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  March 26, 2006

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Space probe backs up dark view of the Universe  - Nature  Left: WMAP's new, more detailed picture of the infant universe. Red patches indicate warmer spots, blue patches cooler ones. The white bars show the polarization direction of old light. Researchers have released the first data mapping the faint afterglow of the Big Bang. The much anticipated results support the idea that our Universe contains a good chunk of 'dark' material, and fits the theory that it expanded rapidly in its first moments.       
Blood vessel generation Hope over diabetes wound healing  - BBC  Scientists have engineered a protein which may help speed up impaired wound healing in people with diabetes. Korean researchers gave the protein to diabetic mice, and found it helped to speed up wound healing by promoting new blood vessel growth. The researchers, writing in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, say they are working on a human form. The protein in question, angiopioetin-1, is naturally produced by the body, where it helps to promote growth. The wound closed faster in those animals who received the injection, and the skin regenerated more quickly.  

Image: Enceladus

Alien water discovery sparks reality check - MSNBC  Left:  An enhanced-color photo of Enceladus, snapped by the Cassini spacecraft, highlights dark streaks in the south polar region nicknamed "tiger stripes." Those cracks are thought to be the places where geysers well up from the Saturnian moon's icy surface.  To scientists scanning the cosmos for signs of life, the stunning discovery of what appears to be water on an obscure moon orbiting Saturn couldn't come at a more pivotal time. With a fresh focus on returning astronauts to Earth's own moon, NASA has squashed several missions that over the next decade were to have continued the search for extraterrestrial life. Can images from Enceladus, an icy moon located more than 800 million miles (1.28 million kilometers) from Earth, supercharge interest and funding for life-finding missions? Probably not any time soon. Missions take years to launch and what enthusiasm NASA has for finding otherworldly life already is focused on Mars and the Jupiter moon Europa, where promising leads have been studied for years. Even those missions aren't on the fast track. Budget woes last year scrapped a NASA project to send a nuclear-powered spacecraft to Europa, which may hide vast oceans of water under thick ice sheets.  
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Alzheimer's Disease:
3/26/2005:†Drug 'treats severe Alzheimer's'  - BBC
3/26/2005:†'Drug made a huge difference'
  - BBC

3/26/2005: Troubling times for embryo gene tests - New Scientist
3/26/2005: Hawaii's Anthurium Growers Cope With Plant Disease - Science Daily
3/26/2005: Butterflies Lose Body Fat During Metamorphosis - Science Daily
3/26/2005:†Sinister secret of snail's escape  - BBC
3/26/2005:†'Record response' to bird survey
  - BBC

Climate, Environment:
3/26/2005:†Surprise: Rainforest Grows When Itís Dry - Space.com
3/26/2005: 'Love your Bike' campaign aims to cut traffic pollution ...
 - FirstScience
3/26/2005: The saving of planet gaia - New Scientist
3/26/2005: Geomagnetic flip may not be random after all - PhysicsWeb
3/26/2005: Tiny 'Cages' Could Trap Carbon Dioxide And Help Stop Climate Change - Science Daily
3/26/2005: Radar Altimetry Confirms Global Warming Is Affecting Polar Glaciers - Science Daily
3/26/2005: Sea Coral's Trick Helps Scientists Tag Proteins - Science Daily
3/26/2005:†Brown targets polluting vehicles  - BBC
3/26/2005:†Healing rays Tanzanians use the power of the sun to get clean water  - BBC
3/26/2005:†Can a chopstick tax help save China's forests-  - BBC
3/26/2005:†State 'must meet water needs'  - BBC

3/26/2005:†Playing for keeps: Game makers gather to debate the present and future of fun  - BBC
3/26/2005:†The problem with serious games  - C/Net
3/26/2005:†Will PlayStation 3 outsell Xbox 360-  - C/Net
3/26/2005:†Have Xbox 360 Sales Failed Microsoft?  - C/Net
3/26/2005:†Dream machines  - C/Net
3/26/2005:†What are video games turning us into?  - C/Net
3/26/2005:†PlayLimit, Kid's Worst Nightmare
  - C/Net
3/26/2005:†Are games like drugs?
  - C/Net
3/26/2005:†Sony's PS3 race
- C/Net
3/26/2005:†On-the-job video gaming
- C/Net
3/26/2005:†Compaq Presario notebook for $499
- C/Net

3/26/2005:†Verizon exemption could make businesses pay
  - C/Net
3/26/2005:†Picture perfect for mobile phones?
- C/Net  

3/26/2005:†Laser chips could power petaflop computers  - C/Net
3/26/2005:†IBM to Use Cell 'Supercomputer on a Chip' in New Servers  - C/Net

3/26/2005:†Sun Grid hit by network attack - C/Net

3/26/2005: New bug can crash Internet Explorer  - C/Net
3/26/2005: Designer fashions flourish online  - CNN
3/26/2005: Online dating threats prompt safety efforts  - CNN
3/26/2005: Global digital divide grows wider, UW research finds
 - Seattle Times
3/26/2005: World Information Access Project
 - Seattle Times
3/26/2005:†Global digital divide grows wider, UW research finds - Seattle Times
3/26/2005:†World Information Access Project - Seattle Times
3/26/2005:†Charity gets cash for web clicks  - BBC
3/26/2005:†Sun lures partners to Grid for launch  - C/Net
3/26/2005:†Video: Tour of Firefox 2.0 alpha  - C/Net
3/26/2005:†Gates sizes up the Web's next generation  - C/Net
3/26/2005:†No e-mail for G-men
  - C/Net
3/26/2005:†FBI: Too cheap for e-mail
  - C/Net
3/26/2005:†FBI computer project up to $500 million
  - C/Net
3/26/2005:†FBI called in to police virtual world
  - C/Net
3/26/2005:†The Larry and Lucy mashup
- C/Net
3/26/2005:†New 'hovering car' spotted on Google Earth
- C/Net
3/26/2005:†Mozilla plans to fund developer community
- C/Net

