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  March 24, 2006

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Chilli pepper Pepper 'kills prostate cancer'  - BBC  The ingredient which makes jalapeno peppers hot also makes prostate cancer cells commit suicide, a study suggests. Tests showed that capsaicin triggered 80% of the cells to start the process leading to cell death. The US research in the journal Cancer Research also found tumours treated with capsaicin were smaller. They were given a dose of pepper extract equivalent to having between three and eight fresh habanero peppers three times a week. "It also dramatically slowed the development of prostate tumours." However, experts warned eating too many hot peppers has been linked to stomach cancer.
Big new reservoir of water ice suspected under Mars - New Scientist  Water ice was expected in the polar caps, since they represent the largest known reservoirs of water on Mars. Estimates suggest that if they melted, they would cover the planet in a layer of water up to 33 metres deep. But as it scanned the region around the south pole, MARSIS also turned up an unexpected ice source. It lies near the southern polar cap and is underneath a region of Martian surface that shows no visible signs of ice. The radar signals reveal what appear to be relatively thin layers of underground water ice layers that may contain water of a equivalent to half of that locked up in the entire southern polar cap.     

Transplanted Cells Regenerate Muscle  A new approach for transplanting cells shows promise for regenerating injured and diseased tissues and whole organs. Mooney's team "glued" the cells to a scaffold that contained nutrients to keep them alive longer than is usual in direct injection. The glue consisted of sticky molecules that the cells could attach to. This assisted their movement into the tissue, and drugs were added to activate the cells and coax them to leave the scaffold. The results were striking.The results were striking. The strategy successfully healed lacerated uscles in mice.
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Alzheimer's Disease:

3/24/2005:Transplanted Cells Regenerate Muscle
3/24/2005:Stem Cells Confuse Smartypants
  - Wired News
3/24/2005:Endangered endemic salmon species faces new ecological threats ... - FirstScience
3/24/2005:Discovery of common genetic variation in an immune system gene that makes people much more likely to develop p ... - FirstScience
3/24/2005:Switch on & off mechanism in genes discovered ... - FirstScience
3/24/2005:Life's diversity 'being depleted'  - BBC
3/24/2005:South Korea cloning expert fired  - BBC
3/24/2005:Decline in migrating bird numbers  - BBC
3/24/2005:The first signs:Take part in the BBC's Springwatch to track the change in seasons  - BBC

Climate, Environment:
3/24/2005:Farms Waste Much of World's Water  - Wired News
3/24/2005:Satellites Will See More, Faster  - Wired News
3/24/2005:Grappling With Climate Change  - Wired News
3/24/2005:Lagos: Recycling waste to wealth ... - FirstScience
3/24/2005:Global warming reaches 'tipping point' ... - FirstScience
3/24/2005:Aerobatic show venue seeks balance between environmental protection, economic growth ... - FirstScience
3/24/2005:Oil Spill Raises Concerns Over Pipeline Maintenance ... - FirstScience
3/24/2005:Climate link to African malaria  - BBC

3/24/2005:Early Signs of Impending iPods  - Wired News
3/24/2005:Pushing beyond hard-core gamers  - C/Net
3/24/2005:Let the games begin at GDC  - C/Net
3/24/2005:iPod university  - CNN
3/24/2005:Summer shines on Xbox with delay of PS3 - Seattle Times
3/24/2005:Microsoft and the iPod killer - Seattle Times

3/24/2005:Talking revolution: How mobile phones are changing people's lives in Nigeria
  - BBC
3/24/2005:BellSouth's WiMax offered as broadband backup
  - C/Net
3/24/2005:'Mission' movie going mobile first
  - C/Net
3/24/2005:Dialing up the trends in telecom
  - C/Net
3/24/2005:Video: Net telephony's mainstream struggle
  - C/Net
3/24/2005:What's next in telecommunications?
  - C/Net

3/24/2005:Flash memory price 'to drop 25%'  - BBC
3/24/2005:Shrinking Magnetic Storage Media Down To The Nanoscale - Science Daily


3/24/2005:Google Keeps Search Data Private  - Wired News
3/24/2005:Rock's First Web Success?  - Wired News
3/24/2005:Online TV: How video-sharing sites are leading to the rise of a clip culture  - BBC
3/24/2005:European phishing gangs targeted  - BBC
3/24/2005:How to stay off the suckers' list  - BBC
3/24/2005:Boom times for hi-tech fraudsters  - BBC
3/24/2005:Google ordered to hand over data
  - BBC
3/24/2005: Advertisers Get Wiser about the Web
 - Business Week

3/24/2005:Canuck Copyright Conundrum  - Wired News
3/24/2005:Gates: Focus on user, not device  - C/Net
3/24/2005:French on to something with iTunes law, say analysts  - C/Net
3/24/2005:Why Microsoft is no Craigslist  - C/Net
3/24/2005:Microsoft takes on Craigslist in battle for classifieds  - C/Net
3/24/2005:9 comments  - C/Net
3/24/2005:Microsoft says it "messed up" in waiting so long to release new version of IE - Seattle Times
3/24/2005:Microsoft's new Vista should reach store shelves by holidays - Seattle Times

