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  March 21, 2005

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Ascenderthumb.gif (16257 bytes) Orbital Airship - Google       JP Aerospace Has advanced a concept for a "space blimp" that would use solar-powered electric propulsion to gradually accelerate a helium-filled flying wing to the orbital speed of 7.5 kilometers per second. A conventional airship (Ascender) lifts payloads up to 30-40 kilometers above the ground. The second component, a docking station, acts as a resupply station for the third stage. The third stage is an "orbital airship" (Orbital Ascender), which takes payloads to low earth orbit via a ion engine in three to nine days (i.e., it accelerates itself horizontally to orbital velocity and gains sufficient altitude).
Japanese Hospitality Robots Debut At World Expo - SpaceDaily  Left: Japanese robot venture Kokoro's humanoid robot 'Actroid', able to recognize 40,000 phrases in four languages, Japanese, Korean, Chinese and English, guides visitors at a reception for the 2005 World Exposition Aichi in Nagkute near Nagoya, central Japan 07 March 2005. Japan will welcome the millions of guests at the World Exposition opening this month with hosts trained to greet them in their language, entertain their children and perform rap music with them - the gracious hosts are robots. AFP photo by Yoshikazu Tsuno.  The humanoid with realistic eyeballs, eyelashes and moving lips gestures and puts on facial expressions suitable for the more than 2,000 types of answers it can give.     

Anti-aging prize tops $1 million - MSNBC  The growing prize, offered by the Methuselah Foundation, is designed to stimulate anti-aging research with the ultimate goal of making us all live forever. The fund now stands at $1,006,187. Only $129,329 of that is in the organizations coffers, however, while the rest is in the "committed" column. Funds for the M Prize are solicited from individuals, including a growing group that have pledged to contribute $1,000 a year for the next 25 years. The latest contributor is William Haseltine, biotech pioneer of Human Genome Sciences, M Prize officials announced Tuesday. The first Rejuvination Prize was awarded in December. The organization offers two prizes. The Longevity Prize is for extending the life of a single mouse; the Rejuvenation Prize is for slowing aging in middle-aged mice.   
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Alzheimer's Disease:
3/21/2005: Drugs Used To Treat Alzheimer's In Nursing Homes Are Worsening Sufferers' Illness - Science Daily

3/21/2005: Illegal GM soybeans go legit in Brazil - New Scientist
3/21/2005: Monarch butterfly in sudden trouble
 - New Scientist
3/21/2005: Sea life's long-term highs and lows - New Scientist
3/21/2005: Rats by Robert Sullivan - New Scientist
3/21/2005: Sperm Protein Seals the Deal  - Wired News
3/21/2005: Jews vs. Catholics in the Stem-Cell Debate  - Wired News
3/21/2005: Tiger snaps back at hidden camera - New Scientist
3/21/2005: Embryo cells not like peas in a pod - New Scientist

Climate, Environment:
3/21/2005: Arctic ozone wiped out by solar storms - New Scientist
3/21/2005: Sooty skies blight Asia's climate - New Scientist
3/21/2005: Bush-Backed Emissions Bill Fails to Reach Senate Floor  - NY Times
3/21/2005: Scientists Urge Outcome-based, Watershedwide Approach To Restore The Chesapeake - Science Daily
3/21/2005: FY-3 Meteorological Satellite To Be Put Into Use - SpaceDaily
3/21/2005: Committee kills Bush bid to ease pollution rules ... - FirstScience
3/21/2005: Greenpeace Receives Firearm Threats from Pair-Trawlers ... - FirstScience
3/21/2005: Crumbling Infrastructure Erodes American Quality of Life ... - FirstScience
3/21/2005: Ozone hole over central Europe ... - FirstScience
3/21/2005: Climatologists seek clear view of Asia's smog ... - FirstScience
3/21/2005: Dealing With Environmental Issues ... - FirstScience
3/21/2005: Toxic waste: Somalia govt seeks UN help ... - FirstScience
3/21/2005: State and Local Wildfire Assistance Programs Slated for Deep Cuts ... - FirstScience
3/21/2005: Prices rising for emissions, safety inspections at Yongsan Garrison ... - FirstScience
3/21/2005: Senate Panel Deadlocks Over Pollution Bill ... - L. A. Times
3/21/2005: Critics Swift to Jump on Rule to Reduce Mercury Emissions ... - L. A. Times
3/21/2005: EPA to Let Utilities Trade Mercury Emissions -WPost ... - FirstScience
3/21/2005: Smog-busters get nation's top technology award  - CNN

