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  March 21, 2004

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Capitol Hill Panel Backs Global Warming Research - SpaceDaily  The Senate Commerce Committee unanimously approved a bill Tuesday establishing a $60 million research program to study climate change. Prospects for the legislation remain uncertain as it faces expected opposition from some Republicans, including Environment and Public Works Committee Chairman James Inhofe of Oklahoma and certain amendment on the Senate floor. It is also unclear if the measure will even be brought up for a vote by Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn. Even if it the Senate approves the bill, it would face tougher hurdles in the House, where conservative Republicans could be expected to mount strong opposition.
Toyota's trumpet-playing robot Robot trumpets Toyota's know-how  - BBC  A trumpet-playing robot has been developed by Japanese car maker Toyota. The Toyota robot stands 120 cm (48 inches) tall and does not yet have a cute name yet, unlike some of its rivals. For now, it has no plans to sell or rent it. Instead it hopes to form a robot band to play at the 2005 World Exposition, being held in Aichi in central Japan. The robot development race is highly competitive in Japan, with the market for bots estimated to be worth around $4.5bn. Companies often use the humanoid models to generate publicity and highlight a company's technical abilities.

Can Mars Be Made Into An Oasis? - SpaceDaily  With an average global temperature of -55 C, Mars is a very cold planet. The standard models for warming Mars raise this average temperature with greenhouse gases first, then plant cold-adapted crops and photosynthetic microbes. This terraforming model includes various refinements such as orbital mirrors and chemical factories which pour out fluorocarbons. Eventually with the help of biology, industrialization, and time, the atmosphere would begin to get thicker (the current martian atmosphere is 99% thinner than the Earth's). Another version to these global changes is a local one familiar to those who have trekked the Sahara. 

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Alzheimer's Disease:
3/21/2004:†Loss Of Smell Linked To Key Protein In Alzheimer's Disease - Science Daily

3/21/2004:†Tissue Cells Can Revert To Stem Cells - Science Daily
3/21/2004:†Atomic Microscope Spots Viruses
  - Technology Review 
3/21/2004:†Northern Ireland takes precautionary approach to GM crops...  - FirstScience

Climate, Environment:
3/21/2004:†Capitol Hill Panel Backs Global Warming Research - SpaceDaily
3/21/2004:†NASA Satellite Finds Something Fishy About Santa Ana Winds - Science Daily
3/21/2004:†US National Lab And Surrey Satellite Contract For Cibola Experiment - SpaceDaily
3/21/2004:†Israel share of global environmental technology market is only 0.5%... - FirstScience
3/21/2004:†Hunters 'threaten Sumatran tiger'  - BBC

3/21/2004:†Pen-size scanner records entire page in one sweep - Seattle Times
3/21/2004:†IPod Mini: Small Is Beautiful  - Wired News

3/21/2004:†Wireless World: Smart phones cometh - SpaceDaily
3/21/2004:†NAVICORE Ready To Move Ahead With Advanced Mobile Phone Navigation Software - SpaceDaily
3/21/2004:†Phone firms face costly future  - BBC
3/21/2004:†Speed switch  - C/Net

3/21/2004:†High-performance, Single-crystal Plastic Transistors Reveal Hidden Behavior - Science Daily
3/21/2004:†Delving Into Defects Spurs Prospects For Chip Insulator - Science Daily
3/21/2004:†SiGe process tapped for terahertz 'X-ray vision' - Silicon Strategies
3/21/2004:†Light Wave Measurements Make Circuits Better - Science Daily
3/21/2004:†Trio claims world record single photon transmission - Silicon Strategies
3/21/2004:†Bell Labs sprays chips for cooler running - Silicon Strategies
3/21/2004:†Plastic Circuits May Replace Paper
 - SpaceDaily

3/21/2004:†New hard drive can store 6,500 hours of music - Seattle Times
3/21/2004:†IPod Imitator Vanishes Amidst Apple Legal Pressure  - Wired News
3/21/2004:†A Shot at the Power Summit - ABC
3/21/2004:†A Clever, Ultra-light Portable PC - ABC
3/21/2004:†Kodak's 3D display plans come into focus  - C/Net

3/21/2004:†New trend seen in latest worms - Seattle Times
3/21/2004:†Thousands of satellite dishes confiscated in Tehran: report - SpaceDaily
3/21/2004:†P2P in the Legal Crosshairs  - Wired News
3/21/2004:†Speed Meets Feed in Download Tool  - Wired News
3/21/2004:†Symantec: Viruses Still Like Germs  - Wired News
3/21/2004:†Europeans take a shine to Google  - BBC
3/21/2004:†Movie clips out to tantalize Web surfers  - C/Net

3/21/2004:†Digital-discovery software firm eases mining of legal files - Seattle Times
3/21/2004:†Time running out for Microsoft in European antitrust case - Seattle Times
3/21/2004:†Webcasters to Report and Pay  - Wired News
3/21/2004:†EU Doesn't Trust Microsoft  - Wired News
3/21/2004:†Take-offs and Downloads - Tech TV
3/21/2004:†High Noon for Microsoft in Europe - Business Week
3/21/2004:†Patent ending?  - C/Net

3/21/2004:†Hybridsí Rising Sun - SpaceDaily
3/21/2004:†Baguio City adopts alternative fuel program to curb pollution... - FirstScience
3/21/2004:†Energy crisis forcing switch to green power... - FirstScience
3/21/2004:†World renewable energy forum, Germany... - FirstScience

