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  March 22, 2005

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Young Universe Like "Vegetable Soup" - SpaceDaily  LeftThis artist's concept shows a warm, watery alien world in the early universe whose sky is filled with a variety of galaxies. Spitzer data showed that the early universe was a big zoo with "animals" of all sorts, including surprisingly old, dead galaxies that stopped forming stars very quickly. Credit: David A. Aguilar (CfA).  Even the early universe was a wildly complex place. "It looks like vegetable soup! We're detecting galaxies we never expected to find, having a wide range of properties we never expected to see."  "Overall, we're seeing young galaxies with lots of dust, young galaxies with no dust, old galaxies with lots of dust, and old galaxies with no dust. There's as much variety in the early universe as we see around us today," said Labbe. The unpredicted existence of "red and dead" galaxies so early in time challenges theorists who model galaxy formation.
The bubble that ate the universe The bubble that ate the universe - New Scientist  THROUGHOUT the universe, space-time is fizzing. Bubbles pop in and out of existence across the cosmos. Mostly, the froth is harmless. Yet at any moment, it could unleash a catastrophic reaction that rips through the fabric of space, destroying the universe and everything in it. Clearly, a killer bubble hasn't formed so far in the 13 billion years since the universe began. Yet Louis Clavelli believes that space-time bubbles are ripping stars apart on a daily basis.     

Israel Showcases Latest Ultra High-Tech Military Inventions - SpaceDaily  Left:  Today the Mosquito (pictured) is one of the smallest of these UAV systems, measuring 30 centimetres (12 inches) and 34 centimetres (14 inches) wide.  Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI) proudly presented its new 120/121mm smart mortar bomb, commonly referred to as "FireBall", with pinpoint accuracy guided by GPS and laser-homing modes for a single-shot target kill in urban warfare. For closer combat, voyeurs also drooled over the Corner Shot, which allows police, security officers and soldiers to view targets "around the corner" through a mini video camera attached to the barrel of a shot gun. 
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Alzheimer's Disease:

3/22/2005: UK farms 'want to grow GM crops'  - BBC
3/22/2005: Stork pays visit to high-rise hawks
3/22/2005: Species list reaches half-million mark  - Nature
3/22/2005: Turkey Hunting Most Dangerous, Deer Hunting Most Deadly, According To Report - Science Daily
3/22/2005: Deciphering DiGeorge Syndrome: Big Advances In Understanding Microdeletions - Science Daily
3/22/2005: Scientists Answer Key Enamel Question - Science Daily
3/22/2005: Researchers Discover A Good Side To Cholesterol In Controlling Cell Signals - Science Daily
3/22/2005: Symbiotic Bacteria Protect Hunting Wasps From Fungal Infestation - Science Daily
3/22/2005: Most comprehensive genome-wide experimental analyses of sense-antisense transcripts to date ... - FirstScience
3/22/2005: Female chromosome has X factor  - BBC
3/22/2005: 'Animal free' stem cells created  - BBC

Climate, Environment:
3/22/2005: Climate Change Is Called Economic Threat at Talks  - NY Times
3/22/2005: Researchers Gather Data In Tsunamis' Wake - Science Daily
3/22/2005: Anti-pollution invention nets honours ... - FirstScience
3/22/2005: Green Groups Question British Wildlife Initiative ... - FirstScience
3/22/2005: Environmentalists Tout Land-Use Law's Successes ... - FirstScience
3/22/2005: Hebrew University, Palestinian meteorological service cooperate on air pollution study ... - FirstScience
3/22/2005: Britain bans protests ahead of international environment summit - SpaceDaily
3/22/2005: Highlighting warming concerns, picture shows African peak without snow cap
3/22/2005: Blair's international brainstorming to combat climate change - SpaceDaily
3/22/2005: Undersea earthquake moved islands - experts ... - FirstScience
3/22/2005: New Asian quake threat warning  - BBC

3/22/2005: A Soundtrack for Downhill Racers - Business Week
3/22/2005: Video games--a girl thing?  - C/Net
3/22/2005: Digital-music player sales to surge  - C/Net
3/22/2005: A Samurai With Style  - Wired News
3/22/2005: Apple's iPod power play  - C/Net