3/21/2005: Next-generation Xbox to target consumers - Seattle Times
3/21/2005: Apple to Stop Presentation of IPod Shuffle Clone  - Wired News
3/21/2005: Online Games Offer Promise of Treasure - L. A. Times
3/21/2005: How the iPod ran circles around the Walkman  - NY Times

3/21/2005: Nepalis queue to register mobiles
  - BBC
3/21/2005: Bangladesh mobile phone protest
  - BBC



3/21/2005: Worms flood instant messaging networks - New Scientist
3/21/2005: Click Fraud: Problem and Paranoia  - Wired News
3/21/2005: 'Old' Media, Bloggers Square Off at Conference  - Wired News
3/21/2005: Websites Try Offering TV Shows  - NY Times
3/21/2005: 'Best blogs on the web' honoured  - BBC
3/21/2005: MSN to challenge Google, Yahoo ads  - C/Net

3/21/2005: CherryOS Re-Released, Still Fishy  - Wired News
3/21/2005: Java license gets makeover  - C/Net
3/21/2005: Geekfathers: Cybercrime mobs  - C/Net

3/21/2005: Working For A Safer And More Reliable Electrical Supply - Science Daily
3/21/2005: Temperature Inside Collapsing Bubble Four Times That Of Sun - Science Daily
3/21/2005: Gas-Guzzling Hybrids  - Technology Review 
3/21/2005: Update 2- Renewable Energy Could Spark 43,000 Jobs ... - FirstScience

3/21/2005: Meditation May Reduce Heart Disease Risk - Science Daily
3/21/2005: Clinical Trial Of Newest Technology To Treat Thoracic Aortic Aneurysms Begins - Science Daily

3/21/2005: Researchers Uncover Mutated Genes Involved In Lung Cancer; One Affects Nonsmokers - Science Daily
3/21/2005: Cancer cells put into deep sleep  - BBC

3/21/2005: Malaria map paints stark picture  - Nature
3/21/2005: Row erupts over WHO's malaria 'miscalculation' - New Scientist
3/21/2005: Protein Discovery Could Unlock The Secret To Better TB Treatment - Science Daily
3/21/2005: Defensins Ward Off HIV In Two Ways - Science Daily
3/21/2005: Antibody That Neutralizes Most HIV Strains Described By Scientists At The Scripps Research Institute - Science Daily
3/21/2005: Biologists Discover Why 10% Of Europeans Are Safe From HIV Infection ... - FirstScience

3/21/2005: Robot babies give an anti-drugs message to teenagers  - BBC
3/21/2005: Jump in alcoholic liver disease  - BBC
3/21/2005: Women more affected by binge drinking - New Scientist

3/21/2005: Cosmetic Surgery Epidemic Among Young Adults A Myth - Science Daily
3/21/2005: Gene Therapy Converts Dead Bone Graft To New, Living Tissue - Science Daily
3/21/2005: Antidepressant Drug Tested In Treatment Of Bladder Disease - Science Daily
3/21/2005: Growing your own replacement teeth? Not science fiction! ... - FirstScience
3/21/2005: NHS 'taking away Africa's medics'  - BBC
3/21/2005: 'More than money': A Nigerian doctor tells of his desire to seek work in the West  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
3/21/2005: Charity begins at Homo sapiens - New Scientist
3/21/2005: Flores fossil passes unique species test - New Scientist
3/21/2005: Prehistoric farmers felled forests after all - New Scientist

