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  March 26, 2005

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Cosmologists Present Explanation For Accelerating Expansion Of The Universe - SpaceDaily  It is widely believed that during the inflationary expansion early in the history of the universe, very tiny ripples in spacetime were generated, as predicted by Einstein's theory of General Relativity. These ripples were stretched by the expansion of the universe and extend today far beyond our cosmic horizon, that is over a region much bigger than the observable universe, a distance of about 15 billion light years. "We realized that you simply need to add this new key ingredient, the ripples of spacetime generated during the epoch of inflation, to Einstein's General Relativity to explain why the universe is accelerating today," Riotto says. "It seems that the solution to the puzzle of acceleration involves the universe beyond our cosmic horizon. No mysterious dark energy is required."  
School dinner Food for thought: Could healthier school dinners make children smarter, too?  - BBC  Chicken nuggets, instant mashed potato, chips - everything most children love to gobble up. And then they sit in the classroom getting grumpy and sleepy, unwilling or unable to learn from the exasperated teacher. Now a typical school dinner could be lamb casserole, always a salad -" not those big lettuce leaves, but chopped finely" - and new potatoes with butter. And the results in the classrooms and playground have been noticed by all staff teaching the 200 children aged four to 11. suddenly they are getting on in the afternoon and incidents of fighting have gone down.   

Researchers Find Evidence Of Dark Energy In Our Galactic Neighborhood - SpaceDaily  Left:  A supercomputer-produced cross-section of part of the universe shows galaxies as brighter dots along filaments of matter, with a sea of dark energy filling in between the galactic islands. Credit: James Wadsley, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario.  In 1997, Governato designed a computer model to simulate evolution of the universe In fact, the model produced deviations from a purely radial expansion that were three to seven times higher than astronomers had actually observed, Governato said. "The observed motion was small, and we could not duplicate it without the presence of dark energy," he said. "When we added the dark energy, we got a perfect match."   
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Alzheimer's Disease:

3/26/2005: Jewel beetle flies into the inferno  - BBC
3/26/2005: Asian river dolphins 'threatened'
  - BBC
3/26/2005: Church abortion move criticised  - BBC
3/26/2005: Extremists' protests halt GM crop trials ... - FirstScience
3/26/2005: GM study shows potential 'harm'  - BBC
3/26/2005: Final farm-scale crop trial finds against GM - New Scientist
3/26/2005: GM crop study set for publication ...  - BBC
3/26/2005: Scientists in Kenya to Push African Genome Research ... - FirstScience
3/26/2005: Fish Diversity Tied to Evolution of Diving Ability ... - Scientific American

Climate, Environment:
3/26/2005: Predictions Vary for Refuge as Drilling Plan Develops  - NY Times
3/26/2005: Researchers Investigate 'Whole Farm' Approach To Reduce Dairy Pollution - Science Daily
3/26/2005: Purdue To Lead EPA Air Emissions Study Of Livestock Facilities - Science Daily
3/26/2005: Chinese mountaineers scaling Everest to check if it's rising - SpaceDaily
3/26/2005: G8 meeting vows action on logging, climate change in Africa - SpaceDaily
3/26/2005: Analysis: Moving Day For Tehran - SpaceDaily
3/26/2005: Tsunami victims, Iraqis get taste of recycled water targeted for space- (updated PM 3-34) ... - FirstScience
3/26/2005: Indonesia Wants To Draw On Russia's Experience In Environmental Protection ...
3/26/2005: Aral, Caspian Seas Remain Under Ecological Threat ... - FirstScience
3/26/2005: FirstEnergy Settles With US Govt Over Emissions ... - FirstScience
3/26/2005: Top-level study of rainforests' secrets ... - FirstScience
3/26/2005: Groups Work to Save Rain Forest Palms ... - ABC
3/26/2005: Wal-Mart's California super centres delayed by environmental lawsuits ... - FirstScience
3/26/2005: Feeling for snow: A journey tinged with sorrow to Kilimanjaro's shrinking glacier  - BBC
3/26/2005: Geologists Explore Link Between Human Action And Landscape Change - Science Daily
3/26/2005: Climate Change Inevitable In 21st Century, New Study Says - Science Daily
3/26/2005: The Endangered Species Act: Thirty years of Endangering People and Animals is Enough ... - FirstScience
3/26/2005: Farming scheme aids threatened birds ... - FirstScience
3/26/2005: G8 Ministers Pledge to Curb Illegal Logging, Climate Change ...
 - FirstScience
3/26/2005: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Honors AMD with ENERGY STAR Certificate for Innovative Cool'n'Quiet Techn ...
 - FirstScience
3/26/2005: 'Reversing Global Warming' a FRAUDULENT ARTICLE ! ...
 - FirstScience
3/26/2005: Environmentalism Hasn't Died -- An ENN Commentary ...
 - FirstScience