3/21/2004:†Possible Link Discovered Between Gene Responsible For Blood Vessel Development And ACD In Newborns - Science Daily
3/21/2004:†Healthy Hearts at Home - ABC
3/21/2004:†Video: Understanding the Link Between Hypertension and Diabetes - ABC

3/21/2004:†Johns Hopkins Gene Hunters Pinpoint New Cancer Gene Target - Science Daily
3/21/2004:†Researchers Begin Promising New Trial To Fight Colorectal Cancer - Science Daily
3/21/2004:†Researchers Model Embryo Implantation And Tumour Metastasis In Fruit Flies - Science Daily
3/21/2004:†'Switched-Off' Genes Put First Chink In Colon Cell's Anti-tumor Armor - Science Daily

3/21/2004:†Government Expands Mad Cow Testing - ABC
3/21/2004:†Program to Halt Elephantiasis Gets Results - ABC
3/21/2004:†Thailand Reports New Death From Bird Flu - ABC
3/21/2004:†Quebec Calls 1,200 People for HIV Tests - ABC
3/21/2004:†Drug resistant TB'I was confined to an isolation ward for three months'  - BBC
3/21/2004:†CJD fears prompt blood donor ban  - BBC
3/21/2004:†Drug-resistant TB 'threatens EU'
  - BBC
3/21/2004:†China declares bird flu victory
  - BBC
3/21/2004:†Tropical disease drive is hailed
  - BBC


3/21/2004:†FDA to Determine What Low-Carb Means - ABC

History, Anthropology:
3/21/2004:†One million wills from five centuries - just a click away  - BBC

3/21/2004:† EBay halts alleged sale of three girls - Seattle Times
3/21/2004:†AP: Privacy protecting programs killed - Seattle Times
3/21/2004:†Egypt to launch satellite - SpaceDaily
3/21/2004:†Israel, India, tighten strategic ties - SpaceDaily
3/21/2004:†Australia may need stronger defenses - SpaceDaily
3/21/2004:†Sketchy Grades for Cyber Schools  - Wired News
3/21/2004:†Privacy Safeguards Deep-Sixed  - Wired News
3/21/2004:†What Have We Here? Junk, Mostly  - Wired News
3/21/2004:†Darpa's Far-Out Dreams on Display  - Wired News
3/21/2004:†Lost E-Votes Could Flip Napa Race  - Wired News
3/21/2004:†Technologically Speaking, Still a Tech Hub - L. A. Times
3/21/2004:†Computer Experts, Translators Lead List of Military Needs  - Wired News
3/21/2004:†Can Howard Stern Boost Satellite Radio?  - Wired News
3/21/2004:†HDTV Spells Televised Worry Lines for Actors - Wired News
3/21/2004:†Imperfect vision: How future homes could turn us into digital couch potatoes  - BBC
3/21/2004:†It's quiz timeTest yourself on innovations - it's National Ideas Day  - BBC
3/21/2004:†IT 'guru' gives Oxford millions  - BBC
3/21/2004:†Ultimate scooter?  - CNN

3/21/2004:†UCI Study Identifies How New Neurons Grow In Adult Brain - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
3/21/2004:†Two Asteroid Fly-bys For Rosetta - Science Daily
3/21/2004:†Scientists Find Another Huge Mini-World in Outer Solar System

3/21/2004:†Bone Loss Still a Challenge for Space Station Crews
3/21/2004:†NASA Chief: Safety First In Hubble Decision
3/21/2004:†Last American on Moon Contradicts First Chinese in Space- Great Wall Mystery Continues
3/21/2004:†Yet Another Planet X Found On The Outer Rim Of Sol
 - SpaceDaily
3/21/2004:†Welcome to S-s-s-s-edna
  - Wired News
3/21/2004:†NASA to reveal details about icy planetoid...
 - FirstScience
3/21/2004:†Deep Space From the Deep Freeze
 - ABC
3/21/2004:†'New planet' may have a moon
  - BBC
3/21/2004:†S. Africa looks to stars with super scope
  - CNN

3/21/2004:†Why Women Live So Long - Economist

3/21/2004:†Robot trumpets Toyota's know-how   - BBC
3/21/2004:†American Innovators Take Robotic Technology Into The Field During Saturday's Inaugural DARPA Grand Challenge - Science Daily
3/21/2004:†Gov't pushing for research on robotics - Seattle Times
3/21/2004:†$1 Million Pentagon-Sponsored Robot Race Ends As All Entries Break Down - Space.com
3/21/2004:†Robots wimp out in desert race - SpaceDaily
3/21/2004:†Sony to set up intelligent robot lab - SpaceDaily
3/21/2004:†Robot to care for world's aged
 - SpaceDaily

3/21/2004:†Can Mars Be Made Into An Oasis? - SpaceDaily
3/21/2004:†Analysis: Bill clears sky for space rides
 - SpaceDaily
3/21/2004:†Yuri's Night - SpaceDaily
3/21/2004:†Analysis: Budget debate shows rhetorical limits - SpaceDaily
3/21/2004:†Mars Horizon, the Big Plans - SpaceDaily

3/21/2004:†Microbe's Trick Provides A Template For Willowy Crystals - Science Daily
3/21/2004:†Nanotechnology is soaring, but early applications likely to be modest - Seattle Times
3/21/2004:†Hanging by a thread: Bollywood's special effects men left high and dry by technology  - BBC
3/21/2004:†America's Tech Might: Slipping? - Business Week


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