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  March 24, 2004

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Hybrids’ Rising Sun  - Technology Review  Left:  Green power: No longer cramped eco-cars, new hybrids at Toyota’s factory in Tsutsumi, Japan, will compete for horsepower-loving U.S. drivers. (Photographs by Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert)  The Prius, which uses both a gasoline engine and an electric motor for propulsion, gets an average of 55 miles to the gallon—about double the mileage of a comparable gasoline car. What’s more, the latest model rolling off the factory floor at Tsutsumi doesn’t sacrifice power or comfort and sells for only about $1,000 more than a base model of Toyota’s mid-size sedan, the Camry. Within a decade, say Toyota executives, the gas-electric combination could be offered in every category of vehicle the automaker sells, from subcompacts to heavy-duty pickup trucks. In the next few years, the six top sellers of cars in the United States plan to roll out a range of hybrid cars and light trucks.
Early man steered clear of Neanderthal romance  - Nature  Left:  Neanderthals may have looked too different to attract modern man.  If our early ancestors did breed with their Neanderthal cousins, they didn't make a habit of it, according to the largest-ever study of early human DNA  "We detected no evidence of interbreeding," says David Serre of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany, who took part in the study. But he adds that, because of the scarcity of well-preserved DNA, it is impossible to be certain that such trysts never took place. Neanderthals vanished from Europe between 30,000 and 40,000 years ago, roughly the time that truly modern man made his first appearance in the region. Researchers have been divided over whether the two groups ever came face to face - and if they did, whether relations were hostile or harmonious. Did modern humans bully their slow-witted neighbours to extinction, or did the Neanderthals die out and leave us to inherit an empty landscape?

The Challenge Of A Larger Europe - SpaceDaily  The new enlargement of the European Union will undoubtedly be more historic and challenging than the previous enlargements were. It effectively ends the division of Europe and the legacy of the Cold War. The question now is, will it also effectively put an end to the European Union as we know it? The answer is affirmative at least to some degree. The institutions and methods that were originally established for a community of six countries will not be adequate for the enlarged Union. This is not only because of enlargement to 25 and even more countries, but also because the Union will have much broader competences and responsibilities than the original EEC had. 

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Alzheimer's Disease:

3/24/2004: Canada Closes Door on Cloning  - Wired News
3/24/2004: New research shows health effects of GM crops...
 - FirstScience
3/24/2004: One man's organic attempt to halt GM crops...  - BBC
3/24/2004: Why ants make great gardeners  - BBC

Climate, Environment:
3/24/2004: Germany minister vetoes emissions deal with Greens... - FirstScience
3/24/2004: South Carolina's Santee Cooper Settles Clean Air Case... - FirstScience
3/24/2004: Sea Horse Marine unveils environment friendly Evinrude E-TEC Outboard engine for boats at Dubai International... - FirstScience
3/24/2004: Did cracking continent trigger a deep freeze?  - Nature
3/24/2004: Florida dolphin deaths reach 38, feds investigate  - CNN
3/24/2004: Study Disputes Idea on Global Warming  - NY Times
3/24/2004: Love Canal Declared Clean, Ending Toxic Horror  - NY Times
3/24/2004: Fear and respect for the holy monkeys facing electric dangers  - BBC

3/24/2004: Microsoft eyes video in the hand - ABC
3/24/2004: China's Internet cafes spur a thriving gaming industry  - El. Engr. Times
3/24/2004: China's gaming boom also raises political issues  - El. Engr. Times

3/24/2004: Coming Soon: Broadband Connection Over Power Lines  - Wired News
3/24/2004: Cable-Free Cable TV - ABC
3/24/2004: Showcase for future of mobiles  - BBC
3/24/2004: Cable TV alternative unveiled  - CNN  
3/24/2004: Nokia launches megapixel camera phone  - BBC

3/24/2004: Watching the clock  - C/Net
3/24/2004: Rocket fuel boosts speed of transistors - New Scientist

3/24/2004: Small but smart: Computing power at your fingertips  - BBC
3/24/2004: Inorganic spin coat process readied for TFTs  - El. Engr. Times

3/24/2004: Online Travel Takes Off in a New Direction  - Wired News
3/24/2004: Software agent targets chatroom paedophiles - New Scientist
3/24/2004: A Spam Lover's Story - Google
3/24/2004: Viewing emails spreads Bagle variants - New Scientist
3/24/2004: New hacker program prompts alert - Washington Post

3/24/2004: Think Globally, Search Locally  - Wired News
3/24/2004: Tough Talks for Microsoft, EU  - Wired News
3/24/2004: Uploaders Not 'Pirates,' Court ToldA Spam Lover's Story
3/24/2004: Startup to Sell Open Source Insurance: A Spam Lover's Story
3/24/2004: Microsoft facing competition fine  - BBC
3/24/2004: EU's statement on Microsoft- C/Net
3/24/2004: Novell plans major Linux OS update- C/Net

3/24/2004: Hybrids’ Rising Sun   - Technology Review
3/24/2004: Powell seeks end to infiltration, pledge on N-leaks... - FirstScience
3/24/2004: EU unveils renewable energy research projects...