3/26/2005: Street style: Fifa Street takes football back to its urban roots  - BBC
3/26/2005: Rep. Mary Lou Dickerson on violent gaming  - C/Net
3/26/2005: A Little Moolah Goes a Long Way  - Wired News
3/26/2005: PSP is noone-trick pony  - C/Net
3/26/2005: Good luck getting a PSP  - C/Net
3/26/2005: Photos: Sony's gizmo  - C/Net

3/26/2005: Petrol station mobile risk 'myth'
  - BBC
3/26/2005: Source: FCC to dress 'naked' DSL
  - C/Net
3/26/2005: Phishing by phone--VoIP raises security concerns
  - C/Net
3/26/2005: Texas revises anti-muni broadband bill
  - C/Net
3/26/2005: Cheaper phone bills?
  - C/Net
3/26/2005: Little telecoms ready to fight megamergers
 - Seattle Time
3/26/2005: Cellphones help kids keep in touch with parents
 - Seattle Time
3/26/2005: Scammers Snag Money on Net Phones
  - Wired News
3/26/2005: Tech lets human body transmit broadband
  - C/Net
3/26/2005: A mobile page turner
  - CNN

3/26/2005: Sampling 'Small Atmospheres' In The Tiny New Worlds Of MEMS - Science Daily
3/26/2005: Quantum Computers May Be Easier To Build Than Predicted - Science Daily

3/26/2005: Samsung touts improved display technology for mobiles  - El. Engr. Times

3/26/2005: Diller buys Ask Jeeves  - C/Net
3/26/2005: Peer-to-peer spam struggle  - C/Net
3/26/2005: A Web site for gift seekers  - C/Net
3/26/2005: Phishing: The new face of fraud - Seattle Time
3/26/2005: Are Socialites Still Networking?  - Wired News
3/26/2005: Prime target: How to protect your business against the risk of online fraud  - BBC
3/26/2005: Study: U.K. computers are most vulnerable
  - C/Net
3/26/2005: Minister confirms Internet election plan
  - C/Net
3/26/2005: AOL tests travel search site
  - CNN
3/26/2005: Voting on P2P-shared files may thwart spammers
 - New Scientist

3/26/2005: Microsoft vs. Europe: The EC says the software giant is violating the spirit, if not the letter, of last year's settlement. It has a point - Business Week
3/26/2005: Hospitals: Software's New Battleground - Business Week

3/26/2005: Diesel Hybrids on the Fast Track  - Wired News
3/26/2005: U.N.: Nuclear Energy May Be Back in Vogue ...  - BBC

3/26/2005: Columbia Study Shows Widely Used Artery Clearing Device Does Not Help Patients During Heart Attack - Science Daily
3/26/2005: Exercise Tolerance Is Good Screening Test For Chest Pain Patients - Science Daily
3/26/2005: 'Artery Clearing' System Does Not Provide Benefit For Patients Undergoing PCI - Science Daily
3/26/2005: Serum Sodium Level Is A Major Predictor Of A Poor Prognosis For Heart Failure Patients - Science Daily
3/26/2005: Inflammation Elevates Risk Of Cardiac Death In Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients - Science Daily

3/26/2005: Research May Provide Ways To Inhibit Cancer's Ability To Resist Treatments - Science Daily
3/26/2005: Studies Address Issues Of Risk And Survival In Rapidly Increasing GI Cancers - Science Daily
3/26/2005: Brain Tumor With Dismal Prognosis In Infants Can Be Cured In Older Children - Science Daily
3/26/2005: Study Examines Role Of EGFR Gene Mutations In Lung Cancer Development - Science Daily

3/26/2005: Chest Radiographs Can Predict Risk Of Death In SARS Patients - Science Daily
3/26/2005: Two Chemicals Boost Immune Cells' Ability To Fight HIV Without Gene Therapy - Science Daily

3/26/2005: Crohn's 'mistaken for anorexia'  - BBC
3/26/2005: Future Diabetes Drugs May Target New Protein Interaction - Science Daily

