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  March 23, 2004

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War of the Words: Scientist Attacks Alien Claims - Space.com  Astronomer Philip Plait is tired of radio personality Richard Hoagland's claims. He's had enough of Hoagland's assertions that NASA is covering up evidence of extraterrestrial life, that the infamous Face on Mars was built by sentient aliens and, of late, that otherworldly machine parts are embedded in the red planet's dirt. Hoagland has since 1983, he says, led "an outside scientific team in a critically acclaimed independent analysis of possible intelligently-designed artifacts" 
Sedna, Nasa Astronomers discover 'new planet'  - BBC  Left:  Sedna is currently about 13 billion kilometers (about 8 billion miles, compared to Pluto's 3.6 billion miles) from Earth. Astronomers have detected what could be the Solar System's 10th planet. It was first seen by astronomers using California's Mount Palomar Observatory, and has been given the name "Sedna" after the Inuit goddess of the ocean. 
Observations show it measures about 1,180-2,360km (730-1,470 miles) across, making it similar in size to Pluto. Astronomers now say they have evidence that Sedna has its own moon, although this needs to be confirmed, and is also very red in colour.  

Nanotechnology is soaring, but early applications likely to be modest - Seattle Times  Left:  Nobel Prize winner Richard Smalley sees the potential of nanotechnology for the world's energy problems, among many other possibilities. He is a founder of Carbon Nanotechnologies and a Rice University professor. The blue steel column stands bolt upright in a warehouse in Houston. The blue column contains a weird new furnace of sorts, evidently the largest of its kind in the world. The furnace makes fluffy black stuff that "looks like soot," said Bob Gower, head of the company building the device. "But it's very sophisticated soot." Right now it sells for 39 times the price of gold. The black stuff consists of exceedingly small tubes of carbon, "the strongest thing you'll ever make out of anything in the universe," said Richard Smalley, the scientist who won a Nobel Prize for helping to discover similar objects. Someday, when the price falls and the quality improves, this black stuff might be woven into a cable thinner than a human finger yet capable of carrying the world's entire supply of electricity. Or it might be used in computers hundreds of times more powerful than those now available but tiny enough to wear on a wrist. Or in impossibly thin, graceful bridges over which the heaviest trucks would roar without making a dent.

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Alzheimer's Disease:
3/23/2004:†Going Low Tech, Low Cost To Ease The Terrors Of Dementia - Science Daily

3/23/2004:†Vatican Condemns Fertility Treatments - ABC
3/23/2004:†Seed Concerns Donate Data on Corn Gene
  - NY Times
3/23/2004:†Germ-free Transparent Fish Open New Window Into Gut Development - Science Daily
3/23/2004:†'Male-killer' Bacterium's Genome Is Deciphered - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
3/23/2004:†Climate risk to UK apple orchards  - BBC
3/23/2004:†Satellite Finds Warming 'Relative' To Humidity - Science Daily
3/23/2004:†Proton Successfully Launches Eutelsatís W3A Satellite - Space.com

3/23/2004:†Palm bullish about smart devices  - BBC

3/23/2004:†10-Gigabit Ethernet comes alive  - C/Net
3/23/2004:†Low-power 'ZBD' display to go color in '04, says new CEO - Silicon Strategies

3/23/2004:†FASL moves Spansion flash on to 110-nm process - Silicon Strategies
3/23/2004:†U.S. to boost funding for semiconductor research - Silicon Strategies

3/23/2004:†Hardware heaven: Paper computers to feature at hi-tech Cebit trade show  - BBC
3/23/2004:†Stamp-sized hard drive world's smallest  - CNN
3/23/2004:†Finally, Apple Speaks to the Blind - Business Week

3/23/2004:†The old and newHow e-mail and snail mail combine to beat the Himalayan snows  - BBC
3/23/2004:†EU aims to improve net searching  - BBC
3/23/2004:†New software tames Web searches  - CNN
3/23/2004:†Google goes local - Business Week
3/23/2004:†NC State Scientists Develop Breakthrough Internet Protocol - Science Daily

