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  March 23, 2005

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Salmon Oily fish helps cut inflammation  - BBC  They have found a key anti-inflammatory fat in humans is derived from a fatty acid found in fish oil. The researchers, from Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women's Hospital, found the diet worked best when combined with low aspirin doses. The inflammatory response protects the body against infection and injury, but when it goes wrong it can lead to conditions such as arthritis, and cardiovascular disease. The Harvard team identified a new class of fats in the human body, called resolvins, which they showed can control inflammation.       
Duke University Engineers Join 'Red Team' Robotic Vehicle Team - Science Daily  Left:  The Red Team is developing two Hummer vehicles for the competition -- Sandstorm and H1ghlander. Duke’s contribution will be a "Duke Radar Object Identification Device" (DROID) unit for each vehicle. The DROID uses radar to identify objects on the ground that must be avoided to prevent damage to the vehicle. DROIDs will provide the locations and classifications of obstacles to the Red Team vehicles’ navigation systems. (Photo courtesy of Carnegie Mellon University)  Students from Duke University's Pratt School of Engineering are partnering with Carnegie Mellon University's "Red Team" in an effort to win a $2 million prize from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). The race route could be as long as 175 miles over desert terrain featuring natural and man-made obstacles.

Washington Post: Japan embraces latest robots - MSNBC   Left: Saya, the receptionist, greets Prof. Hiroshi Kobayashi  Though perhaps years away in the United States, this long-awaited, as-seen-on-TV world -- think "The Jetsons" or "Blade Runner" -- is already unfolding in Japan, with robots now used as receptionists, night watchmen, hospital workers, guides, pets and more. Officials compiled a report in January predicting that every household in Japan will own at least one robot by 2015, perhaps sooner. "You're so stupid!" said the professor. "Eh?" she responded, her face wrinkling into a scowl. "I tell you, I am not stupid!"    
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Alzheimer's Disease:

3/23/2005: Sequencing reveals origins of X chromosome - New Scientist
3/23/2005: Why do sexes differ? Blame it on X factor
3/23/2005: Yikes! Vampire bats can run, too - MSNBC
3/23/2005: Species list reaches half-million mark  - Nature
3/23/2005: Vampire bats have a clear run  - Nature
3/23/2005: Women get extra dose of X-chromosome genes  - Nature
3/23/2005: Genetics The X factor  - Nature
3/23/2005: Chemogenomics comes of age  - Nature
3/23/2005: Sequencing reveals origins of X chromosome - New Scientist
3/23/2005: Vampire bats are champion sprinters - New Scientist
3/23/2005: Study Reveals New Difference Between Sexes - New Scientist
3/23/2005: Scientists Discover That Three Overlapping Signals In Embryo Help Get The Backbone Right - Science Daily
3/23/2005: Internet Viruses Help Ecologists Control Invasive Species - Science Daily
3/23/2005: The Circadian Clock- Understanding Nature's Timepiece - Science Daily
3/23/2005: New Fairy Shrimp Species Found  - Wired News

Climate, Environment:
3/23/2005: Full text: Gordon Brown's speech on climate change ... - FirstScience
3/23/2005: EPA, environmentalists agree new mercury emissions guidelines won't do much ... - FirstScience
3/23/2005: Environmentalists Call on World Bank to Abandon Laotian Dam Project ... - FirstScience
3/23/2005: New row on climate 'hockey stick'  - BBC
3/23/2005: Illegal logging: A secret US plan to wreck Tony Blair's G8 initiative is exposed  - BBC
3/23/2005: Asia primed for next big quake - New Scientist
3/23/2005: Indian Ocean may face another quake - MSNBC
3/23/2005: U.S. Gulf Coast faces high tsunami risk - MSNBC
3/23/2005: Quake threat rises after tsunami slip  - Nature
3/23/2005: Asia primed for next big quake - New Scientist
3/23/2005: Seabed Shifts Raise Concerns for Asia Tsunami Zone, Report Says - New Scientist
3/23/2005: Stealth Worms May Improve Insect Pest Control - Science Daily
3/23/2005: Long-spewing Hawaiian Volcano May Be Health Risk - Science Daily
3/23/2005: Mercury Emission Cuts Set  - Wired News
3/23/2005: Bush Mercury Rule Sparks Controversy, Litigation ... - FirstScience
3/23/2005: Where Have All the Environmentalists Gone? ... - FirstScience