3/26/2005: Food for thought: Could healthier school dinners make children smarter, too?  - BBC
3/26/2005: Head lice 'defy common lotions'  - BBC
3/26/2005: How millions of bacteria can live peacefully in our guts  - BBC
3/26/2005: Secrets Of The Cilia: Kidney Disease And Blindness Share Common Genetic Defect - Science Daily
3/26/2005: UCSD-Utah Team Develops Mouse Model To Test Therapies For Macular Degeneration - Science Daily
3/26/2005: Science proves oysters and mussels are the food of love ... - FirstScience
3/26/2005: Plan to give elderly care control  - BBC
3/26/2005: Bulimics offered online treatment  - BBC
3/26/2005: Out of the shadows: Helping Afghan women acquire access to healthcare
  - BBC
3/26/2005: Natural yoghurt beats bad breath
  - BBC
3/26/2005: New Ways To Ease Liver Disease
 - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
3/26/2005: Decoding the original computer geek  - C/Net
3/26/2005: Ideas About Fossil Horses Undergo Evolution In Thinking - Science Daily

3/26/2005: Expo 2005: Images of the world expo opening in the Japanese city of Aichi  - BBC
3/26/2005: ID card plans too risky - report  - BBC
3/26/2005: Why Logic Often Takes A Backseat - Business Week
3/26/2005: Security's new era  - C/Net
3/26/2005: Weapon detection debate may shift spectrum  - C/Net
3/26/2005: The flight to India  - C/Net
3/26/2005: Silicon Valley changed after shift to greed - Seattle Time
3/26/2005: Ukraine Admits It Sold Cruise Missiles To Iran, China - SpaceDaily
3/26/2005: Pakistan's Musharraf Vows To Strengthen Nuclear Program As Missile Tested - SpaceDaily
3/26/2005: Chinese Academy of Sciences achieves 'lots' in 7 years: academy president ... - FirstScience
3/26/2005: High-def confusion Thousands of flat-panel TVs sold are not 'HD-Ready'  - BBC
3/26/2005: The invasion begins: Prepare for the all new series of Doctor Who on BBC One  - BBC
3/26/2005: Digital technology set to revolutionise Irish cinema  - BBC
3/26/2005: Let's get physical: How to keep your little one active over the Easter break  - BBC
3/26/2005: Dell to step up hires in India, Europe  - C/Net
3/26/2005: Obesity Threatens To Cut U.S. Life Expectancy, New Analysis Suggests - Science Daily
3/26/2005: CERN readies world's biggest science grid ... - Scientific American

3/26/2005: Scientists Link Gene To Dyslexia - Science Daily
3/26/2005: Common Anesthetics Appear Safe For Developing Fetal Brain - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
3/26/2005: Researchers Find Evidence Of Dark Energy In Our Galactic Neighborhood - SpaceDaily
Cosmologists Present Explanation For Accelerating Expansion Of The Universe - SpaceDaily
3/26/2005: New Theory Of How Planets Form Finds Havens Of Stability Amid Turbulence
 - Science Daily
3/26/2005: Classic maths puzzle cracked at last
 - New Scientist
3/26/2005: Astronomical Surprise: Massive Old Galaxies Starve To Death In The Infant Universe
 - Science Daily


3/26/2005: IRobot Wins Navy Contract To Deliver Explosive Ordnance Disposal Robots - SpaceDaily
3/26/2005: Robot Soldiers in Iraq PLAY VIDEO

3/26/2005: Saturn moon has atmosphere   - BBC
3/26/2005: At NASA, Clouds Are What You Zoom Through to Get to Mars
  - NY Times
3/26/2005: Chandra Probes High-voltage Auroras On Jupiter
 - Science Daily
3/26/2005: France, Israel to launch 'Venus' satellite in 2008
 - SpaceDaily
3/26/2005: At NASA, Clouds Are What You Zoom Through to Get to Mars ...
  - NY Times
3/26/2005: NASA: Sweat provides water for drinking ... - CNN
3/26/2005: NASA plans for the unthinkable ...

3/26/2005: Smart shooter: High-tech photography is now possible even with compact cameras  - BBC
3/26/2005: Molecular Thermometers On Skin Cells Detect Heat And Camphor - Science Daily
3/26/2005: Device reads, writes in 12 formats - Seattle Time
3/26/2005: Filmmakers hawk new 3-D technology - Seattle Time
3/26/2005: Who Will Win? Boeing Or Airbus? - SpaceDaily
3/26/2005: 3-D printer to mold replacement parts  - C/Net
3/26/2005: Texas Police, Border Agents Using Labs' Sniffer To Nab Drug Traffickers
 - Science Daily


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