3/21/2005: Peckish pilferers caught out by snack attack - New Scientist
3/21/2005: Physicist Is Awarded the Templeton Prize in Spiritual Matters  - NY Times
3/21/2005: Laser pioneer scoops religion prize - PhysicsWeb
3/21/2005: Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Vanishing Robbers -
3/21/2005: Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Vanishing Robbers -- Pat II

3/21/2005: Silo Failure Doomed Missile Test: General - SpaceDaily
3/21/2005: Israel Showcases High-Tech Military Inventions - SpaceDaily
3/21/2005: Revised Spyware Bill Moves Ahead  - Wired News
3/21/2005: Battle for the Belle of Amherst  - Wired News
3/21/2005: Hackers Nab U.S. Citizens' Data  - Wired News
3/21/2005: Congress Aims to Create Broader Privacy Policies  - Wired News
3/21/2005: Privacy Advocates Frown on Snooping Plan  - Wired News
3/21/2005: Can Papers End the Free Ride Online?  - NY Times
3/21/2005: Economy 'needs healthy climate'
3/21/2005: 24/7 parenting Schools are going to give parents online access to pupils' work  - BBC
3/21/2005: WorldCom's Ebbers convicted of all counts - Business Week
3/21/2005: Report: Crack in 'hash function' raises concerns  - CNN
3/21/2005: TiVo deal  - CNN
3/21/2005: Online purchase could give you away - New Scientist

3/21/2005: It's written all over your face - New Scientist
3/21/2005: Epilepsy And Depression - A Two-way Street? - Science Daily
3/21/2005: Eye Contact Triggers Threat Signals In Autistic Children's Brains - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
3/21/2005: Stars on Diet: Weight Is Limited to 150 Suns, Researchers Find  - NY Times
3/21/2005: Can stars become only so big?
 - PhysicsWeb
3/21/2005: Case Physicist Detects Solar System Corrupted Cosmological Data
 - Science Daily
3/21/2005: Hans Bethe, A Titan Of Physics And Conscience Of Science, Dies At Age 98
 - Science Daily
3/21/2005: Hubble weighs in on the heaviest stars in the galaxy ...
 - FirstScience
3/21/2005: Einstein's science genius wasn't just about IQ ...
 - FirstScience
3/21/2005: The Distortion of the Heliosphere: our Interstellar Magnetic Compass ...
 - FirstScience

3/21/2005: Anti-aging prize tops $1 million  - MSNBC

3/21/2005: Japanese Hospitality Robots Debut At World Expo - SpaceDaily
3/21/2005: Hitachi's humanoid robots can chat, zip around
3/21/2005: Photo: Hitachi's rolling robots  - NY Times

3/21/2005: NASA's funding shortfall means journey's end for Voyager probes  - Nature
3/21/2005: Hello aliens, this is Earth calling
 - New Scientist
3/21/2005: Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Vanishing Robbers
3/21/2005: Study: Stars Have a Size Limit
3/21/2005: Going To Mars In Earth Orbit
 - SpaceDaily
3/21/2005: Airbus, Space Boost EADS Profits 60%
 - SpaceDaily
3/21/2005: Messenger Probe Deploys Magnetometer
 - SpaceDaily
3/21/2005: Scientists Solve Mystery Of Meteor Crater's Missing Melted Rocks
 - SpaceDaily
3/21/2005: The Iran Nonproliferation Act and the International Space Station- Issues and Options ...
 - FirstScience
3/21/2005: Martian dust devils finally caught on camera - New Scientist
3/21/2005: China announces new launch site
 - New Scientist

3/21/2005: Space 'Eye' For Textiles - Science Daily
3/21/2005: Advanced Aircraft To Arrive At Colorado - SpaceDaily
3/21/2005: Shark Skin Inspires Ship Coating  - Wired News
3/21/2005: Hollywood mines 3rd dimension for bigger profits  - C/Net


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