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  March 27, 2004

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Reflections On Life..In The Jungle - SpaceDaily  Left:  Synthetic Aperture Radar is changing our view of the world.  Flying over the La Selva rain forest in Costa Rica, scientists aboard the flying laboratory are using an all-weather imaging tool called the Airborne Synthetic Aperture Radar (AirSAR). The radar, developed by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, Calif., can penetrate the dense rain forest canopy and scan through clouds to produce highly accurate topographic computer models. AirSAR 2004 scientists are endeavoring to accurately inventory Costa Rica's tropical rain forests and irreplaceable archaeology by characterizing past and present human impacts on them.
Clues To Life In The Mines Of Murgul  The Mine of Murgul sounds like an ominous place in "The Lord of the Rings," a dark cavern filled with menacing orcs and trolls. But, in fact, this copper mine in Turkey may help shed light on life's origin. The mine contains pyrite, a form of iron sulfide (FeS2) also known as "Fool's Gold." This iron sulfide mineral may have acted as a template for the early chemical reactions that led to amino acids, proteins, and other building blocks of life. Pyrite has been the focus of theories regarding the origin of life since 1988, when a German patent lawyer named Gunter Wächtershäuser suggested that pyrite may have acted as a catalyst for the chemistry of living cells. 

A little planet's big impact - SpaceDaily  Left:  These three panels show the first detection of the faint distant object dubbed "Sedna." Imaged on November 14th from 6:32 to 9:38 Universal Time, Sedna was identified by the slight shift in position noted in these three pictures taken at different times. Subsequent observations at longer time intervals provided the information necessary to deduce the nature of Sedna's 10,500 year orbit around the Sun. The field of view of each frame is 3.4 arcminutes square, and each pixel is 1.0 arcsecond. NASA/Caltech Image Data - SpaceDaily Gif  In November 2003, Mike Brown and colleagues at the California Institute of Technology compared three time-lapsed images of the night sky and found the unmistakable motion of a solar system object the size of a very small planet.  

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Alzheimer's Disease:

3/27/2004: Reflections On Life..In The Jungle - SpaceDaily

3/27/2004: Can Frozen Eggs Help Extend Fertility? - ABC
3/27/2004: What Every Couple Needs To Know About Infertility - ABC
3/27/2004: Stress and Infertility - ABC
3/27/2004: Beekeepers tagging hives with microchips - MSNBC
3/27/2004: Will genetic engineering ruin Olympics? - MSNBC

Climate, Environment:
3/27/2004: Innerspace Outpost Faces Cuts - ABC
3/27/2004: Slideshow - ABC
3/27/2004: Lichen Blamed for Elk Deaths in Wyoming - ABC
3/27/2004: Shorebirds' Federal Protection Up in Air - ABC
3/27/2004: Beached whale dies on sand bank  - BBC
3/27/2004: CO2 levels hit peak at Hawaii observatory - MSNBC
3/27/2004: What causes Earth’s seasons? - MSNBC
3/27/2004: Elk deaths blamed on lichen - MSNBC
3/27/2004: Scientists study past and future Dust Bowls - MSNBC
3/27/2004: Greenhouse gas level hits record high - New Scientist
3/27/2004: Ecologists upset that UN prolongs caviar trade - New Scientist

3/27/2004: Big Al gameYour own mother may eat you. Can you survive as a dinosaur?  - BBC
3/27/2004: Chilling timeHorror game genre gets a new lease of life in Forbidden Siren  - BBC
3/27/2004: Sun to run game server prototype, Java contest  - C/Net
3/27/2004: Microsoft pitches sports for smart watches  - C/Net
3/27/2004: Apex girds for entertainment PC play  - C/Net

3/27/2004: Cell phones link lonely hearts  - CNN
3/27/2004: Making cents of wireless at CTIA  - C/Net
3/27/2004: Tech giants abuzz over VoIP for cell phones  - C/Net
3/27/2004: Copper carries 10Gbit Ethernet in demo  - El. Engr. Times

3/27/2004: New DVD burners double capacity  - CNN
3/27/2004: Chip-number comparison confusion continues  - C/Net
3/27/2004: TI moves ahead with 65-nm chips by next year  - El. Engr. Times
3/27/2004: Silicon-based magnets boost spintronics - New Scientist

3/27/2004: Banks offer mobile top-ups  - BBC
3/27/2004: Computer grids tackle health problems - MSNBC
3/27/2004: MP3 in surround sound - New Scientist

3/27/2004: Google whacking: The growing challenge to the world's biggest search engine  - BBC
3/27/2004: Porn net watchdog touts triumphs  - BBC
3/27/2004: 20m UK shoppers 'going online'  - BBC
3/27/2004: Net strain: Are we becoming too dependent on the internet?  - BBC
3/27/2004: Festival firm plans download site  - BBC
3/27/2004: U.S. shuts down Internet 'phishing' scam  - CNN
3/27/2004: New domains under consideration  - CNN
3/27/2004: 'Witty' worm infects, dies quickly - Business Week
3/27/2004: Google to find place for Orkut network in search  - C/Net
3/27/2004: Yahoo takes a page from Google  - C/Net
3/27/2004: The battle over triple 'x'  - C/Net
3/27/2004: Flaw stymies Norton Internet Security  - C/Net
3/27/2004: Vigilantes attack eBay fraud
  - C/Net
3/27/2004: New hacking tool hijacks file-sharing networks
 - New Scientist