3/23/2004:†Kazaa's own copyright in dispute  - BBC
3/23/2004:†AOL eyes bill-paying service  - CNN
3/23/2004:†More misery for Microsoft?  - CNN
3/23/2004:†Start-up offers shelter to SCO targets - Business Week
3/23/2004:†Microsoft speaks in tongues - Business Week
3/23/2004:†Attack concerns slow Microsoft's pace - Business Week
3/23/2004:†In trial, Microsoft denies using monopoly  - C/Net
3/23/2004:†Briefly: Apple brushes up Panther OS  - C/Net
3/23/2004:†Microsoft speaks in tongues  - C/Net
3/23/2004:†StarOffice rev may ease move from MS Office  - C/Net
3/23/2004:†The Eolas-Microsoft case: patent ending?  - C/Net
3/23/2004:†Analyst: Dell to jilt Intel for blade design  - C/Net
3/23/2004:†Time waits for no one, not even Microsoft  - C/Net
3/23/2004:†Iraq ambivalent about occupation
 - SpaceDaily

3/23/2004:†Hype about Hydrogen - Technology Review 

3/23/2004:†FDA Advisers Consider Artificial Heart - ABC
3/23/2004:†HIV 'raises heart disease risk'  - BB

3/23/2004:†Study Gives Hope on Cancer Recurrence - ABC
3/23/2004:†New breast tumour type discovered  - BBC
3/23/2004:†Breast cancer hits young harder  - BBC
3/23/2004:†Key to deadly form of skin cancer  - BBC
3/23/2004:†New, Comprehensive Tumor Classification Combines Molecular Biology And Classic Pathology - Science Daily
3/23/2004:†Shining Light on Cancer Diagnoses - Technology Review 

3/23/2004:†Test for vCJD: Doctor says he may have a way to spot the deadly disease  - BBC
3/23/2004:†Plan for Sharp Rise in Mad Cow Testing Gets Mixed Reaction  - NY Times
3/23/2004:†Complete Coverage- Mad Cow Disease in U.S.  - NY Times


3/23/2004:†Sunny Side Up - ABC
3/23/2004:†Video: Psoriasis Therapies - ABC
3/23/2004:†Tough To Swallow - ABC
3/23/2004:†Part-Time Vegetarians Become More Common - ABC
3/23/2004:†Skin Patch Helps Patients Relieve Pain - ABC
3/23/2004:†U.S. Moves Closer to Poultry Drug Ban - ABC
3/23/2004:†A 'fresh' new approach to tasty ex-pat favourite  - BBC
3/23/2004:†Budget boost for medical research  - BBC
3/23/2004:†Many people not treated for pain  - BBC
3/23/2004:†Obesity cuts diabetic life span  - BBC
3/23/2004:†Many pregnancies 'still unplanned'  - BBC
3/23/2004:†Public health poll: Tell us your views on obesity, smoking and sexual health  - BBC
3/23/2004:†Stem Cells Offer Promise For Hair Growth - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
3/23/2004:†Teeth unravel Anglo-Saxon legacy  - BBC
3/23/2004:†Early human marks are 'symbols'  - BBC
3/23/2004:†In our past: Walking With Cavemen: Where did we come from?  - BBC
3/23/2004:†Space dust to unlock Mexican pyramid secrets - MSNBC
3/23/2004:†Mysteries of bog butter uncovered  - Nature
3/23/2004:†Stunning amber butterflies hint at ancient origins - New Scientist
3/23/2004:†King Tut Liked Red Wine
 - Science Daily