3/24/2004: Blood test 'can diagnose strokes'  - BBC

3/24/2004: Survival boost for deadly cancer  - BBC
3/24/2004: Drug could avoid breast removal  - BBC
3/24/2004: Combination therapy hits cancer  - BBC
3/24/2004: A New Weapon Against Breast Cancer- C/Net

3/24/2004: How vCJD proteins cause disease  - BBC
3/24/2004: Cows test positive for disease  - BBC
3/24/2004: FDA Decides on Next Year's Flu Vaccine - ABC
3/24/2004: A Risky Bet on Antibiotics?- C/Net
3/24/2004: Disease risk prompts UK blood-donor ban  - Nature
3/24/2004: HIV-blocking microbicides go on trial - New Scientist

3/24/2004: Sharp rise in teenage Pill users  - BBC
3/24/2004: Study: Claritin OK for Pregnant Women - ABC
3/24/2004: Women's bad habits worsening  - BBC
3/24/2004: Allergies: How to remove trigger factors in your home and reduce your risk  - BBC
3/24/2004: Enzyme may aid fighting obesity - Washington Post

3/24/2004: The Bone Age - ABC
3/24/2004: HealthyWoman Quiz: Osteoporosis - ABC
3/24/2004: Focus on Osteoporosis - ABC
3/24/2004: Study: Bone-Saving Drug Works for Decade - ABC
3/24/2004: Medicare Weighs Defibrillator Coverage - ABC
3/24/2004: Ill health 'must be prevented'  - BBC
3/24/2004: Why retail therapy is pound for pound a healthy option  - BBC
3/24/2004: Sharp rise in teenage Pill users  - BBC
3/24/2004: Companies Benefit by Shifting Health Costs - ABC

History, Anthropology:
3/24/2004: Early man steered clear of Neanderthal romance  - Nature
3/24/2004: No Moon, no life on Earth, suggests theory - New Scientist

3/24/2004: The Challenge Of A Larger Europe - SpaceDaily
3/24/2004: Airlines OK Security Plan  - Wired News
3/24/2004: E-Voting Component Wasn't Fully Tested  - Wired News
3/24/2004: More Urge Justice Department to Appeal Phone Ruling - L. A. Times
3/24/2004: Gunning for the U.S. in Technology - Business Week
3/24/2004: Tech Titans Give More to GOP - Business Week
3/24/2004: Busybody Buses? - ABC
3/24/2004: Track Your Kid, Bust Their Trust?
3/24/2004: Commentary: Big Brother Is Alive and Watching?
3/24/2004: Peeking Petition - ABC
3/24/2004: Critic: 'Dr. Phil' Isn't Doctor for All - ABC
3/24/2004: Like It or Not, RFID Is Coming - Business Week
3/24/2004: More Spy Powers for the FBI? Bad Move - Business Week
3/24/2004: America's Failure in Science Education- C/Net
3/24/2004: Challengers to America's Science Crown- C/Net
3/24/2004: Pentagon taps IBM for RFID expertise  - El. Engr. Times
3/24/2004: Scientist wins prestigious religion prize - MSNBC
3/24/2004: Teenagers honored for research - MSNBC
3/24/2004: Closest asteroid to pass Earth approaches - New Scientist
3/24/2004: Learning Entrepreneurship the U.S. Way at M.I.T.  - NY Times

3/24/2004: Study: Brain Enzyme May Regulate Weight - ABC
3/24/2004: Critic: 'Dr. Phil' Isn't Doctor for All - ABC
3/24/2004: NASA develops 'mind-reading' system - New Scientist

Physics and Astronomy:
3/24/2004: Physicists Stalk Elusive Tracks of Subatomic Neutrino Particles... - FirstScience
3/24/2004: Researchers Probe Expanding Universe...
 - FirstScience
3/24/2004: School kids get their own research-class telescopes... - FirstScience
3/24/2004: 100-Foot Asteroid to Make Closest Pass - ABC
3/24/2004: Space rock makes closest approach  - BBC
3/24/2004: Mystery of Milky Way's gamma rays solved - New Scientist
3/24/2004: Prizes reward cosmologists
 - PhysicsWeb


3/24/2004: Crash Test for Gen Y - ABC
3/24/2004: Introducing Lucy, one of the most advanced robot 'brains'  - BBC
3/24/2004: Robolympics contestants shoot for gold  - Nature

3/24/2004: 99% nothing: Landmarks are rare in space, so pack an interactive map - ABC
3/24/2004: 'Life chip' ready for 2009 Mars missions
  - Nature
3/24/2004: Shuttle Gears Were Installed Backward - ABC
3/24/2004: NASA Rover Climbs Out of Martian Crater - ABC
3/24/2004: Mission to trumpet new discovery  - BBC
3/24/2004: Mars rovers roll on: Steve Squyres reviews the progress of the Nasa Mars mission
3/24/2004: Potentially fatal rudder flaw revealed in shuttle - New Scientist

3/24/2004: "Putting the Weirdness to Work"- C/Net


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