3/27/2004: MP3 surround sound system debuts  - BBC
3/27/2004: Judgment day for Microsoft  - C/Net
3/27/2004: Microsoft says 'Batter up'  - C/Net
3/27/2004: Novell sets sights on 'complete Linux desktop'  - C/Net
3/27/2004: Linux group adds second Chinese member  - C/Net
3/27/2004: SCO targets federal supercomputer users  - C/Net


3/27/2004: Artificial heart: Pioneering surgery saves a man with two weeks to live  - BBC
3/27/2004: Cheap blood test heralds speedy stroke diagnosis - New Scientist
3/27/2004: Experts fear terrorists are seeking fuel-air bombs - New Scientist

3/27/2004: Colonoscopy Parties Remove Fear Factor - ABC

3/27/2004: Nurse Loses License in Hepatitis Outbreak - ABC
3/27/2004: Some Nigerian States End Polio Vaccine Ban - ABC
3/27/2004: Bird Flu Outbreaks Appear Across Indonesia - ABC
3/27/2004: Immune cells grown in a dish  - Nature

3/27/2004: The Sneezing Season - ABC
3/27/2004: Over-the-Counter Allergy Medications - ABC
3/27/2004: Focus on Allergies - ABC
3/27/2004: MRSA superbug hits more children  - BBC

3/27/2004: Canada Plans Medical Marijuana Project - ABC
3/27/2004: Study: Insecticides May Affect Infant Size - ABC
3/27/2004: Surgeons want to practise on pigs  - BBC
3/27/2004: Girls 'more likely to self-harm'  - BBC
3/27/2004: Wireless monitor frees patients to roam  - Nature

History, Anthropology:
3/27/2004: Clues To Life In The Mines Of Murgul - SpaceDaily
3/27/2004: Egypt Shows Restored Ramses Sarcophagus - ABC
3/27/2004: Pharaoh’s sarcophagus reassembled at last - MSNBC

3/27/2004: Segways as Literal Trail-Blazers - Tech TV
3/27/2004: Tax Time Tech Tools - Tech TV
3/27/2004: File Your 1040 for Free Online - Tech TV
3/27/2004: Tax 2004 Resource Guide - ABC
3/27/2004: N.J. Gets Seaport Radiation Detectors - ABC
3/27/2004: Govt. wiretap plans may chill innovation  - CNN
3/27/2004: Innovation Is a "Symbiotic Cycle" - Business Week
3/27/2004: VHS to DVD - Business Week
3/27/2004: Computer Security 101 for Small-Business - Business Week
3/27/2004: "It All Comes Back to U.S. Innovation" - Business Week
3/27/2004: What Plug-and-Play Means for TV - Business Week
3/27/2004: America's Enduring Tech Edge - Business Week
3/27/2004: RFID goes to war  - C/Net
3/27/2004: Divide between U.S. tech firms, China: -a great wall?  - C/Net
3/27/2004: Deja vu for TV viewers
3/27/2004: Why codes of governance work  - C/Net
3/27/2004: Air Force launches GPS satellite - MSNBC
3/27/2004: Defusing fertiliser may make bomb-building harder - New Scientist


Physics and Astronomy:
3/27/2004: A little planet's big impact - SpaceDaily
3/27/2004: Detailed picture of comet's heart
  - BBC
3/27/2004: New massive subatomic particle created - New Scientist



3/27/2004: Tycoon gives greenbacks to find little green men  - BBC
3/27/2004: Microsoft's Allen funds extraterrestrial hunt
  - CNN
3/27/2004: NASA mulls proposal for yearlong space stay - New Scientist
3/27/2004: Mystery of Mars's giant icy spirals solved - New Scientist
3/27/2004: China Moves Up Moon Orbiter Launch Date  - NY Times
3/27/2004: X-43A Hypersonic Test Back On For Saturday - SpaceDaily
3/27/2004: Russia Proposes Doubling Space Station Mission Length to 12 Months  - Space.com
3/27/2004: Private Industry Could Aid NASA with Space Station, Moon & Mars Missions - Space.com
3/27/2004: China Moves Up Moon Orbiter Launch Date - Space.com
3/27/2004: Hubble Resolution Introduced in the Senate - Space.com
3/27/2004: NASA's Image Needs a Makeover, Media Panel Tells Presidential Commission - Space.com
3/27/2004: NASA Needs to Know More About Mars' Potential Dangers - Space.com
3/27/2004: Buzz Aldrin Tells Presidential Commission NASA Needs to Focus on the Long-Term - Space.com
3/27/2004: NASA Ready to Launch X-43A for Second Flight - Space.com
3/27/2004: NASA Can't Complete President's Moon, Mars Plan in Present State, Former Manager Says - Space.com
3/27/2004: The Search Continues with the Allen Telescope Array - Space.com
3/27/2004: Say hello to our new moon - SpaceDaily
3/27/2004: EU Council Debates Space Policy

3/27/2004: Sharp Clothes - ABC
3/27/2004: Talkative future for every gadget  - BBC
3/27/2004: Nanotech, biotech at key juncture  - C/Net
3/27/2004: Sharp unit to license IP from U.S. laboratories
3/27/2004: Vibrating pedal says 'ease off gas' - New Scientist


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