3/23/2005: Cebit closes door on gadget fest  - BBC
3/23/2005: Cebit 2005: Highlights & gadgets  - BBC
3/23/2005: 'Postal' seeks new twists on violence - Washington Post
3/23/2005: Tech of tomorrow  - C/Net
3/23/2005: Mouse smoothes out troublesome hand tremors - New Scientist
3/23/2005: Smart Devices and Small Worlds  - Wired News

3/23/2005: Motorola coy with iTunes phone
  - C/Net
3/23/2005: Photos: The Razr and other handsets
  - C/Net
3/23/2005: Sprint: Forget audio ring tones, try video ringers
  - C/Net
3/23/2005: Vendors pushing beyond 3G for faster speeds
  - El. Engr. Times
3/23/2005: Phones need simplicity before cool stuff, CEOs say
  - C/Net
3/23/2005: Bush chooses Martin as next FCC chairman
  - C/Net
3/23/2005: Does Your Wi-Fi Hot Spot Have an Evil Twin?
  - Wired News

3/23/2005: Philips claims low-voltage breakthrough for phase-change memory  - El. Engr. Times
3/23/2005: Microdisplays show mighty hand at display conference  - El. Engr. Time
3/23/2005: Prepare for China fab building boom, says Applied exec  - El. Engr. Time
3/23/2005: Crazy about transistor crystals - New Scientist

3/23/2005: Trusted PCs arrive, sort of  - C/Net
3/23/2005: Shaky hands: Rest easy  - C/Net
3/23/2005: New look for 'lifestyle laptops'  - CNN
3/23/2005: Laptop designed to break in half - New Scientist

3/23/2005: Pair convicted of internet piracy  - BBC
3/23/2005: Software pirates: How global Drink or Die network was brought down  - BBC
3/23/2005: Google X borrows from Macintosh   - C/Net
3/23/2005: Google Expands Gmail Access  - C/Net
3/23/2005: Opera challenges Microsoft  - C/Net
3/23/2005: The answer man  - C/Net
3/23/2005: Yahoo 360 takes spin through blogosphere
  - C/Net
3/23/2005: Pepsi One ditches TV for Web
  - C/Net
3/23/2005: Image: Pepsi tests the Web
  - C/Net
3/23/2005: Gmail nearing prime time
  - C/Net
3/23/2005: A Web campaign with fizz
  - C/Net
3/23/2005: Spies infiltrate zombie computer networks
 - New Scientist

3/23/2005: Microsoft lifts curtain on Indigo  - C/Net
3/23/2005: Linux drives Renault Formula 1  - C/Net
3/23/2005: Companies Accused of Violating the GPL  - Wired News
3/23/2005: Microsoft Deal Sidesteps EC Investigation  - Wired News

3/23/2005: Revolutionary hydrogen-powered bike lacking 'vroom'  - BBC
3/23/2005: A Miniature Star on Earth - Popular Science
3/23/2005: Gov't to promote renewable energy sources ... - FirstScience

3/23/2005: New Study Gets At Heart Of Stroke Risk - Science Daily
3/23/2005: Laughter Helps Blood Vessels Function Better - Science Daily
3/23/2005: Modern Implantable Heart Devices Safe For Use In MRI Scans - Science Daily

3/23/2005: 'Smart' Immune Cells Kill More Cancer - Science Daily

3/23/2005: New Drugs For Bad Bugs: UF Approach Could Bolster Antibiotic Arsenal - Science Daily
3/23/2005: Poxvirus: one small jump for a virus  - Nature
3/23/2005: HIV escape act  - Nature
3/23/2005: Antibodies in bigger bodies  - Nature
3/23/2005: USC Teams Battle HIV Drug Resistance - Science Daily

3/23/2005: Oily fish helps cut inflammation   - BBC
3/23/2005: Eating Oily Fish May Reduce Inflammation - Science Daily