3/22/2005: Senators question phone mergers
 - Business Week
3/22/2005: Tech & You
 - Business Week
3/22/2005: U.S. cell phone firms allow cross-carrier photo swaps
  - C/Net
3/22/2005: Cingular poised to lead in speed
 - Seattle Times
3/22/2005: Mobiles Free to be Wallets
  - Wired News

3/22/2005: A 30-year memory problem solved-
3/22/2005: Photo: Measuring Memory  - C/Net

3/22/2005: Leather laptops coming soon  - C/Net
3/22/2005: Linux Rules Supercomputers  - Wired News
3/22/2005: Hardware security sneaks into PCs  - C/Net
3/22/2005: Photo: Lock boxes  - C/Net

3/22/2005: 'Best blogs on the web' honoured  - BBC
3/22/2005: Yahoo jumps into blogosphere with 'Yahoo 360°'  - C/Net
3/22/2005: MSN vs. Google and Yahoo, Round 3  - C/Net
3/22/2005: Google adds new tool amid local search war  - C/Net
3/22/2005: New Technique Will Change Blogging Forever  - Wired News
3/22/2005: Google's X files vanish  - C/Net
3/22/2005: Image: Google's disappearing act
  - C/Net
3/22/2005: Microsoft yielding to IE standards pressure?
  - C/Net

3/22/2005: India's launch of low-cost Windows delayed
3/22/2005: Internet Explorer 7.0 details begin to leak  - C/Net
3/22/2005: EU court names intervenors in Microsoft case  - C/Net
3/22/2005: PSP launch postponed in Europe  - C/Net
3/22/2005: Study: Cookies in security crosshairs  - C/Net
3/22/2005: Medicare: Bring on the Tech  - Wired News
3/22/2005: I want my VB6!  - C/Net
3/22/2005: Door to Java source code opens a crack wider  - C/Net
3/22/2005: Clampdown looms as ChoicePoint reveals leaks  - C/Net

3/22/2005: N.Y. state sees renewable energy future ... - MSNBC

3/22/2005: Stroke Warning Signs Often Occur Hours Or Days Before Attack - Science Daily
3/22/2005: Herbal Remedy St. John’s Wort Amplifies Effect Of Blood-thinning Drug Plavix, U-M Study Suggests - Science Daily

3/22/2005: Cooking compound 'no cancer risk'  - BBC
3/22/2005: Compound Inhibits One Critical Pathway In Breast Cancer Growth - Science Daily
3/22/2005: Hormone Therapy For Prostate Cancer Can Affect Men's Thinking - Science Daily
3/22/2005: Colorectal Cancer Can Be Inherited, Researchers Report - Science Daily
3/22/2005: Gender Gap For Lung Cancer Rates Narrowing - Science Daily
3/22/2005: Analysis Shows Drug Could Save Lives From Prostate Cancer - Science Daily

3/22/2005: Virus threatens Spain bullfights  - BBC

3/22/2005: NASA Scientists Create A 'Gene Map' For Healthier Kidneys - Science Daily

3/22/2005: Climbing research to aid patients  - BBC
3/22/2005: Compound to cut fatty food risk  - BBC
3/22/2005: Proteins Found In Urine Of Pregnant Women Could Help Diagnose Preeclampsia - Science Daily
3/22/2005: Doctors Closer To Using Gene Analysis To Help Trauma Patients - Science Daily
3/22/2005: NASA links nanobacteria to kidney stones and other diseases ... - FirstScience
3/22/2005: Plastic surgery 'is trivialised'  - BBC
3/22/2005: Isolation fear over elderly care  - BBC
3/22/2005: Drug giant forced to end trials  - BBC
3/22/2005: Second ovary transplant success
  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
3/22/2005: ‘Lost’ treasures back in spotlight - MSNBC
3/22/2005: Fossil Records Show Biodiversity Comes And Goes - SpaceDaily

