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  March 24, 2005

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Hitachi's humanoid robots can chat, zip around  - C/Net  Pal and Chum look a little bit like first-graders on wheels, chatting up a storm and racing around the room. For Hitachi, Japan's biggest electronics conglomerate, they are the next generation of humanoid robots. Emiew, which stands for "excellent mobility and interactive existence as workmate," can run as fast as 3.7 mph, compared with Honda Motor's celebrated Asimo, whose top speed is a pokey 1.86 mph. Hitachi said the Emiews, which currently have a vocabulary of about 100 words, still need to be trained before they are fit for practical office and factory use in five to six years.    
Robot Finds Life in Desert, Mimicking Skills Needed on Mars -  A robot laden with sensor equipment has detected life on the arid terrain of the Chilean desert, a first for rover-based systems. ZoŽ, a four-wheeled automaton built to scan for living organisms, found evidence of bacterial colonies and lichens living among the rocks of Chileís Atacama Desert. The instrument can pick up signals from fluorescent dyes that light up when they connect with nucleic acids, proteins and other life-relevant molecules.    

Shanghai To Be "Spaceflight Kingdom" - SpaceDaily  A "spaceflight kingdom," covering about 1,200 mu (80 hectares), will begin construction in southwest Shanghai. The Spaceflight New Area, located in the Minxing District, will integrate scientific research and production as well as logistics; it will become the new development cradle of Shanghai-made rockets, satellites and airships. The first phase of the project is predicted to be completed in 2007 and the second phase in 2010.      
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Alzheimer's Disease:

3/24/2005:†X chromosome activity different in every woman - New Scientist
3/24/2005:†Protein Delivers Selenium For Normal Sperm Development
 - Science Daily
3/24/2005:†Geography Predicts Human Genetic Diversity - Science Daily
3/24/2005:†Conserved Amino Acids Play Both Structural And Mechanistic Roles In Sandwich-like Protein - Science Daily
3/24/2005:†Why X Marks the Gender  - Wired News
3/24/2005:†DN-New - Economist
3/24/2005:†Asia 'wakes up' to animal welfare  - BBC
3/24/2005:†Navy: Sonar probably affected whales - MSNBC
3/24/2005:†Weizmann Institute Scientists Discover How Substitutions Are Made For Injured Genes - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
3/24/2005:†Ocean heat store makes climate change inevitable - New Scientist
3/24/2005:†Photo finish  - C/Net
3/24/2005:†No stopping rising sea levels, study says - MSNBC
3/24/2005:†Tsunami gives a little back to one Indian town - MSNBC
3/24/2005:†Oceans extend effects of climate change  - Nature
3/24/2005:†Seabed Shifts Pose New Perils in Tsunami Region  - NY Times
3/24/2005:†Fine-tuning Calf Nutrition Could Reduce Nitrogen Pollution - Science Daily
3/24/2005:†Earth From Space- Image Of The Week - SpaceDaily

3/24/2005:†Samsung seeks slice of Apple iPod pie  - C/Net
3/24/2005:†Study: Gamers Are Gluttons for Music  - C/Net

3/24/2005:†Stakes raised in fast net race
  - BBC
3/24/2005:†Wireless show highlights mobile phone tech
 - Business Week
3/24/2005:†Tech & You
 - Business Week
3/24/2005:†Cell phone porn set for sales spike
  - C/Net
3/24/2005:†Skype seeks its payday
  - C/Net
3/24/2005:†Lawsuits against cell phone industry reinstated
  - CNN

3/24/2005:†Plasmonic computer chips move closer - New Scientist
3/24/2005:†Hey, Don't Toss Those Fishy Chips  - Wired News
3/24/2005:†Intel to demo power-saving tech  - C/Net
3/24/2005:†Mission: impossible?  - C/Net

3/24/2005:†Have hackers recruited your PC?  - BBC
3/24/2005:†Key contacts A look at how keyloggers capture data from victims  - BBC
3/24/2005:†Dell snuffs 'white box' sales  - C/Net
3/24/2005:†Acer flashes new LCD monitors  - C/Net

3/24/2005:†Child porn site blocks supported  - BBC
3/24/2005:†Can Google mop up with Ajax?  - C/Net
3/24/2005:†Spammer greets antispammer with suit and spam.  - C/Net
3/24/2005:†Study: 'Texting' on the rise in U.S.  - CNN
3/24/2005:†Search Rank Easy to Manipulate  - Wired News
3/24/2005:†Google leaders selling shares  - C/Net
3/24/2005:†Search engine to step into blogosphere
  - CNN

3/24/2005:†Memo to Apple: Lay Off Your Fans - Business Week
3/24/2005:†As file sharing nears high court, techies worry  - C/Net
3/24/2005:†Microsoft touts ad-selling system as step ahead of its competitors - Seattle Times
3/24/2005:†Yahoo pledges full Firefox compatibility  - C/Net
3/24/2005:†Anti-P2P lawmaker gets top Senate spot  - C/Net
3/24/2005:†Another antivirus software flaw detected  - C/Net
3/24/2005:†MIT backs Brazil's choice of Linux over Microsoft  - C/Net
3/24/2005:†Slow start for budget XP  - C/Net

3/24/2005:†Nanoscience Solutions For Energy Technologies Advocated - Science Daily
3/24/2005:†Playing With Frozen Fire  - Wired News
3/24/2005:†New Batteries: Twice the Life  - Wired News
3/24/2005:†Solar companies fear grants fall  - BBC

3/24/2005:†Beta-blockers May Help Broader Group Of Patients With Heart Problems - Science Daily