3/23/2005: No charges in late abortion case  - BBC
3/23/2005: Second ovary transplant success  - BBC
3/23/2005: Standards set for sex health care  - BBC
3/23/2005: UK Atkins diet company to close  - BBC
3/23/2005: New Tool Helps Determine Maturity Of Lungs - Science Daily
3/23/2005: Patients With Osteoporosis Should Be Screened For Celiac Disease, Study Suggests - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
3/23/2005: Fossil records show biodiversity comes and goes ... - FirstScience
3/23/2005: Protein recovered from dinosaur eggs - New Scientist

3/23/2005: Asia is winning prominence in science and technology: US scientist ... - FirstScience
3/23/2005: Digital tax to aid poor nations  - BBC
3/23/2005: Reprieve for TiVo  - C/Net
3/23/2005: Can Terrorists Build the Bomb? - Popular Science
3/23/2005: Maximum Velocity - Popular Science
3/23/2005: Good entrepreneurs: missionaries, not mercenaries  - C/Net
3/23/2005: Bay Bridge project California's 'biggest fiasco'  - CNN
3/23/2005: SIA, Barrett renew call for funds to preserve U.S. leadership  - El. Engr. Times
3/23/2005: Genes contribute to religious inclination - New Scientist
3/23/2005: Frenchman smashes global sailing record - MSNBC
3/23/2005: U.S. Cyber Security 'Nearly Failing'  - Wired News

3/23/2005: Study Shows Faces Are Processed Like Words - Science Daily
3/23/2005: Immersion In Virtual World Alleviates Pain From Injury - Science Daily
3/23/2005: Adult Baby Talk Teaches Kids How to Speak  - Wired News
3/23/2005: Study finds link between mercury pollution and autism ... - FirstScience

Physics and Astronomy:
3/23/2005: Black Holes Influence Knowledge Of The Universe - Science Daily
3/23/2005: Counting electrons one by one
 - PhysicsWeb
3/23/2005: Cosmic Log: Dark energy is near ...
3/23/2005: Schroedinger's mousetrap - part nine ...
  - Nature

3/23/2005: Interview: The running man - New Scientist

3/23/2005: Washington Post: Japan embraces latest robots - MSNBC
3/23/2005: Duke University Engineers Join 'Red Team' Robotic Vehicle Team  - Science Daily
3/23/2005: Hitachi unveils Emiew, the 'fastest humanoid robot on two wheels'  - BBC

3/23/2005: Jupiter: A Cloudy Mirror For The Sun? - Science Daily
3/23/2005: Misguided NASA Priorities ...
  - Technology Review 
3/23/2005: NASA's New Administrator Faces Galactic Challenges ...
 - FirstScience
3/23/2005: Robotic rover detects life in the driest desert - New Scientist
3/23/2005: WashPost: Wrenching changes at NASA ...
3/23/2005: Asteroids named after China's 1st manned spacecraft, 1st spaceman ...
 - FirstScience
3/23/2005: Unexpectedly, Mars rovers are still going strong
3/23/2005: Photos: Tire tracks and dust devils on Mars
  - C/Net
3/23/2005: Unexpectedly, the Mars Rovers Are Still Going Strong
  - NY Times
3/23/2005: Busy With The Robotic Arm
 - SpaceDaily
3/23/2005: Shuttle Won't Fly If Backup Not Ready
 - SpaceDaily
3/23/2005: International Conference On Space Security Opens In Geneva
 - SpaceDaily
3/23/2005: Moon-Watching Mars Rover Catches Deimos Crossing the Sun
3/23/2005: Space Water Recycler Aids Iraq, Tsunami Victims
3/23/2005: Nearby Evidence for Dark Energy

3/23/2005: Findings Could Break Down Brick Wall Of Miniaturization - Science Daily
3/23/2005: Technopolis found - Popular Science
3/23/2005: There's a Hero on Your Desktop - Popular Science
3/23/2005: Evergreen Machine - Popular Science
3/23/2005: Auto hackers aim to go mainstream  - Nature
3/23/2005: Flapping flags show how birds fly - New Scientist
3/23/2005: NASA Proposal to Reduce Spending for Aviation Research by 20% Dismays Experts
 - New Scientist


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