3/24/2005:Hydrogen Vehicles Are on the Move  - Wired News
3/24/2005:Austria leads the way in harnessing renewable energy ... - FirstScience

3/17/2005:Blood Transfusions Linked To Increased Mortality In Patients Suffering From Cardiac Episodes - Science Daily
3/24/2005:Jefferson Scientists Test New Device For Fixing Holes In Hearts Of Young Stroke Patients - Science Daily

3/24/2005:Pepper 'kills prostate cancer'  - BBC
3/24/2005:Uneven breasts linked to cancer  - BBC
3/24/2005:Website aids prostate test choice  - BBC
3/24/2005:Wonky breasts signal cancer risk  - Nature

3/24/2005:Hopes for natural anti-HIV drugs  - BBC
3/24/2005:Healthy distance 'I can't hug my twin brother in case I make him ill'  - BBC
3/24/2005:Small heat rise may offer big boost for malaria - New Scientist
3/24/2005:Anti-HIV Drugs Unlikely To Stop HIV Spread - Science Daily
3/24/2005:Do Plants Have The Potential To Vaccinate Against HIV? - Science Daily

3/24/2005:Hopes rise of cure for asthma and eczema after gene breakthrough ... - FirstScience

3/24/2005:Abortion row at Catholic hospital  - BBC
3/24/2005:Saying goodbyeIs it possible to personalise a funeral for a loved one?  - BBC
3/24/2005:Trial drug affected animal glands  - BBC
3/24/2005:New eczema therapy on horizon  - BBC
3/24/2005:Tragic drug trial spotlights potent molecule  - Nature

History, Anthropology:
3/24/2005:Long-neck dinosaur sets new standard - MSNBC
3/24/2005:Coffin with scenes from Homer found - MSNBC
3/24/2005:Heads up: the dinosaur with the longest neck  - Nature
3/24/2005:Fake statues unmasked with X-rays - New Scientist

3/24/2005:A Students, B Movies  - Wired News
3/24/2005:Now That's a Flash Mob  - Wired News
3/24/2005:Sex-Ed by Kids, for Kids  - Wired News
3/24/2005:D for Vendetta  - Wired News
3/24/2005:Best Way to Date: Collaborate?  - Wired News
3/24/2005:Nuclear detector developed in race to stop dirty bombs  - BBC
3/24/2005:Dell to double Indian workforce  - BBC
3/24/2005:Hi-tech goodies join the UK's inflation "shopping basket"  - BBC
3/24/2005:Is a global high-tech work force bad for U.S.?  - C/Net
3/24/2005:Thinking outside the big box  - C/Net
3/24/2005:Best Buy thinks outside the big box  - C/Net
3/24/2005:7 comments  - C/Net
3/24/2005:Does 1+1=terror? Using math models to calculate risks  - C/Net
3/24/2005:Images of leadership from future leaders  - C/Net
3/24/2005:IEEE-USA questions expanding H-1B program  - El. Engr. Times

3/24/2005:Research into how babies learn  - BBC
3/24/2005:Severe stammerer's hi-tech hope  - BBC
3/24/2005:Are kids too plugged in?  - C/Net

Physics and Astronomy:
3/24/2005:New direction for cosmic radiation - PhysicsWeb
3/24/2005:Integral Looks At Earth To Seek Source Of Cosmic Radiation
 - Science Daily
3/24/2005:Did 'Dark Matter' Create The First Stars?
 - Science Daily
3/24/2005:Deriving The Shape Of The Galactic Stellar Disc
 - Science Daily
3/24/2005:Janus Particles Offer New Physics, New Technology
 - Science Daily


3/24/2005:If you give a bot a basketball...  - C/Net

3/24/2005:Big new reservoir of water ice suspected under Mars  - New Scientist
3/24/2005:Galactic Tourists Pony Up to Ride
  - Wired News
3/24/2005:Race to Blast Tourists Into Space Is On ...
 - FirstScience
3/24/2005:NASA Risk and Exploration Symposium- Earth, Sea and the Stars- Session Four: Why We Explore (Presentation by J ...
 - FirstScience
3/24/2005:Moonbuggies on the move
  - C/Net
3/24/2005:Cosmic Log: Mystery of the missing moon - MSNBC
3/24/2005:New data reveals mysteries of asteroid Itokawa
 - New Scientist

3/24/2005:Virus used to make nanoparticles  - BBC
3/24/2005:Newspapers: From Print to Pixels - Business Week
3/24/2005:How close are carbon nanotube TVs?  - C/Net
3/24/2005:World's most expensive cars 2006  - C/Net
3/24/2005:Beam me to my meeting!  - CNN
3/24/2005:Researchers Develop High-efficiency Transformation Of Strawberry - Science Daily
3/24/2005:Purdue Chemical-analysis Method Promises Fast Results
 - Science Daily


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