3/24/2005:†Cholesterol feeds prostate cancer  - BBC
3/24/2005:†Protein key to skin cancer spread  - BBC
3/24/2005:†Small Molecule May Help Pinpoint Some Cancers - Science Daily


3/24/2005:†Portable System Offers Dialysis Patients 'Liberating' Changes - Science Daily
3/24/2005:†Marijuana Is the Ultimate Power-Up  - NY Times
3/24/2005:†NHS smoking drive 'insufficient'  - BBC
3/24/2005:†Studies Underscore Genetic Involvement In Nicotine Addiction & Aggressive Hostility - Science Daily
3/24/2005:†Asthma Relapse In Children Common, Possible Risk Factors Identified - Science Daily

3/24/2005:†Some Oddball Answers to Back Pain - Business Week
3/24/2005:†Med School Beamed to Future Doctors  - Wired News
3/24/2005:†Acupuncture helps ease the pains of pregnancy  - BBC
3/24/2005:†Your weight: What are the three key factors that can cause obesity?  - BBC
3/24/2005:†Under 18s 'shouldn't use sunbeds'
  - BBC
3/24/2005:†Obesity 'could cut US life spans'   - BBC
3/24/2005:†Counterfeit condom alert issued   - BBC

History, Anthropology:
3/24/2005:†Bicycle: The history by David V Herlihy - New Scientist

3/24/2005:†Bumper harvest Shamrock stages revival in time for St Patrick's Day  - BBC
3/24/2005:†UK police foil massive bank theft  - BBC
3/24/2005:†Young Whizzes: David Bauer is No. 1in this year's IntelScience Talent Search.Meet him and otherhigh school hopefuls - Business Week
3/24/2005:†Probe eyes attempted $420 million online bank heist  - C/Net
3/24/2005:†India seeks Asian manufacturing foothold in Indonesia  - El. Engr. Times
3/24/2005:†'Cyber Trust' At Its Lowest Point For A Decade, Warn Internet Security Experts - Science Daily
3/24/2005:†Insects, Viruses Could Hold Key For Better Human Teamwork In Disasters - Science Daily
3/24/2005:†Critical ward Patients and doctors suffer from Iraq's political stalemate  - BBC
3/24/2005:†Sci-fi and fantasy author Norton dies  - C/Net
3/24/2005:†Oh, the pain of HDTV and 'unfortunate' skin  - C/Net
3/24/2005:†Dell to open new India call center  - C/Net
3/24/2005:†Meet you at the photo kiosk  - NY Times
3/24/2005:†Governing joint ventures  - Wired News
3/24/2005:†Report: IRS employees vulnerable to hackers  - CNN
3/24/2005:†NATO To Protect Its Troops With Anti-Missile Defense System By 2010 - SpaceDaily

3/24/2005:†New Research Lab To Study Impulsive Behavior In Children And Adults - Science Daily
3/24/2005:†Molecular Messengers Perform A Crucial Role In The Ability Of Injured Nerve Cells To Heal Themselves - Science Daily
3/24/2005:†Two Brain Systems Regulate How We Call For Help - Science Daily
3/24/2005:†It Takes Money to Feed Your Head  - Wired News
3/24/2005:†Utensils divulge dinner date's feelings  - Nature

Physics and Astronomy:
3/24/2005:†Stalking the Riemann Hypothesis: The quest to find the hidden law of numbers by Dan Rockmore - New Scientist
3/24/2005:†Individual electrons line up to be counted
 - New Scientist
3/24/2005:†Black hole-like phenomenon created by collider
 - New Scientist
3/24/2005:†Scientists Work To Detect Mysterious Neutrinos
 - Science Daily
3/24/2005:†American wins prestigious math prize
3/24/2005:†Hubble Weighs In On The Heaviest Stars In The Galaxy
 - Science Daily

3/24/2005:†Americans face drop in life expectancy  - Nature

3/24/2005:†Hitachi's humanoid robots can chat, zip around   - C/Net
3/24/2005:†NEC's Papero robot to greet children at conference  - El. Engr. Times

3/24/2005:†Shanghai To Be "Spaceflight Kingdom" - SpaceDaily 
Robot Finds Life in Desert, Mimicking Skills Needed on Mars -
3/24/2005:†Mars still alive, experts agree
  - BBC
3/24/2005:†Saturn moon has atmosphere
  - BBC
3/24/2005:†Piecing Together Discovery's Ride
 - SpaceDaily
3/24/2005:†Saturn moon has atmosphere
3/24/2005:†Atmosphere found on Enceladus
  - Nature
3/24/2005:†Roving robot finds desert life
  - Nature
3/24/2005:†Superflares Could Kill Unshielded Astronauts - SpaceDaily
3/24/2005:†Spacefaring By Bureaucrats
 - SpaceDaily
3/24/2005:†Fire And Ice- Mars Images Reveal Recent Volcanic And Glacial Activity
 - SpaceDaily
3/24/2005:†New Gyroscope To Be Delivered To ISS
 - SpaceDaily
3/24/2005:†Solar Sail Spacecraft Is Tested For Flight
 - SpaceDaily

3/24/2005:†Classic Japanese clock to spring back to life - New Scientist
3/24/2005:†The Giant Who Walks Amongst Us  - Technology Review 
3/24/2005:†'Face' Phone Helps Hearing Impaired  - CNN
3/24/2005:†Tech: What matters most depends on where you are  - C/Net
3/24/2005:†Researchers Try To Make Nanomaterial Industry Environmentally Sustainable - SpaceDaily
3/24/2005:†Few-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Cheap, Efficient Option For Certain Applications - SpaceDaily


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