Scientists Use Satellites To Detect Deep-ocean Whirlpools
 - Science Daily
3/27/2005: New Wrinkle In The Mystery Of High-temperature Superconductors
 - Science Daily
3/27/2005: Astronomers Discover A River Of Stars Streaming Across The Northern Sky
 - Science Daily
3/27/2005: March 29 Total Eclipse ...
 - FirstScience
3/27/2005: Saturn's Ring Spokes May Return ...
 - FirstScience



3/27/2005: Earth rocks could have taken life to Titan  - New Scientist 
3/27/2005: Stardust Part II: Deep Impact comet revisited?
 - New Scientist
3/27/2005: NASA's micro-satellite trio safely blast off
 - New Scientist
3/27/2005: Relic Of Life In That Martian Meteorite: A Fresh Look
 - Science Daily
3/27/2005: Doing Launch With the FAA
  - Wired News
3/27/2005: Astrophoto: The Planet Jupiter by Mike Salway ...
 - FirstScience
3/27/2005: Lost in Space: Russian Gear, US Paperwork ...
 - FirstScience

3/27/2005: First molecular-machine combination revealed - New Scientist
3/27/2005: Robots And Inflatable Conveyor Belts Set To Slash Farm Labour Costs - Science Daily
3/27/2005: The Top 10 Tech Cars for 2006 - Live Science
3/27/2005: World's Greatest Tool: Duct Tape?  - Wired News


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