3/26/2005:†Microsoft wraps itself in vision of future Web - Seattle Times
3/26/2005:†Apple attacks plan to open iTunes  - BBC
3/26/2005:†Microsoft delay The effects of putting back Vista's release to 2007
  - BBC
3/26/2005:†Microsoft delays launch of Vista   - BBC
3/26/2005:†Taking stock of Vista's setback  - C/Net
3/26/2005:†Audio: Allchin tells why  - C/Net
3/26/2005:†Perspective: Deja vu, again  - C/Net
3/26/2005:†Microsoft to shake up Windows leadership  - C/Net
3/26/2005:†Perspective: Back to the future for Redmond  - C/Net
3/26/2005:†An inside look at Windows Vista  - C/Net
3/26/2005:†Vista delay prevents a support disaster  - C/Net
3/26/2005:†Microsoft's Vista Delay Seen Hurting PC, Memory Companies  - C/Net
3/26/2005:†What's Really Behind the Windows Vista Delay?  - C/Net
3/26/2005:†A blue holiday without Vista - C/Net
3/26/2005:†Apple calls French law 'state-sponsored piracy'
- C/Net
3/26/2005:†Online, everyone has a view on Vista
- C/Net  

3/26/2005:†Green Gordon: Will the budget have any real impact on environmental issues?  - BBC




3/26/2005:†T-shirts Brand Kids as Potential Alcoholics - Space.com

3/26/2005: Female hair loss treatment hope  - BBC
3/26/2005: Nano-scaffolds could help rebuild sight - New Scientist
3/26/2005: Electrocardiogram Transmission From Ambulance Cuts Time To Direct Clot Removal - Science Daily
3/26/2005: Rutgers Researchers Find Fat Gene - Science Daily
3/26/2005:†Hope over diabetes wound healing   - BBC
3/26/2005:†More can be done to speed drug approval, FDA official says - Seattle Times
3/26/2005:†Salt reduction targets 'too soft'  - BBC
3/26/2005:†Q&A: Salt  - BBC
3/26/2005:†Fat Man Walking: How an obese father's coast-to-coast trek is touching America

History, Anthropology:
3/26/2005:†A time capsule of computing  - C/Net

3/26/2005: New ways to satisfy lust for leasing life of luxury - Seattle Times
3/26/2605: Court tosses conviction of high-profile tech banker - Seattle Times
3/26/2005:Enron tried to evade rules, accountant testifies - Seattle Times
3/26/2005: Do I dare say something?
  - C/Net
3/26/2005: Airlines lose 204,000 bags a year  - El. Engr. Times
3/26/2005: Analysis: Winning the patent game in Asia  - El. Engr. Times
3/26/2005:†Arctic diary: The weather takes a turn for worse for Arctic explorer
  - BBC
3/26/2005:†No help for 'cash-strapped NHS'  - BBC
3/26/2005:†Perspective: How do you really feel about e-snooping?  - C/Net
3/26/2005:†Are extended warranties worth it?  - C/Net
3/26/2005:†Samsung men 'admit' price fixing  - BBC
3/26/2005:†Plasma or LCD- Size matters - C/Net
3/26/2005:†Isle of Man tempts tech firms with zero corporate tax - C/Net
3/26/2005:†Price-fixing sends Samsung execs to jail - C/Net

3/26/2005:†What Makes a Lefty? Myths and Mysteries Persist - Space.com
3/26/2005:†Supervised self-harm plan praised  - BBC
3/26/2005:†Back to womb: How foetal movements can help children with school work  - BBC

Physics and Astronomy:
3/26/2005:†Space probe backs up dark view of the Universe  - Nature



3/26/2005:†Alien water discovery sparks reality check  - MSNBC
3/26/2005:†Researchers Rain On Mars' Water Gullies Parade
 - Space.com
3/26/2005:†New Mars Orbiter Ready for Action
 - Space.com
3/26/2005: Satellite Multicasting Improves Educational Information Delivery
  - BBC
3/26/2005: Maybe Water Didn't Make the Gullies on Mars ...
 - FirstScience
3/26/2005: Debris Filled Craters on Mars ...
 - FirstScience
3/26/2005: New light detector could allow broadband in space ...
 - FirstScience
3/26/2005: Super-Earths may be three times more common than Jupiters ...
 - FirstScience
3/26/2005: Stardust Part II: Deep Impact comet revisited?
 - New Scientist
3/26/2005: Years Of Observing Combined Into Best-Yet Look At Mars Canyon
 - Science Daily

3/26/2005:†Pipe network to be mapped in 3D  - BBC
3/26/2005:†First molecular-machine combination revealed  - C/Net
3/26/2005:†Here come the nanocars  - C/Net
3/26/2005:†Video: Volkswagen dashboard that's really a PC  - C/Net
3/26/2005:†Video: Sony 's new Blu-ray products - C/Net


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