3/22/2005: Five Lessons: Bernie Ebbers' riseand fall at WorldComreveals some simpletruths investorswould be wise toalways keep in mind - Business Week
3/22/2005: Ebbers: Giant Fraud, Simple Conclusion - Business Week
3/22/2005: Intel names Science Talent Search winners  - C/Net
3/22/2005: New York teen wins Intel science contest - MSNBC
3/22/2005: Getting fingerprints to reveal even more - MSNBC
3/22/2005: Futurists Foresee Rapid Growth In Global Travel - Science Daily
3/22/2005: Satellites Guide World's Top Yachts Through Southern Ocean 'Iceberg Alley' - Science Daily
3/22/2005: SEC says ex-Qwest CEO behind "massive fraud" - Seattle Times
3/22/2005: WorldCom CEO guilty in $11 billion fraud case - Seattle Times
3/22/2005: Pleading ignorance won't work for other execs either, experts say - Seattle Times
3/22/2005: Severe Injuries On The Rise Among Children And Adolescents Riding Motorbikes - Science Daily
3/22/2005: New Dr. Who Leaked on Purpose?  - Wired News
3/22/2005: Student Job Sites Hit or Miss  - Wired News
3/22/2005: ChoicePoint Says It's Sorry  - Wired News
3/22/2005: France, Russia Ink Rocket Deal - SpaceDaily
3/22/2005: NKorea Threatens To Build More Nuclear Bombs To Deter War Drills - SpaceDaily
3/22/2005: China accuses Falungong of sabotaging satellite TV broadcasts - SpaceDaily
3/22/2005: CRS Says South Asia Warheads Not Mated With Missiles - SpaceDaily
3/22/2005: Task Force Calls For North American Bloc By 2010 - SpaceDaily
3/22/2005: Ability To Detect Explosives Boosted One Thousand-Fold By New Device
 - SpaceDaily
3/22/2005: Thirteen things that do not make sense
- New Scientist

3/22/2005: Molecule Important In Cell Construction Also Critical In Learning And Memory - Science Daily
3/22/2005: Parents as victims: How should you handle abusive and aggressive children-  - BBC

Physics and Astronomy:
3/22/2005: The bubble that ate the universe  - New Scientist
Young Universe Like "Vegetable Soup" - SpaceDaily
3/22/2005: Photonic crystal slows down light
 - PhysicsWeb
3/22/2005: Large Hadron Collider Magnets: The Great Descent
 - Science Daily
3/22/2005: Surprise Discovery Of Highly Developed Structure In The Young Universe
 - Science Daily
3/22/2005: The People's Telescope: Wrangling Over Hubble's Fate
3/22/2005: VLTI First Fringes With Two Auxiliary Telescopes At Paranal
 - SpaceDaily

3/22/2005: Elixir of Youth Comes With Price Tag  - Wired News

3/22/2005: World's First Hospital To Introduce Remote Presence Robots In ICU - Science Daily
3/22/2005: Stocky Japanese Robot To Take Orders To Help With Daily Chores - SpaceDaily

3/22/2005: Bush settles on technical innovator to head up NASA  - Nature
3/22/2005: Scientists Struggle to Digest Surprises from Europe's Mars Craft
3/22/2005: Cadet Research Helps NASA Return Shuttles To Space
 - SpaceDaily
3/22/2005: Spaceshipone, Post X Prize
 - SpaceDaily
3/22/2005: 'Kissing craters' on Mars reveal glacial activity
 - New Scientist

3/22/2005: Israel Showcases Latest Ultra High-Tech Military Inventions - SpaceDaily
3/22/2005: Auto hackers aim to go mainstream  - Nature
3/22/2005: Sharks Provide Key Insight For New, Non-toxic Anti-algae Coating - Science Daily
3/22/2005: Airbus seeks jet inspections after part of rudder falls off - Seattle Times
3/22/2005: Dilithium Powered Networks - Seattle Times
3/22/2005: Photos Richer in 144 Megapixels  - Wired News
3/22/2005: Moving Electrons At The Molecular And Nanometer Scales
 - SpaceDaily
3/22/2005: New Tech For Navigating Without GPS
 - SpaceDaily


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