3/23/2004:†Volcano life: Why people choose to live on the slopes of Mount Vesuvius  - BBC
3/23/2004:†Bush to nominate new patent office head  - C/Net
3/23/2004:†Full-court press for HDTV begins  - C/Net
3/23/2004:†New Science Museum Opening in Washington - MSNBC
3/23/2004:†RFID chips watch Grandma brush teeth - New Scientist
3/23/2004:†Taiwan aims high to build world's tallest tower - New Scientist
3/23/2004:†Simulated attacks repelled in antimissile war game - Washington Post
3/23/2004:†Mass. Student Wins Young Scientist Prize  - NY Times
3/23/2004:†Outsourcing ESA's Corporate Information System Infrastructure - SpaceDaily
3/23/2004:†Iraq Strains U.S. High Tech Army - SpaceDaily
3/23/2004:†32 killed in hunt for Taliban, al-Qaida - SpaceDaily
3/23/2004:†US To Deploy Unmanned Drones In Skies Over Mexican Border - SpaceDaily
3/23/2004:†Iraq ambivalent about occupation - SpaceDaily
3/23/2004:†Democracy Russian-style - SpaceDaily
3/23/2004:†Spain's response to terror - SpaceDaily
3/23/2004:†Sharp to stop selling 'tube' TVs from next year in industry first - SpaceDaily
3/23/2004:†Russia test-fires ICBMs after two failures - SpaceDaily
3/23/2004:†Hey, It's Me! Don't Drop the Bomb  - Wired News

3/23/2004:†Brain injuriesHow even minor injuries can cause anxiety and memory problems  - BBC
3/23/2004:†Study Finds Male And Female Brains Respond Differently To Visual Stimuli - Science Daily
3/23/2004:†Memories Are Harder To Forget Than Currently Thought - Science Daily
3/23/2004:†New Findings On Nerve Cell Proteins Show Promise For Reducing - Science Daily Disability

Physics and Astronomy:
3/23/2004:†Astronomers discover 'new planet'  - BBC
3/23/2004:†'New planet' forces rethink
  - BBC
3/23/2004:†Dark matter could be light  - Nature
3/23/2004:†Charmed pentaquark appears at DESY
  - NY Times
3/23/2004:†Biggest Ever Solar Flare Was Even Bigger Than Thought
 - Science Daily
3/23/2004:†SOHO Snaps Spectacular Sun Shot
 - Science Daily
3/23/2004:†Distant Sedna Raises Possibility of Another Earth-Sized Planet in Our Solar System
 - Space.com


3/23/2004:†A Friendly Reminder: Creators To Demonstrate Robot At Conference - Science Daily

3/23/2004:†Astronomers discover 'new planet'   - BBC
War of the Words: Scientist Attacks Alien Claims - Space.com
3/23/2004:†Surrey Successfully Demonstrates Steam Micro-Propulsion In-Orbit - SpaceDaily
3/23/2004:†China Plans Shenzhou Modifications - SpaceDaily
3/23/2004:†Martian Moons Block Sun In Unique Eclipse Images From Another Planet - SpaceDaily
3/23/2004:†Probing Europa Ice Will Take A New Class Of Plantary Exploration Tools - SpaceDaily
3/23/2004:†Mars Rover Slips While Leaving Crater
 - ABC
3/23/2004:†Cosmic Log: News flash from Mars
3/23/2004:†Space shuttles to undergo tail repairs
3/23/2004:†China plans moon rover mission for 2012
3/23/2004:†Hubble's fans flood NASA with ideas
3/23/2004:†Mars Rover Slips While Leaving Crater
  - NY Times
3/23/2004:†NASA Rover Climbs Out of Martian Crater
  - NY Times
3/23/2004:†NASA to Announce Another 'Major' Discovery by the Opportunity Mars Rover
 - Space.com
3/23/2004:†'Blueberries' Reveal Only Part of the Mars Water Story
 - Space.com
3/23/2004:†Asteroid Soars Past Earth Oh So Closely
 - Space.com
3/23/2004:†Mars Rover Opportunity Slips On First Crater Exit Attempt
 - SpaceDaily
3/23/2004:†The Spirit Of Soil Science Gets Close Up To The "Serpent"
 - SpaceDaily
3/23/2004:†Martian South Pole Not Just Dry Ice
 - SpaceDaily
3/23/2004:†It's Official. Mars Is Now A Career Opportunity
 - SpaceDaily
3/23/2004:†Microsoft Billionaire SETI $13.5 Million To Listen Longer
 - SpaceDaily
3/23/2004:†Rover confirms water on Mars
 - SpaceDaily

3/23/2004:†Tech fair showcases future of work, play  - CNN
3/23/2004:†Detection At A Distance For More Sensitive MRI
3/23/2004:†Charges Make Micro Whirlpools - Technology Review 


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